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Attention all you Vapers that enjoy the best in dry herb vaporizers, the DaVinci IQ has arrived. This portable vaporizer is small but beautifully formed, brimming with advanced features you didn’t even know you needed. It aims to appeal to all kinds of dry herb vapers, from the most experienced to complete newcomers. Notably it lacks an digital display screen, preferring to employ a 51 LED grid to deliver information to the user. Don’t worry, if you like to have a wealth of information at your fingertips the DaVinci IQ also has its very own smartphone app, which offers more features than a standard vaporizer screen ever could. Another exciting proposition is the use of zirconia in the herb chamber, which we will look at in more detail below. This piece of kit aims to be one of the most progressive dry herb vaporizers on the market, but does it live up to its claims?

About the DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ’s packaging puts its rivals to shame. It arrives in a huge wooden box, that slides open to reveal the vaporizer and a wealth of useful accessories, all lying on a bed on soft golden hay. This is luxury packaging for a high-end product. It contains the following items:

  • IQ Vaporizer
  • Cotton carrying pouch with zip
  • Glass jar for dry herb
  • Small metal carry can for dry herb
  • Water adaptor and extended mouthpiece
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Key ring including chamber cleaning tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • Patterned micro USB charging cable

Ease Of Use

This is certainly one of the more user-friendly devices on the market. The instructions are clear and well-written, explaining all the different functions in simple terms and without going into too much technical detail. It uses a replaceable 3500mAh 18650 battery, meaning if the vaporizer is kept in good condition it can last indefinitely – all you need to do is replace the internal battery.

DaVinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizers Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

At the bottom of the DaVinci IQ is the herb chamber. Simply stuff your herb in here using the tool provided and close back up. Easy. A ‘pearl’ made out of zirconia (a much tougher and more heat-resistant material than ceramic) seals the chamber.

It’s very easy to switch between heating modes – simply press the three buttons in various combinations to shift to the various modes, such as smart path, precision heating, stealth and boost (maximum temperature) mode. A quick glance at the 51 LED light grid shows which mode you’re in.

The DaVinci IQ even comes with a smartphone app, though you don’t have to use this. All the functions can be done on the vaporizer itself but the app makes things even easier. You can even turn on your vaporizer using your phone if you so wish. Using the app you can adjust the four in-built smart heating profiles and create your own sessions that vary in heat and duration. The presets are perfectly fine but this is a fantastic bonus for those of you who like to tinker and make your vape unique to you. Again, it’s important to note that you don’t have to use the app for the DaVinci IQ to function. If you prefer to pick up and go, the DaVinci IQ works just as well.


This is where the DaVinci IQ shines. Exciting features such as the app, the beautiful design, and the LED light grid wouldn’t matter at all if the vape was below-par. But it doesn’t just live up to its claims, it excels. Using a pearl made from zirconia to seal the chamber is a game-changer when it comes to dry herb vaping. This pearl helps the herb to vaporizer more efficiently than ceramic ever could, by reflecting more heat into the chamber and heating the dry herb from all angles. This leads to much more impressive vapor production, leading to thick billowing clouds and an extraordinarily smooth throat hit.

After each session the used-up herb is left completely dry and brown, with no charred black spots or unheated sections. Proof that all the active ingredients have been extracted. Thanks to the incredibly efficient zirconia pearl, the herb is heated equally throughout – eradicating a common problem in rival portable vaporizers. If that isn’t enough, water filtration accessories are available to make for an even smoother vape.

DaVinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizers Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine



As you’d expect, this kind of quality comes at a price. It’s currently retailing at $269.99 on the DaVinci site, a premium price in the same range as the PAX 3. It’s dry herb only, which is a slight drawback as some competitors also work with concentrates. But the quality of the vape can’t be overstated. The DaVinci IQ produces wonderfully smooth clouds without wasting any of your precious herb. Using zirconia as a heating material takes this item to the next-level and we can expect to see many dry herb vaporizers following suit over the coming years.

If you’re a casual cannabis vaper who wants the bare minimum at a rock bottom price, then you should look elsewhere. The DaVinci IQ is for connoisseurs who care about everything from design, advanced features and sleek efficient vaping.


  • Beautifully-designed with an easy-to-understand grid-style LED system
  • The chamber is sealed by a pearl made from zirconia which heats the herb evenly, reducing waste
  • Silky smooth vape
  • Easy to use for first-time herb vapers, with enough functions and advanced features to satisfy the most experienced users


  • Only suitable for dry herb
  • Water filtration accessories must be bought separately  


If Da Vinci were around today, he’d be proud to put his name to this product. Everything about it screams quality, from the well-written instruction manual (no wonky translations here) and stunning packaging, to the polished design of the item itself. The price means it’s pitched toward a certain class of cannabis and dry herb vaper, one who wants the very best portable vaporizer around, regardless of price – this isn’t for casual smash ‘n’ grab weed vapers. The final word should go to the zirconia pearl. This one simple element lifts it beyond its rivals, making for a silky smooth vape that extracts the active ingredients evenly and efficiently. If you’re looking for quality and price is no object, look no further.