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derby city flavor juice review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review of Derby City Flavor

This review spans multiple pages – Read our Interview Here

Derby City Flavor offers a unique lineup of eLiquids. In fact, every flavor in this review is geared more toward the mature palate than anything else, using such natural flavor extracts like tea, lychee, bourbon and ginger. Flavor like these are not the typical bakery, sugary, fruity, custard-ey, and vanilla-ish, type categories we usually vape every day. That is both good and bad news for you, and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. For our team this was not an easy review, for a couple of reasons.

A False Start

Derby City Flavor eliquids are sophisticated flavors with nuanced layers of unusual tastes, like those mentioned directly above. That being the case, and having just come off an eliquid review that consisted of a lineup of the more common eliquid flavors it put of off our game … at first anyway.

A few days before we began our 72-hour commitment we had to ease into the Derby City Flavor lineup so as to try and fully appreciate the uniqueness of this label.

We would pick up a Derby City Flavor clearomizer, vape it for 5 minutes or so, and then go back to our personal ‘favorites’, our every day juice. The problem was two-fold; despite requesting 18mg nicotine strength in our Submissions Guideline PDF we send out to review candidates we received 2mg nicotine strength eliquids, and secondly, the unique flavor profile of Derby City Flavor had some negative effects on our personal, every day eliquids we normally vape.

Like you, our individual palates enjoy certain flavors, textures, vapor production, and so forth, so how do we approach a review that contains eliquids we would never buy for ourselves? How do we review and present an eliquid line fairly if there is only a couple we enjoyed, however briefly?

Here’s the thing; Derby City Flavor is a collection of high-quality eliquids made in sterile, sophisticated lab environment, by people with passion and commitment to excellence, and with experienced food palates. However, what they’ve done is to create a lineup that this team was unfamiliar with, and no matter how much time we spent easing into them, and then going exclusive with them for 3 days, we certainly recognized the quality, but couldn’t enjoy them because they were so unfamiliar, and their nicotine strength was so low that it was nearly impossible to stay exclusive for 3 days.

Perhaps the best way to describe the predicament we faced is to imagine having dinner at a French restaurant and being served dishes you know are prepared by talented chefs, but dishes you just don’t know how to enjoy. You’re present with a plate of snails, goose liver, and other foods and flavors that are adored by millions of people but all you can think about is slipping out of the restaurant and heading to a Burger King to eat a whopper.

Suddenly two and a half years of eliquid reviews get tossed out the window because we while we prided ourselves on being ‘connoisseurs’ we came up against a line of eliquids we didn’t understand.

Understanding them or not, we had an obligation to pursue the review and publish it. There are plenty of people that love Derby City Flavor, and there are plenty of people that won’t love them. We’re going to do our best to convey to you our experience with them, and if by chance you’ve experienced Derby City Flavor we would very much appreciate your comments below.

So, on with the review…

Premium With A “P”

Derby City Flavors is a premium label based on our standards of ‘premium’. Their all-natural food extract flavoring, the commitment to using Diacetyl-free ingredients and being free of other chemicals and preservatives, along with following good manufacturing practices, this all point to a ‘no expense spared’ approach to creating eliquids for the vape community. So, by using ingredients they believed to be the best they could find, including expensive ‘food extract flavorings’, they certainly qualify as putting out a premium product.

Derby City Flavor tell us they were inspired by the rich history of Louisville, Kentucky, their home base, and by traveling around the world. From the descriptions of the eliquids clearly their flavors came from these types of inspirations.

Natural Concentrates and Natural Extracts

Natural food extract flavorings produce eliquids with a different flavor profile than those that are produced with natural and artificial flavor concentrates. Natural flavorings and natural flavoring Extracts are very different. Natural flavoring concentrates are usually 6-8 times as strong as a natural flavor extracts. We won’t argue with their choice to use a natural flavor extract instead of a concentrate, it is their choice.

Sometimes the results of eliquids made this way produce a phenomenal vape experience with an abundance of rich authentic flavors, but as a team we’re nowhere near ready to abandon our favorite eliquids made with natural and artificial flavoring concentrates in order to vape natural extracts.

