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FanceeJuice Reviewwinner of the 2013 spinfuel choice awards


Being the lead writer on a Spinfuel eLiquid Review (SeR) can be a taunting task. Not only do you have to take into consideration your own thoughts and observations about the brand and the individual flavors, but you also have to weave a coherent narrative with the thoughts and observations of 4 other people. When opinions differ from your own you have to find a way to convey those different feelings in a manner most respectful of the other writers while maintaining your own. Sometimes you can’t win for losing, but sometimes it all falls together nicely.

Such was the case with FanceeJuice, a brand new company, barely six weeks old, that has so impressed the entire review team with high quality, great tasting eJuice that we’ve ever had the pleasure of vaping, and yes, I include myself as being impressed to the point of distraction.  As it turned out the hard part of the review was finding a way to present the findings of all the review team without sounding like a bunch of Justice Beaver, err, I mean Justin Beiber, fans in an intimate concert setting. For reasons that will become apparent as you read on, FanceeJuice won the hearts and minds of our review team by creating twelve (12) amazing flavors that delivered on all counts; taste, vapor, throat hit, and consistency. FanceeJuice might be new but their talents for eLiquids makes it seem as though they’ve been producing this liquid gold for years.

A Crowded Field or Emerging Market?

I believe there is still plenty of room for new players in exploding market of eLiquids. In fact, in the coming years there will be a need of 10 times the number of eLiquid companies on the market. If that doesn’t happen many of us will be at the mercy of a few “big tobacco” eCigarette makers who will no doubt produce the least expensive, blandest tasting, mass-marketed eLiquids for their products. More smaller companies means more choice, more freedom to choose, and a vastly wider selection of eLiquid flavors.meese1

As it is today more and more Vapers are ditching the prefilled cartomizer paradigm sooner rather than later and are diving right in to the higher quality, better tasting, eJuice being created by American ‘Flavorists’. These ‘new breed’ of eLiquid artists are continuing to embarrass the Chinese eLiquid establishment while that market continues to churn out poorly made, cheap juice for all the cheap starter kit mini-eCigs companies like Green Smoke, South Beach, V2, Bull Smoke, and hundreds more. (Even the newest mini-eCig companies are learning that if they want to be in business they best not lock their customers into a single proprietary base liquid. These companies are selling blank cartomizers for a reason; “Try our juice, but if you don’t like it, you can use any juice you want.” The brands referenced above will never yield to that type of business model or they would disappear overnight rather than ‘down the road a bit’.

This is an exciting time for the eCigarette marketplace. New technologies bring about new products, and new companies are learning faster than ever that the consumer is seeing through the ‘gold rush’ of high margin, low quality products and are demanding better products and better vaping liquids, and are more than willing to give their loyalties to those companies that earn it.

The Vaping Experience

In the eLiquid universe the new(er) companies are not only producing higher quality, better tasting juice, they are beginning to understand that vaping is not a substitute for smoking, it’s an experience to be enjoyed, savored, and fawned over. Purity of the eJuice is of vital importance today, but just as ‘taste’ has always been a top priority, the entire experience is becoming a top priority ‘lifestyle’. Vaping begins at the bottle and ends in the vapor, with a lot of lifestyle choices in between. To gain the loyalty needed to survive and prosper new eJuice companies are packaging an entire experience for the consumer, and older, more established companies are quickly stepping up as well.

The FanceeJuice Presentation

When it comes to delivering the entire vaping experience FanceeJuice is by far ahead of the game. They begin with every eLiquid coming in a beautiful cobalt blue glass bottle with silver foil labels, which sit in a sturdy cardboard tube. Each cardboard tube secured with natural twine and a wax seal stamp affixed to the top each tube. Two slips of paper containing important information about the eJuice are included in the sturdy tube.

The first slip of paper is a warning about the nicotine in the eLiquid. This slip is an effective way to communicate to the customer that they need to be aware of the ingredients of the juice. It’s is also a damned fine way of making sure the customer is reminded of the dangers of mishandling any nicotine-infused product. We applaud this type of self-regulation and would love to see it implemented by all our favorite eJuice companies, not just a few.

The other slip of paper is the ‘Birth Certificate’ (for lack of a better word) for that specific bottle. It begins with what we assume is the batch number for easy tracing, the actual date the eJuice was mixed, as well as the nicotine level, vapor production scale, size of the bottle, and a Quality Control signature that tells the customer that this particular bottle was inspected and found to be of good quality. (An excellent touch!).

The birth certificate also includes a “Best used AFTER” and “Best used BEFORE” notice. These two bits of information are vital if you, as a consumer, want to experience the eLiquids at their peak flavor.

The bottles we received were mixed and bottled on October 23rd. Accordingly, The Best Used After date was November 6th. The Best Used Before is October 23rd, 2013.

We received our shipment of eJuice on the 27th of October. When we opened the first tube and saw the “November 6th” Best Used After date we decided to allow the juice to steep, undisturbed, until the 7th of November. Our thinking was to allow FanceeJuice their best foot forward for our review period and that meant we would begin vaping their eJuice when the flavors have been fully realized, after November 6th.

Although FanceeJuice informed us that many people vape their juice immediately after receiving them, we are staunch supporters of home steeping so we decided to wait it out.

Responsibility: We witnessed first hand just how responsible companies can be on their own, without FDA intrusions, or political contrarians dictating policy that places more burdens on small businesses than they often deserve. The ‘stepping up’ by FanceeJuice speaks loudly about the respect for their customers and the sense of ‘community’ FanceeJuice feels about fellow vapers. We were, and remain, highly impressed by the acceptance of this responsibility. Imagine if the entire industry had the same standards as FanceeJuice and a handful of other top-shelf eLiquid artists?

FanceeJuice Specifics

FanceeJuice offers a total of 24 flavors; our review will cover 12, or 50% of their catalog. Hopefully we will be able to provide a sequel of the remaining 12 soon. With 24 flavors 6 weeks in, FanceeJuice would do well to seek out a complete review by our team. We will keep you posted on the possibility of doing the sequel.

Website: We firmly believe that an eLiquid website can make or break a new company. It is the “first impression” thing, that ‘visual representation’ of the product that is seen days before the eLiquids can be consumed by the customer. If the website suffers from bad design, ancient technology, complicated shopping cart system, and so forth, the potential to lose hundreds of customers is obvious.

