Dr. Juice E-Liquid Review

 A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

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Dr. Juice is available in Max VG and, for a short while, a 60:40 blends in 30mL and 120mL sizes. We learned in our Interview with Josh and Jeremey that the 60:40 blend is being phased out.

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Dr. Juice offers up some mighty tasty eJuice. Our review today focuses on their Max VG line, and if you like Dr. Juice – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewHigh/Max VG e-liquids you’ll want to follow along as we go through each flavor, reviewed by each member of the team. A 30mL bottle is $20, or .66-cents per mL. 120mL is $60, or .50-cents per mL. (Best Price) In our collective opinion, $20 per 30mL is well worth the cost, although, once you find the flavors that you know you’ll want to put into your rotations, the 120mL price of $60 is definitely the way to go. Make sure to check out our Interview here.

Dr. Juice – The Flavors:

Crunchberry – An homage to one of the best cereals ever made.

Delish – A dessert lover’s delight. This mixture of sugar cookie, cookies n cream, with a hint of custard will surely satisfy.

Doctor Custard – The doctors take on vanilla custard with a thick full bodied flavor. Best in the industry!

Phantom Disco – A fruity flavor composed of strawberry, nectarine, watermelon, and guava that will just explode on your taste buds.

Scarlet Eclipse – The ripest strawberries perfect for the picking followed by refreshingly cool lemonade invigorates you from start to finish.

Boston George – Decadence at its finest. A mixture of vanilla custard and cinnamon churro that’s sweet and smooth all the way through.

Review Particulars

A Word on Quality

 2015 was a game changer for every vaper and every e-liquid brand. Quality is rarely an issue now, and the remaining companies that continue to try to sneak cheaply made e-liquids onto the marketplace are becoming even more rare. Truth is, 90% of the significant brands we’ve reviewed this year were all made with high-quality ingredients. The ones that did not were exposed in a team review, one fairly recent. Every brand will tell you that they use the very best ingredients, why would they admit otherwise, hopefully our reviews can help separate the false claims from the truth.  After several years of vaping more than 100 brands each year, and hundreds of flavors, we believe we know quality ingredients. Dr. Juice uses particularly high quality ingredients.

From the vegetable glycerin through the chosen flavoring brand(s), an e-liquid will reveal its nature through smell, sight, and taste. An e-liquid should not give off a chemical or metallic taste, it should not smell overly artificial, and there should be zero food coloring used in any e-liquid recipe.

Take not that if a particular flavor in this review wasn’t enjoyed by a particular team member it had nothing to do with the quality, just the flavor(s) combination. Personal preference on flavor is 100% subjective, however, the quality of an e-liquid is objective.

Lastly, we’ve learned that the pleasant aroma of an e-liquid often has little to do with the flavor produced by the e-liquid in a sub-ohm tank or RDA. That said, it is always a bonus when the pleasant aroma of an e-liquid matches the wonderful flavor. Dr. Juice e-liquids possess splendid aromas and no hint of artificiality. In particular, the Boston George e-liquid possess an aroma that I would happily use as a body scent. Well, you know what I mean… I hope.

Flavor Profile Characteristics

The flavor combinations in the Dr. Juice line possess underlying characteristics such as, soothing, authentic, and ultimately satisfying. These characteristics are vital to any brand’s success. Every e-liquid brand could create a one-hit-wonder, but doing it on a consistent basis requires artistic talent, a wonderful palette, insight into the desires of vapers, and a dedication to put the customer above the profits. After this 72-hour period of vaping nothing but the Dr. Juice line we do believe that, like a handful of other brands we adore, Dr. Juice has that dedication, that talent, and they have certainly understood the palettes of this team.

Each Dr. Juice e-liquid possess an abundant amount of clean, non-artificial flavors. The custards are rich and luscious, but not overwhelming. The fruits are fresh, authentic, bright. Dr. Juice e-liquids shared the same intensity (high or low, you’ll see), the same level of satisfaction, and in the end it will just be a matter of what flavors appeal to you.

