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A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – Eve eLiquids

This is the first review we’ve done where we urge you to read the Interview before reading the review. The interview with Eve eliquids is one of the best we’ve conducted, and it will give you a better understanding of Eve eliquids. So, go read the Interview, we’ll still be here when you get back. – Julia

Eve eLiquids offers more than 50 flavors in its lineup (55 as of 9/1/14). However, for our first review we’re reviewing their “Elegance” line. The Elegance line is made up of nine (9) eliquids that cover the spectrum of flavors that Eve offers. We tended to think of the Elegance line as Eve’s ‘boutique’ line.

Each flavor in this line is very unique. Some of them are spectacular. Only one flavor was voted unvapeable by every member of the team and that was because it is based on an Asian dessert, a flavor that is totally foreign to us.. Even so, they are all well executed blends. Regardless of whether we actually enjoyed every flavor or not, the ejuice quality is excellent. In the Interview you’ll read how the eliquids are made and in what kind of environment.

There are no simple flavors in this review. Each one is complicated, layered, and filled with various levels of nuance. (That’s a fancy way of saying the Elegance line reveals certain flavors in subtle ways, sometimes with success, sometimes not.)

A Word About Packaging

We love great packaging as much as the next vaper. Creative packaging helps make bottles of eliquid, as well as the brand itself, stand out. Whether it be on the shelves of vape shops across the country or on their own website, you’ll recognize the Eve Elegance line in an instant. Nonetheless, when it comes to reviewing an eliquid it is also the least important factor. Regardless, the packaging of the Elegance line is worth mentioning.

The Elegance line is sold in square, 15ML bottles, which are then laid out in a nice box, fitting securely to prevent any sort of mishap. They look a lot like a fancy bottle of perfume. That deluxe packaging comes at a cost though, and it will be up to the individual vaper to decide if the extra $3 per bottle is worth it.


Price/Sizes – The Elegance line is available only in 15ML bottles, as is the rest of the Eve line. The Elegance eliquid we received was packaged in normal glass bottles, though we did receive one in the deluxe package. The $11.95 price tag works out to be 79 cents per ML.

All the other eliquids produced by Eve is a much more affordable $8.95 per 15ML bottle, or 59 cents per ML.

Labels – Labels are colorful, slick, very expensive looking. Size, nicotine, ingredients, nicotine warning, and more… it’s all there, in easy to understand and easy to read language.

Nicotine – 2mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths are offered, and a zero-nicotine as well. More and more brands are offering lower nicotine levels because of the surge in drip-style vaping. The Elegance line offers some flavors that are begging to be dripped.

Characteristics – 50/50 PG/VG offering a nice balance between vapor production and flavor delivery. All the eliquids have color, some dark, some amber, some reddish or shades of blue. With the current mood of the eliquid community we doubt Eve would use any food coloring to create their eliquids, but it is worth noting.

Commonalities – Very few, other than the PG/VG ratio. Vapor, throat, and even the intensity of the dominant flavor are varied.

The Review

mango coladaMango Colada – “This mix of mouth-watering mango, cream, and other exotic fruit will leave you speechless.”

Julia: You really get a nice, sweet mango flavor with Mango Colada, and certain other flavor notes that deliver on the whole ‘colada’ concept. I enjoyed this one so much I wound up vaping it longer than I had planned. I would say that Mango Colada would definitely work as an all day vape. 4.5 Stars

Tom: Fruity vapes are not my favorites, but I think I could add this one to my collection for times when I need something lighter than my usual fare. I liked the natural mango flavor, though I really didn’t get a sense of vaping a colada type eliquid. Still, the mango is authentic, the vapor thick, the throat nicely played…all in all, pretty darn good. 4.5 Stars

Jason: If you were looking for a good mango flavored eliquid I would definitely recommend that you try Mango Colada. I’m not sure what makes it a colada in the sense that I recognize in a ‘Pina Colada’, but it is a good mango ejuice. Good vapor, good throat hit, and a satisfying vape for fruit vapers. 4.25 Stars

Keira: Last night, at the end of the review period I was vaping Lake Custard. I had been vaping it for hours and I wanted something lighter for the end of the evening. I had already spent time with Mango Colada and I knew how I was going to score it, but after vaping a deep vanilla for most of the day this really hit the spot for me. Like we always say, instant judgments are worthless. Mango Colada is great tasting flavor and when you need something with more zing and less density, like I did, it is truly a nice change of pace. 4.75 Stars

appalachiaAppalachia – “Powerful yet refreshing mint rounded out with sweet fruits and vanilla makes for an unforgettable fusion of flavor.”

