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What would governments do if vapers suddenly gave up the fight for the Electronic Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette/vaping community has been under significant pressure over the last few years as the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices continues to grow. There are many different reasons why the industry is coming under pressure one of which is most certainly the fight by governments to build more and more tax income streams. So, what would happen if the vaping community and the vaping industry suddenly gave up the fight – lay down their weapons and surrendered?

If you take a step back, consider the situation, this would be a catastrophic development for governments around the world and would likely prompt a very different response than the one we have seen in recent times!

Tobacco tax falling year-on-year

It is common knowledge that tobacco tax, along with the number of people smoking tobacco cigarettes, has been falling year-on-year for some time now. Historically governments around the world have been quite happy to tax these products despite concerns about the long-term health implications but as this income stream continues to come under pressure, what will they do next?

There is a growing feeling that electronic cigarettes are being prepared as the next sacrificial lamb to the tax altar as tobacco sales continue to fall. In many ways governments and regulators around the world have been forced to restrict the sale of tobacco cigarettes for a number of reasons which has prompted an array of smoking bans in public places. The general impression is that restrictions on the sale and use of tobacco cigarettes will only grow which will have a direct impact upon taxes raised from this particular avenue.

What would happen if the vaping industry disappeared over night?

Governments, regulators and those with a vested interest against a successful electronic cigarette industry have been extremely vocal and extremely forthright in publishing their opinions. Many in the vaping community believe that governments around the world want to grab control of an industry, which they ignored for many years, and use potential tax income in the future to replace lost tobacco revenues. If this industry literally disappeared overnight, companies gave up the fight and vaping communities disbanded, would this prompt a different attitude from governments?

There is every chance that governments around the world would change their attitude if the vaping community gave up the fight, if they saw tax revenues of the future disappearing and effectively they had won the battle they never really wanted to fight. The likelihood is that governments are well aware that the electronic cigarette/vaping industry is here to stay although they believe the more uncertainty and concerns they can create the more chance the general public will look to them for protection. In the eyes of governments, protection equals regulation which equals taxes which equals money to fund government services!


In many cases the best way to win a battle is to step forward, look your enemy in the eye and take strength from your beliefs. However, wouldn’t it be bizarre if the electronic cigarette movement took a step back and effectively gave up the fight?

The chances are the further back the vaping community stepped the further forward governments and regulators would move. They would need to take a whole different approach to the electronic cigarette industry and they would need to encourage the take-up of these devices to combat falling tobacco taxes. While many vaping enthusiasts continue their rigourous fight to the end, perhaps a contrary approach would be to put their hands up, admit defeat and watch governments squirm?

Then, when the authorities came back looking to breathe new life into the industry this would be the perfect opportunity to maximise concessions. Well, you never know, perhaps governments around the world need the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE industry more than it needs them?

Mark Benson


Mark Benson is a contributing author for Spinfuel eMagazine. His continuing columns will bring a level headed approach to the dynamics involved in realizing a positive future for the e-cigarette industry. For more information on electronic cigarettes and the various products available please visit the OKCigs website

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