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Sunset Cavendish by Hurricane Vapor

E-Liquid Review We were told to expect an active hurricane season this year, but color me surprised when Hurricane Vapor’s new Sunset Cavendish blew through our doors last Friday without warning. Active season indeed! We present our e-liquid review for Sunset Cavendish from Hurricane Vapor.

Once again Spinfuel eMagazine is proud to present this exclusive look at a brand new Hurricane Vapor Storm Juice (e-Liquid) that is available today. We’ve been vaping this marvelous new flavor since Noon Friday and haven’t stopped yet. Another great e-Liquid, #13, and it’s a lucky number.

Our new team assembled together when the storm juice arrived and divvied up the bottles in minutes. Our mission was to spend 72 hours with Sunset Cavendish and produce a comprehensive review. What you will read below is the official review for this brand new storm juice.

Sunset Cavendish – Storm Juice #13

Hurricane Vapor, based in Miami Florida, is an amazing team of very talented flavorists who have enormous talent for creating e-Liquids with tremendous flavor, abundant vapor, and a surprisingly good throat hit. Sunset Cavendish continues their streak of excellent storm juice by hitting just the right notes in every category we look at. This is the one tobacco flavor from Hurricane Vapor that I believe could very well become a major “crossover” hit among Vapers everywhere. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of tobacco eJuice to enjoy this special blend.

A Secret Ballot

Spinfuel awarded Hurricane Vapor’s last storm juice, Papaya Milkshake, the coveted Spinfuel Choice Award because it is a very rewarding and satisfying e-Juice that hit 5 Stars in all categories, by a full team.

But, there’s no getting around the fact that by awarding Papaya Milkshake a Choice Award and doing the same thing with the very next storm juice it could look rather strange. Having said that, how could we, in good conscious, hold back what we really felt about Sunset Cavendish because of how it would look? To do so would be a great injustice to both Hurricane Vapor and our readers. If Sunset Cavendish scored 5 Stars by each member of the team then there was no reason to withhold a Choice Award. Still, instead of voicing our scores out loud during our discussion phase we decided to conduct a secret ballot, and proceed as the votes dictated.e-liquid review

A Sweet, Delectable Tobacco Vape…

I became a huge fan of Hurricane Vapor months before their introductory line of 10 Flavors hit the market. We reviewed their original ten back on November 30th, 2012. (They will also be featured in the upcoming July Is eJuice Celebrations) and what made me a huge fan was their deep understanding of what a tobacco e-Liquid should be.

After vaping every drop of Sunset Cured and Amber Toasted I knew this company was going to become my ‘go-to’ company for rich and full-bodied tobacco juice. I added their Cuban Coffee and Simmered Belgian to that list as well; along with the only “fruit” juice I can vape all day long, Papaya Milkshake.

The 13th

Sunset Cavendish is such a terrific, almost sensual flavor that there’s no doubt in my mind that many Vapers who may have wanted to try a tobacco-style flavor and failed to find one they could vape for more than a few minutes are going to love this sweet, rich Cavendish blend.

Cavendish Tobacco

For those of you that don’t know Cavendish tobacco isn’t a “type” or “variety” of tobacco. Cavendish is a tobacco, usually Virginia and Burley that are cured in a certain way.

Burley tobacco is ‘air cured’ and Virginia tobacco is ‘flue-cured’, and then steamed with sugars and flavorings in water. Once that process is over the now ‘cured’ tobacco is stored under pressure for several days to several weeks for more curing or fermentation. During the process the person in charge will ‘case’ the tobacco while it’s still under pressure. Casing means to add liquid flavoring that can include honey, liqueurs, and a few other ingredients, this helps create a heavenly aromatic scent, perfect tobacco blends for pipe smokers.  So, when an e-Liquid vendor puts out a Cavendish blend they hopefully do so with these processes in mind.e-liquid review

Sunset Cavendish is certainly a “Cavendish” e-Liquid, of that I we are all certain. There is sweetness to this tobacco blend that provides a joyful vape. When you go through as much tobacco juice as I do you can recognize when an artist has successfully created a “Cavendish” taste to the e-Liquid, and I knew with the first drag that Hurricane Vapor knows Cavendish.e-liquid review

Hurricane Vapor’s Description

“Meet the “fancy” little brother of Sunset Cured Tobacco. Sunset Cavendish is a blend of elegant Cavendish cured tobacco with light hints of caramel undertones. Smooth, mellow, and lightly sweet, Sunset Cavendish is the perfect vape at the end of the day. Sit back, relax, and savor the light and smooth complexities of a premium relaxation tobacco.”

