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Eighty Six Premium Hemp THC-P Disposable Vape

Last week I ordered some THC-P Disposable Vapes from Eighty Six Premium Hemp. I’ve been hearing good things about this affordable, and legal, high-performance disposable that promise to deliver the 3 things I’m looking for in a mind-altering vape experience.

I was not disappointed.

The Three Must Haves for THC-P Vapes

  1. The first, most important factor when choosing a good mind-alerting vape is, believe it or not, is smooth, satisfying flavor. I don’t care how high I can get from any THC product, if the taste is terrible, if I’m left with a scratchy throat, a dry mouth, and a tension headache, forget it, I’m not touching it more than once.
  1. Second is the ‘strain’ that the THC-P is created with. I am not, nor have I ever been, someone that enjoys getting anxious, nervous, or jittery from weed, Delta THC, or cannabis edibles. I want to feel good, relaxed, comfortable, and I want to be able to focus if I need to.
  1. My third necessity for me to become a fan is the hardware quality of the disposable. If the product has great flavor, makes me feel the way I want to feel, but then falls down on the job when it comes to delivering smooth vape experience and a dependable certain amount of THC-P, and battery life, then no deal. I’d rather mix the product into brownies or mix it in spaghetti sauce. You know what I mean?

It sounds like a lot, and in a way, it certainly is, but when you spend $29 on a disposable THC-P vape, it must be worth the expenditure.

Eighty Six Premium Hemp THC-P Disposable VapeThe Three flavors I chose to try are: Golden Milk, White Fluff, and Sunday Scaries. All very different flavor profiles, but all delivering the same high-quality THC-P and in-depth flavor profiles, with deep satisfaction.

Here’s a brief overview of each flavor, in my own words and after spending a few hours with each.

Golden Milk

An overall tropical profile with mint cookies (Girl Scouts version of course), without any typical “weed” aftertaste.

White Fluff

Cotton Candy, anyone?

Man, I don’t know how Eight Six Premium Hemp does it with this flavor, but White Fluff is one delicious cotton candy flavor with overtones of a childhood memory of sugary Dipstick powder candy. Wow! Sweet and a little bit sour, hard to put down.

Sunday Scaries

Eighty Six Premium Hemp THC-P Disposable VapeThis incredible blend is a combination of an actual Mimosa (seriously folks), and something called “forbidden fruit”, Sunday Scaries has a deep citrus flavor profile. Extraordinarily smooth, I can’t wait to tell you how it made me feel.

Wait. What is THC-P Anyway?

THC-P is an effective psychoactive but naturally occurring cannabinoid. Most people cite that THC-P is roughly 30 times stronger than THC alone. I can’t speak to that because I’m not a scientist. What I can say is, THC-P is serious business. Over vape one of these disposables and you’ll be trying to wipe something off your face… and it will be the floor.

My advice when vaping THC-P is to go slow when you inhale, and then let the effects hit all around you. If I can make a single promise to you, it is this:


Eighty Six Premium Hemp THC-P Disposable VapeIf you’re new to THC-P (I was), like me, you may have just found your favorite new way to chill out, relax, and ease the stress of living in this strange new world post-pandemic.

The Hardware of the THC-P Disposable

The THC-P disposable vapes from EightySix Premium Hemp require no maintenance at all. They come charge and ready to use, primed and ready to vape as a pull (puff) to activate.

The build quality of these disposables is first-rate and I’m not kidding. It’s not some plastic lightweight throwaway. Look at the photos to get a better idea of what to expect. From the Fill Level Window to the nice mouthfeel of the tip, to the USB-C to recharge the battery.

Note* The THC-P Disposable Vape from EightySix is a true disposable, despite it’s USB-C port. You see, the amount of flavorful THC-P is a whopping 2 Grams, and depending on your personal vape style you may need to recharge the battery 2, 3, even 4 times before you vape all the 2 Grams of product. With these disposables you won’t waste the THC-P, and if you feel the draw is getting a little weak, top it off with a short charge.

You will get hundreds of pulls (puffs) from each disposable. Its price tag will feel tiny after your very first purchase.

This is one potent disposable, and the hemp-derived THC-P will give you many hours of pleasure.

Vaping a THC-P disposable from EightySix will deliver a relaxing and euphoric feeling that you won’t lose control of when vaped slowly and gauging your feelings along the way.

In Conclusion

I am shouting the virtues these powerful, long lasting, THC-P vapes because they are, without a shadow of doubt, something I truly and spectacularly am impressed with.

The improvements this Delta THC industry makes ever year is so surprising. I remember a few years back thinking that Delta THC was a fad. Then I tried one and got so stoned it scared me. I began to think “Is this safe?”. As thing progressed, I learned more about these cannabinoids, more about THC and Delta THC, and eventually did come around to these products becoming a real, sustainable industry.

With these THC-P disposables by EightySix Premium Hemp, we are on the cutting edge. Smooth, delicious flavors to choose from, no scratchier “weed” like aftertastes, and a high-quality disposable (but rechargeable) hardware for less money than the cheap, awful tasting first-gen products were back in 2016.

I highly recommend that you try each of these three unique, delicious flavors. Having said that, I would be remiss if I didn’t grade my favorite flavors… so here you go:

  1. White Fluff – Come on, Cotton Candy!!
  2. Golden Milk – Tropical flavors and a Girl Scouts minty cookie? Oh yea!
  3. Finally, the Sunday Scaries. While I loved the flavor, it does deliver a bold citrus flavor, backed with a sweet, tasty mimosa.

Last Word

If you need to relax at the end of a tough day, and who doesn’t in 2023, but you’d rather not fix a few alcoholic drinks, these delicious vapes with melt away the stress. Just lay back in your recliner, put on some Pink Floyd, and let the world melt away.

Grade: A+

Affordable – Delicious – Potent – Quality

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