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FAB CBD Gummies: Buying Guide and Reviews for 2023

Hemp cannabinoids come in various forms, including gummies. These mouthwatering edibles make it easier for users to add cannabinoids to their wellness routines. FAB CBD is a popular brand on the CBD market, offering various products with edibles included. The company offers CBD gummies for anytime and nighttime use and delta 9 gummies for customers looking for an elevated mood and relaxation.

Learning more about these products will ensure you purchase the right product for your needs. Below is a comprehensive guide on FAB CBD gummies with essential aspects you should know.

A Quick Review of FAB CBD

FAB CBD is a company that specializes in creating high-quality CBD products for its customers. The company’s mission is to help people achieve a sense of well-being by using natural and safe CBD products. They are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality CBD products that are made from organic hemp and free from harmful chemicals. This American company is gaining popularity for its chewable edibles, such as CBD gummies, which are designed to provide a convenient and delicious method to add CBD into your daily routine, setting it apart from other CBD products.

FAB CBD Gummies: Product Line Up

The company offers three types of gummies anytime, sleep, and delta 9. They contain come in different strengths and may help with several symptoms. The brand started with anytime gummies before adding nighttime and delta 9 gummies to the lineup.

I)  FAB CBD Anytime Gummies

FAB CBD anytime gummies can be used at any time, day or night. They contain isolate CBD and have a fruity flavor for your taste buds. You can use them on the go or after workouts to support recovery.


These anytime gummies are available at $59. They are affordable and contain quality ingredients. You can buy one bottle or a pack of three for a discount.


Each anytime CBD gummy contains 25mg of CBD and comes in a 30-count jar. Use one or two gummies daily or as needed and benefit from CBD’s wellness properties.


 Anytime gummies from FAB CBD contain organic ingredients to protect your health. Apart from isolate CBD, they also contain organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, pectin, and natural flavors to give you delicious treats.


  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Potent with natural components
  • Not too chewy or too soft
  • Non-GMO and usable day or night
  • Contain THC-free CBD


  •  Available in one potency


II)  FAB CBD Sleep Gummies

The company also makes gummies specifically for improved sleep quality. Besides broad-spectrum CBD, they have sleep-enhancing components to support better rest for users. They have a mouthwatering acai flavor.


These sleep gummies come at $89; a bottle has 60 chews to support quality rest. They are worth the price, considering the sleep aids included in the composition.


Each nighttime chew contains 12.5mg of CBD. It also has 2.5mg melatonin, 25mg L-Theanine, 2.5mg GABA, 2.5mg ashwagandha, and 5mg 5-HTP. The additional ingredients boost sleep quality, fostering overall wellness.


In addition to CBD and sleep aids, these nighttime gummies incorporate natural flavor, beet juice, tapioca syrup, pectin, and citric acid. Ingest a gummy or two an hour before bed, so the effects kick in when needed.


  •  Dairy, fat, and gluten-free
  • Vegan with no artificial colors and sugars
  • Chewy and well-formulated
  • Contain broad-spectrum CBD
  • Offer a smooth punch


  •  Come in one flavor
  • Have lower CBD than anytime gummies


III) FAB CBD Delta 9 Gummies

FAB CBD went further to make THC gummies to meet customer needs. Their delta 9 gummies are designed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. These special gummies are full spectrum, allowing you to experience the benefits of intoxicating hemp.


Delta 9 gummies cost $69, and a container carries 60 pieces. They are made for users 21 years and older due to the effects of THC and come in guava and melon flavors.


Every gummy offers 5mg of delta 9 and 5mg of CBD, and a jar has 60 chews. The manufacturer recommends starting with half a gummy and waiting for an hour before having another serving. Besides, you should not mix the gummies with alcohol or medicine.


Besides CBD and delta 9, the gummies contain pectin, organic tapioca syrup, sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, and food color. They may improve your mood, cause relaxation, and help with creativity.


  •  Vegan and well-balanced
  • Come in two flavors
  •  Pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • Potent and flavorful
  • Soft and chewy


  •  Limited potency

Quality and Transparency 

FAB CBD offers high-quality gummies with natural ingredients to support well-being. The company uses researched components to provide wellness benefits for users. For example, melatonin controls the sleep-wake cycle and the brand’s sleep gummies have this ingredient, among other sleep-inducing components. These gummies also undergo third-party testing to ensure customers get pure, safe edibles. Moreover, the manufacturer is transparent about production processes and lists ingredients utilized. You can access the lab reports from the brand’s website for details.

Customer Satisfaction and Service

Most FAB CBD customers are happy with the gummies, using them for their intended purposes. This is evident in customer feedback and brand reviews online. The company also offers top-notch, responsive customer service. Reach out through calling, email, or social media and get the help you need. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns and free shipping for orders reaching $99 and above.


What is the reputation of FAB CBD?

The brand is reputable in the CBD market and among users for offering some of the best CBD products. It takes measures to ensure superior manufacturing and product quality.

How do I choose a FAB CBD product?

The product you choose depends on the wellness benefits you need. Anytime gummies can be used day or night, sleep chews are for improved rest, and delta-9 is for an elevated mood.

Final Thoughts

FAB CBD gummies are worth trying. The company makes chews for different purposes, including sleep, relaxation, and overall wellness. It is among the reputable brands in the CBD market, with many satisfied customers. The edibles contain organic components and go through third-party testing. They come in delicious flavors and help support well-being. You can buy sleep anytime, or delta 9 gummies depending on your needs. They are high-quality and have simple ingredients that support product performance.

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