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eLeaf MELO 300 – It’s in the Coils

Extreme Performance eLeaf MELO 300 Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The eLeaf Melo 300 Sub-Ohm Tank ($29.99-$34.99 Vapor Authority)  is an unbelievable achievement for eLeaf. Frankly, I believed the pinnacle of sub-ohm tank performance had been reached with the recently released SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub-Ohm tank, or perhaps even the iJoy MAXO V12 Sub-Ohm tank. I suppose that’s not the case. With any atomizer, especially Sub-Ohm tanks, the magic is in the Coils. The 300 owes its power to the high performance .17 ES Sextuple coil head.

That performance, including flavor fidelity, of the this tank not only reaches the same performance level of the TFV12 or MAXO V12, it surpasses them, albeit by a hair. The Melo 300 is so powerful that I could not, in good faith, recommend it to just any sub-ohm tank user. Read on to find out why.

About The eLeaf Melo 300 Sub-Ohm Tank

The eLeaf Melo 300 is the first extreme performance atomizer from the engineers at eLeaf. It can, realistically, vape at a staggering 300 Watts. I should know, I achieved this level of wattage using my SMOK GX350 and equipping the Melo 300 with its 0.17Ω ES Sextuple Coil head. (eLeaf includes two of these coils in the box) Granted, the vape juice I chose was a MAX VG from Vape Dudes, my trusty Nilla No Bake.

eLeaf ES Sextuple Coil Specifications: 

  • ES Sextuple Coil
    • 0.17Ω
      • 100W to 300W Range
      • Reverse ‘Sandwich’ Design
      • Dual Parallel Configuration in each Coil
      • Pure Organic Cotton
      • Three Large Wick Cutouts

Each of the ES Sextuple Coils feature a three-coil section design with parallel vertical coils in each section of the stainless-steel head. The ES offers a unique, and remarkable, wicking design. The Melo 300 .17Ω Coil Head allows for maximum vape juice saturation, in ways other high performance coil heads can’t achieve.

Extreme Performance eLeaf MELO 300 Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Trust me, I’m no expert of coil designs, but after using my eLeaf Melo 300 and half a dozen sextuple coils, I can attest to the incredible performance that is due, in part, to the amount of immersive saturation of the thickest ejuice available. The way the coil structure and organic cotton can absorb any vape juice on the market to create enormous clouds of vapor is extraordinary.

The history of the Melo sub-ohm tank goes back some time, and just prior to using the Melo 300 I was vaping with the Melo RT 25, capable of vaping up to 200W, which I believed was as high as the Melo platform was going to go. Surprise!

The Melo 300 offers a simple, deceivingly simple, look, and comes in two sizes, a 3.5mL juice capacity and a whopping 6.5mL juice capacity. I am reviewing the larger, 6.5mL tank. There are some unique features to the Melo 300, besides the ungodly wattage capabilities, which are worth mentioning below.

eLeaf Melo 300 Top Fill Method

Extreme Performance eLeaf MELO 300 Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Both Melo 300 models, the 3.5 and 6.5 mL capacity models, measures 26mm in diameter. They are filled by sliding a retractable section of the top cap that reveals a single large, curved fill port.

eLeaf Melo 300 Airflow

The Airflow is forced into the high-performance tank through dual 13mm x 3mm air slots situated at the base of the tank. The airflow is sent all the way up and through the ES Sextuple Coil, allowing the incredible amount of wattage to be sent through the wires without scorching the cotton.

Bottom Line

The eLeaf Melo 300 Sub-Ohm Tank equipped with the .17Ω sextuple coil head is not to be taken lightly.

Extreme Performance eLeaf MELO 300 Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Although it can vape at 300W with a thick, MaxVG eliquid, I wouldn’t go there without a very slow climb up the wattage ladder.

I managed to vape with Vape Dudes MaxVG juice for about 5 minutes, with a good 15-20 seconds between pulls on the drip tip. After that, and even now, I get an optimal vape with 70% VG vape juice at 130W.

Even well under the highest wattage eliquid is consumed quickly and without mercy. Getting through 6.5mL of juice in under 90 minutes is not uncommon with this tank. However, if your goal is to create these huge, thick, aromatic, and flavorful clouds of vapor, consuming the eliquid to do it is worth the cost.

Would I trade my SMOK TFV8’s and TFV12’s for an all Melo 300 experience, all the time? No, not even close. The Melo 300, to me anyway, is a specialty tank, designed to inch up to that 300W barrier. And while the Delrin Drip Tip stays ‘fairly’ cool, relatively speaking, when you’re up in the 180W and above, don’t touch the glass, or the metal parts of the tank. You’re burn.

Grade: A+

“Not for the faint of heart, the Melo 300 can ‘out vape’ any other sub-ohm tank on the market when it comes to cloud volume. But, it comes at a price. Vape Juice consumption and battery life must be considered, and as such I’d stay away from internal battery box mods when using the 300.”

John Manzione

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eLeaf Melo 300 Features:

  • 26mm Diameter
  • Retractable and Sliding Top Fill System
    • Easy One Handed Opening
    • Snaps Open/Close
    • Available in Two Sizes
      • 3.5ml
      • 6.5ml
  • ES Sextuple Coil
    • 0.17 ohm
      • 100 to 300W
      • Reverse Sandwich Design
      • Dual Parallel Configuration per Coil
      • Organic Cotton
      • Three Large Wick Cutouts
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
    • 13mm by 3mm
  • 12.5mm Delrin Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated Contact
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

eLeaf Melo 300 Size:

  • 3.5ml Edition
    • 26mm by 55mm
  • 6.5mm Edition
    • 26mm by 60mm

eLeaf Melo 300 Box Includes:

  • One eLeaf Melo 300 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Two 0.17Ω ES Sextuple Coils
  • Spare Parts Pack

Replacement Coils can be purchased at Vapor Authority