The FanceeJuice website is one of the most sophisticated, (technology-wise), and most commercial-looking (and we mean that in a good way) websites we’ve reviewed lately. Beautiful graphics, a dramatic color palette, and great use of fonts, along with an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-buy shopping method, the FanceeJuice site are a great example of good design. The site gives the impression that FanceeJuice is already a major player.

FanceeJuice is strictly an ‘eLiquids and eLiquids’ only company. They are a company focused on creating the best eJuice they can and has decided, at this point anyway, to stick to what it does best, eJuice. So you won’t find cartomizers, tanks, clearomizers, or other hardware cluttering up the website. Interestingly, FanceeJuice has thought out the issue of added shipping costs for the consumer when they buy their eLiquids from one company, cartomizers and tanks from another, and mods and batteries from still another. In response to this possibility they offer reduced requirements for certain shipping options that will save the consumer quite a bit of shipping cost. (More on this later)

The FanceeJuice Product:

Bottle Sizes: FanceeJuice offers three (3) sizes, a 3.6ML tester bottle, a 15ML bottle, and a 30ML bottle. All three are blue cobalt glass with glass eyedroppers. All bottles are sealed with shrink bands around the neck, adding security and comfort against possible contamination.

Price: The old adage, “You get what you pay for”, seems to hold true for FanceeJuice. A 3.6ML bottle will set you back $4.99, clearly not an inexpensive proposition. A 15ML bottle is $13.99, and the 30ML size is $20.99. It’s safe to say that FanceeJuice is in the upper-tier of the eLiquid pricing.

Is it worth it? Ultimately that is a question only you can answer. While there is no doubt among the team members that FanceeJuice is not only a top-tier company, it’s also a top-shelf brand whose quality is among the best of the best. You will pay a little more for the blue cobalt glass, the cardboard tube, the twine, the wax seal, and the attention to detail (see above), and in return you receive some of the very best eJuice you can buy.

Decisions Decisions

Ask yourself how important it is for the brand of eLiquid you buy to use only the best ingredients, the best mixing techniques, and the best packaging techniques available. Ask yourself if it’s worth paying a couple of pennies for a shrink-band around the neck of the bottles you are already buying. Do you want the deluxe service or is it okay to toss a few plastic bottles into an envelope and be done with it.

Then ask yourself if and when you order a drink at a bar do you ask for the brand name, top-shelf alcohol, or the inexpensive house label. Do you drink whatever beer is on sale at the grocery store that week or do you pay more to get the brand you enjoy?

If your concern is strictly price, that you’ll vape just about anything if you can get it for a few bucks less, then perhaps ordering a few FanceeJuice samplers with the ‘discount codes’ below will do much to cause you to reconsider your vaping standards.

Will the Team Spend Money On It?

I made it a point this time around to ask each team member a question about each flavor discussed. That question is simply; “Will you buy it?”

I think this is an important question to ask because unlike most Vapers our team is vaping eLiquids on a regular basis that are (generally) supplied at little to no cost to them. They certainly purchase eJuice on their own as well, but for the most part they are vaping much more cheaply than most folks due to the fact that they are always reviewing eLiquids. To ask if they plan to add FanceeJuice to their list of brands they will spend money on says a lot about how they feel about the brand, and if they will spend money on the brand, which flavors would they pay for. I have included their responses in this review.

Characteristics of FanceeJuice liquids

FanceeJuice eLiquids are neither thin nor thick. The best word to describe the viscosity of the liquid is “silky”. When you get your first bottle shake it up, unscrew the top and lift the glass eyedropper out. Observe the liquid streaming down the eyedropper. Now do the same for some other eJuice you have. Notice how FanceeJuice drips off the dropper like slippery silk. We’ve never seen an eLiquid with this silky consistency.

Nicotine Strengths: Every eLiquid offers the following nicotine strengths; 0MG, 8MG, 12MG, 16MG, and 24MG.

Cloudyness (Cloudyness refers the ratio of PG to VG. The more VG present in the blend the more “cloudiness”, i.e., vapor production.) The FanceeJuice standard ratio is 75:25 PG/VG, which is called ‘Standard Cloudyness’, a 50:50 blend for ‘Extra Cloudy’ and 30:70 for ‘Super Cloudy’. Our samples were the standard house blend, which we would normally prefer anyway.

Extra Flavor: FanceeJuice provides the option of adding double or triple the flavoring in each eLiquid flavor. Our samples were the standard flavorings and we had no issues with weak flavors in any of the juice we reviewed, save for one.

The Team And The Hardware

Picking the team was extremely difficult this time out because everyone, and I mean everyone, wanted to be a player this time. I am absolutely convinced that the reason for this enthusiasm was the way the FanceeJuice was packaged. Since we max out the number at five (5) that meant that 3 staffers would have to sit this one out. Unfortunate yes, but that’s the way had to be.

The team consisted of:

Julia (me) taking the lead writer position again, using the new Vaporetti-T (review forthcoming) and a MyVaporStore SmokTech ZMAX and Lambo v4.

Jason, my second-in-command and a real connoisseur of complex eLiquids, is using a ProVape ProvariApollo VTube, and Halo G6 batteries.

The Lovely Keira, our latest addition to the staff and someone with a keen sense of taste as well as an experienced Vaper, is using the MyVaporStore SmokTech Bolt777 eCigs battery and cartomizers, and the Apollo eCigs new Superior eGo Kit.

Tom, the no-nonsense truth-teller that doesn’t mix words and always tells it like it is, using a ProVari Mini, and the Johnson Creek Vea and cartos, as well as the new Vaporetti-T.

Lisa, an excellent writer and experienced Vaper, is using a Totally Wicked Tornado Twist and Odyssey and the MyVaporStore Joyetech 510 Ultimate Kit.

The review period was the standard 72-hours. During that time all team members are restricted to vaping with FanceeJuice eLiquids exclusively. With 12 flavors to vape the time was divided among the flavors almost evenly.

Once the review period ended we scheduled a time where we could all meet to discuss our thoughts about each flavor, as well as the company behind the eJuice. We met for more than 4 hours, each team member taking the floor as long as they needed to, and there was plenty of vaping going on with the remaining eLiquids. In fact, by the end of the meeting all 12 bottles were completely used up.

