Last Updated on February 21, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

Limited Edition e-Liquids – Let’s Have More!

The other day Spinfuel Florida HQ overnighted to Julia and I, two new limited edition Halloween eLiquids from Hurricane Vapor. They were exquisite! A peanut butter and chocolate concoction and something called “Zombrex”, a minty flavor that defies description. Both of them are available only until midnight October 31st. We loved them, especially the peanut butter and chocolate one, but this really isn’t about Hurricane Vapor. This is about the idea of limited edition eLiquids and why there isn’t many in the industry.

Once and a while we’ll bump into some limited edition e-liquids, or time-limited eJuice from some of the brands we buy from, but not often enough. I think the idea of putting out niche flavors with a non-mainstream flavor profile can raise the awareness for a vendor/brand that is otherwise lost among the dozens upon dozens of brands already out there. I’m not saying that applies to Hurricane Vapor, one of 3 new brands I’ve discovered this year that are already among the top-tier of eLiquid vendors, but what I am saying is that these ‘marketing’ techniques benefit both the brand and the consumer, no matter how popular they are. They can also lead to new, permanent flavors being added to a brands ‘roster’, when that niche flavor becomes an unexpected hit.

Last year our friends at FanceeJuice released a ‘holiday limited edition’ that became a permanent fixture in their lineup.  It was Pumpkin Spice Latte, and while the folks at FanceeJuice thought it was a splendid flavor, they also thought its appeal would be limited to the holidays. The flavor sold so well that its still a part of the FanceeJuice lineup, even after the recent “purge”.  If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should, you can fine it on the FanceeJuice website under “Signature” flavors.

So, why don’t more eLiquid vendors do this? Is it because the time and effort is too involved, or there just isn’t time to do it? Well, I have an idea that might make it easier to do.

Signature Profiles

Every eLiquid brand that we’ve reviewed over the past two years has had a unique profile. For instance, I can tell a Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquid with a single drag. It doesn’t matter what flavor it is, there is something in their profile that tells me immediately that it is from MOV. Same with Ginger’s eJuice, Zeus Juice, Halo Cigs, Hurricane Vapor, Virgin Vapor, Rocket Fuel Vapes, and so on. I’m not the only one that says this, everybody does. It’s one of the reasons we can buy a new flavor from our favorite brands on faith. We know the profile, and we can guess, accurately, if the brand we like is going to do the flavor up right. This is the key to putting out various holiday, or other limited edition flavors in order to gain a bit of publicity or to simply have some fun.

Vendors can put their ‘spin’ on a peppermint candy flavor for Christmas, a pumpkin flavor for thanksgiving, egg nogg for Easter, and so on. Hurricane Vapor went a step further with their Reese’s peanut butter cup flavor because it ties into Halloween and candy.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see what Mountain Oak Vapors would do for a Thanksgiving or Christmas eLiquid, or to see what Ginger’s eJuice can do at Easter, or any other vendor and any other special occasion.

 What about you? What do you think about limited edition eLiquids? What flavors would you like to see your favorite vendor use as a special flavor? And, by the way, who is your favorite vendor, and what is their best eJuice? Sound off in the comments. Sometimes tomorrow morning I’ll choose the best comment and send you a bottle of Potion Vape eLiquid. How’s that for an incentive to leave a post?


Keira Hartley-Barnes