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So many eliquids to choose from, so little time!

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to vaping, you cannot fail to be impressed by the massive array of different eliquid flavours available today. We have everything from coffee to energy drink, from strawberry to watermelon and everything else in between. You would be forgiven for wondering where to start and which eliquid flavours are best for you, so how would you choose?

In order to find the most suitable eliquid flavours for you it is probably advisable to keep an open mind at the outset. If you look at a particular group of flavours, a particular type of flavour or strength of nicotine, this could mean that you restrict the type of flavours you try and you may miss out on one which is perfect for you.

Traditional or modern flavours?

There are many in the vaping industry that would have you believe fruit flavoured products are the way forward and traditional tobacco types are long gone. The fact remains that all but a tiny number of those who use either electronic cigarettes of vaping devices are former tobacco smokers. Even though the vast majority want to cut down on their tobacco intake that does not mean that tobacco flavoured eliquids are off the table.

You would be surprised to learn the array of relatively light, medium and high tobacco flavoured eliquids available today. This offers many people the opportunity to switch from relatively strong tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes thereby eliminating the 4000+ toxins which many believe have a role to play in health issues – without necessarily giving up the taste of tobacco which they enjoy. If you smoked relatively strong tobacco cigarettes there is the opportunity to replicate this in eliquid/electronic cigarette form and then move down the relative nicotine strengths thereby reducing your intake.

Why so many modern day flavours?

At this moment in time whatever eliquid flavour you have in mind, the chances are there is a company somewhere around the world selling that flavour. We have everything from custard to whisky, from bacon to pizza and this is just a fraction of the different flavours available. The introduction of this massive array of eliquid flavours has opened the market up to many more different people who may initially have continued smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some would argue the introduction of these flavours is making the electronic cigarette industry “fun” when in reality it can be a very serious issue for many people.

While regulators in Europe and the US continue to battle the masses to introduce far-reaching and sometimes overreaching regulations, the voice of the vaping community is finally being heard. There have been suggestions that particular strengths and flavours of eliquid will be banned in the future but it seems that the vaping industry and the vaping community have a lot to say on this matter. It is inevitable that we will see the number of different modern day eliquid flavours continue to grow because ultimately it is very simple to flavour the base product, i.e. the eliquid, with any flavouring which customers request.


While some would argue that the vaping industry is making smoking “fun” again, the reality is that while there are many different exotic eliquid flavours out there, many people are still sticking to good old-fashioned tobacco flavours. It will be interesting to see the trends in the future, whether more and more ex-smokers move away from tobacco eliquid or indeed whether some decide to return to their base flavouring. Whatever happens, there is no doubt that the array of exotic and very different eliquid flavours available today will only grow in number. Will the regulators be able to haul back this inevitable growth or will people power win through?

Mark Benson

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