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MigQuid eLiquid Review Part One

While the official Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team preps for their extensive review for MigQuid eLiquid (11 flavors in their upcoming review) I thought it would be a good idea to review 5 flavors (none of which will be in the other review) from a category I am particularly fond of:  Sweet, Creamy, Custard-y types.

MigQuid is sold by MigCigs, a Florida vendor selling some OEM vape gear as well as some custom, and re-branded gear. Their eliquid flavors are many, though they are outsourced to a major manufacturer, like most vendor-branded eliquids.

MigQuid eLiquid Review by Spinfuel eMagazineWhen a line of eliquids is outsourced there are two ways to do it; one is to slap a label on the manufacturers recipes and the other is to work closely with the eliquid manufacturer to create custom flavors. MigCigs has chosen to work closely with the eliquid manufacturer to develop each and every blend as a MigQuid-only recipe. All the eliquids sold under the MigQuid line are 100% original to MigCigs, though they are made in a multi-million dollar facility. “Best of both worlds” is how I think of it, especially if the owner of the ‘store’ has a passion for flavor.

I spoke with the owner of MigCigs several times before this review. I wanted to be certain that we were not simply reviewing a “rebranded” eliquid. After confirming that these are custom recipes developed under close supervision with MigCigs I agreed to allow our eLiquid Review Team to set up a review, and I chose 5 flavors that would have the best shot of being something I would enjoy.

All 5 eliquids are 50:50 PG/VG blends, with 6mg nicotine. MigQuid nicotine choices are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. Sold in 30mL glass bottles, each flavor sells for $17.95. The labels are full color and gorgeous, with plenty of information to satisfy the most stringent Vapers.

The MigQuid Flavor Profile

Love them or hate them, the one thing everyone will agree on; MigQuid eliquids are all very strong flavors. Adding together a blend that is 50:50 PG/VG and very heavy on the flavorings, these eliquids are not suited for sub-ohm vaping. I tried them in a simple Kanger Subtank Mini with the 0.5-ohm OCC and flavor and the throat hit about knocked me on my ass. You would be wise to stay between 1.2-ohms and 2.1-ohms. For the actual review I used the following:

1. Vision Spinner 2 & X.Jet 1.8ohm coil
2. Alpha XF Vape Pen – 1.2ohm coil
3. Kanger Subox and the 1.5ohm OCC (Subtank)
4. Joyetech eVic-TC Mini – 1.0ohm coil (eGo One Mega Tank)

The MigQuid Five

Vaping Characteristics for all FiveThese eliquids taste best as lazy vapes. By Lazy Vapes I mean “sitting in your recliner or easy chair, watching a movie, and taking short drags from moderate vape gear. These 50:50 heavily flavored blends are for pure noncompetitive vaping. They almost force you to relax.

Baked Vanilla Custard

“A delightful aroma of sweet vanilla Custard cooking in the kitchen.”

My Take: 4.75 Stars – For a couple of days this was my favorite of the five flavors. But then I worked in the blueberry and cream flavor and that one became my favorite…and then the strawberries and cream was introduced… you get the idea.

MigQuid eLiquid Review by Spinfuel eMagazineWhen vaped with gear that provides a mouth-to-lung experience, with lower wattage and a moderate ohms coil this flavor ushers in an almost overwhelming and sensuous buttery custard vanilla that made me go limp with complete satisfaction with a sweet vanilla craving. In other words, the flavor hits instantly, and it is so deep and rich that my shoulders lowered, the tension that is a permanent part of my existence seemed to float away.
I would add this to my rotation for mouth-to-lung vaping, but not for power vaping with a high wattage, low ohm setup and deep lung hits. It’s just not formulated for that type of vaping.

Baked Blueberry Custard With Cream

“A delightful aroma of sweet blueberries cooking in the kitchen. This is a well balanced e-liquid flavor.”