The Spinfuel Choice Award

Beginning with this team review you will now see two rating per flavor, per team member. The General Rating is what counts toward earning a Spinfuel Choice Award, the secondary rating is used to express our personal flavor score. We will expand on this new designation in a piece I am writing now, entitled “What A Spinfuel Choice Award Means Today”.

The Team Review


An homage to one of the best cereals ever made.”

Julia: 4 Stars –  I’m not that keen on cereal e-liquids and if you look back over our 4-year track record of reviews you’ll see that we don’t review them often. The reason is because we seldom, if ever, taste the cereal it is supposed to replicate in vapor form. Take Crunchberry for instance; is this supposed to be Captain Crunch Crunchberry? I have no idea. So let’s forget the cereal for a moment; what do I taste in Crunchberry? I taste various berry flavors, sweet, light, and slightly fake. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes a flavor has to be faked because the real thing is a fake. I mean, there is no fruit called Crunchberry.

Rarely does the flavor of an e-liquid taste the same on the inhale and the exhale. Crunchberry is that rare one. This is a singular flavor of mixed artificial berries. A flavor I really like. The vapor production is excellent, as expected, so all in all this is a charming e-liquid. I can’t award it 5 Stars because I have had Captain Crunch Crunchberry often enough to know that this lacks one crucial flavor component…that strange Captain Crunch identifier. Still, it is delicious! Flavor: 5

Kiera: 5 Stars – I think Julia has it all wrong with Crunchberry. In an effort to convince my lovely Jules I went to Shaws grocery store and picked up a box and poured a bowl for Julia. I had her try it with milk, and without. She still doesn’t taste it. Crazy!

Out of the box there is no difference at all between the flavor of the cereal and this delicious e-liquid from Dr. Juice. I loved it, and though right now there isn’t any room in my fruity rotation (I don’t have a cereal section), I definitely see a future for this one.

If you like Crunchberry cereal out of the box and want to experience that same flavor in your tank, buy it. Flavor: 5

Tom: 5 Stars – Listening to Julia and Kiera in our discussions talk about Crunchberry was hilarious. They both love the flavor, but one says it tastes just like the cereal, the other says it doesn’t taste anything like it. Well, to me it does taste like Crunchberry cereal, as weird as that is.

Crunchberry is a sweet candy-like fruity e-liquid that most people that enjoy ‘sweet berry’ eJuice will want to at least try, and probably buy more of. I enjoyed my bottle, but I’m on the fence about buying more. I could, but I have so many other e-liquids in my rotation that I would have to drop a tobacco or coffee blend, and that just isn’t going to happen. Flavor: 5

Jason: 5 Stars – I imagine a lot of people will argue over cereal flavored e-liquids forever. I seen it happen. When I spend my time with Crunchberry I could easily taste the cereal it’s named after, but others might not. I don’t think that’s the point anyway.

Crunchberry is a fruity eJuice that can satisfy your craving for both a dessert vape and a fruit vape. I can’t tell you which berries, if any, it tastes like, but there is a definite berry-like flavor knocking on my taste buds. Whether or not you’re looking for Crunchberry cereal in the form of vapor, or if you’re just looking for a sweet ‘berry’ eliquid, Crunchberry can fit the bill nicely. Flavor: 4.5

DelishA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

A dessert lover’s delight. This mixture of sugar cookie, cookies n cream, with a hint of custard will surely satisfy.”

Julia: 5 Stars –  When I saw the name Delish I recognized the word “Relish” somehow, and for several minutes before vaping it I imagining an e-liquid that would taste like a pickle. I’m dead serious. Thankfully I was oh-so wrong.

Delish is an amazing sugar cookie vape with lovely flavor notes that include a pleasant cookie and cream component and just a hint of vanilla custard. Dr. Juice does dessert vapes like I rarely ever see. Definitely a 5-star flavor, with enough vapor production to please anyone. Flavor Score: 5

Kiera: 5 Stars – I guess this certainly is the season for sugar cookie flavors. In the past month I think 4 or 5 sugar cookie eliquids made it into one of my Nebox’s and this one is among the best of the best because I actually taste ‘sugar cookie’.

