Although the eLeaf iJust batteries D14 and D16 can be purchased with our without a glassomizer tank, this review includes the eLeaf GS14 and GS16 glassomizers. Together they form an excellent advanced personal vaporizer that out performed my expectations… dramatically.

iJust Introduction

Both the iJust D14 and D16 are easy to use and attractive devices. The D14 is available in 650mAh and 900mAh while the D16 is available in a whopping 1700mAh, and a more moderate 850mAh. Each of the devices has variable voltage, with a 3.3v to 5v range with a maximum output of 10w. If you’re looking for a device to chase clouds with this ain’t it, then again, it’s not supposed to be.

iJust Features

Both batteries are 510 and eGo threaded. The glassomizers, the GS16 and GS14 are 510 OR eGo threaded. While the battery looks its best with the GS glassomizer, and the GS glassomizer looks best on a D14/D16 battery, they can use on other devices.  To try this out I used the G16 glassomizer on a Spinner 2 with great results, and a Spinner 1 with less than great results. ALeaflthough I was still able to vape with the Spinner 1. I used both the Aspire CE5 and X.Jet Spider on the D16 and D14 with great results. For looks and best performance however, I mush prefer the D battery and GS glassomizers together.

Features Continued..

In addition to the variable voltage feature, the D14 and D16’s are a 5-click on/off battery with a large LED readout on the end cap of the battery. This LED display shows you the current voltage, remaining battery power in percentage format, and a puff counter and puff timer, features we see appearing on more and more devices these days.

They are also pass-through devices, and as I write this I have my D16 attached to my laptop via the USB cable. While the device recharges I’m still vaping with it. The USB port on the battery sits up to about an inch below the firing button and variable voltage bezel ring surrounding the firing button.

Both the D14 and D16 offer a good set of safety features as well, including short-circuit protection and low-voltage protection.

Before moving on to the glassomizers I’ll end this section by saying that both batteries look and feel like top quality batteries, I was duly impressed with not only the performance but also the attractiveness of the battery and glassomizer.

The GS14 GS16 Glassomizers

So we don’t get confused; there are actually 4 different glassomizers in the GS series. Each D battery has two glassomizer options. The D14 has the GS14 and GS14S, while the D16 has a GS16 and GS16S. The “S” has smaller capacities for eliquid, so I’ve taken it upon myself to identify the “S” as meaning “shorter”, which they physically are.

I received the GS14 and GS16 glassomizers so those of the two glassomizers I will write about, but you should know that eLeaf offer the “shorter” versions just in case.

eLeaf D16 & GS16

The GS16 glassomizer has a capacity of 2.6ML of eliquid, and is made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The GS16 can be purchased with a 510-thread or eGo-thread base. Unscrewing the base gives you easy access to the dual bottom coil head, which I’ll get to soon.

Neither of the G16 glassomizers have airflow control, but fortunately the natural draw is not a loose draw. Though I’ve become accustomed to having an airflow controller on all my glassomizers, in this case the lack of one did not affect the quality of my vape experience.

My standard, everyday vape is, as I’ve said quite often, is a Spinner and X.Jet clearomizer, so although I love the airflow controllers on the larger setups the D16/GS16 lack of one was a non-issue.

The GS glassomizers allow you to change out the coil head ‘on the fly’, meaning there is no loss of eliquid if you need to change the coil with a full tank. You can purchase a 1.8ohm or 1.6ohm coil heads for the GS series, the ones I received with this review were 1.8ohm (the default resistance).

Without getting into my real world experience just yet I will say that the quality of the coils are exceptional. I was able to push the voltage past my usual voltage settings without getting a burnt tasting vape. Compared to my usual everyday setup I enjoyed warmer vapor with the same flavor output, a pleasant surprise.

The GS14 Glassomizer

The GS14 is exactly the same as the GS16 except that it’s thinner and holds 1.8ML of eliquid. It is an excellent match for the D14 battery, which I suppose is expected. Pound for pound, or rather, ounce for ounce, the performance was equal in every way to the larger GS16.

Real World Usage

My immediate reaction after opening the package that contained a D14, D16, D16 (stainless) and GS14 and GS16 glassomizers was positive, but tentative. I liked the ‘look’ of the devices, but was unsure of how well they would perform.

