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Joyetech eGo ONE Mega and Mini Review

Joyetech hit a homeroom with their small, high performance, eGo ONE series. Created with a single battery, a matching tank, and a super atomizer head, the eGo ONE is the “one device for everyone”, or something like that.

Before I proceed with Joyetech’s new eGo ONE review I will admit upfront that I am a huge fan of these vaporizers. No matter what else I am using as my primary vaporizer I keep at least one eGo ONE with me at all times. Heck, I think every Spinfuel staffer keeps at least one of them close by.

The best selling tool for the eGo ONE is seeing it in action. So while I will provide this hard copy of my real world usage with this written review, check out John’s videos to see just how “high performance” they truly are. eGo ONE Video

The eGo ONE Mega

When your company has a homerun with a product the smart play is to see how you might leverage that eGo ONE Mega Batteryproduct and extend it into even more homeruns, and Joyetech has recently done just that by reaching higher than the 2200mAh eGo ONE XL, as well as lower than the 1100mAh eGo ONE. With the Mega and Mini, Joyetech has covered all the bases, i.e., needs, of just about every vaper.

The eGo ONE Mega’s standard battery is a 2600mAh lithium battery with direct output mode. (It’s basically a really good mechanical mod). The battery is offered in Silver and Black. I received the silver version for review and after John Manzione, my boss, used it for a day he had his buddy Jack from Ave40 send along a black Mega for himself. John has the same feelings for the eGo ONE series as I do; he loves them as well.

The Mega battery is slightly shorter than 2200mAh battery, and wider in diameter. It is a pleasure to hold, and the battery life is splendid. As a heavy vaper I’m getting close to 4 hours of battery life from it with the .5-ohm atomizer head. With the 1-ohm atomizer head I would venture to say that the battery life would extend out by at least an additional hour. It recharges in about half the time it takes to charge. Joyetech says it would take about 3.5 hours to recharge, and in my experience it didn’t take any longer than that. While it’s charging light next to the USB port stays red, when it is fully charged the light goes out.

Mega Tank

eGo ONE Tank 4mlThe new, matching tank for the Mega is truly something marvelous. With a capacity of 4mL you can now vape for hours without having to refill it. Naturally, if you’re using a high VG mixture for your e-liquid you’ll use it up faster, but still, 4mL is a big plus. In addition, there is a wide space between the inside wall of the tank and the outside wall of the atomizer head ‘well’. It is so easy to fill the Mega Tank, and it takes just seconds.

Compared to the Delta 2 tank by Joyetech it is a little wider, a little shorter, and uses a much smaller atomizer head than the Delta 2. Its 510 male battery connector is perfect for the eGo ONE battery, but at 22mm in diameter you can use it on other batteries and vaporizers that incorporate an adjustable 510-pin connector.

The eGo ONE Mega is available in Silver or Black.

The Joyetech eGo ONE Mini

Both the original eGo ONE (1100mAh and 2200mAh) and the new Mini are offered in different colors. The 1100 and 2200 battery/tanks are available in 6 beautiful color, including, Cherry Red, Sky Blue, Black, Silver, Pearl White, and Magic Blue.eGo ONE Mini

If I could afford it I would own at least one of each color so that I could put together a lot of different color combinations, like a Cherry Red battery with a Black tank, or Sky Blue battery and a Pearl White tank.

If for some reason the ‘first out’ eGo ONE, spec’d at 1100mAh with a tank that holds 1.8mL, isn’t small enough for your specialty needs, Joyetech has decided to go even smaller with the eGo ONE Mini. The eGo ONE Mini is spec’d out at 850mAh battery and 1.8mL capacity as the first eGo ONE.

The eGo ONE Mini is perfect for small stealthy vaping. Measuring just 109.7mm, or 4.31 inches including the tank, is performs the same way the eGo ONE Mega does, but not as long. Both battery life and e-liquid capacity are substantially less than the eGo ONE Mega.

The Mini is offered in black, silver, water blue, and hot pink.

Atomizer heads for the Joyetech eGo ONE

Atomizers for the eGo ONEFortunately, the same atomizer heads can be used across the eGo ONE series, the Joyetech CL. Each eGo ONE kit comes with an atomizer head in 1-ohm and 0.5-ohm, but there is a bigger difference between the two CL coils than simply the ohms. And it is this difference that really puts the eGo ONE in a class all its own.


Mouth To Lung or the Lung Hit

As you can see in the photos, the 1-ohm and the 0.5-ohm coils are the same size, but inside they are very different. The 1-ohm atomizer head makes if extremely different to take a ‘lung hit’. Designed to be used by vapers that want to duplicate the ‘mouth to lung’ experience and it works magnificently.

The 0.5-ohm atomizer head, on the other hand, makes it easy to take a nice long ‘lung hit’. The vapor flows smoothly and evenly, and when you inhale straight into your lungs in one pull the amount of flavor and vapor are extraordinary. The performance of these two coils, in any of the eGo ONE’s is just remarkable. I seem to be in a state of constant delight when using the eGo ONE.

The CLR Atomizer Heads

But there is another atomizer head you can use in the eGo ONE series, the CL-R atomizer head. The R stands for rebuildable, rewickable, and/or reusable.eGO ONE CLR

The CLR Atomizer Head (0.5-ohm and 1-ohm) is a newly designed atomizer head from Joyetech that is made for the eGo ONE series. The CLR features a slightly different body design. It allows users to replace the cotton and/or customize the coil resistance to their own liking. Only organic cotton is used for the wicking material, providing an even more intense flavor output over the normal CL atomizer head. And let me tell you, the CLR hits like a dripper!

The CLR is a little more expensive than the regular CL atomizer head but they are worth it. Advanced vapers, those that rebuild or rewick atomizer as a standard practice won’t have any issues with the CLR, and vapers with no experience can buy them like they would the CL atomizer heads and simply toss them in the trash when they are no longer producing good flavor or vapor production. Why would you want to buy the CLR at a slightly higher cost? Because the CLR hits like a dripper! The flavor and vapor from the CLR is unbelievable.

The Real World Report for the  eGo ONE

As you have seen in some of John’s videos (The Cold Open), no matter which Joyetech eGo ONE you use the performance is as good as most full size vaporizes and tanks. Sure, the Joyetech Delta 2, with its massive atomizer head, out performs by a wide enough margin, but the amount of flavor and vapor production is spectacular in both.

Just for kicks I have used the eGo ONE’s (all 4) in a comparison with other, closely priced devices and the eGo ONE’s kick their asses all over town. A Vision Spinner 2 and an X.Jet 1.8-ohm clearomizer produces just enough vapor and barely enough flavor, and is put to shame when used alongside the eGo ONE’s. In fact, every clearomizer I’ve put up against the eGo ONE’s have failed miserably.

Bottom Line

eGO ONE Box KitThe Joyetech eGo ONE series, from the Mini all the way up to the Mega are powerful vaporizers capable of delivering an amazing vape for any vaper. Pricing begins at about $40 and goes up to about $60.

Who should buy or use an eGo ONE? That’s easy, anyone and everyone looking for a great vape at a comfortable price. The eGo ONE Mega and/or the Mini, or for that matter, the 1100mAh or 2200mAh eGo One’s, can work for you as your primary vaporizer, just choose the one that fits your needs the best. Or choose two, one for heavy vaping and one for pure stealth. And to further enhance your vape experience, try a CLR atomizer head and blow clouds that will astonish you, and anyone around you.


The eGo ONE series are fantastic vaporizers for new vapers or as a secondary backup for advanced vapers, and I have no qualms recommending all four models. Terrific All-in-One devices.

Julia Hartley-Barnes