The Two Faces of Vaporin – A Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT – VAPORIN Hitler liked dogs, or so it is said. Child Molesters are sometimes priests. Do the nice things some people do erase, or justify the evil things they do. I suggest they do not. A Child Molester is evil, no matter what he/she does for a living. Hitler was Hitler, a mass murderer [...]

SCAM ALERT 2014 – RegalCigs

The Regal Cigs SCAM is still out there. CONGRADULATIONS! You have been QUALIFIED for a smokeless e cig starter kit!  And so it goes, another electronic cigarette SCAM… First, we click the image in the email, like this one:  At which point our web browser opens and we go here: http://www.dailyconsumeralert.net/ This is a mock up of an “official” news type [...]

American Smoke Scam – Worse Than We Thought

American Smoke Even Worse Scam Alert. Over the past year or so we have been attempting to alert consumers to various e-cigarette scams on the Internet. Out of all the Scam Alerts we’ve published only two companies have tried to contact us, to bully us, to threaten lawsuits, if we didn’t remove the alert. Those two companies [...]

American Smoke Rebuffs Julia’s Scam Alert

Spinfuel received this comment from Bill F at 7:23PM on December 5th, 2013. We present it here, in it's entirety. We would love to read YOUR comments below. - Tom McBride - Managing Editor Julia, Without ever purchasing or trying our product, I think it is a HUGE assumption that we have bad tasting product or we [...]

SCAM ALERT: American Smoke

UPDATE! December 6th, 2013 by Julia Hartley-Barnes Boy oh boy, has this scam alert created a stir or what? I guess it is time for a brief update before the owner of American Smoke has a stroke. In the piece below I state that their juice is cheap Chinese juice. For the record, the owner of American [...]

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off Did you know that ONE 10ML Bottle of eLiquid is equivalent to 55 packs of traditional cigarettes? No? According to Vapex, their eJuice is!How would you like to pay $99.95 a month, plus shipping, for 40ML of Chinese-made eLiquid? Well, now you can! And it’s simple. Here’s all [...]

Vaporin e Cigarettes Review

Vaporin Electronic Cigarettes Vaporin is a new company and a new brand, who has since dove head first into the eCigarette Scam Business.. Their product diversity is pretty wide, featuring an NJOY lookalike, a “jumbo” disposable, a cig-a-like rechargeable, and several more, larger and more expensive products, none of which are worth a damn. I can’t write [...]

Will The Real Lift Vapor Please Stand Up

A Story of Redemption? - A New Commentary by John Manzione Please make sure you read the entire commentary to read the truth about Lift Vapor, JohnPaul Golino and Justin Triglia. On April 7th of this year Spinfuel published a SCAM ALERT for Lift Vapor. Our scam alert article screen-captured a 3:30 video of their website where [...]

SCAM ALERT: Now I’m just confused… eCigClub?

eCigClub Ripoff Report Last night we received an email from an interested reader who alerted us to yet another e-cigarette scam. But this one is different. The website, ecigclub.com just might be the most convoluted “affiliate marketing” site we’ve seen in a very long time, but certainly earning the moniker of Scam Alert Brand. Visiting the [...]


Scam Alert: ECIGAID EcigAid
6538 Collins Avenue #95
Miami Beach, FL 33141 Would you knowingly accept this Privacy Policy? We may share your contact information with our business partners or other companies so that they may send you promotional materials but we will not share or sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for any purpose without your express [...]

SCAM ALERT – Smoke Smart – Dallas Texas

Smoke Smart Ripoff We have never been more outraged then when your News Blog editor pointed out this ugly scam just yesterday. Smoke Smart, out of Dallas Texas, is a company that EVERYONE needs to know about. We are asking each of you to do your part in helping spread the word about the outrageous prices being [...]

e-Cigarette Scams Alert: Smoke Star (aka Lift Vapor)

The SmokeStar Rippoff Game Another day means more e-cigarette scams to warn you about. Today it’s Lift Vapor doing business as Smoke Star. (We can only hope that our scam report on Lift Vapor caused them to change their name and perhaps one day they will just give up and get a respectable job somewhere.) Like [...]

E-Cigarette Free Trial Scams – Emerald Lux

SCAM ALERT: Emerald LUX Joins the Con Game Have you been “lucky” enough to receive an email like this one? Sadly, this leads to the same type of rip-off ecigarette deal as the others; including the lead on “14-day” trial period that begins the moment you place your order, the $114.95 plus shipping that they charge you [...]

E CIGARETTE SCAMS ALERT – LiftVAPOR aka, LiftCigs, aka, Saphire Cigs

Another eCigarette SCAMS ALERT: LiftVAPOR Rip-off LiftVAPOR Is A Horrible E Cigarette Brand And here we go again. This time, out of Connecticut comes LIFTVAPOR, , another rip-off ecigarette company attempting to make victim out of smokers looking for a way out of an early death. THE #1 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE! Say what? Well, they do. LiftVapor, just the other scum-of-the-earth eCigarette [...]

SCAM ALERT: XOCigs Another Rip Off eCigarette Brand

XOCigs Con Artists The con artists are at it again. In what looks to be a Saphire/Regal clone, XOCigs is offering pretty much the same god-awful arrangement; $4.95 14-day trial, in which your window to return the thing amounts to mere hours of receiving it, a charge to your credit card of $114.95 should you decide [...]