Top 7 e Cigarettes of 2012 by SmokenJoey

SmokenJoey’s e cigarette reviews brings you a Round Up Review of 7 Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes which includes Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, V2Cigs, Prosmoke, NJoy, White Cloud and Blu Cig. I have tested these Ecigs extensively and will rank them in each catagory. this is a Must See electronic cigarette video for the newcomers and seasoned alike.
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e Cigarette Reviews

Are you looking for accurate electronic cigarette reviews so that you can get the e cigarette that matches you best? Then read my reviews and you can get all the facts, both good and bad on the brands and the companies that sells them without bias and hype!

V2 Cigs is a social anomaly, but do they stand up to the hype and marketing that pushes this company and product across the web?  This is one of the most popular e cigarettes on the market to date…

This is Barbie and Bratz dolls all over again… but for the smoking adult population. Vapor Couture is V2 Cigs’ new line of e cigarettes specifically designed for females and – perhaps – for the…

Hearing the words “South Beach” probably makes you think of the popular fad diet. The South Beach we’re referring to, however, isn’t a fad or a diet, but it’s certainly popular! Bonus: You can…

How would you describe an exceptional e cigarette? Great vapor? Nice overall feel? Great throat hit? If these characteristics are what you’re looking for in an e cigarette, then Green Smoke may be.

Blu Cigs is a pioneer in the e cigarette industry and one that has established a loyal fanbase and developed a grand reputation. They’re also the first e cigarette company to be acquired by…