Rating System – Again, the rating system was the 1-5 Star method where #1 signifies an eLiquid that is basically UnVapable (a Spinfuel word!), and #5 equates to an eJuice with no flaws, excellent flavor, vapor product, throat hit, and more.

Other things to keep in mind when we assign a star rating – Most eLiquids can change their ‘taste’ from one device to another. A flavor can change if it is vaped with a cartomizer and clearomizer. We place some importance on the ability of an eJuice flavor to maintain the same flavor throughout most hardware situations. This was the main reason for the increase in the number of vaping devices we used. We acknowledge that there are some liquids that will change their taste regardless.

While we also fully admit that taste is subjective, and we still offer our own descriptions for how each flavor tasted. But we placed more importance on tangibles, like consistency, vapor, throat hit, and the accuracy of the flavor as described by FanceeJuice. If an eLiquid is described as having an Apple flavor yet the Vaper cannot detect the Apple flavor, points are lost. At the same time, if an eLiquid is described as a “coffee” flavor, and the Vaper tastes coffee but doesn’t particularly like coffee flavored eJuice, points are still awarded for accuracy of the description.

The bottom line in scoring an eJuice is this: Points are given for tangible, non-subjective traits of the eLiquid. The dialog of each member is opinion-based. A member can award 5 stars and dislike the flavor; they can also award 3 stars and love the flavor. So it is important to read the dialog and not just look at the number of stars each member of team awards. While most of the time the number of stars awarded and the comments match up, sometimes they don’t. We also acknowledge that this is the first review to apply these criteria and as we move forward with other reviews we will use this method.

Things We Agree On

Overall – There are some things that are true for ALL the FanceeJuice eLiquids we reviewed. In order to keep redundancy down, here is what we all feel is reflective in all the flavors.

–       Each eLiquid had the appearance of a silky-smooth, rich and very visually appealing liquid. The eJuice was neither thin nor thick; it appeared to drip from the eyedropper as liquid silk.

–       All the eJuice performed exceptionally well in the areas of vapor production and throat hit. Not a single one produced a harsh, or burning throat hit. The thickness of the vapor was outstanding, no matter which hardware was used.

–        While there were differences in the personal appeal of each eJuice flavor, it was agreed that FanceeJuice accurately described each of them.

–       Somehow FanceeJuice has developed recipes for their eLiquids that eliminate harshness and bitterness from the equation. Each flavor was full, yet smooth, and robust without being rough. Overall, this characteristic is pretty astounding.

The eLiquid Flavors: Below are the 12 ‘flavors’ being reviewed today. All are 12MG nicotine, 75:25 PG/VG.

  • American Pie
  • Cirrus
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Cloudarita
  • Peppered ChocoMint
  • Egg Nog
  • MeeseTracks
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • BAM
  • LimeBerry
  • Joe’s Java
  • French Vanilla

We reviewed these flavors in random order, just as you see above. The team members, on the other hand, chose which flavors to review and when. At the beginning of our meeting we put the bottles in a box and drew them out one at a time. They are published below in the order in which we pulled them.

Special Note* During our discussions we identified 5 flavors that each team member found to be extraordinary. I have chosen to label those flavors as “Award Winners” for the purpose of bringing special attention to those particular flavors.

And now… the review

American Pie: Described by FanceeJuice as “A staff favorite, and one of our signature blends. An apple based pie flavor with subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

Julia: 4 Stars – Plenty of Apple flavor. American Pie mostly delivers on its promise. Where it fails is in the “pie” aspect of the description. I detected literally virtually no ‘pie’, or ‘piecrust’ flavoring in American Pie. Still plenty delicious, and very satisfying, but it needs a bit more crust. I agree that this flavor could easily work as an all-day vape.  Buy it? No.

Jason: 4 Stars – A very authentic Apple flavor in this juice, but I had hoped for red apple sweetness instead of the normal green apple. I got the ‘apple pie’ flavor as well, and while it’s a great juice I wish it were just a little sweeter. I have since learned that apple pie is made with green apples, not red delicious. Go figure. Buy it? No.

Keira: 5 Stars – American Pie is one of the finest apple-based eLiquids I’ve ever had. From the delicious apple flavoring to the incredible ‘pie crust’ experience, American Pie delivers on it all. A personal favorite.  Buy it? YES!

Tom: 4 Stars – American Pie is uniquely different than the majority of apple vapes I’ve had in the past. I get a mouthful of apple pie with every drag and that’s a little weird, though delicious. Very accurately described, and with a complex layer of flavors American Pie a great apple eJuice. Buy it? Yea, I think so.

Lisa: 5 Stars – My goodness! What a pleasure American Pie was to vape! This has a nice clean apple flavor with just the right amount of vanilla-infused crust. An award winner really, it’s perfect as it is. This flavor would also work as a great all-day vape if you like the taste of apples. Buy it? YES!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Cirrus: (Award Winner) FanceeJuice says this about their Cirrus eJuice; “Cirrus clouds are the ones wayyyy up there in the sky that look kind of “whispy”. Well not to get all scientific, but they are made up of ice crystals because it’s so cold at that altitude. Our Cirrus flavor mimics this with an icy and cool taste. If you enjoy menthols or minty flavors, then this one is for you! Spearmint blended with our signature menthol makes this one a winner.”

Julia: 5 Stars – Have you ever seen me give any menthol-type eJuice a 5 Star rating? Ever? Well, I am this time. And it was a shocking experience.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never tasted such a pleasantly sweet and cool eLiquid before. In fact, if this IS menthol it is so fundamentally different than any other menthol I’ve ever had. I fell for this flavor on the 2nd drag and haven’t looked back. I could vape Cirrus all day without hesitation. Unbelievably delicious.  Buy it? YES!


Jason: 5 Stars – It’s not as though I have anything against menthol, but in an eJuice I just haven’t seen many that I could actually vape for very long and certainly never as an all-day vape. Then I vaped Cirrus and my whole attitude changed. Cirrus is really something special, and that is a shocker to me.

Why aren’t more menthol eLiquids like this? There were no burning sensations, no harsh drags, and tons and tons of vapor and flavor. Excellent!  Buy it? Yes I plan to!

