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Electronic Cigarettes & Big Pharma

Mark Benson Asks = “Is this what the large pharmaceuticals are scared of?”

The UK media is today reporting about a survey financed by the Cancer Research UK charity which seems to suggest that electronic cigarettes are 60% more effective than nicotine gum or nicotine patches. This is a startling revelation when you bear in mind the criticism that the electronic cigarette industry has received from an array of different parties over the last couple of years. It begs the question is this the type of surveys that the large pharmaceutical companies and tobacco giants have been dreading?

While there is no doubt we will see in array of criticism over the next few days suggesting the survey was relatively small, more surveys are required to backup the data and “other surveys” have given a very different opinion, is this the start of a positive movement for electronic cigarettes?

How large was this survey?

This survey, which was carried out by the University College London, involved 5863 smokers in the UK who had attempted to give up smoking without the use of prescription medication or professional support. This number of participants gives a very interesting and perhaps more in-depth look than we have seen of late and the revelations certainly seem to support the potential for electronic cigarettes to assist in those looking to reduce tobacco cigarette intake.nicotine gum

Perhaps the most compelling data from the survey surrounded the fact that of those using electronic cigarettes around 20% confirmed that they had quit smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether. When those administering the survey took into account nicotine gum and nicotine patches it was revealed that electronic cigarettes were 60% more effective for those looking at smoking cessation. Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are not, and cannot, be sold as medical devices it seems that many tobacco smokers are finding them a very useful crutch in their fight against addiction.

Which types of electronic cigarette work best?

Those who have any knowledge of the electronic cigarette industry will be well aware that there are a variety of new and innovative vaping products available today. We have certainly moved on from the traditional electronic cigarette of yesteryear although interestingly it seems that so-called “cigalike” products continue to be the most effective for those looking at reducing or quitting tobacco cigarettes.

This would suggest that the action of smoking an electronic cigarette in the same manner as you would do a traditional cigarette is assisting in controlling withdrawal symptoms while also fulfilling a need. Interestingly, this particular type of product is one which the politicians have criticised time and time again suggesting they are a possible gateway back to tobacco cigarettes. So how does this theory pan out with this latest survey?

No evidence of gateway to tobacco cigarettes

nicotine patchThere were direct quotes from individuals connected with the University College London survey confirming that the number of those smoking electronic cigarettes who had never smoked before was negligible. Indeed the evidence seems to be that electronic cigarettes, and more markedly “cigalike” products, offer a crutch for those looking to move away from tobacco cigarettes.

While this news has been well received by electronic cigarette supporters and the industry as a whole, there is still a need to implement further long-term surveys/trials which will ascertain the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes in the longer term. So far there have been no meaningful health implications, the products contained in electronic cigarette are all authorised for consumption in their own right and many of the scare stories of years gone by are slowly but surely being broken down.

Mark Benson

Mark Benson is a contributing author for Spinfuel eMagazine. His continuing columns will bring a levelheaded approach to the dynamics involved in realizing a positive future for the e-cigarette industry. For more information on OK Eliquids and other products available please visit the OKCigs website.