eVic VT Mod – A True State of the Art Vaporizer

The eVic VT Mod will be available through MyVaporStore. As of this date, May 21, 2015, you should be able to preorder the kit in the next few days. Delivery should be at the end of month, or early June.

 Note* Reviewers received several Titanium coils and Nickel coils for review purposes. Although I did use both types, I also used the more traditional Kanthal coil heads.

Like many others that review vaporizers and other products in the vape community I received my Black eVic VT Mod fromJULIA'S EVIC-VT Joyetech earlier in the week and I have to say, Joyetech has outdone themselves with this Variable Temperature vaporizer. What an outstanding job… gorgeous styling, high gloss finish, deep colors (you should see John’s Racing Yellow one!), and an awesome  eGo ONE Mega tank that matches the vaporizer. But honestly, as much as I love the styling, it’s the internals that really impress me.

For the first part of this review I am focusing on the features that most interest me, and I believe, will interest you. Then I’ll get into some real world usage.

Variable Temperature Goes Wide

With the Joyetech eVic VT Mod you can use one of four coil heads, (CL coil heads, CLR coil heads, Nickel coil heads and Titanium coil heads) two of which can be used in Variable Temperature mode, the Nickel and Titanium. When you get your device Joyetech has includs one Nickel coil head installed in the tank, and one Titanium coil in reserve. In order to use the Variable Temperature feature you’ll need to either the new Titanium (Ti) or Nickel (Ni) coil heads, not a traditional eGo ONE CL/CLR head. Best of all, the new coil heads will not be difficult to purchase, not like the  Kanger Ni OCC’s, which are still somewhat of a speciality item. The Joyetech Ti and Ni coil heads will be sold wherever the eVic VT Mod is sold, and only at a slightly higher price than the regular CL heads.

I’ll get to how the temperature control works in a bit, as well as my real world impressions from using it this week, but first, let’s go over some of the impressive features.

Top to Bottom Display

eVic-VT DisplayThe huge OLED screen displays information in a vertical manner, which makes it so easy to see and utilize the information at hand. The display is bright and the text is sharp. I love how it feels so natural reading the information displayed.

When viewing the display the first line, the top line, indicates what coils you’re using, either Ti, Ni. If you’re using a traditional Kanthal coil head the display changes and reads Power, voltage, atomizer, battery. Next, in larger text is the actual temperature setting (it changes as you press the fire button, and it will not go higher than the setting you choose).

The next lines are the wattage/voltage. If you have the eVic VT Mod set for variable wattage you’ll see the wattage setting, if you have it set for voltage, well, you get the idea. Next up is the atomizer… the eVic VT Mod clearly shows the accurate atomizer ohm setting. The bottom line in the vertical display is a graphical rendering of the battery life left.

In all the years I have been vaping this is the first screen that I was able to adapt to in just seconds. The eVic VT Mod display will set off a firestorm of copies; I can see a lot of companies going with vertical information displays after seeing this.

The Firing Button sits directly above the large OLED display. It’s chrome finish and sure-footed button press means that it is not only easy to get to and use, but it will give back a nice tactile feel.

Changing Settings

On top of the eVic VT Mod sits the 510-connector and a smooth action wheel that you move to the left or right to change theeVic-VT Body and Tank various settings. Clicking the firing button 5 times fast gets you into the menu then moving about is done with the action wheel. Going through the range of temperatures for your coils is as easy as flicking the dial to the right or left, raising and lowering the wattage or voltage is done the same way, with simple flicks for incremental adjustments. It’s just so cool to flick the dial and go where you want to go in the settings. Flick once for every 10 degrees of temperature for instance, or flick once for every voltage/wattage increment.

The bottom of the eVic VT Mod features two rows of vent holes that extend almost from end to end, meaning the 5000mAh LiPo battery is extremely well vented for safety.

The eGo ONE Mega tank (the same tank that comes with the eGo ONE Mega) that comes with the eVic VT Mod might seem like a hodge-podge decision, what with mixing up the eGo ONE moniker with the eVic moniker, but they are matched perfectly. Though, to be totally candid, I would rather have had Joyetech create a very similar tank and call it the eVic Mega Tank or something.

The eVic VT Mod is similar in design to the iStick, only slightly larger and heavier and much more refined. The eVic VT Mod screams quality, and the lush glossy finish and deep colors drive home the fact that this device is something very different. Each of the color combinations feature a “racing stripe”, a contrasting color stripe running vertically on both sides of the device.

