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Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Fog Milk 


(This review spans two pages)

The history between Hurricane Vapor and Spinfuel eMagazine goes back a long way. We’ve covered just about every major event from them, and today we cover one more… A brand new line of Storm Juice called “Fog Milk”.

For the Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Protocols please visit this page if you are unfamiliar with how we conduct eliquid reviews.

Fog Milk is a 6-flavor line of eliquid that share certain characteristics, while each one having a unique identity all its own. Fog Milk eliquids are smooth, creamy vanilla custard concoctions, each with that singular dominant flavor and a secondary flavor from chocolate to coconut. We certainly do not diminish the secondary flavor; it is, after all, in the name of each eliquid, but the unique vanilla custard base is the primary flavor in each eliquid.

The Fog Milk Line Up

  • Coconut
  • Blueberry – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Custard – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Interestingly, The Fog Milk line is available exclusively through the retail vape shops that carry the Hurricane Vapor line. Once in a while Hurricane Vapor will send out an invite to vapers allowing them access to the online store for the purpose of buying Fog Milk, and as we go to press with this review that access is now open. LINK

If you live near a local vape shop and they are not carrying Hurricane Vapor you need to let them know that they should be, not only for Fog Milk access, but also for all the other Storm Juice eliquids that Hurricane Vapor produces, many of which have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Lastly, Fog Milk is always in limited supply. It is a special blend that takes a long time to produce, steep, and ship to shops around the country.

Custard Line?

Currently, in the vape community there is a lot of nervousness about custard-flavored eliquids. Recent studies revealed that some of them contain Diacetyl. So naturally, that was something that needed to be addressed with Hurricane Vapor before we began to form our review.

After contacting Christian Vargas, Co-Founder of Hurricane Vapor, we are happy to report that the custard flavoring used in the Fog Milk line has been tested as being 100% free of any Diacetyl or other possibly hazardous chemicals that are all the rage right now in the anti-vape crowd. No need to worry about popcorn lung with Fog Milk. (Not that we actually worried about that anyway)

From Mr. Vargas: “The only ingredient in our Fog Milk line that would face this risk (being the only custard based ingredient) would be our “Vanilla Custard” by our Flavors supplier. In which case the supplier has actually tested this… their MSDS statement:This product contains no Diacetyl as an ingredient.”

Fog Milk is available in 30ML bottles, nicotine strengths are; 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and 30mg. Fog Milk is also available in zero-nicotine. They are priced locally for the most part and you can expect the cost to be about $18-20 a bottle, for 30ML. When the opportunity arises to buy Fog Milk directly from Hurricane Vapor the cost is $17.99. PG/VG blends are varied: 70/30, 50/50, and 30/70.

The Review

The Vanilla Custard As Base – Review Format Change

Because the base flavoring used in the Fog Milk eLiquid a typical “Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review” format would have produced an awfully large amount of redundancy. Therefore, we chosen to give you our impressions of the “base” flavoring, the Vanilla Custard, and then follow it up with our impressions on how that base ‘gets on’ with the secondary flavoring in each of the Fog Milk flavors.

This change in format gets to the heart of the matter; how certain flavorings combine with the vanilla custard flavoring chosen by Hurricane Vapor and whether or not these eliquids:

1: Deliver a satisfying vape experience.

2: Whether or not it would be a good choice as an “all day vape”.

3: Is it an eliquid that should be in our, and your, rotations/collections.

If you find all vanilla custard eliquids dissatisfying there is no reason in the world to expect to enjoy Fog Milk. On the other hand, if vanilla custard is a flavor you do enjoy…well, then its up to the secondary flavor to deliver.

That Vanilla Custard Flavor As Base

All vanilla custard flavorings are not created equal. Some vanilla custard flavorings are silky smooth, rich, deeply delicious and satisfying, possessing a deeply flavorful vanilla taste with a healthy amount of cream. Other vanilla custards can possess ‘smoky’, even ‘harsh’, characteristics or might even possess hints of an ‘egg custard’ flavor, and lacking in vanilla completely.