Keira: 5 Stars – Cirrus is the menthol (or cool) eJuice I’ve been hunting for since I began vaping. I love the fact that it has quite a bit of spearmint sweetness to it. It is the opposite of a cough-drop vape. Not harsh, but more vapor than you believe can be possible, in fact it looked a little cartoonish, as though after one drag the thick white vapor wouldn’t stop. Cirrus is a delicious flavor that could hold up as an all-day with no trouble at all. I am amazed!  Buy it? Absolutely!

Tom: 5 Stars – For a tobacco-only Vaper like myself any menthol-style eLiquid is a major turnoff. So I was shocked that Cirrus provided a damn good vape. In fact, instead of doing what I normally do when I have to vape a menthol eLiquid for a review, I spent much more time with Cirrus than maybe I should have.  I was so fascinated by the pleasant sweetness and surprising coolness of spearmint that I wound up vaping it for hours. Getting me to enjoy menthol eJuice is no easy task, yet I did. I have to find out how FanceeJuice avoided all the pitfalls of other menthol vapes. Buy it? Probably

Lisa: 5 Stars – A wonderful, sweet and cool vape that is now on my permanent rotation. Cirrus is what everybody who isn’t a menthol Vaper wants in a cool and sweet vape. The sweetness of spearmint, the coolness of whatever it is that gives it the cool sensation, and plumes of vapor without being a bit harshness, make Cirrus one the best cool vapes I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that this is an all-day vape even for people that do not vape cool flavors at all.  Buy It? Yes!

Apple Cinnamon: FanceeJuice offers this description; “A great apple cinnamon flavor! The apple flavor is a little on the tart side, but the mellow cinnamon flavors even this juice out. Definitely an awesome all day vape!

Julia: 5 Stars – Apple Cinnamon is one of the more simpler flavors offered by FanceeJuice. It’s delicious, no doubt that about it, but it is also less complex. It’s has a lovely Apple flavor that comes through very nicely, but it only hints at the cinnamon punch I was hoping for. All in all a very good eJuice but not unique to FanceeJuice (like so many of the other flavors here) Apple Cinnamon could have been produced by several good eLiquid artists. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m saying that is it a simple, easygoing flavor that you can vape all-day. Buy it? Probably not

Jason: 5 Stars – You pretty much nailed Julia. I love the apple flavor, more so than the apple flavor in American Pie, but it does indeed lack a cinnamon kick. FanceeJuice says this is an all-day vape and I agree, but in this case it’s an all-day vape because it’s a flavor that does the job without exciting you too much. I’m giving it 5 stars because FanceeJuice doesn’t try to make it sound like anything other than it is, a very good Apple/Cinnamon flavor designed to vape all day. Nicely done! Buy it? Nah, I suppose not.

Keira: 5 Stars – I adored Apple Cinnamon! It has just the right amount of Apple and the right amount of cinnamon. This is one of my favorite all-day vapes. I can easily see myself filling a tank with Apple Cinnamon in the morning and vaping it till dark. Delicious in every way and although it appears less complicated than some others I suspect that it took plenty of research and experimentation to bring this flavor to market.  Buy it? Absolutely!

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Look, some of the other flavors represented in this review are so ass-kickingly good that they do not need any tobacco ‘hints’ or anything else that would impress me. (That’s huge folks) I’ve scored these eLiquids higher than I have any others because most of them are so unique and downright magical. But Apple Cinnamon? It’s good, it’s even a pleasant all-day vape, but it’s not a commanding flavor like some of the others. It is what it is, Apple Cinnamon.  Buy it? Nope

Lisa: 5 Stars – Of all the FanceeJuice flavors Apple Cinnamon is the one that I would recommend most as a delicious “all-day” vape. I’m just as impressed as the rest of you over most of these flavors, but if you’re looking for a true all-day vape you need something that has a great flavor but not a huge flavor. You want something that will be comfortable at 9AM and 10PM. Apple Cinnamon is it for me.  Buy it? Yes!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Cloudarita (Award Winner): FanceeJuice has this to say about that; “Just add a little salt to the top of your drip tip and you’ll be all set! We’re kidding, please don’t do that. But this is the closest you will get to sitting on a beach sipping on a refreshing blended adult beverage.”


Julia: 5 Stars – The first thing that hits you on the ‘exhale’ is a magnificent blast of authentic margarita flavor. I’m not kidding. Its not lime, it’s not lemon, it’s not even a mojito, its not anything other than the real taste of a margarita.  How they managed to capture the true essence of a margarita is a mystery. I have no idea how they did, but they did.

Along with a great big throat hit that is not harsh, Cloudarita is just a great flavor and it feels great to vape! The vapor production is so outstanding that I was truly a bit shocked by the amount of vapor I was exhaling. How do you get this much vapor from a ratio that is mostly PG?

Their description is 100% spot on. Do I like the flavor? I love it! Cloudarita is so different, so unique, so full of complexities that it stands alone as a true work of genius. The people behind FanceeJuice are anything but lazy, because it must have taken months to get this one right. If you like margarita’s you will LOVE Cloudarita. Outstanding! Buy it? Hell yes!

Jason: 5 Stars – I bet a lot of lesser companies would try to “lime up” a flavor and attempt to get away with calling it a margarita, but not these guys. I’ll be damned if this Cloudarita doesn’t taste just like a margarita. From the first drag to the last I couldn’t get enough of it. Terrific throat hit, awesome vapor, and a flavor that you will never forget. Cloudarita is going into my rotation the minute I am able to order from them. Damn its good!  Buy it? Yes!

Keira: 5 Stars – FanceeJuice gets 4 Stars for being 100% accurate in their description, so I’m starting there. I’ve been known to throw back margaritas on occasion, especially down here in sunny Florida, so I know they know exactly what they’re doing with Cloudarita. They get that 5th Star because never in my days and months of vaping have I ever tasted anything like this before. I swear you can taste the salt in it, as well as all the magical elements that make up a super margarita. Buy it? Yes!

Tom: 5 Stars – As an alcohol and tobacco fan I’m always interested in an eJuice that tries to mimic an alcoholic beverage, mostly because they all fail. (Except for the Pina Colada for some reason) When I read the description of Cloudarita (which I’m glad I did, for some reason I thought it was going to be a menthol-type vape.) I was really interested. Were they going to go with a lime-based juice and call it margarita or were they on to something?

