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All About Sub-Ohm Vaping

Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping This has certainly been a year of big changes for the vaping community. Great e-liquid brands creating the best e-liquids yet, modern vaping instruments with higher and higher, yet safer and safer, wattages, and of course, the Sub-Ohm tank. There are more than fifty (50) different sub-ohm tanks on the market now, [...]

Simplified Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety

Simplified Battery Safety by J. C. Martin, III Introduction It is sometimes confusing for new vaping enthusiasts whether or not their coils are safe for their batteries. Here is a simple rule: If you calculate your coils' draw in Amps to be less than the Amps of your battery, they are safe. Any ohms reading under 1, or [...]

Coil Building: To Torch or Not to Torch

Coil Building 101 To Torch or Not to Torch  by J. C. Martin, III Quasi Prolog When I received the Mutation XS V4 Mini RDA, I decided to do some ohms testing with coil builds.  "How much resistance is actually decreased when Kanthal is slowly passed over a torch and submerged into baking soda water?" I asked myself.  Well, [...]

Electronic Cigarettes – Take This Vaping Quiz!.

Electronic Cigarettes Quiz - Many thanks for this nifty Vaping Quiz to Purplebox Vapors all the way over in Ireland. Have a little fun and test your knowledge about vaping. Think you know all about electronic cigarettes? We were surprised that this nifty infographic submitted to us by Purplebox Vapors contained facts we didn't know already. Electronic [...]

The Quad-Snake Coil build with a 22mm RDA

The Quad-Snake Coil build with a 22mm RDA,   by Joseph C. Martin, III As we build coils and vape, we ask ourselves from time to time, "Is there really any reason to build more advanced coils? Cannot I just order a pack of 100 pre-built coils from the web and store my jig?" Well, of course [...]

Guide To Vaping: RDA & Coils

The World of the [RDA] Coil by Joseph C. Martin, III    Anyone new to vaping goes about their endeavors in various ways. I got into vaping to help others and myself refrain from smoking and purchased a small personal vaporizer. It worked nicely, however it did not produce the huge, powerful clouds that I saw others [...]

Pleasure Vaping With High Wattage/Low Ohms

Pleasure Vaping means finding better ways to increase flavor and vapor…safely A Spinfuel Low Ohm High Wattage Primer If you build your own coils, use mechanical mods are your primary device this article isn’t for you. Instead, this article addresses the massive move toward high wattage regulated devices and low ohm tanks and glassomizers among mainstream vapers. In [...]

Guide To Dripping e Liquid

The Spinfuel Guide To Dripping e Liquid Make sure to check out Tom McBride's wonderful "The Art of the Drip" There are more than a few reasons why the “drip” method of vaping is unappealing to many Vapers; you need to ‘replenish’ the e liquid that quickly vaporizes from the cotton wicking of your atomizer… it can, [...]

Temperature Control Vaping Explained
How Does Temperature Control Work Anyway?

How Does Temperature Control Work In The DNA 40? While I was at VCCT I was able to ask Oscar Rodriguez from VaporShark exactly how the DNA40 board senses temperature change to prevent dry hits. How does Temperature Control work anyway? I hope this video is informative, vape on! Fight for Your Right to Vape! Vape on! About Temperature [...]

temperature control
Is Temperature Control Vaping The Future?

DISCLAIMER: This Knowledge Base Entry refers to vaping with subohm tanks, variable wattage regulated advanced vaporizers, and does not get into the complicated math involved with building custom coils. For more advanced articles and entries, especially temperature control vaping) please use the Knowledge Base menu to access them. It had been predicted back in early January that [...]

Revisiting Dehydration in 2015

Bigger Clouds, Sub Ohm Coils… More Dehydration! A Vaping Rx for moderate to heavy Vapers It’s been a great year for cloud chasing. New tanks in the sub ohm territory delivering more and more vapor, like the Kanger Subtank, the Aspire Atlantis, and the Joyetech Delta 2. This is a good thing, right? Of course it is…with [...]

Everything you ever wanted to know about eLiquid

but were afraid to ask.... Updated November 7, 2014 - We all use it, every day, several times a day in fact… and we think it’s safe, we hope it’s safe… and we trust the companies that make it, sometimes wisely, and sometimes not. It’s called eJuice, or e-Juice, or e-Liquid, or eLiquid, or Storm Juice, [...]

3 Videos From The VCCTN

Some Videos From The VCCTN Nothing ever goes like you want it to, does it? I mean, you can plan and plan and plan, but as soon as you pull the trigger anything can happen. Well, that’s what happened in Chattanooga when Smokenjoey and I headed up to the VCCTN on the weekend of October 4-5 [...]

Electronic Cigarettes – Pointers For New Vapers

New To Electronic Cigarettes? Here's What You Need To Know Now  If you’ve been vaping for less than a month or so this one’s for you. It’s hard to believe that you’ve been smoking cigarettes all this time, isn’t it? I mean, with all the evidence pointing out how incredibly dangerous smoking is, how it will surely [...]

Discovering The Disposable Dripping Atomizer

Spinfuel Guide to Vaping Guide: Disposable Dripping Atomizers Introduction I can’t think of a single piece of vaping hardware more sadly underrated and underrepresented than the Disposable Dripping Atomizer, or DDA. The DDA is a simply amazing tool for the vaper who is just getting into the search for that Holy Grail, the “all day vape.” And [...]

How And Why Nicotine Is Vital To Vaping

The 2014 Spinfuel Guide to Vaping - Part 1: Nicotine is Vital Terms You Will Need To Know: Analogs – Tobacco Cigarettes Vapers – People who use eCigarettes – Vape – The Act of Vaping – Vaping – Identical to smoking, only instead of tobacco you’re breathing in vapor. As someone who left analog cigarettes behind a [...]