The Fallen RDA – Review & Interview


I’ve had this interesting and unique Fallen RDA from OVS Limited for about a month now. I’ve spent probably 200 hours with it, and no matter what coil build I use in it, in single of dual coil array, I am thrilled with the quality of the vape. Excellent flavor, ample clouds of vapor, The Fallen RDA is one awesome RDA. But, in all this time with The Fallen, I wasn’t so sure what to write about it.

I no longer use RDA’s exclusively, and to honest, my usage is declining more and more. I love the whole RDA experience, the flavor and vapor from a great RDA is like nothing else. But, when you’re dealing with applying e liquid every few minutes, after 4 years it can get tiresome. Luckily, because vaping is still growing like crazy the number of people that use RDA’s shows no sign of slowing down.

About The Fallen

At $69.99 The Fallen is certainly not the least expensive RDA on the market, but it is Made in the US and it does indeed deliver a great vape.

Ozark Vape (OVS Limited) has The Fallen RDA as its passion project. It was designed to deliver a superior flavor and remarkable vapor, along with a Deck that is easy to build on. On these fronts, The Fallen is a huge success.

But there is a lot more to The Fallen than being just an excellent RDA, and that’s what makes it a very appealing product to write about. After spending some time with The Fallen and understanding the project behind it, I decided that what our readers would really like to know about The Fallen RDA needed to come from the people who designed it, built it, and set up Project Fallen. Please enjoy the interview below, and if you use RDA’s, please consider picking one the limited numbers of The Fallen that remain available. You won’t only get an excellent RDA, you’ll be helping our heroes, our soldiers, where it counts most.

SPINFUEL:  The Fallen is a very special RDA and project for you; can you give our readers some of the back story on how The Fallen project began, and how it works?

The Fallen RDA – Review & Interview Spinfuel eMagazineRyan: Project Fallen actually started out as a Pay It Forward style project called Vape 4 Vets. Ricky (The third designer) started Vape 4 Vets in Nebraska to give military members a vape set up for free to get away from cigarettes. We also wanted to pay tribute to fallen troops and soldiers as well as their families which is why we aren’t making a profit on The Fallen.

Keaton: I picked up the project when Ryan came to me and said “This is a project I want to do.” Being ex-military, I knew I wanted to take on this project. 14 Tango 10 was my MOS as a Patriot Missile System Enhanced Operator. I spent two tours in Iraq in Baharan. Ryan and I were very energetic about The Fallen Project so I had the drawing turned into a CAD, and then the CAD into a real product. I didn’t want to make money off of Project Fallen which is why OVS is donating 87% of all money made to disabled veterans and their families. The other 13% is solely to cover manufacturing costs, shipping, and taxes.  I don’t want to give it to the people who make a ton of money on these charities, however, I actually want to give it to the people who have fallen or are disabled. This is why Project Fallen is special to me because it was built for the kind of people I am and the kind of people I lost.

SPINFUEL: Can you give our readers some insight to which charities and who you hope will actually benefit from the revenue?

Keaton: The money will be donated to the VFA. There’s a thousand benefits out there for veterans and their families but some of these charity’s CEO’s make a million dollars a year for themselves. In my opinion, these guys are not giving back before they fill their own pockets first and I don’t believe that’s fair. So the VFA or the VFA hospitals will be a benefactor from this project.

SPINFUEL: Is there a personal story in there somewhere?

Keaton: Being ex-military, this project is a personal story for me. I lost 7 of my own men overseas and I lost The Fallen RDA – Review & Interview Spinfuel eMagazinemany more friends during this war. This project is personal because it allows me and the company to be able to give back to these disabled veterans and their families as well as well as the families of my brothers and sisters who didn’t return. This is the reason I would like to donate the money to the VFA because they do not fill their own pockets first. The donation will really go to help these people who have been in the same situation as I have.

Ryan: The reason this project is personal for me is because I wanted to do this for my brother and grandpa as well as all of the people who have fought for our freedoms. Rick and Keaton are two of the guys I had in mind when this project began. I wanted to pay tribute to them. Because Rick is my brother and he’s the one who came up with the Vape for Vets, I wanted to carry on his idea, I just took a different method.

SPINFUEL: Let’s get into some of the specifics about The Fallen RDA; give us your thinking into what went into the design of this RDA. After using The Fallen for a few weeks, I know what to expect, and I enjoy using it tremendously. What I want to know is, how did your desire for an RDA turn into The Fallen?

The Fallen RDA – Review & Interview Spinfuel eMagazineRyan: Originally we wanted to make the RDA as a builders’ RDA. The design was geared towards the old school vapers, who built coils as close to the posts as possible. I have put many different coils in The Fallen, and many of them surprised me because they fit the RDA without hitting the wall. The design was meant to be something different and unique from other RDAs. One of the ways The Fallen is different from other RDAs is because it offers not only a bottom air flow, but also air flow to the sides of the coils which created impressive flavor. Many other RDAs out in the market only offer either bottom air flow or side air flow. This is one of the ways The Fallen stands out from other RDAs.

