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NYC Politicians Have Gone Completely Mad

Yesterday, our editor of the Spinfuel News Blog, Jim Kurz, posted an article from Reason.Com, written by Jacob Sullum, reporting that the New York City Council has approved an ordinance that prohibits the use of e cigarettes in all places (Ban E Cigarettes From Public) where tobacco cigarettes are banned, including parks in and around the city limits. It is a great pro-vaping piece and I urge you to read it, print it out, and past it to your refrigerator door.

Bloomberg-ism Strikes Again

This citywide ban on e Cigarettes, is the latest madness to come from Bloomberg-ism (read: socialism) and it is eating away at the heart and soul of what used to be the best city in the world.

Little by little, ordinance-by-ordinance, law-by-law, the reign of Bloomberg has been one of tyranny and terror. Hyperbole? Only for citizens that have come to accept and welcome the propaganda that “government knows best”, and who are more than willing to give up personal freedoms in the name of His Royal Highness Mayor Bloomberg. To freedom loving people like me, and many others, this is just another power grab by his minions that further dictates how people should conduct themselves in their public and private lives. It is sickening.

Why would these brainwashed imbeciles do such a thing?

“Because many of the E-cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes and be used just like them, they can lead to confusion or confrontation,”

Confusion and confrontation. Yea, that’s a good reason to ban a statistically harmless activity isn’t it?

For the sake of new readers to Spinfuel eMagazine, and for the sake of many millions of current smokers that are interested in adopting electronic cigarettes, let me explain something.

Using electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) is NOT smoking. There is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes, no carcinogens. There is no combustion involved, you cannot toss an e-cigarette into a pile of day leaves and start a fire, you cannot burn someone with an electronic cigarette. Second hand “vapor” is as harmless as the air breathed in the mountains of Colorado, much less harmful than the air everyday citizens in NYC breathe from the moment they wake up…to the moment they wake up. (er, I mean, always, 24/7/365, every second you’re alive in New York City you are breathing in air that is much more harmful than sitting in a closed room in the mountains of Colorado with a dozen people vaping away on electronic cigarettes.) E-Cigarettes, despite having the word “cigarette” in the name is less harmful to your health than living in any city in the world.

Of course, the councilmen know this deep inside their power-hungry little brains, so instead of urging citizen smokers to switch to an infinitely safer method of nicotine consumption, something that would actually do some good, they ban the use of eCigs “for the children”, or because, I guess, a non-smoker might see someone vaping with Blu Cigs or a Johnson Creek Vea and become confused, start crying, and immediately begin suffering from PTSD.

For the past thirty years the non-smoking zealots have been hard at work isolating cigarettes, and disparaging those that choose to smoke, basically causing non-smokers to look at smokers as though they were lepers. Yet, 43 million Americans in the United States alone smoke cigarettes today. The so-called success of demonizing smokers hasn’t affected the number of smokers to a huge degree, but it has made smokers feel guilty about their habit. Is that what they call success?

What the hell ever happened to the normal tolerance we used to show to each other? Why are people so incredibly intolerant of everything they do not approve of?

The Way Way Back

I can just imagine a councilman back in the 70’s standing up in a meeting and suggesting a ban on something that poses no danger to anyone, simply because it doesn’t fit the norm. Imagine such a person standing up in a meeting in 1978, suggesting that the color red be banned from clothing because the color red, studies show, causes people to behave more aggressively. Is there any doubt that anyone suggesting something so stupid would be tossed out of the meeting on his or her ass?

This new mindset, this scary-as-hell attitude that some people know better than other people, and should have the right to tell you or me how to dress, how to act, what to eat, and how much to eat is surely a sign of the end times for the American way of life. Society cannot stand when the ‘rule of nonsense’ becomes the norm. It just can’t.

Power Corrupts

Human beings, when alone or in a group of friends, can be the best, most beautiful creatures on the planet. The vast majority of us do not want to tell others how to live. Maybe because we’re too busy doing our own living, or maybe because it is none of our business.

99.999% of people (okay I’m guessing here) that pass a smoker in the grocery store won’t utter a word to the smoker, no matter how badly they reek of cigarettes, we move away and go and find the ketchup aisle. This is who we are as singular human beings. Tolerant, gracious, kind, even generous. But get us in a group where we’re granted power over others and that innate evil that is in each of us comes out and before long we are dictating every facet of the existence of those below our station.  Power corrupts baby.

Maybe we’re not such beautiful creatures after all.

Slowly But Surely

Unfortunately too many people today have bought into this nonsense that government should take care of us, that people shouldn’t be allowed to do as they please, whether it harms another or not. It scares the bejesus out of me seeing and listening to people who are attempting to make others do something they don’t want to do, just because they can.

I know I’m inviting an onslaught of flaming comments when I say what I’m about to say (or maybe not), but because I am old enough to have heard the man say this live, and I remember the feeling that came over me when he said it, and because I am a witness to seeing his belief being torn apart, dismantled, and disbelieved by way too many people, it deserves to be said again.

Ronald Reagan, in a speech, told Americans that government is the problem, not the solution. Can you imagine President Obama saying such a thing? He spouts a philosophy that is exactly the opposite of Regan’s words nearly every single day. President Regan was right; government is the problem, right down to city council in New York City. How can we, as Americans, believe that big government is the answer to our problems? Did the events of 9/11 change our DNA?

Break The Law!

Ban E Cigarettes From Public – The ban in New York City takes effect in four months. I hope every Vaper living in New York will come out of their homes on the day the law takes affect and vape their brains out while walking down the sidewalks of city, in parks, in every public space that falls under the ban. I hope that Vapers still remember what it means to be an American. I hope that this ban is the one that will wake up New Yorkers who have so willingly given in to socialism.

Civil Disobedience for Vapers is long overdue. If this ban is allowed to stand than it will spread to every city and town in America. To ban something because people might be confused, or because children might take up smoking when there is no evidence of it at all,  is incredibly dangerous and woefully wrong. Such silly excuses should not be used to create law.

Ban E Cigarettes From Public” is an act of self-serving politicians who are afraid to tackle real problems.

John Manzione