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Want to create your own eLiquids? Do it the easy way with LIQUIDiD

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By Dave Foster

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A few weeks ago we were invited to partake in some pre-launch shenanigans with a new company called LIQUIDiD.  I say shenanigans because, let’s face it, when given the opportunity to “experiment” with something new I have a tendency to take things a little too far, as you’ll soon see.

LiquidID – The Company – From the Official Press Release:

LIQUIDiD, a brand­new website that enables customers to create custom e­liquids, will be launching on May 9. Designed with a DIY model similar to that of Chipotle and Yogurtland, LIQUIDiD is set to change the game of juice customization in the vape industry.

What Is The LiquidID Process

The idea, or process, behind LIQUIDiD is to sign up (its free), and begin mixing and matching eLiquid flavors, PG/VG ratios, a few select options like menthol or extra sweets, on what I call a “mixing board” page and come up with something original. Then share that recipe if you want to. It’s a blast!ELIQUID - NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW…LIQUID ID

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to mix up your own custom flavors. Maybe you have a great idea for a new flavor, or you want to create a personalized eLiquid for your significant other, or a friend.. whatever the case may be. But for me, the biggest reason I wanted to do this was because the very idea of having control over what I want in an eLiquid is just too appealing to pass up. And the price of admission is very affordable. Surprisingly so.


I was relieved and pleasantly surprised by the cost of mixing my own custom eLiquids. Its much lower than I thought it would be. Granted, for the prelaunch I didn’t pay anything, but the pricing was in place and it is a very affordable proposition.

$8.50 15ML plastic bottle (Add $1 for glass bottle)

$12.50 30ML plastic bottle (Add $1 for glass bottle)

As you can see, these prices are lower than many eLiquid vendors charge, and the added benefit of being the creator behind the eJuice you vape won’t cost you any more than buying from a vendor. But what about options? How many flavors can you choose from? What about nicotine?


There are so many options that it could take you hours to blend a eLiquid you’re happy with, or it could be much less if you know what you already want. Here are the options you can use when building your custom eJuice

Flavor Choices – There are, as of now, 43 different flavors to choose from. During the pre-launch I don’t remember 43 being available. If they were I didn’t notice, and that’s a shame because I could have been much more creative than I was. 🙁

Size: 15ML or 30ML

Bottle: Plastic or Glass ($1 more for Glass)

Primary Flavor – 3 choices ( you must make 3 choices. They can be all one flavor or three different ones, it doesn’t matter.)

Boost: Color, Cinnamon, Menthol, or Sweetener (3 choices here as well, it’s optional though, so you can click the “Done Adding Boost” and skip that step)

Nicotine: 0mg to 24mg in 1ml increments! Want nicotine at 13mg or 22, or 7? How’s that for nicotine control?

PG VG: 50/50 All VG or All PG – In my opinion 50/50 works best, but here again the choice is yours.

Custom Name and Mixed By – This is where you can have your name or company name printed on the label along with the person’s name that came up with the recipe. I used Spinfuel, and then either my name or Keira’s or Julia’s name.

Browse the Library – If you head over there and find yourself overwhelmed by the choices you can make you can browse other people’s creations for inspiration or to duplicate it for yourself.

Given pretty much Carte Blanche I decided on two things; I would mix up some serious, what I know to be good, flavor combinations, and I would mix up some of the strangest flavor combinations that would either result in really awful juice or, purely by accident, create a masterpiece. I seemed to accomplish one, and came somewhat close to the other.

Below are the creations I came up with. I’m not going to do what our fantastic Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team does, that would bore you to tears because these are one-of-a-kind custom blends. Instead, I’ll give you my brief impressions on each of the recipes I created. As you can see on the graphic next to each recipe, you’ll notice if I used “2 shots of A”, “1 shot of B”, and so on. You have to admit, this is pretty damn cool!

When you do your own blending, and I sincerely hope you do, you have to choose 3 options. Even if you wanted to buy a vanilla-only eLiquid because you happen to love LIQUIDiD’s vanilla flavoring you would click the ‘vanilla’ button 3 times. However, if you choose vanilla 3 times you won’t wind up with some super-concentrated vanilla, you’ll wind up with a single flavor eLiquid, vanilla. Don’t worry, it will all make sense once you’re at the mixing board page.

I am using an A to F scoring system.