The eVic VT color combinations are; “Dazzling White”, Racing Yellow”, and “Cool Black”. The Black eVic VT has a red racing stripe, the White eVic VT Mod has a blue stripe, and the Racing Yellow has a black stripe. When John and I first saw the prototypes he knew immediately that he would want the Yellow one, I knew the black one would be the one for me. It takes all kinds I suppose. I’m very happy that most reviewers, including myself, received the Cool Black, while John received the Racing Yellow, along with several extra coils too.

The eVic VT Mod is truly “state of the art”. I mean Joyetech worked from the ground up on this one, in every way, and created a device that would take vaporizers to a new level of sophistication. Everything about it is new, from the way the screen displays information to the “flick dial” to change settings, and the multiple choice of coil heads you can use with the eGo ONE Mega tank.

Before I move to the next part of this review let me just paste the official features and specs below.

eVic-VT Specs/Features:

Capacity: 5000-mAh LiPo (takes 6 hours to charge)
Output mode: VT-Ti/VT-Ni/VW Mode
Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600˚F
Output Wattage: VT Mode: 1W-60W
VW Mode: 1W-50W
Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.0V
Resistance Range: 0.2Ω for CL-Ni head – !important!
0.4Ω for CL-Ti head – !important!
Color: Racing Yellow, Cool Black, Dazzling White                                                                                                                        White Silicon Sleeve                                                                                                                                                                               Record Puff Count and/or Vape Time

eVic-VT Visual Display:
VT-Ti mode/VT-Ni mode/VW
Wattages/ Voltages
Atomizer Resistance
Battery power/Puff/Time

Using Temperature Control

Titanium Coil HeadsIf you’ve been vaping for a while you’ve probably heard about temperature control features in the DNA 40 devices, (Vaporshark, Vapor Flask), or the YiHi SX board (IPV4, SX MINI). These devices rely on nickel coils in order to use their respective temperature controls. The Joyetech eVic VT Mod uses both nickel AND Titanium coils, but it is not a situation of “one or the other”. These two types of coils work differently, and provide a different vape experience.

The biggest difference between the Ti coils and the Ni coils is resistance. The Ti, or Titanium coils have a resistance of 0.4ohms, while the Ni, or Nickel coils have a resistance of 0.2ohms. Because I have had plenty of experience with nickel coils I decided to try the Titanium coil first.

The Ti coil heads are slightly larger than the Ni coil heads, and are identified by the red O-Ring at the top and bottom. These titanium coils offer up great flavor and a healthy amount of vapor, and can handle higher temperatures than the nickel coils. Using a high VG eliquid I vape with Ti coils at the full 60w and 590 degrees. Both Ti and Ni coil heads have gold plated connectors for an accurate pass through of the power.

Characteristics of the Coils

Using the Kanthal wire coils in pure variable wattage mode the eVic VT Mod will max out at 60w when using low resistance coils between 0.25-ohm to 1.0-ohms. Using Kanthal wire resistance of 0.1-ohm to 0.24-ohm the max output will decrease to 50-55w.Nickel Coil Heads

According to Joyetech, and affirmed, somewhat, over the past 4 days of use, the Kanthal wire (the traditional coil heads of the eGo ONE tank) will vaporize eliquid faster and consume battery life faster than either the Titanium or Nickel coil heads. I also used a Delta 2 with the eVic VT Mod with wonderful results at 45w.

The Ti, or Titanium, and Ni, or Nickel, coil heads allow for a much longer battery life and the ability to vape higher temperatures with less wattage. When using the Ni and Ti coil heads the max output will be 60w.

In Joyetech’s tests the Nickel coils seem to come out ahead of the Titanium coils when it comes to conserving eliquid consumption and battery life, but both surpass the Kanthal coil heads by a wide margin. I’ve really not owned it long enough to show with certainty that the difference is monumental, but it sure does feel significant.

Vapor And Taste – Using the eVic VT Mod with Titanium coil heads provided me with great flavor and vapor, but the Nickel heads proved to be my best option. The Nickel coil heads (0.2-ohms) seemed to provide a thicker vapor with denser flavor then the Titanium coils. But the differences were relatively minor, but noticeable.

Titanium Coil HeadsWhile using both coil heads in variable temperature mode, the vape was pleasing, and the ability to warm up or cool down the vapor is truly marvelous. I am certain that there will be little to complain about.