The choice of the custard flavoring made by Hurricane Vapor will be familiar to Hurricane Vapor customers. This particular vanilla custard flavoring is traditional vanilla custard and it reminds us of the ‘vanilla’ used in Vanilla Sky and other eliquids in the Storm Juice lineup.

This vanilla custard is truer to its nature than other custards. It has creamy, milky undertones like sweetened, condensed milk with only a small amount of vanilla. This vanilla custard doesn’t overwhelm the other secondary flavors; it provides a backbone to it.

The vanilla custard flavoring and the secondary flavoring combine in a way that enriches that secondary flavor, lifts it up, and delivers it as thick, silky vapor that satisfies in ways we’ve never expected.

Lastly, it is important to recognize that Hurricane Vapor creates unique flavors for its loyal customers. Not all vapers care for the uniqueness they offer. It will be the same here, with Fog Milk. Do not expect an overly sweet vanilla custard base or you will be disappointed. Instead, these are serious blends with mature flavors. And, if you do order online when you read the description of each Fog Milk eliquid you’ll notice that Hurricane Vapor uses the words “swimming in luscious milk and cream” as part of each flavor description. Milk and cream is key to understanding the uniqueness of the lineup.

Fog Milk CustardFog Milk – Custard

– 18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – The first Fog Milk reviewed simply has to be the “Custard” flavor. This is like reviewing the ‘naked’ version of Fog Milk. No other flavor involved here, it is the base flavor, the only flavor. This is Fog Milk revealed.

Julia: Fog Milk Custard is my all day vape these days. It is the vanilla custard of vanilla custards. Sweet, creamy, full of flavor. Although the vanilla seems subdued in the other 5 flavors, here is shines in the glory that is vanilla. 5 Stars

Tom: Vanilla Custard can sometimes burn easily when overheated and it produces an ugly taste, so for me this was all about starting at 3.3v and working my way up to find out where the best vape was. Turned out that with a Bottom Dual Coil, 1.6ohm clearomizer this one gave the best flavor/vapor at 3.8v, which was surprising. All the Fog Milks have great vapor production because of the 50/50 blend of PG/VG, for me this was mostly flavor, and the flavor was incredible. I can see why adding a shot or two of cherry, blueberry, etc., was an obvious way to go. 5 Stars

Jason: A great choice for vanilla custard. Silky smooth, creamy, lots of vanilla…this one is a winner… a terrific vape. 5 Stars

Keira: It was a brilliant idea to have everybody try this one first. Fog Milk Naked is what I call it, and it is a very smooth, vanilla custard dream. I hope it is not confused with a vanilla ejuice though because vanilla custard has a very different flavor and texture. Vanilla is hard to enjoy as an all day vape because the flavor of vanilla is ‘sharper’. With vanilla custard there is enough edges smoothed to make it a fine all day vape. 5 Stars

Fog Milk CocoaFog Milk – Chocolate

– 18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – How do come up with an enjoyable eliquid that uses vanilla custard as a base flavor with chocolate on top of it? Not easy.

Julia: Chocolate flavorings have improved dramatically since 2011, and Fog Milk Chocolate is a prime example of it. While not my favorite of the lineup it was still a very good chocolate/custard experience. All told, it’s a 4 Stars vape.

Tom: I thought this one was going to be overly sweet. Vanilla custard and a sweet chocolate just scream dessert vape, but here it’s a little different. Assuming that the base flavor is the same throughout, and that’s a good assumption, this particular chocolate was less sweet than expected, but still a smooth, silky chocolate, not a hardened one. Not a good all day vape, but an excellent choice for after dinner, especially after an Italian dinner (tomato’s make me crave chocolate). 4 Stars

Jason: I had hoped to enjoy this more than I did. Chocolate is a much better flavor in 2014 than it ever was, but it still tastes just a bit unnatural. I’ve enjoyed some chocolate eliquids, but combined with vanilla custard it almost had a tobacco-like component to it. Good vapor, and a wicked throat hit at 18mg, Fog Milk Chocolate earns 3.75 Stars.