Spinfuel Mango– This mango and coconut recipe contains two of my favorite flavors but I’ve never seen them combined like this before. So? I decided to try it. This was one of my serious attempts at creating something good. Did it work? Yes!I chose two shots of mango because I really wanted to taste the mango flavor, and added the coconut because, well, coconut is awesome, and it adds a bit of tropical flair to it. I vaped every drop of it.

Grade: B+


Spinfuel Lada – Coconut/Pineapple – Another serious attempt at creating a good juice for personal vaping. I always seem to miss out on something when I try other Pina Colada’s from various juice brands, so I thought I’d give it a go. Was I successful? Using 2 shots of coconut put me on to something, I liked this one quite a bit. I like the flavor of pineapple, but sometimes pineapple can be too tangy or too strong. By choosing two shots of coconut my hope was to mute the pineapple some, and it worked. Between me and Keira we vaped every drop of this one too.

Grade: A-

Spinfuel Lada+ – Coconut, Pineapple, with red food coloring. – This is the identical recipe from above, only this time I tried out the red food coloring. Why? I don’t know, I wanted to see what a red eLiquid would look like, but I wanted it to be an eLiquid I know I would probably like. And we did like it. Today there is probably 10ML left from a 30ML bottle.

Grade: B+ – I’m deducting from the A- because adding food coloring was dumb.


Spinfuel BPV –  Butterscotch Peach Vanilla – What was I thinking?  This is an attempt at choosing flavors never combined before, to see if I could create something special. What I created should never be repeated. This recipe could be used at Gitmo. This was foul. Unholy. The Devils Juice.

The problem with this recipe was thinking that butterscotch would enhance a fruity flavor like peach. This is why good eLiquid vendors deserve respect. It’s not easy to come up with a different, yet delicious juice.

Grade: F

Spinfuel BPV+ – I couldn’t leave well enough alone I suppose. Taking the same recipe from above, Butterscotch, peach, and vanilla, I added a couple of “boosts” to it, extra sweets and blue coloring. My dear blue shoes this was awful! Butterscotch and peach do NOT make good bedfellows, and throwing in extra sweeteners was like throwing gasoline on a fire. Grade: F-


Mom’s Banana Pudding – Banana Graham Crackers Vanilla – My mom always made the best banana pudding on earth. She knew exactly what I loved about it too, the secret is in the amount of vanilla wafers. As you can see here, graham crackers are NOT vanilla wafers. I bungled this one badly. It wasn’t my mom’s banana pudding. But it wasn’t that bad either, I can see possibilities with this one. Needless to say, there is plenty left.

Grade: C+

Spinfuel Vanilla Raspberry – Of course, Keira and Julia wanted to get involved too, so I let them have a go at the mixing board. This one even sounds delicious. Was it? Hell yes! Great job. Who wouldn’t love Raspberry and Vanilla –

The raspberry flavor used here is sweet and authentic. Adding two shots of vanilla gave it a very creamy flavor. It tasted like raspberry covered in cream, then left in the refrigerator overnight so the flavors would marry.

Grade: A+


Spinfuel C&C Chocolate and Caramel – I had high hopes for Spinfuel C&C. Two shots of caramel, I love caramel, and a shot of chocolate. It was good, but not as good as it could have been. –

I’m not sure why this didn’t come out better. If I try it again I’ll add two shots of chocolate and one of caramel. I have hope for Spinfuel C&C.

Grade C


Spinfuel Mystery 1 – Graham Crackers and Vanilla – I have no idea why I called this Mystery 1, it’s kind of dumb looking back at it now. This is a double shot of graham crackers with a single vanilla shot. It should have been the other way around.

I like both of these flavors, but it wound up being a boring vape. It earned my C+ only because we did vape it all, but it wasn’t anything fancy or exciting. Julia said “It is what it is Dave, graham crackers and vanilla. Meh

Grade: C+


Spinfuel Mystery 2 – Cinnamon Danish Vanilla – This recipe was the first one I used Extra Boosts with, and as any good investigator would, I mixed a couple of recipes with “boosts”. This is the same recipe as Mystery 1, but this time I added a bit of cinnamon. Wow! I really liked this crazy mixed up recipe.

Mystery 1 was boring, but vapeable. Mystery 2 has that missing element, flair! Funny how a little cinnamon can give a boring flavor new life. Don’t be afraid to use the “boosts”.