The “New” Team

Team A

  1. Tom McBride
  2. Nicole Henderson
  3. Angel Marie
  4. John Manzione
  5. Stephanie “SS” Sanders

In the future there will be two Spinfuel eLiquid Review Teams. This team, my team, is based in South Florida (Stuart), and the second team, Team B, is made up of Julia Barnes, Keira Hartley, Jason Little, Cynthia Stevens, and Janet Richards, and they will provide half the e-Liquid reviews from New Hampshire. (Lucky SOB’s)

And Now…The Review From Team A

Spinfuel Choice Award Winner
Papaya Milkshake by Hurricane Vapor!

John: Hurricane Vapor states in their official description that Sunset Cavendish is the perfect vape at the end of the day. Although I vaped this all day my best experience with Sunset Cavendish was Saturday night. My wife had gone out and I was home alone watching a movie. I had not vaped anything for more than 4 hours. Before the movie started a grabbed a couple of Halo Tritons, filled them with Sunset Cavendish, and proceeded to sit back in my recliner and watch “The Hobbit” for the third time.e-liquid review

I had already been enjoying Sunset Cavendish for a while, but when I reached for my Triton for the first time in 4 hours, just as Bilbo Baggins was talking to Gandalf in his front yard, and took a nice, 4 or 5 second drag, the sweetness of the Cavendish cured flavor hit me like a ton of bricks. With such full sweet tobacco flavor, and vapor thick enough to match Bilbo and Gandalf with their smoke rings, it felt like serendipity, as though the moment was destined to happen. (I know, that does sound like hyperbolic nonsense; I guess you had to be there) By the time the almost-3-hour movie ended I realized I had used both Triton’s, filled with Sunset Cavendish, as a pacifier during the entire movie. I was engrossed in the story on the screen, and the luscious flavor of Sunset Cavendish seems like the perfect fit.

Saturday night I knew this was going to be a 5-Star e-Liquid, at least my vote was going to be 5-stars, because I have no doubt whatsoever that every Vaper that enjoys a tobacco eLiquid is going to love it.

Flavor – Heavenly – Vapor – Excellent – Throat Hit – Authentic, with no harshness. Score: 5 Stars

Nicole: All my adult life I was a pack a day smoker. My chosen brand was Salem, and unless I absolutely had too, I wouldn’t smoke anything else. Then, when I begin vaping last October I experimented with dozens of flavors (mostly menthol) and while I like a wide variety of flavors I seem to be drawn to tobacco flavors more than anything else. Since this is my first official review on Spinfuel I admit that there was a sense of relief when I discovered my first review would be a sweet Cavendish blend.

If you try Sunset Cavendish you should try to identify every note Hurricane Vapor is playing. The hint of caramel, and the attempt to give the flavor an authentic Cavendish taste is exciting. I’ve never vaped a better Cavendish before. Sunset Cavendish is a full-flavored vape with extraordinary vapor output and a very pleasant throat hit.

I enjoy well over two-dozen e-Liquid flavors, some more than others, but every one of them are wonderful in their own way. Sunset Cavendish is not my first Hurricane Vapor, not will it be the last. I am very happy to score this marvelous storm juice Spinfuel’s highest rating.e-liquid review


Flavor – Full Bodied Cavendish – Vapor – Excellent – Throat Hit – Marvelous. Score: 5 Stars

Stephanie: When I heard the others talk about Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake I knew it was something I had to try, so I ordered a 30ML bottle. Papaya Milkshake is now one of my all-time favorite e-Liquids. So when I was bumped up to the official Spinfuel Team from that of a general office staff I had no idea that Hurricane Vapor would be releasing a new flavor so quickly. I’m happy that my first review is with this awesome new flavor.

I can’t speak to you about the process of producing a Cavendish tobacco or a Cavendish e-Liquid, because it’s something I never bothered to learn. I can only tell you what I like and why I like it. And boy do I ever like Sunset Cavendish!

As an all-day vape Sunset Cavendish doesn’t lose its flavor even after several hours of vaping, like many others will. It also doesn’t wind up hurting your throat after a few hours like many others do, and it is a totally satisfying vape than I ever imagined it could be.

Flavor – Enormous – Vapor – Thick, aromatic – Throat Hit – Excellent. Score: 5 Stars

Angel: I like sweet e-Liquids these days, the sweeter the better. It could be this funk I’ve been in since Julia and Keira took off for Boston, and maybe if I allowed myself to eat ice cream instead I would have an affair with Ben and Jerry. So, I vape sweet juice and stare off into Dave’s eyes, which look back at mine in sheer terror, LOL.