While vaping Delish you too will taste a real sugar cookie blended with a nice kind of Oreo-type cookie flavor and a tinge of vanilla custard on the exhale. I vaped Delish until it was empty and I still couldn’t decide if the vanilla custard was the same flavoring used in Boston George, but it was close enough, not that it mattered. I know Julia tasted more sugar cookie on the inhale, but I tasted the vanilla on the exhale, with a small sugar cookie note. The cookie n cream and the hint of custard was limited to the in-between time, if you can believe that. It’s three flavor layers both mix and separate, so we can all enjoy something a little different each time.

A great dessert vape… and one not to be missed. Flavor Score: 5

Tom:  5 Stars – Delish is the first sugar cookie eliquid I vaped this year that tasted more like sugar cookies than anything else. A fantastic flavor blended with just a few notes of cookie and cream on the exhale. If there is a custard here I get the feeling its here for “body” and not actual flavor. If I’m wrong, then it is just a whisper of custard.

Delish is best vaped at moderate wattage, nothing too far under or over the recommended wattage or temperature. This is where you will find the fullest flavor and the most voluminous vapor.

If you want to vape something that is so close to a real sugar cookie, meaning sweet and cookie-ish, then Delish is that eliquid you should buy. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I intend to add Delish to my rotation, at the very least throughout the holidays. Good Stuff! Flavor Score: 5

Jason: 5 Stars – Between Boston George, Doctor Custard and Delish, you’ll have all the sweet creamy custardy goodness you could want in your eliquid collection. Delish is a great sugar cookie vape with a fair amount of cookie and cream on the smooth and sweet exhale. I recommend taking your inhales spaced apart by several seconds because just when you think the flavor trail has ended you’ll be rewarded with an extra touch of cookies at the end of your breath. I thought that was pretty cool, and a terrific way to end a full lung hit. Added to my rotation…honest J Flavor Score: 5

Doctor Custard –  A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The doctors take on vanilla custard with a thick full bodied flavor. Best in the industry!”

Julia: 5 Stars –  We avoid using words like “best in the industry” because we simply haven’t vaped every single custard eliquid out there. We will happily say that any particular flavor is the “best we have had” though, and when it comes to Doctor Custard, the truth is that it may not be the absolute finest vanilla custard I’ve had, but it sure is wicked close.

I vaped Doctor Custard more than a day after vaping Boston George, a vanilla custard and cinnamon churro blend, and I enjoyed Boston George more because it wasn’t as heavy as Doctor Custard. Doctor Custard is almost a traditional custard flavor, but because it seems to be blended so expertly that it rises above most other heavy custards. There is more ‘flavor’ than ‘custard’ here, if that makes sense, despite being a singular flavor blend.

However way you want to slice it, Doctor Custard should please every single custard lover out there. It is a balanced, sweet custard that oozes flavor and produces enormous clouds of vapor. Flavor Score: 5

Kiera: 5 Stars –  Anyone that enjoys custard vapes will adore Doctor Custard. Vaping this delicious concoction, you’ll never feel that the flavor is too heavy. For me, when its time for a custard vape I would choose Doctor Custard most of the time. The times when I wouldn’t choose Doctor Custard I would choose Boston George. The difference between the two are many, but the one defining factor is that each have a great ‘take’ on what it’s supposed to be. Doctor Custard is about custard, Boston George is about Vanilla and Churro. I’m a believer. Flavor Score: 5

Tom: 5 Stars –  When I judge a ‘flavor’ (not an eliquid) like a custard flavor I judge it on how long I can vape it without getting nauseas because heavy custard flavors make me nauseas.  I like the flavor, just not for very long. So, for Doctor Custard I gave it the 5 stars because I was able to stay with it far longer than I have any other custard this year. To me, that means it is an excellent eliquid. If you like custards you’re going to love this one. Flavor Score: 5

Jason: 5 Stars –  Doctor Custard is far away from my usual eliquid flavors. Although I do enjoy many kinds of flavors now, custard has to be just right for me to get anything out of it. I wound up vaping Doctor Custard last because I wanted to save the heaviest flavor for last. As it turned out, Doctor Custard wasn’t all that heavy. I genuinely enjoyed it.

