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E-Cigarette Reviews & Best E-Cigarette Brands

E-Cigarette Reviews – The Best E-Cigarette Brands According To Spinfuel

This special page is a major coming together of all of Spinfuel’s e-cigarette reviews on all the best, and finest e-cigarette brands on the planet.

Spinfuel’s electronic cigarette reviews are written to help you, as a user, and those who have yet to discover the world of vaping, to find the best e-cig, that best suits you as an individual and a vaper. With so many wonderful e-cigarette brands out there, it is extremely difficult to be definitive on which one is the absolute best electronic cigarette. That’s why Spinfuel has endeavored to write as many e-cigarette reviews and produce a number of YouTube videos for vapers as humanly possible.
We will also add certain ranking charts to our  e-cigarette reviews, based on the scores we have given each e-cigarette while under review. We hope that this will help you find the best electronic cigarette and ultimately enable you and others to stay away from normal cigarettes, or as we say, analog cigarettes.
Not every e-cigarette review has a YouTube video, our channel is more of a ‘show’ than standard e-cig reviews. In fact, we probably won’t produce a video for every product, but if there is a specific product or service you would like us to cover in a YouTube or Vimeo video, let us know in the comments section below or you can contact us on our contact page.

If you want to only focus on one specific category i.e. cig-alikes, box mods, atomizers, et al, go to the those sections including sections for box mods, advanced vaporizers, atomizers and e-cig mods. These can be found in the drop down menu as you click on the main header menu in the header bar.

E-Cigarette Reviews If you are unsure about an e cigarette brand that has not yet been reviewed by our team, make sure to give a look at the  e-cigarette reviews  page, and then don’t hesitate to put in a specific request for it, and if at all possible, we will obtain the product, review it, and add it our database for you, and others, that might be interested in it. Contact us using our contact page, and we will make every attempt to review it for you. It might take us a few of weeks since we will need to purchase the product ourselves, which might take a while.

The e-cigarette reviews we’ve garnered below are split into numerous categories starting with the cig-a-like/mini e-cigs followed by the ego electronic cigarettes and some interesting special features, and lastly we will move into reviewing e-cig mods of various degrees of advanced products.
We encourage our users to rate the products using the comment section by leaving their thoughts and impressions in the comment section directly under the review.

Don’t forget to check out our extensive e-cigarette liquid/e-cig e-juice reviews for the best flavors to accompany the e-cig of your choice. Don’t spoil your vaping experience by using a cheap nasty eliquid from China or anywhere else.
If you’ve been fortunate and have found the best e-cig for you, try finding the right eliquid for your e-cig.

What we consider in our e-cigarette reviews?

When we write our e-cigarette reviews we consider at a number of different aspects to give our readers an overall score of A to F. We try to be as consistent as humanly possible and every review is entirely unbiased and reflects our team’s honest impressions. Certain aspects of our review standards might change from time to time depending on the type of e-cigarette we are reviewing, or major advances in the industry. For instance, in 2013 E-Cigarette Reviews we considered 20-watts as plenty of maximum output, and today that number is climbing. Right now, today, it’s 75W. Last December it was 60W, by the end of the year it could very well be 150W, it all depends on the industry and what customers are buying.

Our e-hookahs section is very light, only a few have been done at all, because the interest in e-hookahs just isn’t there. And besides, they have slightly different factors than ego-threaded and box mod devices and even minis, or cig-alikes, have.

The issues that make up our ego-threaded, 510-threaded and mini e-cigarette reviews are the following:

  • Vapor Production: How much vapor/vapor does the e-cig in the review produce?
  • Throat Hit: Is the throat hit proper for the device and eliquid, do we get a throat hit from the vapor produced, or is the nicotine strength too low, or VG ratio too high to produce a good throat hit? The more powerful the throat hit the more it mimics actual cigarette smoke, thereby allowing new vapers to experience something familiar.
  •  Price: Is the product a good value for money and how does the device or liquid compare price-wise to other products in the same family
  • Battery Life: The longer the battery life the better, and when we review mods we test the average battery life, and battery management, so you won’t have to to recharge your e-cigarette as often if you buy a device with good battery management.
  • Design: Lastly we look at the overall aesthetics and design of the e-cigarette. Our preference is for e-cigarettes that function well but at the same time offer an elegant and modern solution.

Mini/Cig-a-Like E Cig Reviews

Mini e-cigs or as we call them, cig-a-likes, are the smallest type of e-cigarette on the market. Well, that was before the tiny box mods came to market. The Council of Vapor Mini Volt is actually smaller than a cig-a-like, but the cig-a-like is long and thin, more like a cigarette, so they are considered the smallest. As they often mimic a normal cigarette in both size and shape, the word cig-a-like fits well. Mini e-cigs are made up of two parts – the battery and the cartomizer.

E-Cigarette Reviews The battery is the heaviest piece and can often be recharged with a USB charger or wall adaptor, unless it is a disposable cig-a-like like Blu Cigs disposables. The cartridge, or cartomizer holds the eliquid, about 1mL, which has the flavoring and nicotine blended in. The cig-a-like will last from about 100 to 400 puffs depending on which brand you use, and also come in a range of different flavors, though most are derivative of tobacco flavors.