I tell you this because I was not particularly excited about Sunset Cavendish because tobacco e-juice is not usually sweet, and it certainly isn’t a desert flavor. Sometimes a tobacco flavor can be sweet, like a nice Vanilla Tobacco or something, but more often than not they aren’t very sweet and they can be downright dry as a bone (which some people love). As it turns out, Hurricane Vapor’s new Sunset Cavendish is actually a truly beautiful vape. Not overly sweet at all, but sweet enough to take the hard edge off a heavy tobacco taste.e-liquid review

You can definitely taste the caramel notes in this Cavendish blend, and it does lend itself to be a nice rich pipe tobacco. And although it will definitely appeal to Vapers that like pipe tobacco flavors, or sweet tobacco flavors, I think it has a real chance at crossing the great divide and becoming a mainstream hit with all types of Vapers.e-liquid review

Sunset Cavendish tastes like no other tobacco I’ve every vaped before. It has all the great things that a fancy, hand crafted tobacco vape could want, yet without the negatives that can sometimes come with it. The flavor is very rich and full-bodied, and like I said, moderately sweet, but not too sweet.

The throat hit was surprisingly nice. What was lacking from Sunset Cavendish was harshness you get in your throat after vaping any full-bodied juice for a few hours. I don’t have another word to express the harsh feeling you get in your throat. Kind of like a burning sensation, like if you vape a heavy e-Liquid right after eating something.

I have no idea how Hurricane Vapor was able to pull off such a nice tobacco flavor, but they did.

Do I plan on adding this to my rotation of flavors? No, I don’t think so. As good as it is, and it IS good, if I added it to my personal favorites I would have to lose time with my current collection of candy, desert, and sweet fruit vapes, like Papaya Milkshake, which I can’t get enough of. As much as I enjoyed the experience the fact remains that tobacco flavors are not my favorite category. e-liquid review

Flavor – full-bodied and rich– Vapor – Excellent – Throat Hit – Strong. Score: 5 Stars

Tom:  I agree with the sentiments of the entire team (well, except for Angel Marie) and without a doubt Sunset Cavendish by Hurricane Vapor is another great example of fine e-Liquid artistry at work.

Because of their excellent craftsmanship and talent for flavors I have more Hurricane Vapor liquids in my rotation than any other brand. All that means is that out of the flavors I vape personally, during those times when I am not reviewing a line of e-Liquid there are 12 flavors I turn to, 12 that provide the right flavor at the right time, and without fail one of them will always give me exactly what I’m looking for when I’m looking for it. Four of those flavors are from Hurricane Vapor. So I expected Sunset Cavendish to be a really good storm juice.

There have been, and will continue to be, many attempts to create a genuine Cavendish blend out there in the world of e-Liquid creation, and some of them are quite good. Award level good I might add.

I think what sets Sunset Cavendish apart from most the others is that I can sense a real “love” of tobacco from the people at Hurricane Vapor. Naturally I don’t think the people at HV are smokers, or chew tobacco or anything like that, but I think they enjoy the possibilities that come from the process of curing tobacco to recreate it in as an e-Liquid. I could be wrong, but it’s this sense I get from them because their tobacco flavors are just so authentic and so damn good.

Flavor – True Cavendish – Vapor – Excellent – Throat Hit – Authentic. Score: 5 Stars

Conclusion and Buying Advice

Sunset Cavendish is available now. Click the link below to be taken directly to the product page at Hurricane Vapor. As usual, it’s available is 15ML and 30ML bottles for $9.99 and $17.99 (they need a 60ML size soon, if you ask me), which is a fair premium price for a highly premium e-Liquid. If you’re not sure about making a $10 or $18 investment into a new juice you can buy a 5ML tester for $3.75, but honestly, for those of you that enjoy a tobacco blend e-Liquid you will kick yourself if you settle for a 5ML tester. I promise you. But, if you are usually disappointed in tobacco flavors then the 5ML option is something you really should consider…Angel Marie is proof of that. e-liquid review

A Word…

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of reviewing their Papaya Milkshake before anyone else, and we were proud to be able to bring you the “first hands-on look” at that incredibly authentic papaya blend. Today we do the same with Sunset Cavendish, and again we feel privileged to do so.e-liquid review

For every one of us on the Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team “A”, we look at the great e-Juice creators like they are rockstars. From Mountain Oak Vapor to Ginger’s eJuice, and everyone in between, these guys are the ones responsible for all the enjoyment we get from vaping. Without their hard work and dedication to the art of vaping we would be left vaping cheap Chinese eJuice made with “Who knows what” ingredients. Right now, Hurricane Vapor is THE rockstar of the moment. Their Papaya Milkshake was a major hit, and now Sunset Cavendish is a number one with a bullet.e-liquid review

We are very proud to award Sunset Cavendish with our Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence in e-Liquid artistry.

If you’re looking for a great e-Liquid for your evening vape Sunset Cavendish is the one you need to try.  – Tom McBride