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I love the term “box mod.” In the salad days of vaping, advanced personal vaporizers WERE giant boxes, so I get the reference. But look at an Innokin Proton (reviewed here) or a Uwell Ironfist (reviewed here) and tell me those are “boxes” – I’d like to think we’ve evolved a bit. But then again, no one told this to Famovape when designing the all-new Bit Box. It’s a LEGIT box mod – a resin one, mind you, but a box all the same.

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Of course, none of this matters as long as the Bit Box vapes properly. And it does. Though no one will ever confuse this vape mod with the most-advanced, most-ergonomic, most ANYTHING device, the Bit Box is a well-constructed, powerful, ridiculously fast ramping vape mod that should satisfy a lot of power users.


If I had to sum up the overall look of the Bit Box, it would be like a marriage of the SMOK Majesty Resin and the Revenant Cartel – two very different devices, but once you see it, you’ll probably agree. The mod is tall, and VERY deep, able to accommodate just about any atomizer you can drum up from your collections.


The exterior is made of a nice resin coating that feels great in the hands, but definitely doesn’t feel as solid and sturdy as similar devices. I still love resin surfaces, but I’m not 100% sure how durable this exterior would be compared to thicker resins we’ve seen.


In fact, even with two 18650s installed, the Bit Box has a decidedly hollow feel that belies its size. What’s even more confusing is how it maintains this weird hollowness with stainless plates on the top and bottom of the device. It’s all 100% solid, but lightweight.


The 1.3-inch display is standard-issue stuff – nothing groundbreaking, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, either. The full-color TFT screen isn’t quite hi-res, but it lays out all the relevant information (and a surprisingly nice clock screensaver) in a legible fashion. Given the sheer size of the Bit Box, I would have loved to see something bigger, but the display does its job well.


I DO wish vaping companies would find something more original than speedometer and automotive designs for their displays. Even if the Bit Box has a nice rendition, it’s still a tired concept that was done better on countless other mods.


The biggest concern I had (and have) with the Bit Box is the fire and control buttons. While they’re pretty solid in their own right and have long, clicky throws, there’s so much rattle and play, it’s hard to imagine them surviving a firm drop to the concrete, much less a lifetime of use and abuse.


Perhaps most annoying is the ripped-off Bitcoin logo engraved into the fire key. Yeah, I get it – it’s the “Bit Box” – har har. But what’s the point here? It’s a resin coated box, with automotive graphics and a Bitcoin logo? There’s no rhyme or reason to the look and feel, making me wonder if this is a viable product, or just a mashup of disparate ideas.

Famovape Bit Box 218W Mod Review

Features Highlights

The Bit Box – despite its massive size – is a user-friendly device, and a decent step for someone looking to get into advanced vaping. It strives to feel higher-end than it actually is, and the color combinations make for some interesting resin patterns. Maybe it’s trying too hard, but most will like the look.


The biggest nod to user friendliness is the menu system, which takes an antiquated format, streamlines it to the Nth degree, and presents everything in a linear fashion. Again, nothing award-winning here, but for newcomers, it’s about as straightforward as things get without dumbing things down.


The Bit Box has all of the usual features and modes, including power, temp control (nickel, titanium and stainless), TCR, bypass and a nifty DIY customization setting. All modes worked well, and I happily avoided any jumping or skittishness when setting temps and coil resistances (I’m on a hot streak, lately!)


One negative mark for TC enthusiasts – there is no wattage adjustment in temp control mode, meaning precision fiends will probably need to look elsewhere. That said, I doubt anyone is looking to the Bit Box for this type of vaping.


The real star of the show is the ramp speed, which is lightning quick – almost to a fault. My mouth barely had time to prepare before the Bit Box launched a torrent of flavorful vapor right into every recess of my mouth – even on lower wattages. Once I got used to the ridiculous power, I learned to enjoy it tremendously. But make no mistake, there’s going to be a learning curve for almost anyone used to slower ramping.


(And for the record, it ramps fast on all three of the pre-set levels. I don’t recommend “hard” power mode for the faint of heart – “normal” should cover most any vaper around.)

Famovape Bit Box Specs:

  • Bit Box Chipset
  • 10 to 218W
  • 0.7 to 7.5V Output Voltage
  • 0.05 to 3.0-ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Ni200 Nickel Support
  • Titanium Support
  • SS316 Support
  • DIY Support
  • TCR Support
  • 1.3 Inch LCD Colored Display
  • Switch Between Various Display Arrangements
  • Class Leading Options and Support
  • Quickly Switch Between Alternative Views and Arrangements
  • Micro USB Charge and Update Port
  • Bottom Latch Battery Access Door
  • Accepts Two High Amperage 18650 Batteries
  • Zinc Alloy/Resin/Stainless Steel Construction
  • 28mm Stainless Steel 510
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Lock and Unlock Control Pad/Atomizer Short Circuit Protection/Atomizer Remove Protection/Battery Installation Errors Protection/Low Voltage Protection/High Voltage Protection/PCBA High Temperature Protection/Support Balanced Charging/Power Adjustment Down Automatically

Famovape Bit Box Contents:

  • 1x Bit Box TC Box Mod
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual


Aside from hating the Bitcoin trademark infringement, there’s some really good qualities on the Bit Box. And users looking for something large, substantially powerful and fast-ramping will probably enjoy using it from the very first puff.


For starters, the power is legitimate. Getting to 218 watts is an effortless breeze, with nary a shudder along the way. And the display definitely keeps up, with accurate information made easy for novices and veterans alike. And, as we’ve seen more of lately, the battery efficiency is quite good for such output.


But no matter how much I may have enjoyed vaping the Bit Box, I can’t help but wonder about all the things I didn’t like. Because, for the money Famovape is asking for this thing, I’m confused by the value offered here.


For starters, why is the Bit Box so big, especially as a dual-18650 mod? It’s not overwhelming, but it’s hardly pocket-friendly either, and there’s nothing going on within that justifies the size. It seems to be a waste of hollow, unused real estate.


Secondly, the resin coating, while nice, doesn’t feel nearly as good as other mods in this category, and I’m 100% sure there will be some peeling and bubbling before too long.


Finally, the price. Oh, the price. At a shade under $100 at some vendors, there’s zero justification for the cost here. The Bit Box does everything it sets out to do, quickly and powerfully. But so do a thousand other mods, from more established companies, at less than half the price.  There are no special features, modes or perks in this device that makes me want to grab it over something more compact. Element Vape’s $45 price tag is much more in line to what one should expect to pay.


I’m torn. Because I kind of liked the Famovape Bit Box vape mod. I enjoyed its power, ramp speed and overall feel. But I also hated the lightweight, cheap feel to the proceedings, and found myself putting it down more often because of it. At just under $45 at Element Vape, it’s a decent buy, but I’d still question some of these decisions, and where some vendors are selling this mod in the $80-100 range, well, that’s downright ludicrous.


n short, this is a functional, high-performing device that, if you want to buy it, it has to be a vendor like Element Vape, which doesn’t take advantage of its customers.


Score: C+