Mini e-cigs are perfect for beginners as they are easy to use and look like a real cigarette. For those who think ego electronic cigarettes and mods are too big, they should purchase a mini ecig first, although it will not be the last vapor product they purchase.
Check out our mini e-cigarette category for reviews and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us directly, or in the comment section. Each product has been given a score based on a number of aspects. These scores are completely the opinion of the reviewer and if you don’t agree with the review, feel free to leave a comment and tell us why. Who knows, your comments could benefit other readers, and teach us a thing or two.

EGO Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Ego electronic cigarettes (ego-threaded) are a step up on the vaping ladder. The eGo type battery resembles the pen form. They are sometimes also referred to as vaporizers. The ego is made up usually of a battery, on top of which you screw on a tank or clearomizer, with an atomizer/coil inside. To vape an ego electronic cigarette you need to fill the tank with your favorite eLiquid , give it a minute or two to saturate the coils inside, and after which you are free to vape until the liquid is gone.

Egos come in several shapes and sizes, and battery milliamps, and often with a variable voltage option. VariableE-Cigarette Reviews Voltage allows the user to set the voltage levels for best performance. Egos generally produce much more vapor than mini ecigs, and give off a firmer throat hit than their mini counterparts, but are also larger and bulkier. They are very easy to use and affordable, which makes them suited to all levels of vapers. Even advanced vapers keep an eGo handy for times when they need to stealth vape. If you haven’t yet moved up to an ego, you probably will at some point.

If any of this confusing to you please check out our Knowledge Base for more detailed instructions and descriptions of the different types of e-cigs and how to vape them.

Below are our e-cigarette reviews on many of the best ego style electronic cigarettes on the market. As with the mini ecigs we have rated the eGo from A to F and as always this is a completely honest and unbiased opinion of the reviewer, so you might disagree if you have used the product before. If you do disagree with us, please leave a comment. We love hearing from our readers.

Advanced Vaping with Box Mods, Variable Wattage and Temperature Control

All the rage these days are Box Mod vaporizers. Box Mods are called “box” mods because they are not tube shaped like mini ecigs, ego styles, or the ever popular ProVari or Aspire CF batteries. A box mod can take a lot of different shapes, but they are all more or less rectangular.

All box mods today have at least variable wattage options. Like Variable Voltage, the user can choose a range of wattage settings to see which one works the best for that user.

UD Simba Sub-Ohm Ceramic Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazineMaximum wattage output ranges from 20w to 200w. Shortly a 300W version will enter the market, though we cannot think of a single reason why anyone would need a 300w device.

Box Mods also include Temperature Control, or Temperature Sensing, which when used with the proper wires in the coils, Nickel Ni200, Titanium Ti, Stainless Steel SS, or even NiChrome and Tungsten, senses the temperature of the wire and if the temperature exceeds the temperature set by the user, the box mod shuts off the power to the coils immediately, thereby preventing a “dry hit” or “dry burn”. Temperature Control has been a major boon to the vaporizer market, and with every new TC enabled mod the technology continues to improve.

Atomizers, Tanks, and Sub-Ohm Vaping

Of course, every box mod, or tube-shaped mod needs an atomizer for the eliquid. These atomizers are sometimes called clearomizers, tanks, sub-ohm tanks, RDA, RBA’s and RTA’s. Each one operates on the same principle, wire coils, cotton or ceramics, and a storage area for e liquid. The mod sends electricity to the coils, heats them up and vaporizers the liquid to create the flavorful vapor that is inhaled and exhaled.
Sub-Ohm tanks and RDA’s are equipped with wire coils that put out less than 1.0ohm of resistance. Most Sub-Ohm levels a year ago were 0.5 ohms, today its 0.3 ohms. The lower the ohms factor the more power it needs to overcome its resistance to electricity.

The best of both worlds is have a vaporizer, either a box mod or tube shaped mod, that utilizes both variable wattage and temperature control. If you can adjust the wattage while the mod is in Temperature Control mode, you will have the ultimate control over the type of “vape” you’re going to have.

Most high wattage and Temperature Control vaping scenarios require an e liquid that contains a higher than Tesla Tornado Sub-Ohm Tank – SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE REVIEW 2016normal vegetable glycerin content, or VG. A high VG e liquid is thicker, and when it vaporizes the amount of vapor is much more than an e liquid with high PG, or Propylene Glycol.

E Liquids with various ratios of VG and PG have too many characteristics to cover here, including the need of steeping your ejuice,  but you can access our Knowledge Base on e liquids and learn everything you need to know about choosing the right e liquid for you.

And that about covers it. Our reviews cover the gamut of products. All price rangers, all standard features, and all the various shapes and sizes, and in each review to not only tell about the product, but what it is like to use it. What can you expect as a user of a product, that’s the main goal of our reviews?

We sincerely hope you will find the best electronic cigarette for you by reading the reviews contained in Spinfuel eMagazine. Reach out to us whenever you like, if you have a question or a comment on how we can do better. We are here for you, not the manufacturers, and our aim to find you the best product to keep you away from tobacco products.

The Spinfuel Team

A Big Thanks goes out the Vaping360 for help in allowing us to use a few photos from their Instagram account.