Cloudarita was the 8th eLiquid from FanceeJuice that I sampled. Out of the eight flavors they were winning me over juice after juice, each one was better than the last. Right before I took my first drag from Cloudarita I thought “Come on guys, pull this off!” I was rooting for them because they were on a winning streak with me. Well, they did pull it off! You bet your butt they did! What an AMAZING eJuice! I still can’t believe how damn good it is, and it’s been days since I last vaped it.

I’ll say it as plainly as I can; if you want to vape something that will taste exactly like a margarita then you must, must, buy Cloudarita! I’ve never had anything like it before and it will be the first one I order from FanceeJuice, but far from being the last one I order. Great job guys! Great job! Buy it? Absolutely!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Talk about being blown away! Cloudarita is the most amazing lime-based eJuice I’ve ever had the pleasure of vaping. Having said that I don’t think for a minute that it begins and ends with lime. There are plenty of great eLiquid artists out there, and they make some of the best stuff in the world, but when it comes to margaritas I doubt you’ll ever vape anything close to Cloudarita.

Not the greatest name in for an eJuice maybe, but Cloudarita is everything you could possibly want in a margarita eJuice. This one is an outstanding achievement in the art of mixing! Cloudarita will put these guys on the fast track to superstardom.  Buy it? Absolutely yes!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Peppered ChocoMint (Award Winner): FanceeJuice has this to say; “A Fancee take on a genuine classic. A rich chocolate flavor laced with cool notes of peppermint. This juice leaves an excellent aroma behind that will make even non-vapers ask for a puff. Just a fair warning – If you want this juice to last, you may have to be a little selfish 🙂

Julia: 5 Stars – I admit that when I first saw the name I really thought this was going to contain pepper, not peppermint. Seriously… Peppered ChocoMint is a perfect blend of peppermint and mint chocolate.

None of the flavors in this blend are lost in these complex layers of flavors, and they all come through as perfect layers, one on top of the other. FanceeJuice has created a rich, deeply satisfying vape that can last all day without getting boring and never being harsh. The eLiquids may cost a little more, but they are so good I don’t mind paying extra. Buy it? Absolutely

Jason: 5 Stars – The people behind FanceeJuice have to be some kind of magical wizards or something. How they managed to create such magical eJuice is simply astonishing. Peppered ChocoMint manages to send through the very precise flavors of peppermint and chocolate so that you don’t get a mishmash of flavors, you get them individually. This is one of the best peppermint and chocolate juice I’ve ever had.

Usually I would never be able to vape a flavor like this for more than 10-15 minutes at a time but for some reason I can stay with it for hours on end. FanceeJuice has made me a fan of chocolate; something that I would have bet you was impossible. Buy it? Yes!

Keira: 5 Stars – Peppered ChocoMint was the first flavor I vaped from FanceeJuice, and I remember choosing it because I wanted to taste something that actually had pepper in it. I thought this was a pepper and chocolate blend, I really did.. I wouldn’t put it past an eJuice artist to try to create a flavor based on something like that. So I took a simple cartomizer and filled it up half way, let it sit for a while so as to evenly distribute the liquid. Then I took my first puff. Then a second, even longer one.

Peppered ChocoMint is an inspired blend of such majesty that I am dumbfounded as to how to describe it without making it sound like crazy hyperbolic mania. Sometimes I wish I could say things that would obviously sound phony because that’s actual how I feel, but so often I have to dial it back. There have been some flavors over the past year that I wanted to shout it on the rooftops how great they were. This is one of them. The excitement level for me is hard to contain.  Buy it? As Soon As Possible. YES!

Tom: 5 Stars – How is this possible? How can I, this tobacco-loving guy, like so many of these eLiquids? Has FanceeJuice put a spell on me or something? Peppered ChocoMint is out of this world!

This is a complex blend of perfect peppermint and rich and creamy chocolate that when combined they create a little magic. I’ve never enjoyed chocolate in a juice before, or at least not nearly as much as this. Every chocolate-based eJuice I’ve tried was so harsh on the back of my throat, burned the taste buds, and was just unpleasant. I thought the same thing awaited me with Peppered ChocoMint. I’ve never been more impressed by eLiquid talent as I have with these guys. Damn!  Buy it? Absolutely!

Lisa: 5 Stars – OMG this is a heavenly eLiquid. I love it, love it, love it. How they managed to infuse a great tasting peppermint hard candy flavor with a delicious chocolate mint is beyond me. This is going on my permanent rotation immediately.

Unlike Tom, there have been a few good chocolate-based eLiquids in my life as a Vaper, but nothing even comes close the richness and, at the same time, mellowness of this smooth chocolate flavor. Oh and one more thing; I thought it was very unusual for the peppermint candy to taste exactly like those round red and white peppermint candy you get at “Longhorn Steak House” as you leave.  Buy it? YES!!

Egg Nog – OMG  – FanceeJuice says “A staple for the fall and winter holidays. There’s nothing like hanging out with the special people in your life and enjoying a little eggnog. (Rum optional). We’ve had great reviews on this juice, so if you can’t get enough ‘Nog during the holidays, grab a bottle and vape away!

Julia: 4 Stars – Okay, here’s the deal with FanceeJuice Egg Nog; have you ever had a milkshake-type drink called an “egg cream”? It’s a sweet, vanilla, egg and sugar concoction blended with milk in a milkshake blender. It’s whipped a lot, so you get this special form on top. That’s what this eLiquid tastes like to me.

I had to deduct a star because I didn’t get an eggnog flavor from it; I got an egg cream flavor instead. Not that there is a huge difference, and most people these days don’t even know what an egg cream is, so perhaps the artisans at FanceeJuice hadn’t ever had an egg cream. Most eggnog I’ve had has a bit of a cinnamon kick to it as well, and this didn’t.

But, the remaining 4 Stars are there because this is an excellent, creamy, rich, and sweet vape that I loved spending time with it. I love how these guys are able to hand-crafted their eJuice is such a way as to make them all so delicious and rich. Not exactly an all-day vape but certainly a half-day vape.  Buy it? Probably not.