My Take: 5 Stars – This is not another blueberry and cream flavor profile. Here MigQuid went another way by MigQuid eLiquid Review by Spinfuel eMagazineadding in a real custard level to the many-layered eliquid. At first hit the flavor of rich, ripe blueberries washes over my tastebuds, and on the exhale a genuine custard mixes with a creamy blueberry flavor that lingers for seconds afterward.

As a low wattage, high ohm, mouth-to-lung eliquid this is a winning formula. But, when attempted with more power and lower resistance it becomes too much of a good thing.

I have enjoyed dozens of blueberry formulas over the years, but I can’t remember a custard blueberry. Nicely done!

Dragon’s Milk

“From the divine gardens, a mix of Pomegranate, Raspberry and strawberry and lush cream of the Mountains.
A Contrarian opposite, complex mix of sweet and cream.”

My Take: 4 Stars – Dragon’s Milk could be an award-winning eliquid except for one element in the recipe… pomegranate. Now I know that’s a personal preference, but especially in a heavily flavored eliquid the pomegranate is way too powerful here. Put that aside though and the mix of a sweet ripe raspberry, a lusciously sweet cream, and a ripe strawberry top note, Dragon’s Milk is amazing. The ruination of Dragon’s Milk occurs on the exhale, when that pomegranate comes in and kills the previous blend of beautiful flavors. At certain moments this is an amazing flavor experience, but it does not last, for me. Pomegranate lovers will love this one.

Fruity Loops

“Ok, you asked so we delivered. This flavor was months in creation. After literally hundreds of attempts at this flavor, we nailed it!”

My Take: 4.5 Stars – Faced with the same dilemma of the others, this sweet fruit loop cereal flavor will MigQuid eLiquid Review by Spinfuel eMagazineappeal to anyone looking for that particular cereal. I see it, I enjoy it, but certainly not as an everyday experience. But, judging this eliquid by the Fruit Loops flavor, and by its obvious moderate vaping ways; moderate wattage, mouth-to-lung, etc., Fruity Loops is a winning recipe.

While all five were given a chance in a sub-ohm tank and a high wattage device, Fruity Loops performed a little better than the rest but it still had way too much flavor for this type of vaping.

Strawberries And Cream

“Strawberry and Cream infused together with quality and love.
Like a smoothie made just for you. Strawberries and cream are a favorite. A balance of aroma and taste, strawberry lovers have raved about this new flavor.”

MigQuid eLiquid Review by Spinfuel eMagazineMy Take: 4.75 Stars – I know I sound like a broken record, but again, this recipe has a tremendous amount of flavor and not enough Vegetable Glycerin for high-end vaping. The strawberries are rich, ripe, and sweet, and the creaminess is equally present and brings along a delicious component of pure cream. I found the best flavor and vapor when vaped in my Kanger Subox equipped with the 1.5ohm OCC for the Subtank.


MigQuid eLiquids are made for vapers that use vape gear that are considered moderate. Vaping anywhere between the level of a Vision Spinner to a 20w-30w device and above 1.2-ohm coils will yield wonderful results. Even 40w devices are good, as long as you’re not trying to sub-ohm with them. For sub-ohm vapers MigQuid has a line of High VG eliquids, and this is the line that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team will soon work with.

Without putting a lot of thought behind it, last year I moved away from 50:50 PG/VG blends toward High VG blends. I also stopped using my old favorite setup, the X.Jet clearomizer and the Spinner 2 batteries. Recently I spent some time with the Alpha XF pen-style vaporizer and I found myself enjoying the mouth-to-lung, above 1.0-ohm coilheads, and rediscovered the leisurely way I used to vape. MigQuid eliquids helped solidify my reintroduction to this relaxed vaping style. And because MigQuid eliquid is so rich in flavor the only element of the lung-hit vaping I still do is, well, the lesser amount of vapor from a 50:50 blend.

If you’re completely happy with your High VG eliquids and heavy-duty vape gear this particular line isn’t for you, I would definitely try the High VG MigQuid blends. But if you’re vaping with clearomizers and lower wattage or variable voltage batteries, these eliquids will provide an abundance of delicious flavor.

John Manzione