Keira: From the very first drag to the last, Fog Milk Chocolate was a dreamy, creamy vape. Pure vanilla custard and a sweet chocolate flavoring provided me with a heavenly vape experience. 5 Stars

Fog Milk coconutFog Milk – Coconut

18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – Vanilla Custard and Coconut. A strange combination, with both flavors looking for equal time.

Julia: I wanted to love this one so much, but it just didn’t work. I used to think that I loved coconut eliquids but it was always another flavor that worked out the ‘funk’ of the coconut flavor. Coconut and pineapple? Absolutely. Coconut and vanilla custard? Not so much. 3 Stars

Tom: The sweet vanilla custard gave the coconut in this blend just the right amount of silkiness that when combined in the right measures it is an awesome flavor combination. Not an all day vape, the coconut just can’t go the distance (all coconut blends), but for a couple of hours this is a unique blend that satisfies in a unique way. 4.5 Stars

Jason: Coconut and Cherry were the two blends that I liked the least. I can’t appreciate the coconut flavor wrapped around creamy vanilla custard like Tom could. For me this was an eliquid that failed to deliver on all 6 occasions that I was able to try it. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t all that good. 3 Stars

Keira: I suppose that if any Fog Milk was going to be a real stretch it was going to be coconut. Coconut is a tropical flavor, and belongs in tropical blends. Vanilla custard is not very conducive as a home for a tropical flavor. At first I was enjoying it, but then the coconut kept trying to overcome the vanilla custard until it finally did. I say this is just a little too far out of left field to be more than an occasional vape. 3.5 Stars

Fog Milk CherryFog Milk Cherry

18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – Cherry is a flavor that has a very divided fan base. Some vapers love the flavor of cherries and some dislike it a lot. How does vanilla custard change the cherry flavor, or does it? [TOC]

Julia: Cherry and vanilla custard, a strange pairing at first, but it works so well together! The cherry flavoring in this Fog Milk is not an overly sweet cherry, which works for the best here. The cherry eliquids that I do enjoy are sweet cherries, but none are paired with vanilla custard. Hurricane Vapor did the right thing by using a tart cherry flavor to counter balance the sweet creamy vanilla custard. It is almost an all day vape but not quite. At the end of the day, this one is a 4.75 Star ejuice.

Tom: What you think might work and what won’t work are often times completely wrong. Such is the case here. Vanilla custard and cherry combine to offer a vape that reminded me of Cherries Jubilee. A dessert vape for sure, but what a good one! 5 Stars

Jason: Out of the six flavors only two were unsatisfying… coconut and cherry. I had hoped that the cherries would have been sweeter and had it been I think it would have made a nice dessert vape. I think it tries to go beyond a dessert vape, and that is its biggest mistake. Tart cherries and creamy vanilla… confusing. 3.75 Stars

Keira: You will definitely taste the authentic cherry flavor in this blend. I loved the bed of vanilla custard with a big spread of flavorful cherries on top. Together they combined into a unique and delicious, not quite fruity blending. I don’t know, it just worked for me. I vaped this one at 5 different times of the day and found it most pleasing in mid-afternoon and early evening. 4.75 Stars

Fog Milk BananaFog Milk – Banana

– 18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – Have you heard that Fog Milk Banana is reminiscent of banana pudding? Well, its not. Not at all.

Julia: I had my heart set on this one as soon as I saw it. Banana and sweet vanilla custard are made for each other, and Hurricane Vapor created a wonderful blend with this Fog Milk. What I didn’t expect was for the banana to change the vanilla custard characteristics as much as it did. Definitely try this one, but expect the unexpected…banana and custard. Nicely done! 4.75 Stars

Tom: All I ask is that if you hear anyone claim that Fog Milk Banana tastes like banana pudding, just ignore them. It does not taste anything like banana pudding. Instead, this is more like a banana cream pie, or banana custard pie. Somehow the banana flavor subdues the vanilla flavor in the custard and leaves behind a rich banana and pure custard flavor. You might not believe me, but I immediately knew the flavor profile could only come from Hurricane Vapor. Try it and see. 4.75 Stars