Jason: 3.5 Stars – Egg Nog wasn’t very “noggy”, and it was super sweet. The problem with Egg Nog is that isn’t very special despite being a “signature” juice.  I did enjoy it, anyone would really, but there are some other juices by FanceeJuice that make this one virtually disappear.  Buy it? No

Keira: 4 Stars – Egg Nog was a bit of a letdown for me. I guess this was about 6th or 7th down the line so I had been vaping FanceeJuice for about 24 hours by then. I was surprised, impressed, startled, and amazed by other flavors so when this one came along and didn’t “wow” me it threw me off my game for a while. Egg Nog is nothing to sneeze at though, it is a good vape, a sweet desert vape, but not as special as most of the others.  Buy it? No.

Tom: 4 Stars –Egg Nog was my last flavor to review, and there were so many other flavors that kept impressing the hell out of me that when I encountered this one I was ready for a disappointment because FanceeJuice was due for one. But it didn’t disappoint. I loved this juice for what it is, a seasonal sweet vape that would be a happy addition to my holiday vaping. Buy it? Once a year, yes!

Lisa: 4 Stars – I didn’t think FanceeJuice described this accurately enough to earn that 5th star. I loved the flavor, it’s a sweet delicious “vanilla and something” flavor that would be ideal at a Christmas party or something. But Egg Nog as a yearlong vape? Not so much. There are many desert vapes by many eLiquid companies that to keep a bottle of this in stock year round would deprive me of other sweet desert vapes.  Buy it? No

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013MeeseTracks (Award Winner): FanceeJuice says this about MeeseTracks; “We decided to take full advantage of our hazelnut juice and bring it together with a wonderfully sweet chocolate flavor. This juice is a bit richer than the standard Hazelnut, and makes for a great supplement when you’re on the hunt to fulfill a sweet tooth craving. We’re still in a heated debate over what the plural for “moose” is, but we’re sticking with meese for now.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I had no idea what to expect with MeeseTracks. Sometimes a clever name will hide some inferior aspect of a particular ejuice, but not this time. I fell for this one from the very first drag. A perfect combination of hazelnut and chocolate makes MeeseTracks a legendary blend. The weird thing is, while I have never vaped a chocolate-based juice for more than 30 minutes I wound up vaping MeeseTracks for an entire evening. I blew through my allotment that evening, and I haven’t had any since then. This will be ordered the minute this review goes up. Buy it? Absolutely Yes!

Jason: 5 Stars – I feel the same way, this is one of the first chocolate-based flavors I’ve been able to truly enjoy. The chocolate and the hazelnut in this flavor are really smooth.

It must have taken months to get this just right. MeeseTracks delivers on every level, a definite addition to my rotation. I was surprised and delighted in it. Bravo! Buy it? YES!

Keira: 5 Stars – An inspiring blend of hazelnut and chocolate makes MeeseTracks one of the most satisfying flavors I’ve ever had. It is both a mystery and a delight that FanceeJuice managed to create such a great flavor. I thought this might taste like “Nutella” or something, but it didn’t. It is a classic “signature” juice that was both unique and pleasurable and one I plan to keep in stock. Buy it? YES!

Tom: 5 Stars – I don’t believe I have ever enjoyed a chocolate flavored juice. I’m a tobacco guy, not a desert Vaper. Then why am I so happy with MeeseTracks and other chocolate flavors by FanceeJuice? Perhaps because FanceeJuice has managed to mingle the delicate flavors of hazelnut and chocolate in a way that doesn’t produce a burning sensation in your mouth or provide a harsh throat hit. Don’t get me wrong; the throat hit is hard, but not harsh, it’s a huge difference. This is one of the best juices I’ve vaped, and certainly the best desert vape I’ve had this year. Buy it? Yes, but don’t tell anyone.

Lisa: 5 Stars – How could you not love a hazelnut and chocolate eJuice flavor? I am head over heels with MeeseTracks because the mix of hazelnut and chocolate is just so perfect that it stands alone as the only desert vape that can go on all day. Seriously? I was shocked by how good it is.  Buy it? Absolutely!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Pumpkin Spice (Award Winner): FanceeJuice offers this description for Pumpkin Spice: “Yet another classic Fall flavor. Our pumpkin spice will take you back to mom’s autumn baking. A great blend featuring nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin. Not overpowering and just the right amount of fall in every tank refill.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I love this flavor, but it does have more spice than pumpkin in it. For me, that doesn’t matter, because Pumpkin Spice is a powerful flavoring without the heavy-duty harshness. More vapor than you can imagine, and a great throat hit makes Pumpkin Spice a real winner!  Buy it? YES

Jason: 5 Stars – I was really surprised by how good Pumpkin Spice really is. This juice packs a punch like you wouldn’t believe! If you’ve been tempted to try a fall flavor this one has to be it. Buy it? Absolutely

Keira: 5 Stars – I was freaked out by my first drag of Pumpkin Spice. I didn’t expect it to be so spicy. Not that I’m complaining, because this is just a great flavor. Powerful vapor, great throat hit, and a great spicy flavor make this a truly award winning seasonal vape. Buy it? YES!

Tom: 5 Stars – Pumpkin Spice is one ass-kicking juice. Packing an awesome spicy kick, a wonderful pumpkin flavor, this is by far one of my all-time non-tobacco seasonal eLiquids. I would hate to see this as a seasonal flavor because I would buy this one year round! Great job! Buy it? YES!

Lisa: 5 Stars – When you think about it ‘Pumpkin’ isn’t an appealing flavor for vaping. Then you think about what it tastes like to sit down to a big slice of pumpkin pie and you begin to understand where you can take such a great potential flavor. FanceeJuice did a great job with this spicy and wonderful tasting eJuice. Take one drag and you won’t want to stop. Buy it? YES

BAM: Described by FanceeJuice as “BAM! An awesome fruit blend containing flavors of berry, apple, and melon. A great all day vape!”

Julia: 5 Stars – With an excellent throat hit, tremendous vapor, and distinct flavors of berries, apple and melon, this eJuice hits every point on the list. If you are someone that enjoys eLiquids that contains these fruity flavors you will fall instantly in love with BAM. Totally enjoyable, a definite all-day vape, BAM will surely please.  It gets 5 Stars for its beautiful execution. My only issue is that as good as it is, there is only so much time in the day for vaping and I would rather spend my time vaping something that is not fruity. Still, it gets the 5 Stars. Make sense? Buy it? No

Jason: 4 Stars – Sometimes a fruity flavored vape is just what the doctor ordered and when those times come BAM is a marvelous eLiquid to vape. I rarely vape fruity flavors on my own, but I did enjoy this one a lot.  Buy it? No, probably not.