Both extract flavoring and concentrate flavorigns certainly deserve to co-exist with each other in the eliquid marketplace, and at the same time we all have the freedom to choose which ones we like and which ones we don’t. As a unit the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team prefer concentrated flavoring under most conditions. In order to enjoy an eliquid made from extracts the percentage of flavoring must be higher than the concentrated flavoring… a lot higher. If it is not sufficiently high enough the overall flavor will be diminished. And that is what we believe the Derby City Flavor lineup suffers from, diminished flavors.

Derby City FlavorExperience

The Derby City Flavor “Mixmistress” uses her years of professional culinary training to create the recipes for the eliquids in their lineup. In the recipes that use strictly food extract flavors, they use extracts like real chocolate, spices, nuts, and others. However, are the extract flavorings intense enough to create a satisfying vape experience? That depends… and we’ll get into that later.


We’ve put together a separate page that explains the complicated process of a Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team review. We suggest reading our Protocols before proceeding further if this is your first exposure to this type of review. These protocols have been developed over the course of two and half years of reviews and they’ve never failed us.

The Review


Derby City Flavor has three “divisions” or categories containing certain eliquid flavors. The Charter Series, Port of Call Series, and Caribbean Indulgences Series. Charter are eliquids centered around Lousiville KY, Port of Call are elquids developed from the travels of the team, and Caribbean Indulgences contain eliquids that reflect flavors from the American Tropics.

Flavor and Vapor

Derby City Flavor uses a 70:30 PG/VG ratio. The natural flavor extract, which has less ‘flavor’ than natural flavor concentrates, should benefit from the flavor-carrying characteristic of PG, but it still requires a higher percentage of flavoring. The 30% VG prevents the formation of big clouds of vapor in all the eliquids presented for review. Derby City Flavor eliquids are not for cloud chasers. In fact, the company states that their formulations are not made for drippers. Tom proved this to be an accurate statement after attempting to ‘drip’ a couple of the eliquids in order to see if he could squeeze more flavor from them. (he couldn’t)

Derby City Flavor Available Bottle Sizes

The eliquids are available in a 7ML Sampler size, a 15ML size, and a 30ML size. All bottles are clear glass with dropper caps. The vintage-look label offers all the information you need to be informed about what you’re about to use. Bottles have neck bands to prevent tampering.


As premium eliquids go Derby City Flavor rests on the higher side of the pricing scale. Their most expensive bottle is the 7ML sampler, at $7 it’s a full $1 per ML. As you move up in size you find a better value; 15ML are $11 each, 30ML are $19 each, which fall just a little to the right of the middle if the premium pricing scale.

Unless you’re trying Derby City Flavor for the first time we just cannot recommend the 7ML sampler. In fact, we’ve never understood the pricing structure of sampler size bottles from any eliquid brand.

Nicotine Strengths – As we indicated above the nicotine in the eliquids used in this review were just 2mg in strength. For that reason we will not be judging the throat hit. Strangely, Derby City Flavor doesn’t even offer a 2mg option. Instead they offer 6mg and 12mg of nicotine, and of course a zero-nic option. Stranger still is that Derby City Flavor explicitly says that their eliquids are not designed for drippers, so why the low nicotine options? We have no idea.

What follows are the impressions and opinions of the team for the lineup of Derby City Flavors.

Archie’s Derby Reserve

Description: Our founder’s favorite is a tantalizing take on the Derby city’s most famous dessert, without any unfortunate effects on your figure. Discriminating palates will detect chocolate, nuts, and friendly Kentucky spirits, expertly blended into a rich, warm flavor experience.

Julia: 3 Stars – This one seems more like a coffee blend then a dessert blend. I do get the bourbon flavor, but the rest of them, the chocolate and nuts seem to be a mashup of the two that combine into a new flavor. Archie is the richest flavor of the lineup, offering the most flavor of the bunch, but it was still under-flavored.

Tom: 3 Stars – I am completely in the dark about this Louisville dessert and I vaped it before reading the description. My initial take on it was that it was a coffee vape made with natural coffee extract. I didn’t care for it, and when I did read the description and learned that it was a dessert made with bourbon, chocolate and nuts I was totally lost.

