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Finding Headache Relief with Weed?

Finding headache relief with weed is a reality for millions. Even migraine sufferers find relief. For a long time, people have been fighting to get weed legalized because of the medical benefits it provides. With claims coming in from all directions though, a lot of misinformation also exists regarding the benefits of the Berry Pie strain, for example, or other cannabis. However, that does not mean that this plant does not promise or showcase such benefits, because it does. 

When we look at professional medical research, we can see just how many therapeutic effects cannabis provides to people suffering from various conditions. But what about everyday issues that people suffer from, like a headache? Can weed help headaches go away? 

Common Types of Headaches

Before we answer the question, let’s go over the two main types of headaches you may be suffering from:

  • Episodic headaches are those that occur from time to time. These are occasional ones that can be felt for many reasons like looking at screens for too long, taking too much stress, physical excursion, or some health issues, etc. These are usually much less severe than chronic ones.
  • Chronic headaches are those that last for extended periods of time and are not necessarily related to everyday activities that may cause pain for a limited time. These can be very severe and are much more difficult to treat. 

Chronic cases can have various reasons like underlying medical issues. While weed might be able to relieve episodic issues, it is very important to take medical guidance in the case of chronic cases as there may be something more serious under the surface causing the pain. 

Does Weed Help with Headache Relief?

A lot of the time, the answer to this question is yes. People who don’t find over-the-counter painkillers effective in treating their pain or are affected by side effects can use cannabis for migraines as well as normal headaches. It has been found via research that marijuana can help reduce the painful effects of headaches by half. As long as you take the proper dosage under the advisement of a medical professional, you will likely find your suffering cut down significantly with the help of cannabis. 

How Birthday Cake Strain Helped My Migraines

I’ve always been a migraine sufferer and the only thing that has helped me stave off or prevent completely, one of my nasty migraines is a particular indica-dominant strain called Birthday Cake. Birthday Cake is an excellent strain of weed for many things, headaches being only one of them.. Though other fancy strains may work for headaches and stress for others, it’s my go-to strain. Birthday Cake is amazingly sweet and over smoking is not something you really have to worry about.

If you don’t have any previous experience then read the following article and find the best fit. This sweet, lovely strain has a wide array of soothing features and a slight nuttiness flavor mixed in with the sweetness.. From initial cultivation to final appearance and enduser taste, it will let you off the hook in searching for Cake Strains for Birthday celebrations, tension, anxiety, and most definitely… headaches.

How Does Marijuana Help With Headache Relief?

Knowing that you can use cannabis for migraines, real headache relief!) gives you an alternative and more natural way to treat your pain. But you should also know exactly how does marijuana help with headaches just to be more informed. The plant has been found to affect the inflammatory, serotonin, glutamine, and opiate pathways which is what leads to the reduction of pain. 

Cannabis has also been found to affect the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system regulates a number of physiological processes like pain, stress, inflammation, and metabolism, etc. The two primary receptors CB1 and CB2 are directly activated when cannabis is consumed. These two receptors lead to relief from migraines and other kinds of pain. 

How To Consume Weed for Headache Relief?

How Vaping CBD Oil Can Help with Anxiety

There are different ways in which you can consume marijuana to treat your pain. While some people prefer to smoke the flower directly, others might want to have an edible. Topical cannabis products are some of the most common for this use. 

In particular, CBD topicals are widely used. For anyone asking can weed help headaches go away, it is important to know that it is CBD which is mostly used to treat them. People report that rubbing some CBD oil in their foreheads helps calm down their pain. Other popular CBD products for relieving pain include creams and ointments. 

When it comes to THC, it is not usually used by itself as a treatment against pain. On the contrary, it is combined with CBD to provide lasting relief against migraines and acute cases. It has been found in studies that the combination of both these chemicals can be as effective as amitriptyline. 

One of the most important things to note when using cannabis for migraines is to take the proper dose and composition of whichever product you get. Some people will respond better to CBD while others find THC to be more helpful. Getting an opinion from a physician can go a long way in helping you make the right choice. 

Headache Relief from Weed – A Conclusion

Do, does weed help with headaches? Yes, it surely can, if consumed carefully and responsibly. There is plenty of research to suggest this much as well as a lot of anecdotal data coming from actual consumers of various products. Spending some time to find the right balance of THC and CBD and doing your research to find out which strains and which consumption methods work best in your particular situation is crucial though. Another thing to note is that if your symptoms are not improving, you should always ask for medical assistance. 

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