Keira: 4 Stars – Like Julia, I was impressed by the delightfully fruity flavors, the incredible amount of vapor, and when taking a long drag, a throat hit that can only be described as “wonderful!” BAM is an excellent choice for the fruit lovers that might like a little sweetness to go with it. Like me!  Buy it? Yes

Tom: 4 Stars – A fruity vape, not exactly an eLiquid that appeals to my tastes. That said; FanceeJuice mixed these flavors in such a way that it can only be described as an “excellent” fruity flavor whether you enjoy those particular fruits or not. Not my cup of tea though, but for you vapers that enjoy the fruits in this juice, you will love it. Guaranteed!  Buy it? No

Lisa: 5 Stars – A beautiful mix of some of the best fruit ingredients available. I love these kinds of clean and refreshing flavors and this is one of the best there is. I love how the melon flavor brings a bit a sweet mellowness to the mix, and gives it a richer feel that had it not been a part of the recipe it would have been a different flavor altogether. Melon flavors can be quite exotic when used this way.

BAM is definitely an all-day vape and definitely one that I will add to my rotation.  Buy it? Most definitely!

LimeBerry: FanceeJuice describes this eJuice thusly; “A tasty mix of lime and blueberry. It definitely has a little tart to it, but its also pretty sweet. This happens to be one of our favorite all day vapes. Some say it has a faint taste of skittles the rainbow

Julia: 4 Stars – This is the eLiquid I expected when I vaped the Cloudarita. Very lime-infused with overtones (or undertones) of blueberry and executed in such a beautiful way that the artistry in its creation is awe-inspiring, LimeBerry is one heck of an achievement. Tons of vapor, a great throat hit, and the awesomeness that is LIME makes this a great vape. But to be honest, as good as it is at delivering a good lime/blueberry vape; it’s not for me.  Buy it? Probably not

Jason: 5 Stars – I love the taste of lime in a vape, so this one won me over the minute I started vaping it. For so long we were never getting anything with lime in it and then suddenly it begins to show up more and more. LimeBerry is so gracefully layered with the best lime flavoring and blueberry flavoring you can get, that it’s not hard to love.  Buy it? Yes

Keira: 5 Stars – First, I will admit that as far as Lime goes, I could live without it. Still, I have to say that this is an excellent eJuice and perfectly described. Add to that a fantastic throat hit, clouds of vapor, and sweet lime taste and you have something very special. Sadly, I don’t think I would vape this very much, but if you are looking for a lime-infused vape with hints of blueberry, this is your eLiquid.  Buy it? No

Tom: 4.5 Stars – I like Lime, I like it just fine. And like the rest of you I think this is a good lime/blueberry blend. You can’t complain about the vapor or the throat hit. Even the description fits to a tee. If you like lime you will flip over this.  Buy it? No

Lisa: 5 Stars – It took less than one minute for me to fall for LimeBerry. I’ve been looking for a lime vape for a couple of months now. A lime eJuice that didn’t spare the lime flavoring and with this I’ve found it. So delicious, and so pleasant as an all-day vape, LimeBerry is just unbelievably good with a large lime-infused flavor. I have finally found my lime eLiquid! Buy it? Yes!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Joe’s Java: (Award Winner) – FanceeJuice says; “Stop paying $4/ cup to satisfy your coffee craving! Joe’s Java is one of our signature blends and has a nice roasted coffee taste, but it’s not overpowering… Not too strong, not too weak, juussstttt right! This blend however is a bit more bold than Joanna’s Java.”

Julia: 5 Stars – 9 out of 10 coffee flavored eLiquids fail to win my complete approval because they are either mixed to reflect black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar, or somewhere in between. With Joe’s Java it is impossible for me to say if it’s supposed to be black coffee or what. What it is though is a perfect coffee flavor without any of the negatives associated with coffee-flavored vapes.

Joe’s Java lacks the harshness of most other coffee vapes, and at the same time manages to deliver a real coffee experience. Sometimes an eJuice blend comes out perfectly, and in this case, Joe’s Java certainly has.  Buy it? YES!

Jason: 5 Stars – Without a doubt one of the best coffee flavored eJuices I’ve had in a very long time. Amazingly rich without being harsh, deep with a hint of natural sweetness, a shining star in the FanceeJuice lineup, Joe’s Java is one great vape.  Buy it? YES!

Keira: 5 Stars – I’ve been looking for a great coffee vape since I began vaping. So many of them are either too rough on the throat or too bitter. Joe’s Java is like finding the perfect cup of coffee. Balanced, rich, and flavorful beyond measure. I will have Joe’s Java in my corner forever. Buy it? YES!

Tom: 5 Stars – Joe’s Java is every bit as good as the coffee at “Bern’s Steak House” in Tampa. I am dead serious. One day, several years ago, I went to Bern’s Steak House and sat there for hours drinking cup after cup of their famous coffee. I would not be at all surprised to find out that FanceeJuice was inspired by the coffee at Bern’s.  Buy it? YES!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Just about every coffee eLiquid I’ve tried in the past has been too rough and/or bitter like an old pot of black coffee.  Not all of them, but many. Joe’s Java is anything but bitter and anything but harsh. Instead, Joe’s Java is a very pleasant, full-bodied coffee vape that I could not put down. I loved it. Buy it? YES!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013French Vanilla (Award Winner): “FanceeJuice describes their French Vanilla this way: “Great French flavor, without the language barrier. A smooth vanilla flavor with a touch of cream. A great all day vape, and pairs wonderfully with Joe’s Java for a French Vanilla Coffee.”

Julia: 5 Stars – FanceeJuice eLiquids all share one more characteristic that we failed to mention above, and that is this; Out of the 12 flavors we reviewed not a single one was anything but smooth. By that I mean that there wasn’t a harsh vape in any of them. I don’t know how they can achieve such smooth flavors, but it kind of like they massage the harshness out of the concentrated flavorings or something.