Jason: 4 Stars – I spent more time with this one than anyone else on the team. Being able to pull apart of various flavors doesn’t happen at once because your first taste is that of a coffee vape because that is the flavor that is most common. After a little while though, with slow drags and even slower release the bourbon and chocolate is became clear, with this certain ‘nuttiness’ coming in at the end of the exhale. If you like a bourbon flavor I think you’ll like this one.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – Taking Jason’s advice I approached this eliquid slowly by filling a tank and allowing it to sit overnight. Using a 1.6ohm coil I attached my tank to a mechanical mod and began slow and deliberate drags. After the first drag I understood Jason’s take on Archie’s Derby Reserve and I could appreciate it to some degree. However much I appreciated the understanding, it was still bourbon and I don’t much like bourbon. Lastly, it left an aftertaste that lasted a good hour or so.

Cuba Libre

Description: A patriot’s drink, this classic celebrates the heroic spirit of the freedom fighter. Our elixir captures this independent spirit along with the traditional blend of sweet cola, heady tropical rum, and a refreshing dash of cooling lime. Celebrate your own independence!

Julia: 3 Stars – As complicated as the various ‘flavor layering’ in the above description all I taste is a tart lime/lemon vape. I don’t taste a sweet cola, or rum, or anything else. It’s an okay vape, flavor wise, but with 30% VG there isn’t a whole lot of vapor.

Tom: 3 Stars – After vaping this one in a clearomizer and glassomizer I decided to go back to basics to see if I could improve the experience. I grabbed a simple 510 cartomizer and filled it up, let it sit for an hour, and then proceeded to vape it on a straight up 3.7v mech mod. Interestingly, across all three eliquid delivery systems the flavor and vapor was identical… To me, this eliquid tastes like a lemon vape with light lime notes.

Jason: 3.25 Stars – I enjoyed vaping Cuba Libre as a simple lemon/lime eliquid. What I found disappointing was the fancy description was way too fancy for the actual flavor. There is nothing wrong with a lemon/lime vape, and if the other flavors that are supposed to be there aren’t there, then why make it sound complicated? If you’re looking for a tart, non-sweet lemony vape this could be the one you want to try.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – I don’t vape lemon/lime eliquids often, hardly ever really, because I’m not a big ‘tart’ lover, preferring sweeter vapes instead of tart ones. That said I enjoyed Cuba Libre for an hour or so because it was different from my usual fare.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Description: Mint tea is prized in the heat of Morocco for the refreshing cool the mint provides, and its preparation for honored guests is an ancient and noble tradition. Enjoy our version of this soothing treat in an elixir that evokes the cool of shade after the desert sun. You don’t even need to wait for guests!

Julia: 4 Stars – I truly wish I had been able to vape this at a much higher nicotine strength because I might have enjoyed it more. There is a definite mint tea flavor in this recipe, but it is a light blend, which is perfect for an all-day-vape but not an immediate pleaser. This one has a flavor profile that is both foreign and familiar.

Tom: 3 Stars – Many of the eliquids in this review qualify as an all-day-vape. However, that alone does not win devotees to the cause. While I found myself vaping Moroccan Mint Tea a lot longer than I realized I found it neither pleasing nor unpleasing, which is what I think many all-day-vapes are. This eliquid has a light mint flavor with unfamiliar tea flavor notes hovering about.

Jason: 3 Stars – After Moroccan Mint Tea I strongly believe we must rethink our description of “3 Stars”. It is supposed to mean an average eLiquid, nothing special, but okay nonetheless. I’m giving it 3 Stars for entirely different reason. Moroccan Mint Tea has a strange blend of a refreshing Mint mixed with a tea flavor that I recognize as tea, but more like a tea from another planet. It is a weird blend, and it is far from common.

Keira: 4 Stars – Moroccan Mint Tea is a perfect example of why we spend so much time with a brand’s eliquids. If I imagined myself sitting in front of a video camera being broadcast on YouTube and vaping this one for the very first time it would get a huge thumbs down. Yet, once you get past the initial taste of this exotic tea flavor it becomes a very nice all-day-vape. Of course, these eliquids have 2mg nicotine in them, so whether or not the 12mg version (maximum strength for Derby City) would make an all-day-vape, I’m not sure.

Bluegrass Bourbon Ball

Description: We’ve distilled this classic Bluegrass favorite into a rich elixir. This heady flavor has bourbon and dark chocolate notes, with a touch of lightness. Grandmother never made a candy like this.

