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Ethos Vapor eliquid if offered in a variety of flavor blends, but for the Spinfuel VAPE eLiquid Review Team, we decided to focus on just three; the Crispy Treats line. The Ethos Crispy Treats base flavor is offered in a straight up Rice Krispies Treat flavor. The original flavor is unadulterated Rice Krispies Treats, followed by a strawberry enhanced blend and a green apple enhanced blend.

All three Ethos Crispy Treats are awarded the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award for 2017, though there are some things about this trio of eliquids you need to know.

Ethos Crispy Treats Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Fantastic flavors and big clouds of thick vapor, the Crispy Treats line is very satisfying if you happen to be a fan of Rice Krispies Treats… but unless you’re using a rebuildable atomizer of some kind, or a ceramic-only coil head, be prepared to go through your wire/cotton coil heads at an alarming rate. We’re talking at most a couple of days with normal Direct Lung vaping. It’s not the wire coil that burns out, but rather the cotton. We do not know why these eliquids destroy cotton so quickly, only that they do. That being the case, the decision was made that we would use rebuildable atomizers.

Vape Gear Used in This Review

Julia: The review period of 3 days was not my first experience with Ethos Crispy Treats, so I knew going into the review that I would either need to change coils often. We use a fresh coil when changing eliquid flavors, but with Ethos Crispy Treats I would need 6 coils, at least, to make it through 3 days of review with 3 ejuice blends. At $18.95 for a pack of 5 coils I made the decision to use 3 RDA’s instead. One RDA per eliquid blend, and whenever the organic cotton began to deliver a burning taste I would strip the cotton out and replace it. In my vape gear collection I have a handful of Terk RDA’s by Vaping AMP that I had not used yet, so I took 3 of them and used a 0.5Ω Kanthal A1 single coil in each and used Wick ‘n’ Vape Organic Cotton Bacon (V2). The mod I chose to use with Terk’s was the Lost Vape Triade DNA200.

Kiera: I chose to stick with my SMOK TFV8 Big Baby sub-ohm tanks, only instead of using my favorite coil heads I used the RBA head instead. The RBA allowed me to change out the cotton the minute I began to feel the rough throat hit or burning sensation that comes with vaping with cotton that is breaking down. The mod I chose to use was Gold edition of the SMOK Marshal G320 TC mod. The resistance of the coils was between 0.4Ω and 0.6Ω.

Tom: For this ‘Ethos Crispy Treats’ review I used my new SMOK Skyhook RDTA 220W Kit (review coming soon). The RDTA portion of the kit has a huge 9mL juice capacity and one of the best build decks I’ve ever used. The deck itself is 23mm in diameter, a two-post dual terminal in a floating velocity style design. The RDTA is so easy to use, and a device I would highly recommend for vapers looking to begin their adventure in DIY coil building. The ‘Marshal’ style mod delivers a maximum wattage output of 220W, plenty for these high-VG blends (75%).

Jason: I love my Council of Vapor Wraith (80W), so I used it exclusively in this review. The Wraith is a Squonker, and the atomizer is a 23mm, two-post velocity style RDA that allows both single and dual coil builds. I went with single coil, 0.5Ω or as close as I could get to 0.5Ω, and used a premium organic cotton, Bacon by Wick N Vape, and changed out the cotton when needed. The performance and satisfaction I got by using my Wraith reminded me that I should be using it more often in our eliquid reviews.

The Ethos Crispy Treat Trio Review

  •  60mL Unicorn-style plastic bottles – $18.95 at Element Vape
  • Per the lab results supplied by Ethos Vapors, the Crispy Treats line contains ZERO Diacetyl, and very low Acetyl Propionyl.

 What is Crispy Treats eliquid?

Ethos Crispy Treats Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Simply put, Ethos has created the perfect blend of flavorings to create the flavor homemade Rice Krispy Treats. With each pull from a drip tip the astonishing taste of Rice Krispies Treats is as genuine as it gets.

Rice Crispy Treats is made with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, and margarine. Melt the marshmallows and margarine, add the Rice Krispies, mix well, and pour and form onto a wax paper cover plate or cake pan. Slice into squares, and enjoy.

 Scoring Ethos Crispy Treats

SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017 After sampling each of the three variations of Rice Krispies Treats in eliquid form there was no way to conduct the type of eliquid review that we’ve done for 5 years. As far as we were concerned the task was to gauge the accuracy of the flavor Ethos was attempting to create and decide whether Ethos succeeded, or not. It soon became apparent that this review was going to be a Pass | Fail review.

If each flavor reflected the genuine taste of Rice Krispies Treat than the eliquid had to “Pass”. All three passed, period. The only thing left to talk about was how strawberries and green apple flavorings added to the vape experience, or subtracted from the vape experience.