Julia: The two flavors I taste most in this is mint, a nice not overpowering mint, and a light vanilla. I can’t find the fruit flavors and that was disappointing. Not a bad mint flavor, but not one I would add to my rotation or collection. I hoped for better and didn’t get it. 3 Stars

Tom: The only way you’re going to get any of the fruit flavors that are supposed to make up this very complex eliquid is to take long, deep drags and exhale slowly. I liked the mint flavor, but it is by far the biggest flavor component in this strange mix. 3 Stars

Jason: If I was looking for a mint eliquid to add to my collection this one has a real chance. Thing is, I’m not looking, so I won’t be adding to my collection or rotation. For vapers looking for a very complex mix of flavors riding under a bold mint flavor Appalachia would make a good choice. 4 Stars

Keira: I like the mint flavor, and I can detect some fruitiness to this mix, but for me the vanilla flavor is dull, and dulls the whole experience. I wouldn’t add this to my rotation and it is hard to recommend it to minty vapers among us. Vapor production is really good, but otherwise, this is just an okay flavor. 3.25 Stars

lake-custardLake CustardSpinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Seductively smooth and creamy vanilla custard that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Julia: I love what eliquid creators are doing with vanilla this year. Lake Custard is a really good vanilla vape with a clean, yet nice vanilla flavor that isn’t as dark as some of the other vanillas I have. I am adding it to my rotation, as a complement to another vanilla vape I have, a counter-weight really. This is good stuff! 5 Stars

Tom: There are some vanilla custard vapes that are so heavily vanilla flavored that while you love it you almost drown in it. They can make you crave it, but hours later you’re almost sick of it. I found Lake Custard to be the opposite of that. This is a true vanilla vape that doesn’t pull you down. It has a true vanilla flavor, yet at the same time it’s an all day vape vanilla. Just what I was looking for. 5 Stars

Jason: This may not be my vanilla of choice, but there is no getting around the fact that it is one of the better vanilla custards making the rounds. I filled up a tank of this and vaped it for a long time and still I enjoyed it as much as I did in the beginning. A great vanilla vape worthy of the Choice Award. 5 Stars

Keira: It’s pretty clear that we all loved Lake Custard, but in addition to the great vanilla flavor this was a vapor producer that I didn’t expect. Fill an Aerotank with this, tighten the draw up and the vapor just doesn’t stop. I am adding this one to my rotation, it is delicious, satisfying, and a true vanilla flavor. 5 Stars

melon-blastMelon Blast – “Mouthwatering melons meet sweet cream in this refreshing blend.”

Julia: At first the melon flavor comes at you like it’s the only flavor in this complex recipe. It takes two or three drags and then that creamy element comes out and it becomes a very unique melon vape. I don’t think I would add this to my rotation, but for melon lovers this is a new way to experience it. Cantaloupe, watermelon, and maybe a touch of honey dew, Melon Blast will be a melon lovers delight. 4 Stars

Tom: I recently enjoyed a honeydew eliquid that became a permanent member of my rotation, so its not that I don’t like melon flavors. Melon Blast however, is quite different. You’ll get this honeydew/watermelon flavor with a creamy component that takes melon vapes in a new direction. I enjoyed it, but won’t be adding it to my collection. 4 Stars

Jason: A creative melon vape that will win over melon vapers with ease. The creamy element, a light cream, gives the melon a thicker flavor. I taste watermelon mostly, and to imagine adding cream to a bowl of watermelon balls sounds terrible, but it is anything but… in vapor form anyway. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Wow, this Melon Blast will show you a new way to vape melon flavors! I can’t remember anybody ever combining cream to a melon, or at least not like this. I get a big melon flavor on the inhale and a cream filled flavor on the exhale. Delicious in a whole new way. Creative and inventive, and worthy of 4.5 Stars

rose bloomRose Bloom – “Fruit lovers rejoice over this crisp, clean blend of melon, champagne, strawberries, apple, and lemon.”

