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 The Finest Eliquid is a lifestyle brand available at Element Vape. They assure us that they are committed to excellence and improved quality of life by cultivating healthy business and consumer partnerships while fostering originality and innovation with each hand-crafted flavor. Sounds about right. The Candy Shop Eliquids we’ve chosen for this Team Review prove that quality can be found in sweet/sour blends.


They say that their line of liquids represents “fine craftsmanship in its purest, most evolved form.” They certainly did provide us with Innovative flavors, and they say that each of the ingredients were “judiciously selected”, with an “uncompromising strive for perfection are the makings of a truly handcrafted vape”.

The Finest Eliquid – Candy Shop – Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Review

Candy Shop Review

Names like Strawberry Melon Sour, Blueberries and Lemon, and even Apple Peach Sour, were never part of this team’s type of eliquids. Years back we tried the many attempts of flavors like these, never liked any of them. But, the eliquid industry has changed many times over since 2012, and many eliquid mixologists have truly nailed down the art of creating authentic, delicious flavors. When the opportunity arrived to try these types of flavors again, how could we refuse? It’s a new day! A Candy Shop Day!

Our Review Mods and Tanks were as follows:


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The mods we chose to use began at 75W and ended with 250W (anything more than 250W with a sub-ohm tank is not wise)

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The Candy Shop Eliquids are bottled in 100mL Unicorns, providing a terrific plastic tip for refilling tanks quickly, and with no mess. We’ve grown to love this type of bottle for ejuice, in both 100mL and 120mL bottles.


A perfect reimagining of your favorite childhood sour candy. Straw Melon Sour Belts thoughtfully marries the sweetness of strawberries and watermelon, with a discreet tarty and sour note all wrapped into one tasty package.”

The Finest Eliquid – Candy Shop – Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid ReviewJulia: I’m not a fan of sour flavor notes in my vapor, or anything else. This blend was not my favorite of the bunch, but it was certainly a good flavor, especially because of the sweet, authentic strawberry notes. 4 Stars

Tom: I continue to expand my vapor palate and after this review I’ve come to learn that ‘candy flavors’ can provide a fun vape. The flavor reminded me of a childhood candy I use to buy, but I can’t think of the name. The enormous clouds of vapor, combined with the enjoyable flavors provided 3 days of great vaping. I’m not sure I would add this to my rotation, but I did like it a lot. 5 Stars

Kiera: I didn’t expect to like this sour and sweet blend, but once I started vaping it I knew I would vape the entire 100mL bottle in a short time. Something about a sweet and tart watermelon candy vape gave me goosebumps with every draw on my tank. I loved it, and it will become a part of my rotation. 5 Stars

Jason: My favorite of the 3 flavors is the apple/peach candy rings, which is very different than this sour watermelon and sweet strawberry blend. Although this blend, like the others, produced a ton of vapor, the flavor was too stark, too big, for a completely satisfying vape. Good, but not great. 4 Stars


BlueBerry Lemon Swirl – Blueberry and blue raspberry on the inhale with a slight undertone of mixed lemon candy on the exhale. The result is a delicious blend so unique it harmonizes sweet, tart, and sour all at the same time.”

The Finest Eliquid – Candy Shop – Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid ReviewJulia: After spending 3 days with this blue raspberry/lemon blend I still can’t describe how delicious the flavor is. There is something about that fruity/candy lovers will find addictive. My very favorite of the 3. 5 Stars

Tom: There is a lot going on inside this funky blend of blueberry/raspberry/lemon concoction that it must be vaped to truly understand. No matter how original the flavor of these fruits is, there is this strange candy tone to it that makes it absolutely wonderful. Like the other two, vapor production is outstanding. 5 Stars

Kiera: While these fruits blend very well, this is one flavor in the bunch that cannot be chain vaped without the lemon notes taking over. A regular, long draw with a good sub-ohm tank produces a perfectly balanced blend of blueberry and raspberry, layered with a lemon candy sweetness. Vaped like this, I loved it. Vaped with strong pulls one after another spoil the balance. 5 Stars

Jason: There is a difference between red raspberry flavor and blue raspberry. The Blue is much stronger and not as sweet. For that reason alone, I would have liked this much more had they used a red raspberry, a sweet one, instead. I enjoyed this one, just not enough to add to my rotation.

Element Vape


Apple Peach Sour Rings – A balanced fusion of apple sour rings on the inhale and sugary peach on the exhale, the flavor epitomizes the definition of sweet and sour candy in liquid form.”

The Plume Room Artisan Eliquid Review of 2017 - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe Finest Eliquid – Candy Shop – Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid ReviewJulia: Everyone that vaped the apple, peach combination loved this flavor blend. Maybe the peach is responsible for the super sweet flavor, and if so I’m happy to have it. This one is more of a peach hard candy than anything else, and I added it to my rotation after the review. 5 Stars

Tom: Julia and I both decided that we’re more familiar with peach flavors in our juice, so this apple peach sour candy blend had an advantage; it was not unlike a few other delicious blends we’ve vaped over the years. Clouds of vapor, tons of flavor, this is the one I recommend most. 5 Stars

Kiera: While I truly enjoyed this bright, intense flavor blend, if I could change anything with the flavors it would be a touch more apple. Actually, a red delicious apple would be best. Red Delicous and a sweet peach wrapped in a candy coating is just amazing. 5 Stars

Jason: If any of the three deserve a Spinfuel Vape Choice Award it is this flavorful blend of apple and peach wrapped in a sour candy glaze. I couldn’t get enough of this blend. I’ve since added it to my regular rotation. 5 Stars

Wrapping Up the Candy Shop Review

If these flavor descriptions sound appetizing to you then chances are you’re going to enjoy these eliquids quite a bit. Our only concern with a sweet or tangy eliquid is the potential to become coil killers. As long as you don’t chain vape these blends at very high wattages you won’t have any problems with your coils. However, the potential is there, so thread lightly.


Each of these 3 flavors from The Finest Eliquid Candy Shop use an amazing “candy” flavoring. I don’t know how they do it, or how a mixologist can extract a flavor that tastes like a hard candy without any other flavor. The magic comes in with starting with that candy extract, then carefully creating fruity combinations with just enough tang, or sour, to the mix. Truly excellent mixing.


If these types of eliquids are what you like to vape, or if you’re looking to try some hard candy flavors with fruity blends, this is the line you should try first.


The Spinfuel Vape Eliquid Review Team


Julia and Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, and Tom McBride