The Finest Eliquid Fruit Edition is said to be an homage to the art of crafting premium-grade e-liquids. The Finest Eliquid tells us that each flavor in their Fruit Edition seamlessly compliments one another, offering a full range of flavors uniquely cultivated for both experienced and beginning vapers alike. I don’t think we could have said it any better.

The Finest Eliquid FRUIT EDITION Review by the Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Review Team
The Finest Eliquid Fruit Edition Review by the Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Review Team

We may not all have agreed on the three flavor blends in the Fruit Edition, but the one thing we all agreed did agree on was that this was a company that hand-crafted premium level eJuice and did not scrimp on top-shelf ingredients. Whoever the mixologist is at The Finest Eliquid knows just how to marry certain fruity flavors with others to achieve a flavor experience that will speak to vapers of all levels.


For this review the four team members decided to use the new-ish Geek Vape NOVA Starter Kits (reviewed here), which included the flavorful Geek Vape Cerberus Sub-Ohm equipped with their terrific Super Mesh Coils. All three flavor blends output amazing flavor and more than enough vapor to please the cloud chasers among us.


The Team spent a week vaping these three eliquids at various times of the day, and below is our honest assessment of The Finest E-liquid’s Fruit Edition.


The Fruit Edition Blends are all 70% VG, offered in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine (freebase nicotine), and are packaged as 2x 60mL Unicorn style bottles for just $29.99. That’s 120mL in total for $30. For a premium blend, this is good value. That said, pop over to Element Vape and get the same 120mL in 2x 60mL bottles for just $19.95.

The Finest Eliquid - Fruit Edition - Mango Berry

Mango Berry – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“A frenzied concoction of mango and strawberry, this flavor epitomizes raw sensory overload in e-liquid form. With a distinctive mango note upon first taste, this flavor gradually evolves into a well-rounded vape with a surprise twist at the end. The result is a top-shelf juice that distinguishes itself above the rest.”Finest Eliquid


Julia – 5 Stars – My experience with Mango Berry was exactly as described by The Finest Eliquid. The predominant flavor was a sweet, ripe mango with a sweet/tart Berry at the tail end of the exhale. I vaped every bit of this one and wanted more. In my rotation now.


Tom – 5 Stars – We’ve seen, and vaped, many mango blends over the years and it seems that every time we do the mango flavor gets better and better. This blend is heavy on the ripe mango, very authentic and pleasing to the tastebuds, and with that “take it or leave” berry twist at the end was excellent. I would like to see this company offer customers a straight up mango blend however. In any case, an award-winning blend for mango lovers.


Jason – 5 Stars – The first flavor to touch the tastebuds is the most important, and in this blend, it is, naturally, mango. Absolutely authentic ripe mango throughout, with a hint of mixed berry flavor at the end of the exhale. Meant for only the best sub-ohms if you want the purest flavor these eliquids have to offer. A must try if you ask me.


Keira – 5 Stars – There are not many Mango blends that I enjoy because I’ve found that mango flavorings are sometimes too strong, or too weak, or have too much of a chemical element to it. The Finest E-liquid’s Mango Berry uses the best mango flavorings I’ve vaped in a long time, and that tricky, mixed berry twist at the end give it just the right punch to make this one never boring. Definitely a keeper.

The Finest Eliquid - Fruit Edition - Berry Blast

Berry Blast

“A delectable berry blend that unites a whimsical pairing of tart and sweetness. This exceptional flavor profile captures nuances from a myriad of colored berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, & a hint of blackberries. This iconic flavor immediately commands the attention of its audience upon first taste.” Finest Eliquid


Julia – 4.5 Stars – Berry Blast might have won me over for the full 5 Stars had it been more sweetness and less tartness. Strawberries, raspberries, and even blackberries, in my opinion, should not have a tart element to them. This intense fruity blend was a ton of fun to vape, and it might even end up in my rotation, but I take half a star for just a tad too tartness in the blend.


Tom – 4.75 Stars – Berry Blast is almost perfectly balanced… almost … The mix of well-known fruits are artfully used in this terrific blend, but for me, the raspberry needed to be calmed down just a little. Raspberry can be sweet, soft, and very mellow, or it can be very tart, almost puckerish tartness… and although Berry Blast didn’t reach that far in tart raspberry, I would have preferred a sweeter, more mellow raspberry. The other flavors were spot on delicious, and every drop was vaped, and I wanted more. But 5 stars was just a little too much for this one. In my rotation though, and a great flavor to vape between two heavy bakery or custard type flavors, as palate cleansers.


Jason – 5 Stars – I don’t know, my other team mates had some concerns about the tartness of this Berry Blast blend, but I think they forgot about the name of this blend, Berry BLAST. The “blast” comes from a certain number of tart flavors from the raspberry and the blackberry, with the strawberry flavorings giving it a sweet and chilled out base. This is MY kind of eliquid, and in my opinion this one couldn’t have been blended better than The Finest Eliquid did. I will keep this in my rotation forever.



Keira – 4 Stars – Julia and I both thought the same thing about Berry Blast… I don’t mind a tart vape, and Berry Blast does take its tartness from the raspberry which was good mixing. I enjoyed Berry Blast, as a tart vape, but had it been just a little sweeter I would have been swooning over this one.

The Finest Eliquid - Fruit Edition - Apple Pearadise

Apple Pearadise - Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“A cornucopia of mouthwatering fruits, Apple Pearadise embodies the perfect balance of sweet and fruity. Expect an exquisite blend of crispy ripe apples on the inhale, with a tinge of pear on the exhale that is every bit subtle as it is prevailing. A signature juice truly worthy of our namesake.”Finest Eliquid


Julia – 5 Stars – Apple and pears paired perfectly. This blend is unlike anything I’ve vaped in years. The balance of a sweet apple flavor and the tail end of a full authentic pear was heavenly. This is not a heavy vape, but rather a fun, light, fruity vape for day vaping. During these hot summer months Apple Pearadise provided some much-needed fruity flavor in the hot and humid weather. Perfect blend, and one of my favorite new vape experiences.


Tom – 5 Stars – From the very first draw from my NOVA box and Cerberus tank I knew this one was going to become one of my favorites. An amazing apple flavor, so authentic and ripe, with a hard to believe pear flavoring that is extremely hard to do correctly. A must try flavor in the Fruit Edition.



Jason – 5 Stars – There is something about the way The Finest Eliquid took these two disparate flavors and somehow found a way to marry both of them in a perfect union. On the inhale is a ripe apple flavoring is perfect proportion, and on the tail end of exhale there is a distinct sweet and ripe pear flavor. Tons of flavor, ample vapor, this one has it all. I would be hard pressed to choose between the mango berry and apple pears blend.



Keira – 5 Stars – I’m not crazy about pear flavoring, but for some reason the pear flavor coming at the end, preceded by a delicious apple, produced a vape I couldn’t get enough of. This blend shows just how committed The Finest Liquid is to create new, delicious eliquids that satisfy both flavor vapers and cloud vapers. Try Apple Pearadise, you will not regret it.

Last Words…

As you can see, these fruit blends are truly something worth trying out. The Finest Eliquid put all their talents into these three amazing blends, and if you are a fan of the fruity eliquids you owe it to yourself to pick these up and add them to your rotation.


You can order directly from The Finest Eliquid right here, or Element Vape or a lot less, just $19.95 for 2x 60mL bottles.