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With the current “War on Vaping” still raging on the State Level, let’s talk about an obvious miscarriage of equality; the fact that booze manufacturers have never been approached by corrupt politicians, or even “Mothers Against Teen Drinking” or whatever they call themselves today… about their FLAVORED ALCOHOL products.

We’ve been calling out the corrupt bastards for years. Why is it that vaping is constantly attacked while booze makers can add flavoring to anything they want? Alcohol is a far more dangerous product for teenagers than e-cigarettes, and if you don’t know this, you’ve done drunk the Kool-Aid and can no longer think for yourself. If that’s the case, go away and watch cartoons.

Flavored Booze - Let's Talk About Bias

An Interesting Story from the Estevan Mercury:

Canadians sure are a schizophrenic lot when it comes to what sort of substances we will legally allow to be used for a chemical high.  Take, for instance, e-cigarrettes/vaping. You can see displays for them at the corner store, but normal cigarettes are hidden from view. We have whole stores, vape shops, dedicated to the wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

Now CBC Nova Scotia reports, “Nova Scotia says it will become the first province to make it illegal to sell any kind of flavoured e-cigarettes and juices, announcing Thursday (Dec. 5.) a ban that will come into force on April 1.”

Now, if you need to, re-read the paragraph above. After years of flavored alcohol products, Nova Scotia wants to BAN Flavored E-Cigarettes (and e-Liquids). WTF? Why are so many corrupt officials so easily corruptible? 

Try some of these flavored alcohol:

Plantation Pineapple Infused Rum 

Crown Royal Honey – Flavored

Grey Goose Le Poire – Pear Infused Vodka

E&J Vanilla Brandy 

Agavero Orange Tequila Liqueur 

CIROC Peach Vodka


“So why is it that you can have infinite varieties of alcohol – much more likely to cause you immediate grief, and possibly someone’s death – but governments continually limit similar variety in tobacco and, in Nova Scotia, vapes? I’m told there’s plenty of variety of flavour in marijuana, too.

Why don’t we limit all booze to vodka, as it has no flavour? That’s the idea with smokes and now vapes. “

What I’m about to say is true everywhere. There is no bias, no manipulated “alternative” facts. It just is…

Alcohol kills far more teenagers than any other method of getting high. That includes pills, pot, and even meth. Alcohol is a REAL danger to teens… whereas e-liquid is just about completely harmless. THC cut with Vitamin E acetate will cause lung disease and can lead to death in days… but Strawberry and Cream E-Juice? HARMLESS.

If these corrupt, assclown politicians MEANT what they are PAID to say, Flavored Alcohol would be the FIRST to be Banned. But no one EVER talks about banning vanilla vodka, or the million variations.

This is the absolute proof that corrupt politicians do not care about facts. They care about being reelected, and that takes MONEY.

Every politician against vaping but not flavored alcohol should be thrown out of office. Especially Police State Governors and Federal Officials behind on the War on Vaping.