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Council of Vapor Wraith Squonk – Review

‘Ghost’ or ‘Spirit’ is the definition of ‘Wraith’. It shares its name with the Rolls-Royce Wraith and the monsters name in the video game Evolve! The Council of Vapor Wraith bleeds superiority and craftsmanship. In my vaping collection, the Wraith has a front row seat and will see some major use in the near future! On top of the visuals, it performs precisely how it’s intended to and it’s a Squonking device! I’ve owned a couple Squonk mods this past year but was left looking for that extra something to tip the scale. The CoV Wraith is the only Squonk Kit you’ll need moving forward!

Council of Vapor Wraith At a Glance

Council of Vapor Wraith Squonk – Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Wraith is Council of Vapor’s first Squonk Mod and is powered by a Single 18650 high-amp battery (not included). You can crank up the wattage to 80W and it has three available Working Modes (Ramp-Up Modes) Soft, Standard and Powerful.  Temperature Control supports Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel and can be adjusted between 200°F-600°F. The CoV Wraith is available in Black (or Spirit Black is what I call it) or White (Ghost White) which is the color I received. The White with Black accents really creates a Mafia-style look that I think really works with this device! CoV claims the bottles hold 14ml of eJuice but after some testing with my syringe, I was only able to fit 12ml without it overflowing after putting in the tube and cap. Still a great amount of eJuice capacity but not quite as much as they advertise!

The CoV Wraith is an All-In-One Squonk-style platform that uses applied pressure by the user which feeds juice through the fill tube, the hollow 510 pin and onto your build deck saturating the cotton. This creates a Dripper RDA type system with all the benefits without the hassle of having to drip constantly! The battery door has three little notches so it’s easily slides and hinges open. The two separate compartments are where you install your battery (plus side in) and Squonk eJuice bottle that just pushes into place. The whole process of swapping out the bottle is completely mess-free and really easy to do! CoV supplies you with two bottle options, a black tinted bottle and a clear. Close the battery door, slide to lock into place and you’re ready to go! The battery door likes to move around once it’s opened so closing it sometimes can be a difficult. Just make sure you’re closing the door straight and not at an angle.

The chassis is crafted out of zinc alloy and has a rubberized finish which provides plenty of hand grip and won’t slide around when holding. The longevity of the finish is yet to be documented so I will be putting it through its paces to test it thoroughly. A carbon fiber inlay similar to the Mini Volt and the Tempest wraps around the side of the device and gives it a very high-end luxurious appearance. All the angles are rounded so it feels extremely comfortable in the hand. The big 12.5mm round fire button is well placed and protrudes far enough from the device so it’s easy to find with your thumb. The 5mm Up/Down buttons are close together which will be challenging for a person with big hands. No button or battery-rattle whatsoever on this device. It does have some weight to it but not overly heavy by any means.

The 23.8mm x 7mm OLED screen has a bright, easy to read, Teal colored font that is very visually appealing. The screen is very sensitive and will scratch relatively easily so be careful when cleaning. CoV put Wraith in some really strong font on the side of the device that I actually love but could be a con to some. The battery door at the bottom of the device has a slightly off-White shade and is a notable difference from the bodies brighter Matte White. The trim CoV put around the cutout of the Squonk bottle area is a nice touch and ties everything together perfectly!

Real World Usage Report

Council of Vapor Wraith Squonk – Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Council of Vapor Wraith is a simple device to use! 5-clicks powers the device on and 5-clicks (once on) will bring up the menu and settings. It has three Memory Modes, M1-M3 that you need to program your wattage into. By clicking the plus button in normal operating mode, you can switch between the three wattage presets. I don’t particularly like this setup. I prefer to adjust my wattage by a couple watts at a time and not have to go and program them beforehand or have to click extra buttons. It’s easy to do but I’m just used to bouncing my power around to really dial in my vape depending on the tank or eJuice I’m using. By clicking down in normal operating mode, you can switch between the three Working Modes, or Ramp-Up settings quickly. I keep my presets at Powerful and my wattage around the 50W-70W mark.

The CoV Wraith Atomizer or RDA is a 23mm in diameter and is made out of Stainless Steel. The bottom portion has the same rubber finish as the device does. The adjustable airflow ring has some nice knurling and is easy to twist back and forth. There are 8 total 4.2mm airflow slits pitched at an angle surrounding the base of the Atomizer. Below the airflow ring, there is a figure eight symbol, four dots and two dots that you can line up with the mark on the airflow ring to adjust your airflow. The build deck is a Two-Post Velocity-style deck with one 2.5mm post hole on each post and Philips screws to tighten down on your leads. There’s 12.3mm between the posts so fitting high-wrap coils in here is simple. On the underside of the build deck, the ever-so-awesome Council of Vapor logo is etched and looks outstanding!

Council of Vapor Wraith Squonk – Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Inside the 12mm Delrin wide-bore drip tip is a spit back protection ring that has a circle and five ovals surrounding it drilled diagonally creating the cyclone effect Council of Vapor is talking about. I experience zero spit back so I presume it’s working correctly! You will still get the snap, crackle and pop like any other RDA but the protection ring does catch some of that flying eJuice. The drip tip has four notches that fit into four cutouts on the top cap which pushes down and turn clockwise to lock it in place. Because it’s a really short mouthpiece, your lips will cover the drip tip and touch the airflow ring that does get really hot at times!

Wraith Build Deck

Council of Vapor Wraith Squonk – Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The build deck was a challenge to build on. All of my coils are only around 6-7 wraps so I needed to readjust the leads and angle the ends out farther so they would fit between the posts. I ended up twisting a simple 24ga 11-wrap coil and it fit just right! I positioned my wicks towards the center of the RDA and just laid them on top of the hollow 510 pin so every time I squeezed the squonk bottle, the eJuice would hit all four wicks evenly. I never get any leaking from the airflow slots. The bottle creates a strong vacuum which forces all the extra juice back into the bottle. You can physically see and hear this process happening! The airflow provides a great vaping experience! Wide open is how I always vape my Drip Tanks and the CoV Wraith is a cloud throwing machine! Even with a tighter airflow setting, you’re still going to be impressed!

The device is 25.5mm in width so you could attach your Tsunami 24 with Glass Window or the Nalu RDA, which are both Squonk-Ready products, and have both look great with no overhang! You could also use a standard RDA, RTA or Sub-Ohm Tank, fill the bottle for extra eJuice storage and use it like a normal mod! Even if you press the bottle on accident, the 510 pin won’t be hollow and in turn, no eJuice will escape or be pushed through the top.

The Wrap Up

The performance overall is just top notch! The flavor was so pronounced I felt like I was just drinking my eJuice! No spit back and lush, dense plums were filling my room from beginning to end! I take about 6-8 pulls then give it a Squonk or two and the wicks get rejuvenated, then repeat. When chain vaping, the device does get warm and the airflow ring heats up, but it never got to the point I needed to stop and let it cool down. The flavor alone is worth the money! But having that unbelievable dripping experience without having to constantly worry about dry cotton is very enjoyable.

Available at Element Vape Now for $74.95

Overall Grade – A

“The Council of Vapor Wraith is a great kit from top to bottom! Comparing this to the Kanger Dripbox 160, this is better in all aspects from materials used to the overall performance! The $75 price tag is well worth the price for what you’re receiving. Besides little gripes here and there, I struggled to find any real negatives. I definitely recommend the Wraith from Council of Vapor if you love primetime flavor, dense clouds and a beautifully executed device!

Team Spinfuel