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Cyclops eLiquid – A Review


Cyclops Vapor strikes me as being a relatively young eLiquid company. That is to say, their eLiquid lineup, at present, is what I would expect to see, what I would prefer to see, from a very young eLiquid vendor.

Let me take a moment to explain — at the moment, they have exactly three flavors on the market. So why do I prefer that to a young eLiquid company with a dozen or so flavors? Because it tells me that they put maximum time in with every single one of the flavors they do have available. They didn’t rush. And that comes through loud and clear to me when I vape their liquids.

And here we have the standard prefatory note to let you know what I tested these eLiquids in: I used the Johnson Creek Vea with its Revision 3.0 cartomizers as a baseline, with minor detours through iClear 30B and 30S clearomizers on the SMOKTech Magneto and the Kanger Aero Tank on the Innokin iTaste VTR for contrast and comparison.

colossus - Cyclops Vapor eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazineColossus – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!

Cyclops Vapor Says:Our Colossus premium eLiquid is a smooth sweet flavor based on vanilla custard.  The subtle flavor combinations we use in our 65/35 VG/PG formula result in a satisfying pull with a great taste on exhale without being overbearing.  It’s just the right intensity.  How could such a simple eLiquid offer the intense decadence of a favored dessert?”

The first of the liquids I really put in some time with was Colossus. Deep amber edging into orange in appearance, this one is going to be easily filling in the clearomizer or carto tank of your choice. Movement is very nimble with this liquid, which made me curious enough to search out the PG/VG ratio, since it looks to be high-PG. Surprisingly, the opposite is true — Cyclops Vapors lists this liquid at 35/65 PG/VG ratio, favoring VG.

On performing the rotation test with its sibling, Poseidon, I had to come back to this liquid to note the following: What I at first mistook for a lack of layering is, in fact, layering so thick and so even that it was almost impossible for me to detect in the bottle. But it’s simply much less noticeable with a dark-hued, clean, and even liquid like Colossus. But yep, it’s there.WEBSIZE-SPINFUELCHOICEAWARD2014

Moving to the nose, the best word for it is: mellow. Expanding on that: There’s a sense of vanilla and cream, but with a mildness that, unexpectedly, is pleasant mildness rather than disappointing weakness.

While the high VG content was surprising after gauging the appearance of the liquid in the bottle, it offers no surprises when it comes to the vapor output. From the Johnson Creek Vea, I get vapor with modest volume but good, dense body. Flavor carriage is also modest, but lingers for a little while, lending notes of that same mild vanilla conveyed by the nose.

The throat hit from Colossus is more of that same “mellow” — and yet, that’s not to say that it’s either slow in coming or lacking in presence when it arrives. It’s a mellow push at the back of the throat and down into the lungs that’s soft without feeling ‘mushy.’

The flavor of this liquid is simply outstanding. That ‘mellow vanilla’ characteristic is the dominant note for me. Unlike many other vanilla cream or custard vapes I’ve tried in the past, however, there’s nothing about this one that’s overly sweet.

The inhale is all cream, somehow managing to give a sensation of thickness without overdoing the sweetness. The exhale brings on a little more sweetness, along with fully rounding out the vanilla experience, and leaves a sweeter but very brief aftertaste.

Overall, and this is coming from a die-hard tobacco guy, I could easily spend all day vaping Colossus. 5 Stars.

colossus - Cyclops Vapor eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine


Cyclops Vapor Says: “Our Poseidon premium eLiquid provides Vapers with a crisp, delicious flavor combination, pulling together elements from some of the

worlds most succulent fruit and melon varieties. This 65/35 VG/PG blend pulls together delicate hints of fruits and melons, offering a satisfying decadence akin to the sea when it as at its calmest.  The boldness of the formula, with its lingering flavors on exhale strikes you with a fantastic pull like the most turbulent seas.  It is truly the embodiment of Poseidon – the God of the sea – for which this eJuice was named.”

The appearance of Poseidon is a pale green-gold that speaks instantly and visually of its fruit and melon medley of flavors. While it’s as quick and nimble as Colossus in the bottle, its thick, even layering is much easier to spot due to its lighter hue.

The nose of Poseidon is dominated by pear, followed closely by mango, apple, cantaloupe, and pineapple. Somewhere in the mix, I also get hints of white grape. Overall, this is just a wonderful, wonderful smelling liquid.

As expected, visual vapor output is in line with Colossus; thick and fluffy, with respectable but not shocking volume from the Vea cartomizer. Things were a bit more of a “big cloud show” from the iClear 30B and, not at all surprisingly, from the Kanger Aero Tank.