It’s not my favorite flavor in the lineup, but it deserves to be vaped by every custard loving vaper out there in the community. Best thing about it; I vaped it with a 0.5-ohm coil at just under 25w and the flavor was awesome. That’s a full 7 watts less than I usually vape half-ohm coils. Flavor Score: 4.5

Phantom DiscoA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

A fruity flavor composed of strawberry, nectarine, watermelon, and guava that will just explode on your taste buds.

Julia: 5 Stars – This is a flavor that some people will love like nothing else, and other people will be turned off by. For me, what stops me from adding this mostly delicious eliquid to my collection is that sharp guava on the exhale. The ripe strawberry, the nectarine, and even the watermelon to some degree are all pleasant tasting, but that end flavor, the guava… it spoils an otherwise good flavor blend.

I’m awarding the 5 stars for quality, expert blending, and all the ancillary factors like the information-rich labels, and the glass bottles, shrink-wrap and so on. Flavor Score: 3

Kiera: 5 Stars – Jules and I disagreed over this one like we haven’t done in quite a while. Jules hates the taste of guava in any eliquid, and while she agrees that everything about Dr. Juice is excellent, the flavor was disappointing. To me, the guava blend perfectly, and it might just be the nectarine that changes the flavor profile of a simple guava flavor. I don’t have much to offer here, while it is a very high quality e-liquid and the flavor is as described, as a personal preference it’s not an e-liquid I would normally vape.  Flavor Score: 4

Tom: 5 Stars – On days when a fresh, clean fruity blend calls to me, this one could be my all-day-vape. I pretty much agreed with everything Julia had to say about Phantom Disco during our discussions. That is that this is an expertly blended fruity vape with really nice layers in a complex flavor profile. But, on the exhale, there comes a spoiler… a weird tasting guava. Is this Phantom Menace, or Phantom Disco? It depends on what the taste of guava does for you.

I fought the urge to lower the rating to a 4-star e-liquid on the guava alone, but in the end, when you read the description, it is spot on, so a 5-star has to be the score. The flavors are accurately described, and the flavors do explode. Flavor Score: 3

Jason: 5 Stars – It is rare for me to like such a complex flavor, but I liked Phantom Disco a lot more than I thought I would. Each of the flavors in this blend are authentic, meaning not too sweet and completely natural tasting. An all day vape for many people, this vapor producing marvel is an original fruit blend that will satisfy many, and disappoint few. If complex fruit blend is something you like, I promise you Phantom Disco will be a favorite.  Flavor Score: 5

Scarlet EclipseA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The ripest strawberries perfect for the picking followed by refreshingly cool lemonade invigorates you from start to finish.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I came real close to having my heart sink over Scarlett Eclipse. Just reading the word lemonade was enough to do it because most lemonade flavors I’ve had hit me with too much sour/tartness to become a favorite. But I love rich ripe strawberry flavors, especially when the strawberries are sweeter than they are anything else. But, I filled a tank and let it sit for a few hours and then began vaping it at 30W with a half-ohm coil. After the first lung hit I relaxed and knew this was going to be a good experience.

The strawberries in Scarlett Eclipse are plump, ripe, and sweet full flavored strawberries that gush forth like biting down on a huge strawberry. The lemonade flavor is, well, lemonade, but with a sweeter touch, not at all tart, which drove it home for me. All that being said, unless the sound of strawberries and lemonade sound scrumptious to you, tread lightly. This one could easily be your favorite all-day-vape or a waste of money, it all depends on how you like your lemonade. Flavor Score: 4.5

Kiera: 5 Stars – One word in the official description saved Scarlett Eclipse from a 4 star to a 5-star rating. That word is “cool”.  I was curious about it before I started vaping.

I didn’t know if this one was going to be cool in the way that a mint or menthol is cool, or cool in the sense that the lemonade yanks the sweet ripe strawberry flavor away from you on the exhale. As it turned out, the cool refers to the diametrically opposed flavors, that sweet strawberry against the slightly tart lemonade. A truly wonderful blend, but not a blend I can get behind all the way. The lemonade exhale left me a bit unsatisfied and wanting more strawberry. If you decide to try it because you want that flavor swap, let us know in the comments what you think. I’m interested in vapers that like flavors like this. Flavor Score: 4

Tom: 5 Stars – Since I won’t be leaving the ‘conclusions’ at the end of this review I’ll include what I want to say here. It fits well here. After vaping all the various flavors, including two holiday blends by Dr. Juice, it is very clear that this brand knows how to mix an expert e-liquid. That’s not to say that you’re going to like every flavor, but when Dr. Juice says something is a vanilla custard with cinnamon churro, or ripe strawberries followed by a lemonade you can bet that is exactly what it is going to be.

