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Vaping with Julia – Eclyp II and Omni Pocket Clips

Eclyp Pocket Clips

Pocket clip-ons for tube and box mods are an accessory for vapers that may seem superfluous at first, but in reality are more important that you might realize. The two models I review today come from a company called “Eclyp”. Eclyp is a young company that is building up quite a name for itself lately. They are a major sponsor in the upcoming Vaper Slam event in Winston Salem NC, and are serious about creating viable products that enhance the vapers vaping experience. Two clips, the Eclyp II and the Omni go a long way toward their realizing that company goal.

While not everyone will want one, they are a smart way to secure your mod in a briefcase, travel bag, suitcase, pocketbook, or anything else you might store your vaporizer when you’re not using it.

The “Eclyp” accessory is a pocket clip for your mod or tank. It comes in two varieties, the Eclyp II and the Eclyp Omni. Once attached to your device it will stay attached unless you remove it, and serve to secure your device to whatever you wish to attach it.

Eclyp II – $4.95

The Eclyp II is the latest pocket clip/mod clip for vaping devices. It is “injection molded” with a strong yet flexible Nylon 6/6. It will keep vaporizers from rolling off tables, flying around in various storage bags or suitcases, and of course will keep your device still and safe while in your pocket or clipped to your belt. The Eclyp II is resistant to eliquid damage as well. Just clean it with a wet paper towel, hand cloth or alcohol wipe.  At 2.5 inches high and weighing just 1 ounce it fits nearly all 22mm devices.
While new models are in various stages of completion, as I write this, the Eclyp II is available in “medium”, which equates to 22mm, 18XXX size battery devices. Colors available are black, white, red, and green. Company reps have informed me that more colors and even new patterns will be available soon. I imagine they are working on other sizes as well, for 26650 mods for example.

Eclyp Omni – $7.95-$8.95

The Eclyp Omni is a pocket clip for mechanical mods or box mods. The fit is snug, and it is attached between the tank and the mod by sliding over the 510-adapter that is included free with each Omni purchase. The tank screws on to the new adapter, keeping the clip very stable. Each Eclyp Omni is made with Kydex, a rigid thermoplastic sheet that is fire retardant, chemical resistant, high impact plastic.

Great for your pocket or belt, the Omni is also handy for slipping onto the inside wall of your pocketbook, briefcase, and other bags or suitcases where you need to keep your device from moving around, much like the Eclyp II for 22mm devices.

They are also resistant to ejuice, so it will last for years. To keep clean, just wipe down with a wet towel, paper towel or even an alcohol wipe. Total height of the Omni is 3 inches, weighs just an ounce, and fits tube devices of 22mm, including mechanicals, as well as most Box Mods. Comes in black for now, but different colors might see the light of day soon.

All Eclyp clips are all made in the USA. They works by snapping right onto your standard 22mm tube mod, or screwing into the adapter of your box mod.

I made the mistake of trying to slide one of the Eclyp II’s up from the top and bottom of my eVic Supreme and it was almost impossible to get it on. When I clipped another one on to my ProVari I snapped it on by pressing the Eclyp into the device so that it could “snap” on, which is an easier, and safer way to attach them. With the Omni is was easy to screw in the adapter to the battery connector, slip the clip on, and screw in the tank. There is a slight voltage/wattage drop off when using the adapter, but for most vapers this will be a non-issue.

Real World

The Eclyp clips do keep your vaporizer from rolling around, and kept my devices very stable in my pocketbook and computer bag. Putting them on my devices was harder than I anticipated, but once on it is an attachment you don’t pay much attention to. No complaints about either Eclyp doing the job it was meant to do. I think the recent addition of various colors was an excellent idea, and provides a way to personalize your device with a bit more personality.

If the prices of the Eclyp II or Eclyp Omni were higher than they are I don’t think I could in good conscious recommend them because they are simple, but high quality accessories. However, at just $4.95 for Eclyp II and at most $8.95 for the Omni, they are affordable and practical accessories for vapers that have gotten tired of having their tube devices slide off tables or out of pockets. Rolling off surfaces has always been my biggest complaint about tube shaped vaporizers and since adding an Eclyp II that issue is gone. That alone is worth the money.

Eclyp, the company, pride themselves on designing and manufacturing a product that is made with very high quality materials and that are functional accessories. I have no doubt that the clips will last years upon years. It is a product I never would have thought to make, but I’m really glad they did.

Eclyp offers a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days, so if wind up not liking it (doubtful) you can return for a full refund.

Julia Hartley-Barnes