Keaton: When Ryan first brought me the drawing of the RDA I really liked it but there were some things our engineers noticed which we had to change. Nothing major had to be changed, but in order to get flavor as well as a good cloud some things had to be adjusted. After the slight changes, The Fallen was able to provide vapers with excellent flavor and clouds. We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers who have used The Fallen and they all say the RDA gives them exactly what we wanted the RDA to do. I am very happy and proud of the way the RDA has turned out. Another part of the RDA which makes it unique is the ‘cone’ shape of it. The purpose of the cone is to allow the side airflow and also make a cooler vape. Even on a really low build The Fallen creates a very smooth and cool throat hit.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a favorite coil build for The Fallen?

The Fallen RDA – Review & Interview Spinfuel eMagazineRyan: One of my favorite coils to build for The Fallen RDA is a simple 8 wrap parallel dual coil with 26-gauge wire. I have found this coil to provide the absolute best flavor with a great cloud.

SPINFUEL: I totally agree! I don’t build many coils lately but I do love working with 26-gauge. My first coil for The Fallen was the same 8-wrap build because it’s simple, and yet it was magnificent. But, should anyone want to try dual coils or special builds, The Fallen can handle it with ease.

Ryan: When Rick and I were first talking about designing The Fallen we wanted just a flavor RDA. The Fallen ended up providing really good flavor and cloud, without necessarily being a cloud chaser. The Fallen actually works differently from a traditional cloud chaser. We used reverse engineering because instead of having the most amount of air flow on the sides of the coil, like it is on most cloud chaser RDAs, we put the largest amount of air flow below the coil and the smaller air flow at the sides of the coil. Because of the design of the air flow and the cone shape, it creates both flavor and a really nice cloud.

Keaton: Being a manufacturer, I had the role of engineering and making sure the RDA would do what we wanted it do. We had to make some measurement changes from what was drawn to make everything work and fit correctly. Some of these adjustments we made to the prototype actually increased the amount of flavor and cloud production, which is what Ryan and I wanted to do.

SPINFUEL: Was there a limited number of The Fallen RDA created, or will you continue to produce them as long as there is demand?

Ryan: There is currently a limited number of Fallen RDA’s. We only had 525 produced. If the demand for The Fallen increases, I believe we will produce more.

Keaton: As a manufacturer I only wanted to make limited number of the RDA and see how well they sold. We have been asked to continue producing The Fallen, but we want to sell the 525 first and then we will change it up some by adding different colors. It will be a little bit different than what it is now but it will still have the same aspect as the original design.

SPINFUEL: Wow, that should be interesting. Can’t wait to see what changes!

Keaton: We have a forum for The Fallen Project on Everybody who has the RDA has given positive feedback about it. The company, OVS Limited Technologies, is not making any money from this project. We are donating 87% of all the money made and the other 13% is used to cover the costs of the manufacture of The Fallen. I am proud to be able to help disabled veterans and the families who lost loved ones in this war. I lost 7 of my people and I wasn’t the only one. There were tons of us that lost throughout the war we went through. There were a ton of people who lost people. What we are doing with this project really shows our appreciation for all of our military. And we are proud to be able to give back to our veterans and their families.

SPINFUEL: Where can our readers pick up one of The Fallen RDA?

Ryan: The Fallen RDA can be picked up online at and at ThereThe Fallen RDA – Review & Interview Spinfuel eMagazine
are currently 4x Brick & Mortars that carry it. Cosmos Glass & Accessories in Mountain Grove, Missouri, Unlimited Vape in Omaha, Nebraska, Big D’s Vapehouse in Omaha, Nebraska, and Rising Vapor in Winder, Georgia.

Keaton: You can also find it on Facebook by messaging us personally or through OVS Limited Technologies LLC. Facebook page. Or call us at (417) 926-1555 and we can set it up through PayPal and we will send it right from the store. We also can set up wholesale for other stores who would like to carry The Fallen. We would love to be able to get the RDA to as many people as we can, all across the country.

SPINFUEL: I would as well. I will include all this contact information in the review. Thank you for taking time to talk to me about The Fallen, I do wish you all the success in the world for this truly wonderful RDA and Project Fallen. I loved using it, and it has become one of my favorite RDAs. In fact, it just might be enough to pull me back into using an RDA more. Any final words?

From all of us at OVS: Thank you for taking the time to review The Fallen RDA and supporting Project Fallen. We are glad to have made it and support our troops by doing something we love such as vaping. Thank you for the interview as well and it was fun to be able to really explain why we are doing this and how much we love and support our troops and families. We hope you continue to enjoy The Fallen RDA.


So there you go. Yes, you might spend a little more for The Fallen then you will some other RDA’s, but with the price you’re helping out where it really counts. I truly enjoyed vaping The Fallen, and I know if you are a builder you will to.

Grade: A

Tom McBride

Here’s a video I enjoyed on The Fallen RDA. Take a look to see just what it can do.

The Fallen RDA Specs:

  •  Stepped structure and two insulation design
  • Size: 22mm*60mm
  • 304 stainless steel deck, tube, ring and D-tip
  • Delrin insulation sheet, Delrin D-Tip
  • Fixed negative post
  • Lead-free copper positive pin, Lead-free positive connection pin
  • 510 threading
  • Two post design
  • High temp PEEK insulators
  • Large diameter open drip well
  • This kit includes one RDA, One shirt, and One hat.
  • Shirt size options, please make sure to list shirt size in check out. M, L, XL, 2XL