Ethos Crispy Treats Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Ethos Crispy Treats – Original

Zero Diacetyl and less than 156ppm Acetyl Propionyl

Julia: 5 Stars –  Ethos created Rice Krispies Treats in eliquid form. The flavor is spot-on, and the vapor production, or cloud production, was delightful. A permanent part of my rotation.

Kiera: 5 Stars –  My taste buds tell me there is no difference in the flavor receptors between Ethos Crispy Treats and Rice Krispies Treats. I will always have a bottle on hand.

Tom: 5 Stars – Not an all-day-vape, but my brain tells me that Ethos Crispy Treats is Rice Krispies Treat in vapor form.

Jason: 5 Stars –  In my rotation, but not as an all-day-vape. Crispy Treats is a flavor you’ll crave from the first pull from your drip tip.

Ethos Crispy Treats Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Ethos Strawberry Crispy Treats – Strawberry

Zero Diacetyl and less than 146ppm Acetyl Propionyl

Julia: 5 Stars –  Take the winning formula for Crispy Treats and add the right amount of sweet, ripe, strawberry flavoring and you get this eliquid. This is better than Crispy Treats, this is one of my all-time favorite eliquids. Almost an all-day-vape.

Kiera: 5 Stars –  Crispy Treats with the perfect strawberry flavoring. Together it is magic. An all-day-vape for me, this one is in my rotation for good.

Tom: 5 Stars –  I started this review with the original Crispy Treats and I figured that the strawberry and green apple additions was simply a way for Ethos to stretch the amazing flavor they created with the original. After vaping all three, the strawberry and the green apple blends are improvements on the already awesome Crispy Treats original.

Jason: 5 Stars –  More character than the original Crispy Treats, but not as delicious as the green apple version. Strawberry Crispy Treats is in my rotation and is an eliquid I’ll go to for deep satisfaction.

Ethos Crispy Treats Eliquid Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Ethos Green Apple Crispy Treats  – Apple

Zero Diacetyl and less than 111ppm Acetyl Propionyl

Julia: 5 Stars –  Adding a green apple flavoring to Crispy Treats could have gone in a hundred different directions. There are dozens of green apple flavorings to choose from, some tart, some sweet, some too green and some not green enough. Ethos chose the one that made this blend my favorite of the three. A sweet, authentic green apple flavor folded into the Crispy Treat base flavor in a way that will satisfy any vaper that enjoys Rice Krispies Treats.

Kiera: 5 Stars –  A perfectly lovely blend of sweet green apple flavor and Crispy Treats goodness. I didn’t think I would like this one, but as it turns out, Green Apple Crispy Treats is the one I would pick over the others… if I had to.

Tom: 5 Stars –  While I enjoyed the original Crispy Treats eliquid, this Green Apple blend is even better. In my rotation as the eliquid to go to when I need something equally sweet and satisfying.

Jason: 5 Stars –  My favorite of the three Crispy Treats blends, Green Apple Crispy Treats contains the ideal green apple flavor. Ethos got this one down perfectly.


Ethos Crispy Treats blends are flavorful, rich, and very satisfying. The 75% VG formula produces thick clouds of vapor that is hard to beat. The problem, if it is a problem, is that these three eliquids are not very tolerant of higher wattages. You can carefully seek out your sweet spot with any atomizer, but once you do you cannot go any higher than a few watts before ruining the flavor. Using Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel heating elements in TC mode is only a little better, be careful to set your TC wattage carefully, then explore the temperatures for a satisfying vape. The lower end of the wattage range in TC mode is best.

Are we suggesting that the only way vapers should enjoy these tasty treats is with a rebuildable atomizer? Not really, but it’s certainly less expensive. If you intend to stick with factory made coil heads the life of the cotton can be lengthened considerably by vaping just below your desired wattage, and never, ever, take an aggressive Direct Lung pull from the drip tip. You may get 4, maybe 5 days of use from a good coil head if you’re truly careful.SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017

Ethos Crispy Treats is the closest we’ve come to a real ‘Dripper’s eJuice’ in a long time, even though “dripping” has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Thankfully in 2017 we have RDA’s, RDTA’s, and excellent RBA’s, as well as some amazing coil heads for the best sub-ohm tanks, to use with eliquids like these three.

Whatever your decision, Ethos Crispy Treats is priced extremely well at Element Vape. Our first encounter with these eliquids was from Johnson Creek Vapor Company. We initially thought that Ethos was a new line from Johnson Creek, and the $24.95 price for 60mL was in line with Johnson Creek prices considering their 30mL prices for their line ($16.95 per 30mL bottle). Only later did we discover, to our dismay, that Johnson Creek had taken on several third-party brands to offer on their website. Buying any of the Crispy Treats eliquids from Johnson Creek means paying $6 more per bottle than Element Vape’s $18.95.

Julia and Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little, the Spinfuel VAPE Eliquid Review Team