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Another eCigarette SCAMS ALERT: LiftVAPOR Rip-off

LiftVAPOR Is A Horrible E Cigarette Brand

And here we go again. This time, out of Connecticut comes LIFTVAPOR, , another rip-off ecigarette company attempting to make victim out of smokers looking for a way out of an early death.


Say what? Well, they do.

LiftVapor, just the other scum-of-the-earth eCigarette brands are pulling the same crap they all do. Buy a SINGLE battery Starter Kit for, what is essentially a DOWN PAYMENT of $4.95, and after the eCigarette kit is in your hands for what amounts to about a handful of HOURS they will bang your CREDIT CARD for $99.67, for the Starter Kit you already paid $4.95 for, so your single battery, single atomizer, single USB adapter, and a pack of cartridges, you’ll pay a whopping $104.90.

For a 3-Piece eCigarette that has been out of fashion going on two years now!

But it gets EVEN better:

Every 30 days you will receive 2 packs of cartridges, 10 cartridges total, for… ready now? …. $64.72. (Please note, Florida residents must add SALES TAX). That’s $6.47 PER .7ML cartridge filled with the cheapest chinese eLiquid they can find.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there…

Lifting’s, aka, Lift Vapor, has a PRIVACY POLICY, and a LINK to the policy. When you click the link you are welcomed with a nice fat “404 Page Not Found”. Which of course means they’re betting that 99.99% of the victims won’t bother clicking the link, which means that like the rest of the scum bags out there they will immediately sell your email address, home address, and anything else they can grab from you to endless other scam artists.

If by chance you DO click the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page you’ll see where, when you buy from these asshats you are agreeing that they can do whatever they want with the information they collected. Feel safe?

Are we done yet?



SAPHIRE E-Cigarette – That’s right.

There is an email going around claiming that you have been SELECTED to receive a FREE eCigarette Starter Kit. Perhaps you’ve seen it? When they come to your Inbox just delete it. And warn your friends, family, co-workers, and any smoker you know that might want to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Look, until every smoker in the country gets wise to these types of deals people will continue to get ripped off and companies like this will continue to get rich, close up shop, then reopen under another name, another domain, another physical address.

Want to fight back? Do what one of the commenters under the Saphire Scam Alert did: Buy a $5.00 PrePaid Debit Card and order a starter kit. Then, when they go to charge you for the $99.67 they won’t be able to. No, seriously, we can’t recommend that really do that, but one commenter did.

This has been another eCigarette SCAM ALERT by Spinfuel Magazine.

Tom McBride