Julia: 2.5 Stars – I kept asking myself; where’s the bourbon? Where’s the dark chocolate? What does this taste like? After hours of vaping this juice I had no answers. Whatever the flavor is it is extremely weak. I suppose that if somebody vaped this and thought the flavor was terrific it might make a great all-day-vape for them because there is nothing in it to get tired of, if you know what I mean.

Tom: 3 Stars – The first time I tried this I had filled up a basic clearomizer and gave it a couple of hours to saturate before vaping with it. When I did vape it I placed it on battery, set the voltage at 3.7v and took a nice, slow, long hit. On the exhale I got the flavor of an eliquid that tasted like it got scorched with a ruined atomizer. So, I tossed it in the trash started again, using a Nautilus Mini with a new coil. After an hour of letting the coils soak up the juice I experienced the same taste; burnt eliquid. And that’s the way it remained for the duration. No bourbon flavor, no dark chocolate…just the taste of burnt juice and a burned out coil.

Jason: 3 Stars – No bourbon and no chocolate, no throat hit. I don’t get it.

Keira: 3 Stars – None of the eliquids in this review are remotely close their descriptions. This should be a strong flavor but its not. It’s weak, and nondescript.

Shanghai Ginger Candy

Description: Archie suggested this flavor in homage to Claire’s love of exotic ginger, discovered on their travels to the Orient. This sweet elixir bites like a tiny golden dragon. Inflame your senses and come East where the ginger blooms.

Julia: 3.5 Stars The description uses words like exotic ginger, and golden dragon…and maybe it does at 12mg nicotine…but at 2mg nicotine there is no bite, no dragon, but plenty of the exotic. Ginger is a flavor that you either like or don’t like, there doesn’t seem to be many people in the middle. I like ginger, and I found the overall flavor to be somewhat pleasing. But I didn’t find it sweet, nor did it lend itself to being referred to as ‘candy’.

Tom: 3 Stars – I know that part of any successful business is marketing. Without good marketing strategies any business will find itself floundering in short order. But after spending hours with Shanghai Ginger Candy I have to say that the description isn’t even close to the actual eliquid. This is a non-sweet ginger vape, plain and simple.

Jason: 3 Stars – A premium eliquid label with the most unusual flavors I’ve vaped in many months; Derby City Flavor is too unusual for my tastes. Some flavors are more unusual than others, certainly, but this one, this strange ginger flavored ejuice has convinced me that this label and me will never have a meeting of the minds. The ginger is too exotic for me, and ginger is all this one is.

Keira: 4 Stars – Seeing the looks on the faces of my teammates while they vaped various eliquids from Derby City was so disheartening. I believe some of these flavor profiles are lost on them. Hell, some are lost on me as well I suppose. This non-sweet ginger ejuice is not for everyone, but if you’ve had ginger and like it this is going to be pretty good eliquid for you.

The Mayor’s Mint Julep

Description: The modern gentleman muddles his fine Kentucky bourbon with sugar and mint in a silver cup. Find your inner gentleman with our version of the epitome of Southern grace.

Julia: 3 Stars – This is the eliquid that convinced me that there is a consistency throughout the lineup of Derby City Flavor. Mint Julep was the 4th flavor in my review schedule, and the previous 3 did not deliver much flavor at all. When this one had the same, weak flavor I racked my brain trying to figure what was going on. I cannot taste any mint in this juice, which should be the dominant flavor. There isn’t any bourbon flavor either. I’m not sure what this tastes like, but it sure doesn’t remind me of a Mint Julep.

Tom: 2 Stars – Instead of a sweet mint vape the Mayor’s Mint Julep offers very little very other than a moderate mint. Very disappointing.

Jason: 2 Stars – I was holding back on this, holding out hope that there would be enough mint in it to rise above the others in the amount of flavor that was offered. Alas, that was not the case. Like nearly every eliquid in the lineup the flavor was barely registering.

Keira: 3 Stars – I did expect a big flavor with Mint Julep, especially after reading the interview Julia conducted and learned how Derby City juices were created. How can every eliquid in this lineup produce weak flavors, and flavors so unlike their fancy descriptions? Something has to be wrong.

Derby City Flavor Signature Modjeska

Description: This luscious blend of caramel and vanilla marshmallow is our tasty tribute to the elegant and incomparable Helena Modjeska, and to the classic candy created in her honor.

