Infographic: Health and Economic Impacts of a Vaping Ban

It’s probably safe to say that the political attitude toward vaping in the United States has reached an all-time low. On one side, we have media outlets reporting about an outbreak of a terrible lung illness as if it has something to do with e-liquid vaping even though the actual cause of the illness appears [...]

ancer Research UK Study Prove E-Cigarettes Safe – Infographic - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Cancer Research Proves E-Cigarettes Safe

Cancer Research UK Study Proves E-Cigarettes Are Safe – Infographic Many of the studies relating to the safety of e-cigarettes have largely been disregarded by health professionals up to now. Many believe that the previous studies weren’t extensive enough and any evidence from them was generally not taken seriously. However, as this infographic from Purplebox outlines, [...]

E-Cigarettes or Cigarettes In TV and Movies

Onscreen Vaping In Movies and TV E-Cigs Replace Cigarettes In More TV and Movies Steve Barrett, owner of Purple Box Vapours, sends over this fun and somewhat informative infographic this morning, highlighting eleven of the movies and TV shows that show actors using electronic cigarettes. We too have noticed this uptick of actors and vaping with e-cigarettes of [...]

e-Cigs Less Harmful – Proof!

From our friends in Ireland, PurpleBox Vapours, comes this interesting, and educational InfoGraphic proving that e-cigs are less harmful, like we really needed more proof. But hey, it's Friday, so why not? The Bullet Points:         E-cigs are ninety-five percent less harmful than smoking, according to a recent landmark review by a government body. [...]