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Council of Vapor Royal Hunter RST Tank

The Council of Vapor RST Royal Hunter, ($34.95 Element Vape) which stands for Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank, (it should stand for Really Small Tank) needs to royally hunt for more eJuice capacity! Normally, I wouldn’t start my review off with how much liquid a tank holds but this one is rightfully justified. Only 1.35ml, one point three five is the correct number just in case you thought it was a misprint. And this figure is accurate after verifying it with my syringe test, I knew I wasn’t hallucinating. That’s way too low for a Sub-Ohm Tank that offers only one coil head option that can withstand 90W of power! But trading capacity for flavor is worth it, for me, in this one and only rare case. The flavor is close to dripper worthy and I can’t emphasize enough how vivid and intense the flavors are with the Council of Vapor RST!

Putting the capacity behind us for a moment, the CoV RST is a 22mm Sub-Ohm Tank that gives you the option to run the preinstalled 0.2Ω coil head or change it out for the included two-post RTA deck. Simply unscrew one and install the other. Both are shaped the same so the fit is identical. There’s a lot of significance put on the interchangeability from coil heads to a rebuildable deck, which has been done many times already, but Council of Vapor achieved it with such a small Atomizer and is quite an impressive feat. In my honest opinion, the 0.2Ω coil heads are the headline and are nothing short of amazing!

Council of Vapor RST (Royal Hunter) Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Council of Vapor RST was designed in the USA (Los Angeles, California) and built overseas, also called the Royal Hunter RST, based on the company’s previous successful but different RDA’s, the Royal Hunter and Royal Hunter Mini. “The perfect pairing for the Council of Vapor Mini Volt” is written on several reviews and product descriptions but I’d have to wholeheartedly disagree. The Mini Volt V2 is a great 40W mini mod ($39.95 at Element Vape) but the RST overpowers it many times over. My experience with the CoV RST at 40W, with the coil head or RBA section, is lackluster and not enough wattage to make any magic happen. Sure, it would look great since the RST is only 45.3mm tall but you need a 75W+ device to really bring out the full potential of the tank.

Another feature I need to highlight is the 16.5mm wide bore Stainless Steel turbine (nothing spins, don’t worry) drip tip with the CoV signature honeycomb mesh, which consists of five angled drilled holes surrounded by a central hole aimed to provide cyclonic airflow and reduce spit back. The whole cyclonic airflow is a mystery to me but the airflow is very smooth and the spit back is minimal. It’s the same spit back protection ring that the CoV Wraith RDA has but this one is built in and not removable. The drip tip acts as a mouthpiece and top cap, when unscrewed, reveals four 3.5mm oval holes to fill the 1.35ml tank (it hurts to keep thinking about the capacity). The drip tip has a very nice CoV RST logo laser-etched on the side and is constructed to a very high standard.


With a small capacity and large wicking slots on both the coil head and RBA, within a few big pulls your eJuice will vanish. It hasn’t been as burdensome as I originally thought considering I can refill the tank in a few quick seconds. By implementing the drip tip/top cap together, it has been great on the go and makes such a small capacity bearable. The threading is clean making loosening and tightening the combo easy. The drip tip also has an O-ring on the bottom, when tightened down, creates a tight seal; I haven’t had any leaking at all. The glass section is held on by two thick O-rings on the top and easily pops on and off for cleaning. Council of Vapor did include a replacement glass and a couple O-rings just in case one happens to snap.

The bottom airflow consists of four 7.5mm x 2mm adjustable airflow slots, which stop in the open/closed positions. There’s no knurling on the airflow ring but there is some located on the bottom base instead, which helps when disassembling the tank but makes adjusting the airflow awkward. The airflow ring tension makes the device feel solid but my hand naturally goes to the knurling so I constantly have to look at the airflow when I adjust it. Luckily for me, I keep most of my tanks wide open when vaping but I do close it when refilling this tiny tank 100 times a day! Underneath, surrounding the Silver-plated 510 connection, there’s a beautiful engraving of the Council of Vapor logo which is probably the most intricate company logo in the vape game.

Council of Vapor RST (Royal Hunter) Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The two-post RBA section, at first glance, feels cheap but once throwing a build in and vaping on it, I’ve grown to really enjoy the usability and performance. Its shape mimics that of a traditional Sub-Ohm coil with a 15.5mm build space intended only for a single coil build, so fitting your leads is very simple to do with the 2mm post hole on each post. A huge 6mm circle airflow hole directly under the coil gets air from four 3.4mm holes on the bottom of the build deck. There are two juice channels on each side to set your cotton ends in place and makes wicking an easy task. Philips head screws keep your leads tightened down and don’t loosen when cinched down.

The coil cap is confusing at first since it doesn’t screw down like most rebuildable coil heads. It simply pops onto the coil deck and stays in place while installing. A small protruding circle on each side of the deck fit into the notches cut into the cap. It sits very loose but once the tank is completely assembled, it remains solid. Installing a coil is tricky since the posts are turned the opposite direction of most decks. I had to make an S-shape with the coil leads so it would fit the correct way. I installed a higher ohm single Clapton coil to see if I could get a decent vape at 40W (the max wattage on the Mini Volt) but I wasn’t getting good clouds or flavor until 50W+.  Everyone has their own wicking style so your result might vary. Just make sure you have enough cotton to cover the large wicking slots. The overall performance was good with the RBA section but my experience got way better when I installed the pre-made 0.2Ω coil.

Council of Vapor RST (Royal Hunter) Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The 0.2Ω coil comes preinstalled and is a huge 7.2mm ID, dual parallel coil that can handle up to 90W (I pushed it to 100W and had no issues).  Replacement coils will run you $14.95 for a 5-pack.

Thanks to the six 5.9mm x 2.9mm wicking slots, I never got a dry or burnt hit. There’s a spit back ring over the cotton but at high wattages, it still likes to spit at me a little. Overall diameter is 15mm, which feels abnormally large for only a 22mm tank. Don’t let size fool you though, this coil is a beast! I started at a low 40W and couldn’t get anything going. At 60W I was getting a cool, mellow vape that was already very flavorful. My ideal vape was between 75-85W and the flavor is fantastic! No break in was needed as I was getting flavor almost immediately once I bumped it above 50W or so. The glass and base only got warm at high wattages and the drip tip stayed room temperature the entire time as well. The coil is so close to the drip tip, if you take hard pulls, you’ll get a little juice in your mouth but not all the time.

Council of Vapor RST – Final Grade – B

“For such a compact tank, the CoV RST flat out performs. The 1.35ml capacity will be a huge turnoff for most consumers but the amount of flavor and vapor you will get from such a small, versatile tank is unbelievable. For $34.95 over at Element Vape, if you’re shopping for an ergonomic sized tank but want that big time performance, the Council of Vapor RST Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank could be a wise purchase!”

Team Spinfuel

Royal Hunter RST by Council of Vapor Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 35mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Glass Reinforcement
  • Multi-Functional Interchangeable Deck
  • CoV RST Sub-Ohm Replacement Coil – 0.2ohm
  • CoV RST Rebuildable Head – Two-Post Design
  • Single 6mm Internal Bottom Airflow
  • Quad Adjustable Airflow Intakes
  • Special Turbine Honeycomb Widebore Drip Tip
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design
  • Silver-Plated 510 Connection

In The Box:

  • 1 CoV RST Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Pre-Installed 0.2ohm Coil
  • 1 Rebuildable Two-Post Deck
  • 1 Extra Glass Tube
  • Extra O-Rings

Instruction Manual