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If you are a regular visitor to Spinfuel VAPE, you probably never expected to read the words “dabber”, or “e-nail” in a Spinfuel VAPE Review. I get that, but since we’ve expanded our definition on what it means to Vape, I discovered some wonderful devices that e-liquid Vapers have never heard of… like the Dabado Bolt Pro 2… a terrific e-nail dabber. Yes, I’ve been writing about dry herb vaporizers for a few months now, as well as wax/oil units, but this is a first for me. And I have to say, my experience with this A+ device has made me a serious dabber. Read on to find out why.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Review by Spinfuel VAPE

Before we get into the review, let me define a few new terms for those of you that have never dabbed cannabis, or are inexperienced in the ways of using an e-nail.

What is Dabbing?


Long before vaporizers, long before rolling joints in cigarette rolling paper, long before proper civilization in fact, vaporizing dry herbs, especially cannabis, has been the go-to way to obtaining the benefits these dry herbs offer when inhaled.


(For clarity, from now on I’m going to use the term ‘cannabis’ because, let’s face it, very few people are going to spend good money on a device to inhale anything other than cannabis.)


For the past couple of years, vaporizing cannabis has given way to something called “dabbing” cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is a generally cleaner, safer and even more effective. An E-nail device is currently the best device for dabbing cannabis concentrates, and the Bolt Pro 2 the best I’ve used yet.


What is an e-Nail?


An e-nail is a device that allows for hands free electric ‘dabbing’. It is an electric nail system (or e-nail). An e-nail is most often a desktop unit that is designed to heat cannabis concentrates. The e-nail allows the user to digitally control the electric ‘nail’ at extremely accurate temperatures. Because cannabis dabbers are no longer using butane flames, the e-nail is a easily the safer alternative.  The lighters or butane torches of yesteryear are no longer needed to enjoy an awesome cannabis “session”.

The Bolt Pro 2 by Dabado

The Bolt Pro 2 is the best cannabis concentrate vaporizer I’ve ever used for many reasons. One of which is that Bolt 2 adds a granular temperature control between 200-900 degrees (in order to understand granular temperature control, skim though this paper that explains it)  as well as an LCD screen.


The Bolt Pro 2 continues to utilize extra-large nails and a swappable 18650 battery. If you’re into pure vapor and pure dabs, then the Bolt Pro 2 is a vaporizer you’ll want to at least put on your wishlist.


During my research of the Bolt Pro 2 for this review, I discovered that the original Dabado Bolt Pro remains one of the best e-rigs in the cannabis community because of the size of the extra-large nails, its ease of use, and the clouds of vapor it can produce. The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 keeps all those wonderful features and adds the new granular temperature control to give users more options than ever.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Design

The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 e-nail dabber is a standard designed e-rig with a slim body, a base for standing, plus the nail configuration on top. It does look somewhat similar to the original Bolt Pro, except for the precise temperature control and the LCD screen to monitor the operation.


This is only my third e-rig I’ve used  in the last year, but I can say that the Bolt Pro 2 is fairly easy to understand, and to use. If you are a Newbie to dabbing or using an e-nail, you’ll want to start off slow, and carefully, which is true of using any e-nails including the Bolt Pro 2,  but experienced e-nail cannabis users will find it easy, and familiar.


While the Bolt Pro 2 is not as portable as a vape pen, but with the included carrying case it’s by no means a big deal to take it along with you when you leave the house.  It’s just not compact enough to load up and vape while on the move.

Vaping with the Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Using the Dabado Bolt Pro 2 should be easy enough to get great results from the first time you use it. Here’s a small primer to get you started…


1 – Place one of the included nails onto the Bolt Pro 2’s body. (the Kit comes with 3 different nails, ceramic, titanium, and quartz)


2 – Add a few tablespoons of water (I use tap water) to the glass tube attachment and place it over the nail.


3 – Choose the right temperature for you, 200-900 degrees! (lower temps bring out the flavor of the dry herb better, and high temps create bigger clouds) then ‘dab’ the cannabis wax directly onto the nail.


4 – Hold the carb cap over the nail then inhale from the glass attachment. (like an old-fashioned bong)


5 – Repeat as necessary

One bit of warning for cannabis users; The Bolt Pro 2 is a wicked cannabis concentrate vaporizer. Please use only dispensary quality cannabis when using the Bolt, and know ahead of time which strain of cannabis you’re using. Here is a short piece on the top 5 strains of 2017, for your reference.


Performance and Cloud Quality - Dabado Bolt Pro 2

A good e-rig will allow you to choose different types of ‘nails’. The Bolt Pro 2 includes a ceramic nail, a quartz nail, and a titanium nail. Having a choice of different nails to use, as well as a wide temperature range gives users tons of options.

No matter which nail you decide to use, you’ll always experience robust flavor and good-sized clouds. However, as I said earlier, I find the ceramic my favorite for flavor and thick clouds, but ceramic coil heads over on the eliquid side of vaping has always been my favorite as well, so maybe I’m projecting here.


Heat Time Heat Retention Flavor
Titanium Fast Excellent Good
Ceramic Slow Excellent Great
Quartz Fast Low Excellent

E Nails and What to Expect

The titanium nail is the most durable nail in the collection.  That said, maybe it’s my years of experience with e-liquid vaping, but my preferred nail is the ceramic. I get the best flavor and mean clouds of cannabis vapor. A typical dab session for me is barely 4 or 5 hits from the Bolt.


The battery life is very similar to the battery life of eliquid vaporizers that use a single 18650-cell. Users can expect 20-25 ‘sessions’ before a recharge/swap. I use the 3100mAh 35A Nitecore 18650 cells and the experience encourages me to tell you this is the battery I would recommend. Charging through the USB port takes in 4-5 hours, so you might want to pick up an external Nitecore Charger for external charging of your cells.


The Bolt Pro 2 is said to be an excellent upgrade from the original, but without having used the original I can only tell you what I heard. It does have many of the same features of the original, but with the granular temperature control, the LCD screen, the larger nails and a wider temp range, the Bolt 2 is clearly more advanced. If you have experience with the original, let us know in the comments below.

Wrapping Up and the Score

The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is $199.99 directly from Dabado,  and for the price it is a great dab rig. When it comes to vapor/cloud quantity and quality, customization options, and ease of use, it is my favorite rig in my fast-growing collection of cannabis vaporizers.


If you’re just getting into dabbing cannabis concentrates, then you shouldn’t be terribly anxious to check it out, and experienced dabbers will definitely enjoy the new features.


The Bolt Pro 2 creates some of the purest vapor I’ve seen. While I’ll always keep dry herb vaporizers in the mix, this e-nail dab unit is the one device I’ve used more than any other since it arrived in early December.

  • Tom McBride

The Bolt Pro 2 Includes the Following Content:

1x Bolt Pro 2
1x Bolt Pro 2 Case
1x Extra Heating Rod
1x Spill-Proof Glass Attachment
1x Quartz Nail
1x Titanium Nail
1x Ceramic Nail

1x USB Charger
1x Magnetic Dab Tool
1x Silcon Protector
1x Silcon Container
1x 18650 Battery
1x Magnetic Stand