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Fun with Concentrates – DIY E Liquid Adventure

The Journey Begins With The First Step Boy, what a week it has been! Between my normal day-to-day responsibilities and my new passion for DIY e Liquid  “hobby” of creating my own eLiquid, (thanks to the encouragement from the people at Totally Wicked eLiquid), it has been one busy week. Fun with Concentrates The first thing I learned [...]

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Spinfuel Giveaway Of American Made E Juice

Now that the first major and historic giveaway for American Made e Juice is over I’d like to take a few minutes to acknowledge some very important people, who without their support this giveaway wouldn’t have happened, as well as take a look at some of the ‘behind the scenes’ activity you didn’t know about…until [...]

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3rd Winner of the Great Historic Giveaway Speaks to Spinfuel – Sunny Z!

Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping? Sunny z:  About 4 months.  Spinfuel: What did you use to vape?       Sunny Z: I started with 1 disposable blu cig and then based on the recommendation of ECF members got a smokeless image volt kit. Spinfuel: What were your favorite eLiquids? Sunny Z: I started with tobacco but then ventured out to [...]

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2nd Winner – Spinfuel Great Historic Giveaway

Julia Barnes talked with our 2nd Winner of the Historic Giveaway the other day, here is an except from that interview! Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping? Brian F: I have been vaping almost 3 years now! Spinfuel: What did you use to vape? Brian F: At first I used a Fuma eCig from a local tobacco shop [...]

20 Questions For Victoria Sylvestre of The Vapor Girl

SPINFUEL: How long have you been creating eLiquids? Victoria: I have been creating eLiquids since the end of 2011. I needed to create my own as I was having a difficult time finding liquids that I enjoyed using. SPINFUEL: What was the first flavor you created? Victoria: The first flavor EVER was sweet potato pie, a North Carolina favorite. Usually once people try [...]

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Spinfuel – Saturday Night Tasting Party

Spinfuel Tasting Party! During the week it’s all work and very little play. Writing and researching, designing and development, writing emails and answering emails, and of course teaming up to produce reviews, our daily workdays are serious business. When it comes to the weekend, on those rare occasions when we are not working, we’re usually gathering [...]

Apollo eCigs – One Million eCigarettes Free!

Apollo eCigs, (Lafayette, CA 94549) has done more in one move than most eCig vendors have all year; they are ponying up 1,000,000 (one million) FREE disposable eCigs to anyone who wants one. (Must be 18 or older of course). The catch? There isn’t one. This is the real deal folks. Over the past months the [...]

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Spinfuel Historic Giveaway – Winner – Jaimi Armour

Yes indeed, real people win real prizes here at Spinfuel eCigs Magazine. Last week, our first winner, Jaimi Armour, was the winner of all the great prizes by Mountain Oak Vapors, Vapor Phoenix, Vape Dudes, Ginger’s eJuice, and Virgin Vapor. We just had to ask Jaimi a few questions about herself and our giveaway. For your [...]

The Historic Spinfuel GIVEAWAY

Spinfuel  eMagazine is so very proud to present to the vaping community the most amazing, historic, eJuice Giveaway, simply called; The Spinfuel Giveaway Limited Edition. 4 great flavors by 4 great companies, have come together for first time to create a collection of their best creations in 4  60ML cobalt blue glass bottle and eyedropper presented in a [...]

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MyFreedomSmokes – Interview with Chris Yelton

To accompany our review of MyFreedomSmokes eJuice we talked with the company owner, Chris Yelton, about the eJuice portion of his company. SPIN: Tell our readers why you decided to get into the e-juice business. MFS: Electronic cigarettes helped me quit smoking.  It was such an easy, painless way to quit that I wanted to give everyone [...]

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Bull Smoke – Martin Giles Apologies to Spinfuel

Bull Smoke Martin Giles Apology John, I apologize for my actions last week in the events that took place after our email exchange regarding our company's review. I was put in the esteemed position to operate an e-cig brand and took offense at some of the ways the brand was depicted on your site. I over-reacted [...]

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Bull Smoke’s Declaration of War

This morning, this email from Martin Giles, owner of Bull Smoke, was delivered in my InBox   Hi John, I see you published the review.  I'm less than thrilled with it, but hey, I tried to be cordial and work things out.  Btw, my research team found your son, I believe.     Best, Martin Yes, Martin, my son from a previous [...]

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The (UNCENSORED) Bull Smoke Review

Readers: We present for you the original bull smoke review Tom and I wrote for the Bull Smoke brand. This is a ROUGH DRAFT, therefore there may be some spelling errors, grammar errors, and worse, redundancy. Our reviews are written separately, sometimes 5 reviews are written and then blended into one. Tom and I wrote [...]

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The Bull Smoke e Cig Q & A

Bull Smoke E Cig Q & A When the Bull Smoke review was handed off to me in the 3rd week of July I began investigating the product and comparing it to other products in the same category. What I discovered was disturbing. KR808 batteries available from other eCig companies for half the cost that Bull [...]

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Bull Smoke Goes On The Attack!

Well, Bull Smoke (AKA ‘Martin’) said that if we published our review he would take the entire department of his marketing department and “destroy us”. Seems like he has begun his campaign. Take a look: So, how do we respond? Is it our turn to dig up something, or make something up (I mean, seriously, real estate? [...]