Scarlet Eclipse starts out with the flavor of a sweet, ripe strawberry that soaks your taste buds with real strawberry, right before the exhale that strawberry wanes and the lemonade begins. The lemonade is a sweet mix of lemon and sugar, slightly tart on the exhale, getting somewhat sweeter as the vapor leaves your lungs through your mouth. (yuck –ed). If you like that sensation, and that flavor, then Scarlett Eclipse will be an all-day-vape that won’t disappoint. A great dessert vape won’t keep its flavor profile all day long, but a good blend, from tobacco to fruits, will keep going. Scarlett Johansson, er, I mean Scarlett Eclipse, is delicious and satisfying, and definitely a new, bright all-day-vape for me. Flavor Score: 5

Jason: 5 Stars – If I had room in my rotation for another fruity vape this would be it. I like it a lot. I don’t love it, but it is clearly an enjoyable vape. Definitely a quality blend, this experience begins with a hearty strawberry flavor, and on the exhale quickly changes to a very lemon-y vape that overwhelms the strawberry without any effort. A lot of vapers I know love this kind of quick-change-artist moves, but for me, while “enchanting” (*yes I said that) it doesn’t carry me as far as I’d like it to. At $20 for a 30mL bottle, it has to work a little harder to get that twenty bucks. Flavor Score: 4

Boston GeorgeA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Decadence at its finest. A mixture of vanilla custard and cinnamon churro that’s sweet and smooth all the way through.”

Julia: 5 Stars – What makes Boston George so damned good is the actual “vanilla” in the vanilla custard, and that tap of sweet cinnamon churro that blends so perfectly you just do not want to stop. This is such a delightful vape it’s hard to believe.

All of these Max VG blends produce vapor clouds like a Max VG should but the viscosity in a few, like Boston George are more like a 60:50 blend, while others are as thick as you would expect from a Max VG. How this works out with Boston George is that I can’t make up my mind if this delicious blend is better at higher temps or not. Thinner e-liquids don’t handle the wattage as easily as thicker liquids, so while the flavor is amazing at higher, or lower wattage, I prefer to vape Boston George with Ni200 Temp Control coils, where I can ramp up the heat without scorching the flavor. Flavor Score: 5

Kiera: 5 Stars –  I was genuinely surprised by Boston George. From the official description I expected a super rich, dense flavor. The word ‘decadence’ doesn’t really fit for me, a better word is a word we’ve all used before in our reviews… luscious.

Here the luscious is in that sweet creamy vanilla flavor and just the right amount of a sweet cinnamon churro. I’ve had other blends that tried to do what Boston George does, some did it well, some did not, but not one does it better than Boston George. I would recognize this blend anywhere and any time. In my immediate rotation. Probably forever. Flavor Score: 5

Tom: 5 Stars – A remarkable year gets really close to the end and in all that time I’ve enjoyed so many great e-liquids from many, many brands. You would think that by now I would expect all the e-liquids that come in for review to be outstanding, and when it comes to the quality of the juice that’s mostly true. But flavor? Not always so true. Boston George, however, sits up there with the best of the best.

During the ‘discussion’ period we set up for every review, there was a consensus that what dragged Boston George over the 5-star line was the remarkably friendly vanilla and cinnamon flavor. Together they form a magical flavor that can’t be beat. Vapor production is first-rate, and to enjoy Boston George at the fullest, I would lower wattage, just a little, in order to get the most out of the delicate vanilla custard. Flavor Score: 5

Jason: 5 Stars – I nominated Boston George for a Spinfuel e-Liquid of the Year, in the ‘Dessert Category’ because of all the vanilla custards I’ve enjoyed this year this one is by far the best.