I fully expected the French Vanilla to hit a little hard since its been my experience that vanilla flavors, unless cut with other flavors, is a harsh flavor. You either can feel that slight burning sensation in your mouth or an almost bittersweet taste. FanceeJuice French Vanilla is one of the best, silkiest, loveliest vanilla flavors I’ve had in a very long time. As a single flavored juice, French Vanilla succeeds where the vast majority fails; it makes me want to fill a tank with the stuff and vape it all day long. Buy it? You bet your butt!

Jason: 5 Stars – The smoothest, richest, most satisfying vanilla vapes I’ve ever had. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t many vanilla-plus flavors out there in the marketplace that are delicious and inspiring in their own right, but FanceeJuice French Vanilla is a perfect vanilla vape. How they managed to make vanilla into a flavor that doesn’t burn, doesn’t hit too hard, and satisfies so authentically is beyond me.  Buy it? Try and stop me!

Keira: 5 Stars – FanceeJuice French Vanilla is such an astoundingly good vanilla vape that I found it difficult to stop vaping. In fact, I finally did stop when I consumed every last drop I had. This French Vanilla is so rich, creamy, and smooth I found myself thinking about this flavor long after I had gone on to others. The one thing I really wanted to do, and still plan to do when I get my own set of FanceeJuice bottles, is to mix French Vanilla with Joe’s Java just as FanceeJuice recommends, and see how it tastes. I think both are awesome by themselves, and I’d love to know if they are greater than the sum of its parts. I want more, and I want it now. Unbelievable.  Buy it? Hell yes!

Tom: 5 Stars – The number of times I’ve been able to find an all-day vape that wasn’t tobacco-based is so small I could count them on one finger. The number of times I’ve vaped a vanilla-only flavor and enjoyed it is so small that I have no memory of it. FanceeJuice French Vanilla has made me a believer in vanilla again. If these guys can do it then there is no reason why others cannot manage to tame vanilla without blending it into other flavors. Oh, and yes, this is easily an all-day vape and because of that I am now convinced up is down, right is left, top is bottom, and night is day. Buy it? Damn right!

Lisa: 5 Stars – I knew FanceeJuice French Vanilla was going to be a 5 Star winner after 10 minutes of vaping it. French Vanilla was smooth and creamy from the very first drag, but I certainly expected it to go harsh and burning after a few minutes. When it didn’t I took a 510 carto, filled it, and stashed it away for later. I’m so glad I did that. I was able to share it with the team during our meeting and it immediately reminded people why they were so much in love with it. FanceeJuice French Vanilla is a perfect vanilla vape with zero faults. Buy it? YES!


Clearly, we were all very impressed by the eLiquids presented by FanceeJuice. My biggest worry when assembling the notes and building a narrative was how was I going to make this sound mature, non-hyperbolic, and perhaps even a little “matter-of-fact”? I just couldn’t do it. Finally I decided the hell with it and I would publish how the team really felt.

I’ve haven’t seen them as excited about ejuice review for more some time. Flavor after flavor they would yell and shout all these proclamations of greatness and testaments to wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on juice so that we would never have to worry about being without it. Funny thing is, I kinda feel the very same way.

I’m not trying to say that FanceeJuice is the finest eLiquid company in the world; I would never say something like that about any single company because there are several great ones out there and who knows what’s coming down the road. Every ‘good’ company brings something to the table, and we’ve reviewed some very excellent brands over the past year, FanceeJuice included.

Every flavor delivered in ways both expected and unexpected. Not a single bad one in the lot. Flavors that we expected not to like were some of the best, and a couple we expected to love was found to be only “very good”. Every flavor was layered and complex, delivering such amazing vaping pleasures that the review period will be remembered for quite some time.

Out of the 12 flavors we reviewed there were 5 of them that we all thought could be, and should be “Award Winners”. I included those words next the ones we believed were really special. I would like to mention those 5 again, only because in their special ways they’ve managed to show how far ahead the American Made eLiquid community is from the Chinese market. With the kind of quality you’ll find with FanceeJuice and a few select others, there is no reason I can think of to vape a Chinese made eLiquid again.

Those Award Winner are:

French Vanilla – A fully tamed Vanilla masterpiece

Joe’s Java – The smoothest cup o’ joe in an eLiquid

Peppered ChocoMint – The most full-bodied and smooth Chocolate

Cloudarita – An authentic Margarita in vapor form.

Cirrus – The absolutely amazing cool spearmint experience

Buying Advice – And Discounts

FanceeJuice is certainly among the more expensive brands out there. At about 75 cents per ML, FanceeJuice eLiquid seems to be worth every penny.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of vaping a FanceeJuice eLiquid I would suggest trying a 3.6ML Fiver ($19.99), which allows you to choose 5 flavors in 5 gorgeous cobalt blue bottles with a glass eyedropper. But be prepared, once they arrive and once you’ve tried them you’re going to want to reorder. And the problem there is that you will quickly vape a 3.6ML bottle so if you don’t reorder immediately you’ll go some period without. If it is within your budget you might want to trust our judgment and order the 15ML Fiver for $53.99, this way it will take you a bit longer to vape through them all.

When you decide to reorder the flavors you’ve tried with either “fiver” above, we suggest going with the 30ML bottles (20.99$), and stay on the lookout for sales. If you can grab a sale stock up as much as you can. With a shelf life of more than a year, you will go through them.

In order to entice our readers to give FanceeJuice a try, we’ve arranged a very special discount for a limited time. I would honestly urge you to take advantage of this discount to, at the very least, experience what we experienced. You need to know that this brand new company is going to be a real contender. With these two discount codes you’ll save a lot of money and in return you’ll enjoy some of the best eJuice you’ve ever reviewed.

DISCOUNT #1 – From now until November 30th you can get 20% off your entire order by entering the code “spinfuel20”.

DISCOUNT #2 – From now until MIDNIGHT on this Sunday night, get 30% off your entire order by using this discount code: “sfearlybird”

Final Words

This review has been one of the most pleasurable reviews we’ve done to date. FanceeJuice is definitely a top-shelf brand that has delivered some incredible eLiquids to the community in its short life. While we believe the cost is a little high, we also believe that once you try them you’ll understand immediately why that’s so. FanceeJuice has matched its phenomenal packaging with phenomenal eLiquids. This is a company to pay attention to.

Julia Barnes, lead writer, with Jason Little, Tom McBride, Keira Hartley, and Lisa Johnston.