Julia: 3.75 Stars – To me the word ‘luscious’ in the description eludes me. I can certainly taste the caramel, but the vanilla comes as a barely noticeable flavor note. The best thing about this eliquid is that if you push it beyond what you would normally vape a juice like this the flavor gets better. The caramel gets darker, though the vanilla remains hidden. But it also develops an all-day-vape feature. While I do like it somewhat, it just doesn’t come close to its description.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – The PG/VG ratio prevents Derby City Flavor from being a good drippers juice, but because we received 2mg nicotine blends I decided to put some of them through a dripper, and this was one of them. The result was a much richer experience than vaping conventionally. The caramel and vanilla came through, but even dripping it I didn’t get much of a throat hit. Besides, vaping a High-PG juice isn’t the wisest thing to do.

Jason: 3.75 Stars – Most of Derby City Flavor have unique characteristics and flavor profiles, but this is not one of them. While I did enjoy the caramel and vanilla blend, it was a flavor I’ve had many times before. This one doesn’t distinguish itself like the others in this lineup. Because they are committed to Diacetyl-free juice they have limited choices for caramel flavoring. The description makes it sound wonderful, but in reality it is sort of average.

Keira: 4 Stars – If you want to get the most out of this caramel and vanilla blend you’ll need to vape it on the edge. I mean while you might enjoy the others using, say a 2.2ohm coil set to 3.7v you’ll need to push it to 4.4v or more. There is something about the recipe, or the ingredients, that require a higher amount of heat to let the flavor blossom like it should. But if you can hit that magical setting, whatever it may be for you, this just turns into a dreamy, creamy all day vape.

Derby City Flavor Mandvi Chai Tea

Description: From the ancient port of Mandvi on the Arabian Sea, Derby City Flavor brings the sultry flavors of India. Our mystifying blend of spices evokes the meeting of the maritime spice trade and the camel caravans bearing spices more precious than gold. Experience an exotic treasure, heady with cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

Julia: 3 Stars – I have enjoyed Chai Tea Latte and Gingerbread Chai for a couple of years now, so I thought I knew what “chai tea” tasted like. Sure, both labels enhanced their chai tea recipes, one as a latte brew and the other with gingerbread, but if Mandavi Chai Tea is more like the real thing, than I’ve have been badly mistaken about Chai Tea.

I do not taste the ginger, or the cinnamon at all, and what I do taste is so far removed from anything I’ve tasted before that it’s bizarre. This mild tasting blend would make a decent all day vape because the unidentifiable taste is rather innocuous. If you wind up liking the flavor you could vape it forever and never come down with vapers tongue.

Tom: 3 Stars – On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 was flavorless PG/VG and 10 was a very flavorful eliquid I would put Mandavi Chai Tea at 2.5. No matter what device I used, or what eliquid delivery system I used I could not pull out a healthy amount of flavor. The description indicates cinnamon and ginger, along with the Chai Tea so I just don’t get it. On the positive side; it doesn’t taste bad, so if you like it I’m sure it will be an all-day-vape. For me, it just doesn’t work.

Jason: 3 Stars – The interview with the CEO of Derby City says that the PG/VG ratio is 70:30, that’s a lot of PG, so there should be a strong flavor profile for every one of these flavors. That tells me that Chai Tea just might be a very weak flavor, which is probably why other labels have doctored it up with other flavors. Straight up though Chai Tea flavoring has little ‘flavor’ here. The flavor isn’t offensive, its just barely there.

Keira: 3 Stars – I’m disappointed in this one because the description made it sound so intriguing, with its ginger and cinnamon flavors on top of a Chai Tea flavor. In reality there isn’t much flavor at all.

Phu-ket Mango Lychee

Description: The rich sweetness of mangoes from the steamy jungles of Thailand, balanced by an exotic twist of lychee, combine to bring you a flavor unlike any other. Let our elixir take you to a land of wonder.

Julia: 3.5 Stars – I’ve enjoyed the flavor of mango in several eliquids, and in the actual fruit as well…. I love mango. So imagine my disappoint over the fact that this recipe plays down the mango flavor in favor of the lychee dramatically. In addition, there is a distinct floral element to this eliquid, making it even more disappointing.

