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Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable Vape

The Ello Plus by BLVK is Remarkable. Beautiful. 6000 Puffs. USB-C Rechargeable. Elegant and sophisticated. Easy to understand. Easy to use. 5.0% Nicotine. Closed System.. 12mL of e-liquid. Affordable. Best of Class. 12 phenomenal flavors.

“One of the best, if not the best, closed system disposable vapes I’ve ever vaped.” – Julia Hartley-Barnes 2023

In addition to the extraordinarily gorgeous design (see photos) of the Ello Plus, and its perfect packaging (with an emphasis on freshness), the flavor fidelity of each of the 12 flavors was remarkable.

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable VapeBLVK, the maker of the Ello line of disposable vapes, is first and foremost an e-liquid company. So, it’s not a stretch to believe that a company known for exquisite vape juice would have a problem using fantastic flavors in their disposable vapes.

And, boy, they picked 12 flavors for their initial offering and each one delivers a level of flavor fidelity you hardly ever find in a closed system disposable. (More on the flavors in a bit)

Even if I didn’t love the hardware of the Ello Plus (and I do) I would still vape them because of the flavors. I’ll tell you more about the Ello Plus hardware, but you should understand that standing above everything else, for me, is always “flavor”.

Using any closed system device, you have to enjoy the flavors above all else…. even the most elaborate device won’t satisfy you if the flavors are bad.

This is why I am dividing this review into 3 parts.

Sophisticated Hardware Meets Exquisite Vape Juice

Here we are today, in 2023, with incredibly modern disposable vapes from dozens of companies delivering excellent performance. It’s as though there has been a kind of quantum leap of technology for both closed and open system disposables and pod mods. Most devices today work 10 times better than just 5 years ago. This makes it much more difficult to choose between brands because they all work well enough. The defining factor for many people is “how does taste?”

Companies can create hundreds of styles, in dozens of colors, with batteries big and small, and still, it’s the vape juice flavors that win the day.

The Ello Plus by BLVK Stands Apart

A Brief Feature List

• Prefilled Capacity: 12mL
• Battery Capacity: Integrated Rechargeable – 650mAh
• Max Puffs: 6000
• Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
• Operation: Draw-Activated
• Heating Element: Mesh Coil
• Charging: Type-C Port

 12 Available Flavors as of June 2023:

American Tobacco, Blue Slushie Ice, Bruce Chee Ice, Bubba Melon Ice, Coco Melo, Cool Grapple Ice, Havana Tobacco, Icy Tundra, Kiwi Bang Ice, Strawberry Swirlz, Tropic Thunder Ice, Vanilla Swirlz

For today’s review (part 1 of 3) I chose four flavors from Ello’s 12. I’ll discuss their individual flavor profile below, as well as how each one delivers on the promise of superb flavor fidelity that makes the Ello Plus 6000 Puff device a remarkable buy.

But first…

Favorite Hardware Features Discovered During My Review

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable VapeWhen you pick up your Ello Plus you’ll notice the sturdy and beautiful box it comes in. It’s nice, very nice, and right away you can tell that BLVK carefully planned this product from the ground up.

The part of the packaging that makes the Ello Plus special is how each disposable vape is sealed inside easy to open bag that keeps the Ello Plus fresh, protected, and ready to vape. This packaging  maintains battery life as well as the e-liquid inside.

On the bottom of the device is the USB-C port, protected by a strip you peel off. This strip also reveals a unique airflow slide button that allows the user to create a stiff MTL (mouth to lung), or a true DL (direct lung) vape experience.

Ello Plus is only available in 5.0% nicotine, so there won’t be a lot of ‘Direct Lung’ vaping on my part. The throat hit would be overwhelming. In addition to the high nicotine level, most of the flavors have an icy flavor component, which adds even more punch to the throat hit. A nice, slow mouth to lung method is best way to vape it, at least for my own enjoyment.

Moving to the top of the Ello Plus is the color coded (for flavor) mouthpiece with a splendid mouthfeel. It is a Draw-Activated device, so just lift and draw on the mouthpiece, no need to press a fire button. Simple.

Charging the Ello Plus Disposable Vape

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable VapeSince the Ello is a closed-system you might wonder why BLVK bothered to add a rechargeable battery and a USB-C port. Fair enough, but the reason is valid… 12mL of delicious e-liquid.

Inside the Ello Plus is a full 12mL of vape juice. You just won’t be able to vape the entire 12mL of vape juice with a single battery charge. Nor would you want to. The 650mAh battery will wane after 2 or 3 hours of vaping. Recharging the battery will give you the original full power experience even when you get down to just 1 or 2 mL.

It has always been a “best practice” of recharging a closed or open pod mod before using. While the Ello Plus seemed to be fully charged, or near fully charged, for each of the 12 devices I attached a USB-C cable (not included) and topped off the power.

Nicotine Salts Finally Deliver the Promise of Flavor Fidelity

Taking in consideration that Ello Plus is filled with vape juice containing 5% nicotine-salt, you’ll discover that the device will vape for days. Thus, recharging is a must.

The USB-C fast charge port will charge up your device in less than 45 minutes (and that’s conservative).

The Ello Plus 6000 Puff Cost Factor

The BLVK Ello Plus is available in dozens of online vape stores. Most places that sell the Ello Plus ask roughly $13.99USD. A good price for sure, but there are some stores (online mostly) that offer 10x packs for just $90USD, bringing down the cost to just $9USD. And the cool thing here, when buying a 10 pack, you can choose which flavors you want, in any combination you want.