But I want to be clear; it is the ‘vanilla’ component, combined with the cinnamon churro, that slams this one home. The actual custard flavor is a less heavy than others I’ve had, and I would go so far as to say that instead of recognizing a vanilla custard it is more like a vanilla cream.

Don’t expect a heavy custard with Boston George. Instead, expect a sweet vanilla flavor, the kind that you would have if you took the best vanilla pudding and the best vanilla wafers, smashed them together in your hand, with some cinnamon churro and vaped the liquid that would drip down and into a waiting bottle .  Flavor Score: 5

Holiday Flavors – A Bonus Round!

Enigma – “Grandma’s apple pie with a twist. We added a cinnamon churro crust and drizzled it with caramel. Every hit of Enigma will keep your taste buds guessing making it a perfect all day vape

Julia: 4 Stars – My first impression of Enigma, as well as Headless Horsemen, was very negative. I’m talking artificial flavor, edgy and totally unlike the other eliquids from Dr. Juice. They were both so bad I emptied my tanks, resealed the bottles, and stashed them in my desk. Now I know why, I think.

Dr. Juice does not include a Born On date on their label, for obvious reasons, so when I opened both bottles a full week before we started this review, I suspect that I was opening a bottle that did not have enough steep time. I say this only because when I revisited them for this review the flavors pounced out and punched me in the face for being so rude before. Both holiday e-liquids changed dramatically during that week off storage.

So, anyway, Enigma. Apple Pie, cinnamon churro, and caramel. All flavors I adore. After several days of vaping the result was exactly what the official description says it is… a real delight to vape. Flavor: 5

Kiera: 4.25 Stars –  Okay, here’s my take on Enigma. Every flavor that is described in the description is there, so there is that. But… the flavors are very, very light.

The apple pie is there, but just barely. That awesome cinnamon churro that is found in spades in Boston George? A fraction at best. And the caramel, on the exhale…maybe. In the end, its all about flavor, and here the flavor failed to meet my expectations. Flavor: 3

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Faced with what I know about Dr. Juice and the flavors we reviewed I was astonished by Enigma. How does a flavor blend like Enigma fail to lift off when made by a company that makes some the best e-liquids I’ve had this year? It defies explanation. Yes, the flavors in the description are there, but they are barely phoning it in. Maybe a steep problem, but I’m not convinced it is.  Flavor: 2.5 Stars

Jason: 5 Stars – I was crushed to hear the comments about Enigma from my other team members. They all complained that the flavors, though they were there, barely registered with them. I think they are getting it wrong.

If you buy, or already bought, a bottle of Enigma you will notice instantly that this e-liquid is composed of ingredients that look, and taste, very different than the main non-holiday flavors.

There seems to be tens of thousands of tiny specs of what I believe are real apple bits, or maybe churro bits, I’m not that sure. And the liquid itself runs down the glass dropper like its alive. I’ve only seen this kind of ejuice in organic flavors, although I have no idea if that’s the case here.

Anyway, in order to really taste the complex flavors you really have to drip this one. I dripped it for hours and was completely blown away by the pure flavors and nuances of caramel and churro. The apple pie presents like an all-day-vape, even when dripped, which is to say that it is nothing like the intense spiced apples in Johnson Creek Baked Apples, a standalone e-liquid bound for the Hall of Fame. If my team members expected something like Baked Apples they have it all wrong. Enigma is truly an enigma when you consider the brand behind it. Flavor: 5

Headless HorsemenA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Smooth pumpkin custard infused with sugar cookie and cream with a hint of graham cracker crust. We literally can’t even!!!”

Julia: 5 Stars – I knew I was in for a very different experience in the review process then when I vaped it as it came in the door. This time I could smell the pumpkin and the sugar cookies, and even a hint of the graham crackers. So I loaded up a tank, let it sit for a bit, and vaped away.