Grade: A

Keira’s  Blend – Graham Cracker Peach Vanilla – Keira said she thought very carefully about this recipe before she sat down and created it. One of Julia’s favorite desserts is peach cobbler, so Keira believed that she could come close to it by using graham crackers, peach, and vanilla flavoring. Once it arrived Keira shook it up and resealed it. She did that for 5 days before presenting it to her wife. Julia reaction? She loved it. My reaction? “Eh, it was okay.

Grade: B



LiquidID is a fantastic idea, and one that was bound to happen at some point, much like eLiquid subscription models. I’m not sure if LiquidID is the first of its kind, but I do know it comes from VaporCraze, a vendor we reviewed more than a year ago, and it was a very good review. VaporCraze is a good, solid company, so the quality of the eLiquid is, I believe, excellent.

The pricing for these custom blended eLiquids is excellent, and the opportunity to explore you own creativity in the DIY world of eLiquids is something everybody should experience at some point. You may never buy premade eLiquid again. Well, that’s pushing it a bit I think. There are some eLiquids that I would never be able to duplicate, so for myself, LiquidID is going to be my Go-To company for times when I want to make a special eLiquid for someone, or if I hit upon something I really enjoyed, say the Raspberry/Vanilla I created, I could definitely see Spinfuel making up 100 bottles to give away at a convention of something. The ideas are limitless, both as an individual and as a company.

Things I’d Like To See Upgraded

LIQUIDiD has a fantastic idea here, and I hope it grows and becomes very popular for the reasons outlined above. But, they do need to build out from the basic idea, and I know they will be doing just that. Here are some areas I’d like to see expanded or added:

  1. Flavors – Certainly more flavors need to be added to the mixing board. On launch it makes sense to limit them or your customers might spend hours at the board before making up their minds, and they might never actually pull the trigger on their creation. But once things settle down they need to added at least 20-25 new flavors, and then continue to fine-tune them as it grows. If they offered a Chai Tea flavoring I would have made my boss his long-hoped-for Vanilla Chai eLiquid.
  2. As it stands now you can’t help but think that by being “forced” to use all 3 choices that you’re going to get a very intense flavor if all 3 of your choices are the same flavor. It needs to be better explained. Maybe a training video needs to be mandatory before you can begin to mix. I know I thought that choosing 3 of the same was going to create something 3 times stronger than I wanted.
  3. Branding – Naturally LiquidID wants their label on the eLiquids you choose. It makes sense. But, if you as a customer, had the opportunity to upload your own label, like online business cards, would you pay an extra $1 per bottle (or maybe less) if you could have your own custom label? Or…
  4. Custom Business Model. Maybe, if you’re a company like Spinfuel, or VaporAuthority or MyVaporStore, you could design a label, upload it, and place an order for a minimum of, say, 25 bottles for the same price as they have listed now. The only identification for LIQUIDiD would be at the very bottom, in tiny letters: “Custom made by LiquidID

If you have other suggestions for making LIQUIDiD an even better experience please post them in the comments. This is a very cool idea, especially for holidays, special occasions, graduations, birthdays, company picnics, all kinds of things, and it can be even better.

I can see a lot of potential for this kind of company in the area of “advertising specialties”. These are the companies that add your logo to pens, magnets, mouse pads, and a billion other things.  LiquidID could grow in the area alone as eCigarettes grow in popularity. I think if LIQUIDiD ever offered an IPO I’d jump on it. I think…

Last Words…

Since I didn’t pay for the eLiquids I created I didn’t order any of them in glass bottles, I didn’t want to be a pig about it. But I did order enough to make an informed decision on the idea, execution, and quality of LiquidID. I like it, I enjoyed the process, and I will definitely be back for more. The eLiquids are high quality, the creation and shipping happens in a blink of an eye, and some of my creations, and Keira’s, were outstanding.

LIQUIDiD will never kill off good vendors like Mountain Oak Vapors, Rocket Fuel Vapes, Gingers eJuice, and others, but as an outlet for your creativity, and to create a personalized eLiquids for friends and loved ones, this can’t be beat. Give it a try, you’ll have a ball!

Right now you can create and buy your own custom eLiquid and save 25% on your total order. Use the coupon code SPINFUEL during checkout, it’s that simple.

Dave Foster