Having said that, I found myself vaping more often with the normal Kanthal coil heads for the eGo ONE after toying with the others for about 36 hours. Yes, battery life was considerably shorter, and eliquid consumption was heavier then when I used the Nickel or Titanium coil heads, but it gave me the most pleasure. I am not advocating using the Kanthal coils rather than the Titanium or Nickel because eliquid consumption and battery life are becoming a serious issue, I’m simply stating that ‘my’ vape with the traditional coils produced a more powerful vape, but at a cost.


The ability to further ‘tailor’ your personal vape is a great feature, and with all these options I’ve no doubt that with a little practice anyone can tailor a vape better than at any time in the past.

Battery Life

Battery Consumption eVic-VTThe eVic VT has a 5000mAh capacity (LiPo) and it takes about 6 hours, realistically, to recharge it when depleted. Using the traditional coil heads (Kanthal) at 0.5ohm I got somewhere around 6 hours of use with moderate vaping. With the Titanium and Nickel coil heads that number went up significantly, also with moderate vaping.


Real World Report

The white silicon sleeve that comes with the kit fits nice and tight and allows for all the vent holes to vent. However, I only had the sleeve on for a few minutes, preferring to use the eVic VT Mod without the sleeve.

Because the eVic VT Mod uses a high quality LiPo battery (3 layers of LiPo, stacked) there isn’t a dual-18650 battery setup inside like some have assumed. It is a single rectangular battery, with no battery rattle whatsoever. Being somewhat heavier than the similarly sized iStick 50, the weight is the result of a thick glass cover over the OLED screen, the extra glossy layers in the finish, as well as the single LiPo battery. Bottom line; when you hold it you know you’re holding something substantial, something with little to no tolerances, something of fine quality.

Changing The Settings – Moving through the settings using the dial at the top of device (once in menu mode) take eGo ONE Mega Tankabout an hour of training to know them inside and out. No doubt you will, at first, move past settings you want to alter and have to go around again. But you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly if you read the manual while holding the eVic-VT. Learning how to lock and unlock the device, moving in and out of Variable Temperature and Variable Wattage, going down the line tailoring the settings to your preferred vape will pay off in a grand way.

A Negative – The first time I began altering the setting with a Titanium coil head in the tank I noticed that when I put in a Titanium coil head the device recognized it as Titanium and set the display to Ti, like it should. But, I then changed those settings to Ni, and I don’t think I should be able that. So while it read Temp Ni when it should have read Temp Ti I was able to move down through the settings and change the temperature and even the atomizer ohms. I made it jump from 0.2 to 0.4, despite the coil rating of 0.4ohms. I tested the eVic-VT with it set to Temp Ni, the atomizer set to 0.2ohm and at 300 degrees (f) and it produced very warm vapor. I really believe Joyetech should change that for safety reasons so if you have a Titanium coil in the tank you shouldn’t be able to switch the device to Nickel. I would think that would be possible, no? Other than that, I really can’t find any other negative. From what I have heard, the MSRP of $124.90USD is substantially higher than what it will sell for. But keep in mind this $124.90 MSRP is for the full kit.

Full Kit comes with:

1 * eVic VT
1 * eGo ONE mega atomizer (with CL-Ni head)
1 * CL-Ti head
1 * USB Cable
1 * eVic-VT Skin
1 * Wall Adapter (1A)

eVic or eGo ONE?

The eVic-VT is the vaporizer and the eGo ONE Mega is the tank. Together they form the eVic VT Mod Kit. The eVic VT will be offered without the tank, or the USB cable, wall adapter, and silicon sleeve, much like the iStick 50w is from eLeaf.

Would I Replace My eVic-VT If I Lost It?

 eVic-VT colorsThe easy answer is “of course”, but there’s more. I own several devices, including several eGo ONE’s with varying battery capacities. I have been using the eGo ONE Mega a lot since I got it, and found that in my everyday life it is more than ample for my needs. That’s not to say that I don’t use other devices, but my go-to device is the Mega. Now the eVic-VT is a part of my collection, and I have used it 99% of the time since I received it. It is a wonderful device, full of options for even the most finicky vaper. So yes, I would replace it. But, if I couldn’t replace it from some reason I would still be a happy and content vaper with what I have.


 Temperature control is going to play a big role from here on out and Joyetech is the first that I know of that offers a device that can work with Nickel and Titanium coils, and do so easily. Temperature control not only provides a more customized vape, it uses less eliquid and battery life. It is here to stay, and with Joyetech now leap-frogging the competition it will be very interesting to see what comes next.

I highly recommend the eVic-VT Kit. 5 Stars

Julia Hartley-Barnes