Tom: 4 Stars – Mango and Lychee are two flavors I never imagined would come together like it did here… and man, I have to say, this one would make a good all-day-vape. The dense mango flavor hits you as you come into the vape, followed by a big dose of Lychee on the exhale. Yes, there is just a hint of floral in this one, but barely noticeable.

Jason: 3 Stars – This one is probably the strongest flavored eliquid of the lineup and if it wasn’t for the floral hit to it I probably would have liked it better. Maybe Jules has a point, this ‘adult’ flavors are a little over my head.

Keira: 3 Stars – I was ready to give this one a 4 star rating because the flavors blended really well and I think its kind of inspiring as an artist to see an eliquid mixer successfully blend Lychee and Mango. But then I read the description and I think, as a label, they go too far when describing their juice. The mango flavor is pretty authentic, and as such it is not nearly as sweet as described, so they lost a star for that. They should ease up on selling the flavors with pretty words and allow the vaper to see a straight up description. There is a subset of the vape community that will love these juices because they are extracts, but for me, well, I need more flavor.

Raspberry Linzer Macaroon

Description: Like the now-famous Linzer torte, our Austrian-inspired elixir marries the sweet fruity notes of raspberries with the soft warmth of almond for a delicate and sophisticated treat. Rumor has it Mozart himself favored such treats!

Julia: 3.75 Stars – While raspberry is certainly the flavor that hits you on the inhale, that delicate almond flavor, combined with the raspberry on the exhale drives home a distinctive flavor that tastes nothing like other raspberry based eliquids I’ve had in the past. Easily an all-day-vape, Raspberry Linzer Macaroon will have its critics, but it’s not a bad flavor, it’s just an above average one.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Although I was going to give this a higher rating it did take a little time for me to decide. While the raspberry and almond flavors are true enough, and vapor production was more than expected, it wasn’t until my Nautilus tank sat overnight with this eliquid inside it before I could tease the enough flavor out of it. It is a unique flavor, however delicate, and it does have some all-day-vape characteristics.

Jason: 3 Stars – Natural raspberry flavor with light almond notes combine to try and deliver an enjoyable all-day-vape. The flavor certainly doesn’t overwhelm. What you experience in the morning is exactly what you’ll experience at the end of the day. I can’t imagine what a stronger nicotine version would be like.

Keira: 3 Stars –These eliquids feel like they were designed for light vapers. Raspberry Linzer Macaroon had the opportunity to become one of my favorite all-day-vapes and become a part of my rotation, if only the delicious sounding descriptions had been true. Raspberry and almond is there, but where is the macaroon?

Derby City Flavor Conclusion

I speak for the entire team when I say that we really don’t like writing negative reviews. There’s the fun in that. We want to spend 72 glorious hours vaping great juice and telling all our readers about how delicious they are. As it turns out there is just a single flavor that delivered on its promises, and it was a raspberry eliquid. The rest of the lineup lacked strong flavor and produced limited amounts of vapor. The 2mg of nicotine killed any chance of a throat hit.

So what went wrong?

Nicotine does not add flavor to an eliquid, so the fact that the eliquids we received contained only 2mg of nicotine did not play a role in any of our experiences with these flavor blends except for the fact that the low nicotine prevented much of any vape satisfaction.

Using natural food flavor extracts means that you have to pump up the flavoring percentage in any recipe in order to get the amount of flavor found in natural and artificial flavor concentrates, even with a 70% PG ratio. We get the feeling that Derby City Flavor used the flavor percentage that other labels used with artificial or natural concentrates thereby creating a lineup of eliquids that produce hardly noticeable flavors.

Well Steeped

The eliquids we vaped during the review period were mixed and bottled in July of this year and when they arrived they sat in the box it came in, and placed in an air-conditioned stock room. There was nothing that could spoil them on this end. All the bottles were also properly protected with shrink-wrap and there was little to no coloration in the liquids when we began the review around September 28. These were well-steeped eliquids at peak flavor.

Derby City Flavor Recommendations

There is little to recommend here. None of the eliquids tasted “bad” exactly, they were just extremely light in flavor. Many of them would make fine all day vapes because of the light flavor, though the high PG would be a factor for some. But the bottom line is that we didn’t add a single eliquid to our rotation or collection.

Till next time,

Julia, Tom, Jason, and Keira

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