Flavor carriage

is quite a bit more potent with Poseidon than with Colossus and that scent will linger a good deal longer. However, because there’s nary a tobacco note to be found anywhere in this eLiquid lineup, you should be able to vape with confidence even around nonsmokers. I can’t conjure a single scenario in which you’re going to hear anyone complain when they smell the vapor from these eLiquids.

Throat hit, as with Colossus, is surprisingly firm for such a liquid that favors VG over PG. I do notice a different “feel” to the throat hit on Poseidon, however — because unlike Colossus, the throat hit on Poseidon feels more abrupt and immediate. I’m beginning to come around to the belief that it’s while PG and Nicotine content are the primary determinants of the speed and force of throat hit, the flavor itself can dramatically influence the feel of the throat hit.

And speaking of that flavor! Poseidon’s got plenty of it going on. While the pear was what dominated the nose, it’s melon up front on the inhale — sweet cantaloupe — with pear leading the rest of the pack on the exhale. Cyclops Vapor used the word ‘crisp’ in their description, and I think that word is absolutely appropriate. I’m really looking forward to vaping Poseidon this summer from XL cartomizers at right down around 6 watts for the perfect “cool and refreshing” vape. 4.75 Stars

Athena – Coming Soon! – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Cyclops Vapor Says: “Inspired by Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and War – Our Athena eLiquid is a delicious blend of sweet and sour apple in a 65/35 VG/PG formula.  This thin, clear eLiquid has a very subtle flavor on inhalation with a lingering aftertaste that will bring back memories of handfuls of sour apple hard candy.

The subtle flavor and light but lingering punch of green apple pays homage to Athena, a calm but spiteful goddess who carried sweet words backed by the sharp point of her spear.”

Let’s get right up close and personal with lovely Athena and see what she has to offer.

The hue on this liquid ranges from platinum to pale gold depending on lighting conditions. Based on the thick, even layering the rotational test shows me, the PG/VG ratio is the same 35/65 we get with Colossus and Poseidon — all three, by the way, are exceptionally even and consistent. With this liquid being so very nearly clear, though, you’ll want to keep track of it when filling a clearomizer — I haven’t lost the fill line and overfilled with it yet, but I have come close.

The nose on Athena really reminded me of the power of steeping. Quick little story to explain that: The first day I get an eLiquid, I give it a good shake, then pop the cap off so that it can breathe for the first 24 hours. Well, one of the things I do — almost by reflex — as soon as that cap comes off is take a big whiff.WEBSIZE-SPINFUELCHOICEAWARD2014

That first whiff of Athena confused the hell out of me. I detected “a fruit flavor” I couldn’t identify, but I also picked up, just as strongly, the smell of roses. Now, a week on and with some good steeping seen to, I get a sweet/tart green apple.

Vapor with Athena is on par with that from Colossus and Poseidon; thick, fluffy, but modest volume. The flavor carriage in Athena’s vapor stands squarely in the middle ground between Colossus’s mellow signature and Poseidon’s potent and vivid one; in duration, it hangs around for a good while, and has a particularly interesting cumulative effect when vaped steadily over the course of a day in a single location. (For example, I vaped it steadily for a few hours last night before bed — a friend of mine came around this morning and could smell that sweet/tart green apple scent distinctly when I hadn’t picked it back up yet.) I give Athena a full 5 Stars.


My personal impression of Cyclops Vapor is that this is an outfit that is absolutely dedicated to producing the ultimate Premium eLiquid experience — throughout the entire experience of the liquid..

There are no extras with these gentlemen (Colossus and Poseidon) and lady (Athena). The bottles I received were all clear glass, which preserves the flavor of the liquid within for the longest time possible. All  eLiquids sold have been pre-steeped so there is no waiting or need for home steeping. Remove them the mailbox, load up a clearomizer and vape away. That’s the way I like it. Furthermore, the labeling is extremely classy. This line, while not vast just yet, is premium quality by every measure I can apply to it.

Cyclops Vapor eLiquid is available in 35ML glass bottles for $22. The nicotine choices are 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.  A nice feature for Vapers new to the brand is a combo pack that features two 15ML bottles for the same $22 price tag. Definitely a way to go if you’re a new customer.

But what you, the Vaper, need to know is that if a sweet, creamy vanilla custard, or a crisp melon and fruit fusion, or a tangy, sweet green apple are flavors that get your mouth watering, these folks have ‘em, and they really did these flavors justice with their eLiquids.