Julia: I expected a floral vape by the name of this eliquid, but then the description doesn’t mention a floral element. But when you add them all up, all the flavors in this complex as heck juice you do get a light floral flavor. I totally enjoyed it, but unless your tastes lean to the floral spectrum you won’t like it. 4.25 Stars

Tom: Definitely not my kind of eliquid, but they did a great job creating a multi-layered flavor palette. If you try you can taste all the flavors, even the apple and lemon, and the combination of lemon and champagne gives it a light floral hit. Some people will love this complicated flavors, others will not. If you don’t like a floral component I can’t recommend it. 4 Stars

Jason: Rose Bloom is one of those eliquids that appeal to vapers looking for a floral vape that can last all day. I don’t want to vape it on a regular basis, but it’s a well-designed recipe that hits on all elements. Lots of vapor, a medium throat hit, Rose Bloom is complicated and a little strange. 4 Stars

Keira: Rose Bloom has just the right amount of floral presence to make it an all day vape for vapers looking for a complex mix of flavors. The problem with it is that there isn’t one flavor to hang on to, they all mix together into one, but the longer you vape it the more you can make them out. I know that sounds strange, but Rose Bloom is kind of a strange blend. 4 Stars

blueberry churchBlueberry ChurchA Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerRipe blueberry and chocolate come together to form the delectable dessert vape you didn’t even know you were searching for.”

Julia: As soon as I started vaping this one I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think blueberry and chocolate was going to work. Boy was I wrong. This is one of my new very favorite eliquids now. If you’re looking for a decadent dessert of semi-sweet blueberry, an awesome chocolate flavor that is truer to chocolate than I think has ever been achieved, you have to try this one. A powerful blueberry/chocolate flavor on the inhale and a solid, sweet chocolate on the exhale. You really feel like you just ate an expensive piece of candy,with a quality chocolate and a blueberry filling. Wow! 5 Stars

Tom: I’m giving Blueberry Church a 5 star rating not because it is an eliquid I would vape everyday, but because it is so perfectly executed that it’s award worthy. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The blueberry is fantastic and the chocolate is good without being off-putting like many chocolate eliquids can be. The more I vaped it the more I liked it. One word of advice, don’t vape this one at higher than needed power levels. Here, less is more. The flavor is delicate and can easily fall apart if vaped too hot. 5 Stars

Jason: Eve eLiquids know how to do really complex flavors. I didn’t think this was going to work but it does. A great choice of flavorings used in this recipe too. The blueberry is authentic without being overly sweet and the chocolate is flavorful without tasting fake. I don’t know how long it took Eve to develop this one, but I can tell you it had to be a long time. 5 Stars

Keira: The blueberry and chocolate combination work so well that while you’re vaping it you can’t believe how delicious it is, but after a long vape you’ll probably feel like you need to exchange it for something very different, like a the Lake Custard or some other non-fruit non-chocolate flavor. I don’t know, there is something about Blueberry Church that makes you crave the flavor, and it cures a sweet tooth so well you’ll want to stop for a while, but soon after you’ll go looking for it again. Am I making sense? A must try eliquid. 5 Stars

red bean delightRed Bean Delight – “Mild, creamy red bean mix which re-imagines traditional dessert flavors.”

Julia: Red Bean Delight was the one I couldn’t wait to get to. I didn’t start with it though; I just let the desire grow. Was it going to be terrible? Red Beans? Or was it something new, something extraordinary that you couldn’t resist. Well, after finally spending time with it I can tell you.