Jason: A unique taste from Fog Milk Banana, something I did not expect. Vanilla custard and banana is a blend that you would think offer up a sweet dessert flavor, but for me it didn’t work that way. Instead, the banana flavor was nearly buried by the custard flavor. It’s as though the banana and the vanilla cancelled each other out. Fog Milk Banana is a custard vape with light banana notes. 4 Stars

Keira: All that was missing from this blend, to make it a real banana pudding vape, was a piecrust or graham cracker crust. Without either is was a lot like a banana cream pie, a delicious banana cream pie at that. Fog Milk Banana is one of the most enjoyable blends from the Fog Milk lineup. 4.75 Stars

Fog Milk BlueberryFog Milk Blueberry

18mg nicotine – 50/50 blend – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner. – Sweet juicy blueberries wrapped in sweet vanilla custard. An award-winning blend.

Julia: Of the six Fog Milk blends the two award winners were clear-cut favorites. The Blueberry blend took the best of both flavors and created a vape experience guaranteed to delight the taste buds of blueberry vapers everywhere. Clearly vanilla custard as a base won’t work for every flavoring, but blueberry, a semi-sweet, authentic blueberry is an ideal companion. A heavenly vape, one that is now a part of my rotation. 5 Stars

Tom: Hurricane Vapor nailed the recipe for this one just about perfectly. The right amount of luscious blueberries, mixed with the sweet and creamy vanilla custard creates one of the most pleasing dessert vapes I’ve had in a long while. This one will go down as a Hurricane Vapor classic. 5 Stars

Jason: Fog Milk Blueberry will not overshadow any blueberry eliquid you already enjoy because chances are you’ve never had a blueberry eliquid like this one. Blueberry and vanilla custard is unlike any blueberry and vanilla, or blueberry pie, or blueberry anything… the custard flavor gives the blueberry a whole different dimension. A must try eliquid – 5 Stars

Keira: As soon as I started vaping Fog Milk Blueberry I recognized that this was going to be something very different from what I had expected. It is with this one that the custard combined with the blueberry and created a divine vape you won’t believe. Fog Milk Blueberry complements other blueberry eliquids you may already have in your rotation, and complement it in joyfully new way. It’s like a bowl of custard with lots of sweet blueberries mixed in. 5 Stars


The most important message we can get across is that the Fog Milk lineup is not a line of vanilla and X-flavor eliquids. Each one takes advantage of the base vanilla custard in different ways. Sometimes they reveal themselves as vanilla custards and at other times as “custard”. The lineup is unique, and if you are expecting flavors you might have enjoyed before you won’t receive them. All six Fog Milks are new inventions in flavor. Expect the unexpected and still be prepared to be surprised.

Although Hurricane Vapor is a company that produces excellent quality eliquids, using the highest quality ingredients, as you can see from our impressions there are some that you will fall in love with and some you won’t. And that is the way it should be.

Hurricane Vapor is not a company looking for the lowest common denominator when it comes to creating eliquids. They invent new ways to enjoy familiar flavors, along with new ways to enjoy the most unusual flavors. The Fog Milk lineup is no different in that respect.

Buying Advice

If you love vanilla custard style eliquids this is a line you simply have to try. Diacetyl free, delicious, and real vapor producers, the Fog Milk line is a most satisfying lineup. Although only available at certain retail shops, if you’re lucky you can snag an invitation to buy your Fog Milk online at (It is open as we publish this review)

Head over to the Hurricane Vapor website and use their Store Location map to see where the closest vape shop is to where you are located and maybe, just maybe, you can vape some Fog Milk tonight.

If you are unsure after reading this review we recommend that you order the Sampler Pack, a $12.99 collection featuring all but one (Coconut) in 5ML bottles. If nothing else, you must try them.

Till next time,

Julia, Tom, Jason, and Keira