The Winston Man Spills It All to Smokenjoey


Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here is a very important interview with David Goerlitz, AKA The Face of Winston Cigarettes during the 1980’s, and Rick Bender, an important advocate for electronic cigarettes. We did the interview during the VCCTN in Chattanooga last month.  The things you will hear in this interview will cause the hair on your neck to stand up and send shivers running up your spine.
Everything you hear is absolutely true, according to David,  and today David will share with you behind the scenes information about the cigarette industry that you could never even imaginable. 
Pay close attention to this interview folks, and share it with as many current smokers and new vapers as you can. Probably the most important interview I’ve ever done, and as a vaper all I can say is I’m happy I discovered a safer alternative. You will too. – Smokenjoey