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Onscreen Vaping In Movies and TV

E-Cigs Replace Cigarettes In More TV and Movies

Steve Barrett, owner of Purple Box Vapours, sends over this fun and somewhat informative infographic this morning, highlighting eleven of the movies and TV shows that show actors using electronic cigarettes. We too have noticed this uptick of actors and vaping with e-cigarettes of all types, from the cig-alike to full blown ProVari style, and it reminds us all of our ubiquitous vaping is becoming. One significant TV show in which vaping was shown often is the Amazon Original, Hand of God, in which Ron Perlman’s onscreen wife, Dana Delany is shown vaping with her bestieOf course, it wasn’t exactly e-liquid in the tank, but vaping is vaping.

Will there ever be a time when the act of vaping in movies and TV go unnoticed, or will it always be shocking to some viewers as much as seeing someone smoke cigarettes? We here at Spinfuel very much doubt it, though it is nice to see that not every instance of on screen vaping is done by the villain. A big thank you goes out to Steve for sending this along.

Have you seen other occurrences of on screen vaping? Let us know in the comments!

11 Places Vaping Has Appeared in Pop Culture

From Hollywood movies, to popular TV shows, music videos, to live talk shows, vaping has become part of the Zeitgeist. – Submitted by Steve Barrett of Purple Box Vapours.