Tucson Smoking Fair – The Results Are In!

Last month the Tucson E-Smoking Fair went off without a hitch. It was a bigger success than anyone had hoped for. Were you there? Probably not. With good reason..

The Tucson E-Smoking Fair was largely a B2B affair, a 2-Day event that brought businesses from all around the country, and outside the country, together for a lot of fun and a lot of business talk. These ‘business get-togethers’ play a huge role in what we, the consumers of vaping products, will see on the shelves, both virtual and B&M, over the next several months. It’s the best chance a lot of companies have for showing off their latest eCigarettes, eLiquids, and accessories. Man, there was a bunch of cool stuff there.

Element Vape

A lot of players in the business were there as well, (including Rocket Fuel Vapes) because it’s the kind of place where deals are struck, businesses are born, and new products come to fruition. Oh, and on the last day of the fair the local public are invited in to sample the wares, pick up some of the hottest products, and learn a lot about electronic cigarettes. Let’s face it; we need more of these “events”…let’s hope the Tucson E-Smoking Fair becomes an annual thing, and it spreads across to the far corners of our country.

It’s Not All Business, Sort of…

The Tucson E-Smoking Fair included a sort of “bake off” competition for members of the eLiquid vendor community. It’s called, appropriately enough, “The E-Liquid Vape Off”, and this year was an awesome competition.

Vape Off ContestThe Vape Off featured several top industry eLiquid brands competing for the title of E-Smoking Fair Flavor of the Year! The competition was judged by three carefully selected, highly experienced bloggers who have devoted themselves to the vaping lifestyle. No, we weren’t among them. 😉
The winner of the e-Liquid Vape Off received a free booth at next year’s E-Smoking Fair, as well as their story written in top vaping publications, including Spinfuel eMagazine, and other terrific prizes. (The Cloud Contest was a cloud-chasers dream!)

The Vape Off proved to be an intense showdown between several of the top e-Liquid names in the industry! So who won?

The Winners!


Vape Kitchen LogoThe Vape Kitchen is a Los Angeles based E-Liquid product manufacturer. Founded by a classically trained Chef and organic chemist, The Vape Kitchen prides itself on formulating, compounding and bottling everything in-house using only the highest quality ingredients. Our current offering include 100%VG E-Liquids produced with house blended and extracted natural flavorings. Our expertly trained pallets can formulate and/or recreate virtually any flavor one could dream up.





Tenacious 7 Vapor is a family based Vape company established in 2013. The owner, Johnny Tamim, grew up with a strong family background being one out of 7 siblings, hence the name Tenacious 7. He joined together with three of his brothers, all of whom were successful in the smoke shop industry and wholesale business. Johnny, however, had decided to explore the electronic cigarette world. Whilst carrying electronic cigarette products in the wholesale business, they developed their own E-liquid juice with the experience of a chemist acquaintance.

Tenacious 7 Vapor’s delicious E-juice/E-liquid flavors are manufactured here in USA using the highest grade flavoring, 99.86% Pure tobacco (USA), Pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycerin, and Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – [50%PG:50%VG]. Tenacious 7 Vapor E-Liquid offers a variety of 52 different flavors. They offer 10ml and 15ml bottles in 5 nicotine strengths. In addition to their E-liquids, Tenacious 7 Vapor carries a wide variety of other Vape related products such as Electronic Cigarettes, Vaporizer Pens, Mods, Starter Kits, Disposable E-Hookahs, E-juices, and Accessories.

 These are the runner-up companies that came close and still had some amazing liquids:

  • Space Jam Juice
  • eVapes
  • Jason’s Juice

Not to worry, we’re going to invite all of the above gourmet eLiquid brands to submit their finest to undergo a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, let’s see if these terrific brands can rack up a few Spinfuel Choice Awards as well.


Next year promises to be an even better fair for Tucson, the public and vaping businesses. For more information about the Tucson E-Smoking Show and the list of exhibitors who were there, check out e-smokingfair.com. You’ll recognizer many names, Virgin Vapor, Mt. Baker Vapor, NicQuid, Suicide Bunny (love that name!) and the aforementioned Rocket Fuel Vapes. We have a strong suspicion that by this time next year many of the companies that exhibited there… well, they’ll play a larger role in your life than they do now.

Make sure to check out the winners of the Vape Off, and our best guess is that the winning eLiquids today are a safe bet to be an excellent award winning juice down the road as well.

Julia Hartley-Barnes