Did it deliver? Yes and no, mostly no. I’m giving the general rating the full 5 stars because there is no doubt that this is a high quality eliquid and the description of the flavor is not really definitive. It has all the “right stuff”. But, on the flavor end, pumpkin custard is disgusting. Really disgusting. It was like vaping one of those wild experimental eliquids like mashed potatoes that The Vapor Girl used to throw at us. Flavor: 1

Kiera: 5 Stars – When Jules was trash talking the flavor of Headless Horsemen I decided to remain quiet because of our prior team meeting argument. But I couldn’t believe she disliked the pumpkin custard so much. Yes, it is a “new” flavor that we’ve never encountered before, and it’s okay not to like a flavor. But to vehemently despise a flavor? So unlike her. But, this is about me and my impressions of the Headless Horsemen.

Definitely a quality eliquid, and all the flavor notes are there as described. So, by definition it deserves the 5-stars. The flavor is, to me, also a 5-star winner. Vaping this eliquid in the higher wattages really makes the pumpkin custard pop, it brings out a lot of richness to it that I think some others don’t see. Real, honest to goodness pumpkin is a flavor many people do not like. I understand that, but I do.  Flavor: 5

Tom: 5 Stars – The only problem with Headless Horsemen is the pumpkin custard. You see, unlike other pumpkin flavors, which are ALWAYS mixed with other spices, like cloves, is a very plain, and strange, flavor. Fresh pumpkin…have you ever tasted fresh raw pumpkin? If you have then this is it.

I think this eliquid would have scored better with certain people IF Dr. Juice said up front that it was not a spiced up pumpkin and instead it was actually a real honest pumpkin.

At first the flavor is strange, awkward even, but if you stick to it you’ll begin to enjoy it. Ramp up the warmth of the vapor and you will really enjoy this fresh pumpkin custard.

Never judge an eliquid at first vape. Trust me on this, it takes a while to really know an eliquid. The Headless Horsemen is awesome beyond words. Unique, delicious, profoundly good. Flavor: 5

Jason: 5 Stars:  Unlike Enigma Headless Horsemen does not look or smell like an organic ejuice. No specs of pumpkins or anything else, it looked more like the other eliquids. That said, the pumpkin custard flavor was light, the sugar cookie was almost lost, and the graham cracker barely hit on the exhale. A good all day vape for the holidays, if you like non-spiced pumpkin, and a 5 star eJuice for all the other reasons. The flavor, on the other hand, could have been more pronounced.

The opportunity with a pumpkin flavor lies in knowing that pumpkin is rarely thought to be a nice flavor unless it is mixed with certain spices. Pumpkin Pie doesn’t taste like pumpkin; it tastes like pumpkin pie. That’s the key, and the audience for Headless Horsemen is going to be scarce.

So, as an e-liquid it gets the full 5, as a personal flavor it gets a 4. Flavor: 4

The Final Analyses

In the end, after you determine the quality of the ingredients, it’s always about two things; flavor and vapor.

Does Dr. Juice deliver on one or both? Our team spent a full 72-hours vaping only Dr. Juice e-Liquid, and each of us vaped our 30mL bottles using different sub-ohm tanks and mods, at different times of the day, under various circumstances, striving to arrive at a review that you can trust. Yes, we understand everybody has their own opinion on flavors, what I like you might not, and so on, but if you’ve been reading our team reviews (we’re on Year 4 now!) and trusted us enough to try some of the brands and flavors we reviewed, and you found that those reviews agreed with your taste tests, then you can rely on the fact that we will always do our best to tell you exactly how much we liked, or disliked, any flavor from any brand.

Dr. Juice really delivered the goods this week. We enjoyed them, some more than others, and always, each team member wound up with favorites that will be added to their vaping rotation, or collection, for personal vaping…when the time for personal vaping is found anyway.

The primary Dr. Juice line is superb, though we did have some issues with their Holiday line. So much so that the primary line and the holiday could have easily been made by two different brands. The Dr. Juice signature went missing with the Holiday flavors, that did not go unnoticed.

We hope you have a better understanding of these reviews with the introduction of the “secondary” Flavor rating. We believe that as we review more and more quality brands you’ll benefit from this second rating.

If you are a Dr. Juice fan sound off in the comments. How do our impressions compare to your own? Which ones are your favorites? Pick up some Dr. Juice e-Liquid right here.

We welcome your comments!

Julia Hartley-Barnes – Kiera Hartley-Barnes –  Tom McBride – Jason Little

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