How would you like to vape real Beans? No? Neither would I. How anyone in the world could think this was a good idea is beyond me. Awful, truly awful. 1 Star

Tom: (9/3/14 – Edited) First, our readers need to know that Red Bean Delight is based on an authentic Asian dessert. For people that have had this dessert they swear up and down that this eliquid tastes exactly like the dessert. Just because we couldn’t stand the taste of it doesn’t mean other vapers won’t. The idea of tasting a dessert that tastes like beans is a bizarre thought, but since the review was published I think we’ve heard from more than a dozen people that love it.  Red Bean Delight, to me, is just unvapeable. It does taste like some kind of beans. But like we said above, all the eliquids, whether we enjoyed the flavor or not, are excellently done, so Red Bean Delight isn’t our cup of tea just goes to show you that Eve eLiquids is reaching out to all kinds of vapers, and that is indeed a good thing. 1 Star

Jason: I would love to know anyone that thinks this is a great tasting eliquid, I really would. Who in their right mind would want to vape beans? Eve is not kidding, this is a red bean mix. Epic Fail. 1 Star

Keira: I’m going to tell you exactly what I did the first (and only) time I vaped Red Bean Delight. I took in a deep draw, tasted it the red beans and then jerked my head back so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. This is wickedly terrible. I hate to be so abrupt, but stay away from this flavor unless the idea of vaping real beans sounds good to you, or you already enjoy Red Bean Dessert from Asian countries. 2 Stars

vanilla driftwoodVanilla Driftwood – “Tobacco meets vanilla in this rich, flavorful formula suitable for any time of the day.”

Julia: I enjoyed the Lake Custard eliquid before I vaped Vanilla Driftwood so I expected a similar flavor, at least as far as the vanilla flavoring. I was wrong. In the same way that I enjoyed Lake Custard I enjoyed Vanilla Driftwood, but the flavor is so radically different. The thing is, although I really like it, I couldn’t taste the tobacco component for anything. I went up and down the voltage meter and couldn’t find a hint a tobacco. However, as a unique vanilla flavor, maybe with a touch of rice pudding, it is a delicious ejuice. Because of the lack of tobacco flavor I have to give this one 3.75 Stars

Tom: The tobacco component to Vanilla Driftwood is very light. It’s there at higher voltages but it just doesn’t make it abundantly clear. A disappointment for this tobacco lover, but otherwise a fine old-style vanilla flavored vape. 4 Stars

Jason: A vanilla eliquid with a hint of light tobacco, Vanilla Driftwood is enjoyable, but without much character. I tried this on several batteries and glassomizers looking for a vanilla tobacco blend but it never showed up. Too bad, the vanilla is a really good choice. 4 Stars

Keira: If I were to guess I’d say Vanilla Driftwood is really tapioca pudding, not vanilla tobacco. That said; vaping tapioca pudding is both surprising and sort of delicious. Vapor production was good but not great, throat hit was medium, not a great eliquid, but definitely a good one. If you’re looking for a tapioca pudding vape though, give this one a try. 3.5 Stars


Our conclusions on the individual flavors in the Elegance line were all over the board. From being ecstatic about some of the flavors to being very disappointed in the Red Bean debacle, this is a very uneven line of eliquids when it comes to flavor, but like we said above, the quality of the eliquid is unchallenged. We may have had a varied experience, but we believe that every vaper will find at least one that they will absolutely love.

Our best advice for approaching Eve eLiquids is to thread lightly. Eve is very big in the vape convention circuit so if you’re near one or have a chance to go to one we highly recommend it. Not only to try out the Eve flavors of course, but at least this way you can see exactly what we mean by complex flavors. Eve also offers 5ML bottle testers, which is an ideal way to test out their line.

We have no qualms about recommending Lake Custard and Blueberry Church sight unseen, or untasted in this case. These two eliquids not only earned the Spinfuel Choice Award, they became instant additions to our rotations. Even at $11.95, these two flavors are worth picking up once and a while.

Remember, read the interview!

Julia, Tom, Jason, Keira