Without reading the manual, which I didn’t have until a day ago anyway, I charged the batteries and filled the glassomizers. I knew nothing about how the batteries work, so I tinkered with them.

It was easy enough to discover that the batteries had a 5-click on/off feature, most do anyway, and the firing button is apparent enough that I had no problem vaping right away. But, I also had no idea if the batteries were variable voltage or variable wattage, or if in fact they were simply 3.7v output batteries.

While tinkering I also noticed the LED display on the end cap, and noticed that as I vaped it counted the time of my drag. It also displayed the remaining battery power. For a while, several hours anyway, that was all I knew.

For those initial hours I was not ‘feeling it’, if you know what I mean. Sure, there was vapor and there was flavor, but they were minimal at best. During that initial vape time I was mentally occupied with how I was going to approach a review with such a poor performer.

iJust Discovery

My mistake was that I didn’t tinker enough in the beginning. Earlier I mentioned that bezel around the firing button. At the time I thought that was all that is was, a bezel because there are no numbers or any other voltage/wattage indicator around the bezel. It wasn’t until I was so disappointed in the performance that I held the device in front of me and, slightly shaking my head.

I wondered why, after such a great iStick release a month ago, they would produce a bomb. It was at that moment, looking directly at the firing button, that I unconsiously moved my fingers to the bezel and twisted it. It moved.

Turning it slowly I moved the battery into a position that would allow me to see the display on the end cap. Sure enough, the voltage, which defaulted to 3.3v, began increasing with every click. Suddenly, I saw the D16 in a whole new light.

The Sweet Spot

Now that I had figured out that the D16 (and D14) were variable voltage devices I went hunting for my sweet spot. With a tank full of 50:50 eliquid I found it at 4.1v with the 1.8ohm coil.

This was somewhat higher than I expected. My usual coil resistance when I order X.Jet Spiders is also 1.8ohm, and when I dial in my sweet spot with the same eliquid it is always 3.8v. That 3.8v gave me maximum flavor fidelity and good vapor production.

Though, to be upfront about it, the vapor was always on the cooler side. With the D16 and GS16 the flavor was identical to the Spinner/X.Jet when I vaped them at 4.1v.

The same rich flavor was accompanied by roughly 25% more vapor. Vapor that was toasty warm instead of lukewarm as it is with the X.Jet at 3.8v.

The coils in the GS16 can be pushed higher without losing flavor, which in essence made the X.Jet experience an inferior one.

Enjoying the D batteries and GS glassomizers

In the days ahead I had refilled both the GS16 and GS14 tanks many times. They have only gotten better and better. It took about 3 refills of eliquid with the G16 to reach maximum performance. It has remained that way until, well, right now, as I continue to vape using the pass-through ability.

Finding the iJust D16

Unfortunately a Google search turns up very little about the iJust D16/GS16 D14/GS14 devices. The eLeaf website has all the information you want, except where to buy one and what they cost. I wish I could tell you, but I just don’t know.

Imagine the product has been released and it is on the way on the vendor’s shelves as we go to press with this review. When we do find out where you can buy one, and what you’ll pay, we’ll update this review.


It would have been easy for me to write off the D series batteries and the GS glassomizers in the beginning of my review period. I was sent the products to review.

But I wasn’t sent a manual or feature set until I asked for one. And, honestly, had it not been for the eLeaf iStick and its awesome performance for a pocket mod.

I may not have decided to tinker with it and accidentally discover its variable voltage feature. I’m really happy I did.

Finding myself using the D16 and the D14 every day.  So I can keep switching one out while the other is recharging I’ve had little reason to stop using them. I like them. A lot.

Each are great performers for what they are, and I imagine they will be affordable enough so that they won’t be out of reach for most vapers.

As for me, the ‘acid test’ is, when laid side by side, a D16/GS16 device and a Spinner 2/X.Jet Spider, the eLeaf iJust D16/GS16 wins.

Better battery life, larger capacity for eliquid, easier to recharge, pass-through ability. And overall look and feel, the eLeaf is superior in every way.

If you’ve been reading Spinfuel for any length of time you probably know how I feel about using Spinners, so this is kind of a big deal.

For everyday vaping eLeaf does it again with these terrific setups. I Highly recommend them.

John Manzione

A Demo Review