Whether you decide to try a single Ello Plus first, or splurge for the 10 pack, either way is an affordable option, but I’m betting that if you buy one Ello Plus you’ll soon be back for a 10 pack.

The Ello Plus Flavor Deep Dive – 4 At A Time

Each of the 12 flavors deserve the same amount of time and devotion by this reviewer, so that tobacco lovers can understand the depth of the tobacco flavor in the Ello, and a fan of Strawberries gets a complete understanding of how BLVK determines what their Strawberry Swirlz should taste like. So that’s what I’m going to do.

My flavor choices will be random, I’m not going to top load this review with my all-time favorites, I’m going to mix it up.

The First Four Flavors are Vanilla Swirlz, Tropic Thunder, Bubba Melon, and American Tobacco.

Note* Over the years I noticed, over and over, that it had to be marketing companies coming up with official flavor profiles for e-liquid companies.

So many times, I’ll vape a flavor, read the description of that flavor and go “huh?” … so, I was impressed that the people at BLVK vaped every flavor they created because their official flavor profile is spot-on every single time.

Vanilla Swirlz – The BLVK Official Flavor Description – “Rich custard overtones mixed with creamy vanilla undertones.”

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable Vape         My Take: (In this flavor combo there is no icy or mentholated flavor component) Real custard flavor is very distinct. You can’t really fake it, though many of tried. Custard is custard, and in Vanilla Swirlz that is precisely the first flavor you taste on every draw. And it is a genuine, rich, sweet custard.

When BLVK calls the “creamy vanilla” “undertones”, they understand that terminology. The vanilla part of this delicate flavor combination is exactly what an “undertone” is. In the first instant you will get that true custard flavor, and it will linger the entire time you hold the vapor in your mouth. As soon as you begin to exhale, the custard flavor falls back some and immediately a truly creamy vanilla flavor rides out of your mouth in the exhaled vapor.

With Vanilla Swirlz I recommend a soft, continuous inhale of about 1 second. Don’t pull on the mouthpiece to get a deep hit, that seems to wreck the balance. Just pull slowly and enjoy the spectacular custard on the inhale and vanilla on the exhale. – A 5 out of 5 Stars

Tropic Thunder – “A tropical mixed fruit blend finished with a heavy-handed mentholated breeze.”

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable VapeMy Take – Tropic Thunder delivers an icy hit on the exhale. On the inhale, when vaped slowly, you can really pick out the individual flavors that make up this tropical fruit blend.

For me, the flavors that are prominent on the inhale is a delicate mango and pineapple. On the exhale, riding on the icy slide is an orange flavor and, (I might be wrong here), a subtle kiwi flavor. Without a doubt the “undertone” of the exhale is the mentholated component. A 5 out of 5 Stars


Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable Vape

American Tobacco – A full-bodied blend mixed with sweet undertones for that classic American tobacco taste.

My Take: There are two tobacco flavors in this collection, American and Havana. The American tobacco is the better of the two, mainly because the Havana is more intense. I quit smoking 15 years ago (at 18 yrs. old), and an intense tobacco is too much for me.

For Vapers that recently quit smoking the American Tobacco will remind you of smoking a cigarette, although safe from the harmful effects of tobacco.

I can’t say American Tobacco (or Havana) will be one of the Ello Plus Disposables I’ll buy again. It is a remarkable flavor, accurate to a fault, and smoother than I expected. But… it’s tobacco, and I am no longer attracted to tobacco flavors. – A 4 out of 5 Stars

Bubba Melon – “A unique pairing of watermelon and bubblegum finished with hints of ice.”

Ello Plus 6000 Puff Ultra-Modern and Sophisticated Disposable VapeMy Take: You might not believe this but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been on a watermelon kick. Real watermelon. Keira and I will go to the grocery store and every time I’ll pick up a container of fresh cut watermelon. I was looking forward to Bubba Melon for this reason.

Bubba Melon also has an icy exhale delivery. It works for me, although honestly if it didn’t have that icy exhale, it also would have worked for me.

On the inhale I expected the first flavor would be the unique bubblegum flavor, but I was wrong. On the inhale, and while sitting inside, you’ll get a true, genuine, honest-to-God ripe watermelon flavor. And it is amazing.

The exhale is completely different. As you exhale, you’re going to taste that bubblegum flavor as it slides out on top of a mild icy vapor.

Never did I think that Bubba Melon would be a flavor I would want again. As I was getting ready to vape this one, I thought to myself “watermelon and bubblegum… really?” Then I unwrapped it, removed the seal on the bottom of the device, popped out the rubberized tip inside the mouthpiece, and gave it a short hit. Then another. Then a deeper one.

Inside of two minutes I was taken with Bubba Melon. Seriously readers, this is one fantastic flavor. The perfect mix of two (excluding the icy mix) flavors that shouldn’t mix well. But they do mix extraordinarily well.

Of the four flavors today, Bubba Melon is my favorite. Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.

Ella Plus 6000 Puff Disposables – Conclusion of Part One

So, there you have it. My real impressions of the first four flavors in this 12 flavor review.

The Ello Plus by BLVK is an unbelievable combination of incredible flavors and modern hardware that deliver a fantastic vaping experience.

In part 2 I’ll go over the hardware again, in a more condense manner, and get to the next 4 flavors. The best if yet to come, so make sure you come back for next two weeks to get my detailed impressions of all 12 impeccable flavors.

  • Julia Hartley-Barnes – June 2023

Part Two Coming Soon…