Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod & iSub V Vortex Tank

 This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin.



Although Innokin doesn’t release anywhere near the number of products that Aspire, eLeaf, WISMEC, and Joyetech release, when they do release a new product it feels ‘complete’, ‘polished’, ‘ready’. You know what I mean? Innokin products always feel like the time invested in design and execution are well considered. Of course, Innokin isn’t the only manufacturer that ships products that are well thought out, but whenever I use a new Innokin product I know that there is more to it that a bump up in wattage.

In today’s world of modern vaping instruments there isn’t much of a performance spread when comparing similarly equipped mods. So, what it really comes down to is the aesthetics and the reliability of the brand. With top manufacturers like Innokin and other above-mentioned companies, we all expect a well made, durable, and accurate mod (especially when we are using mods at high wattages and tanks with low resistance). Price certainly plays a factor in any buying decision as well.

Lastly, it should be stated upfront that the Innokin CoolFire IV 100W TC lacks certain features found in similarly priced mods from other top brands. Examples include the temperature range of the CoolFire is 300-600 whereas most TC mods are 200-600 Fahrenheit, and the wattage increment is .5w and not .1w of other mods. However, Innokin offers features not found in other mods. Examples include a resistance accuracy of 5 decimal places, and pre-boost technology for a near instant ramp up time. I’ll get to these features, and more, below.

Innokin iSub V – E Liquid as Calibrator

My ‘testing’ eliquid for all the new tanks over the past several weeks has been Johnson Creek’s White Russian, a High VG e liquid that delivers the real flavor of a White Russian cocktail, without the alcohol of course. So while using the iSub V during the review period I always vaped with White Russian and then compared the flavor to all the other tanks. The iSub V delivered a rich, satisfying, full flavored White Russian profile, so I’ve been using it steadily since the review period, as well as the Cool Fire 100W TC.

About the CoolFire 100W TC

The brand new Innokin CoolFire IV TC100 is powered by an Ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin.with a maximum of 100W of unadulterated power. It also uses ClearWave noise cancellation technology, though I was not exactly sure how that came into play early on. Turns out ClearWave technology has to do with the extreme accuracy of the resistance in coils, accurate to 5 decimal points. Apparently some chipsets can send out signal noise and ClearWave suppresses it. That’s never been a real issue for me, but for vapers that take the electronics side of this technology very seriously, it matters.

The CoolFire IV TC100 uses a Variable Temperature Control system that works with Titanium, Ni200 (Pure Nickel), and SS Stainless Steel 316. The internal battery is 3300mAh and so far as proven to be very long lasting. The CoolFire IV TC100 was designed by Innokin to be one of the top-of-the-line box mods. Considering that the Cortex by Innokin has not garnered a lot of publicity or has seen a refresh since its release last December, some might consider the CoolFire 4 to the flagship product. My experience with this mod these past couple of weeks has certainly given me the impression that Innokin is putting more faith in the CoolFire than the Cortex.

CoolFire IV 100W TC Design Aspects

Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin.The CoolFire TC100W has smooth, curved slopes that makes the mod fit perfectly in the palm of my hand, and with its ergonomically placed power button and easy to reach Plus/Minus in a vertical position under the display, the CoolFire IV TC100 has been a pleasure to use. We were sent different color models and I chose the deep red model with its rich, smooth semi-gloss finish. I was a little concerned that by choosing the red one I would wind up with something more pink than red, but as it turns out the color is definitely a deep red.

Feature Highlights

The Innokin CoolFire IV 100W TC is compact, yet ‘100W-of-powerful’, durable, and accurate mod. Here are some of the features worth pointing out…

Temperature Control – The CoolFire IV 100W TC features a temperature range of 300- 600 degrees F, 150-315 C, and works with Ni (0.1-0.2 Ohm), Ti (0.1-0.5Ohm), Stainless Steel 316L (0.2-1.0Ohm).

Wattage – Amperage – Voltage – 6W-100W in .5-watts increments, with a maximum working current of 30A, maximum voltage of 7.5v,

Fast 2Amp Charging (with wall adapter) – Innokin has constructed a super fast 2AMP/5 Volt micro-USB charge circuitry so even if the battery runs down you won’t be out of the game long. And with its 3200mAh capacity charging happens less often than it will with most other built-in battery mods. Note* To get the super fast charging you’ll need Innokin’s wall adapter for the included USB cable.

Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin.Time-To-Vape – Ramp up time is near-instant with its pre-boost feature, clocked at .2-seconds by Innokin, my experience was ‘click the fire button and inhale’ fast. If you’ve used many mods and tanks you’ve certainly felt the effects of a slow ramp up; some have been so slow that I’ve mistaken it as a short circuit or a misfire. With the combination of the CoolFire and the iSub V that slow to vape experience is a non-issue.

The Innokin 3-Color Lights –  It might sound silly, but the Innokin standard for informing the user about the battery level by using the Red, Green, Yellow light system is something I always look forward to. I like knowing where I am with the built in battery life and as long as the light behind the fire button is green I know my vaping will continue uninterrupted.

Display – The large, bright OLED screen on the front side of the device offers all the information you need, pretty much laid out like all modern mod screens, but the display on this mod is larger than most other displays, except for Joyetech eVic/Cuboid screens, and the font they use is easy to see.

Buttons – The Fire Button is located just below the curve of the top of the device heading into the side. A relief of the Innokin logo is imprinted on the fire button so you’ll know the button placement even in the dark. Directly under the display, which is under the fire button, the two adjustment buttons are arranged in a vertical position and are themselves somewhat larger than what I’ve been used to with other brands.

510- Connector – The CoolFire IV TC100 has a flush 510-connection and a spring loaded gold-plated positive pin with durable stainless steel threading.

Basic Functions

The Innokin CoolFire IV 100W TC is a 3-click off/on device. I think one of the best features Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin.found in this device is the Coil Calibration feature. In most other TC mods the user must press and hold certain buttons to get into the menu system to go from TC to VW or VW to TC. With this mod, every time you remove the tank and screw it back on you’re shown a screen that allows you to choose “Same” if all you’ve done is refill it. You are also given the opportunity to change the mode, specifically the type of wire coil, and immediately change the mode of the device with your choice.

You can also get to the Coil Selection screen by shutting the device down (3x clicks) and then clicking one more time to see the selection screen. This method is easier and faster then press and hold to get into the menu.

Changing Wattage – Temp – If you find the need to raise or lower the wattage or temperature, click and hold the Plus or Minus adjustment button until the display begins to blink. Once blinking, press the Plus or Minus button to adjust up or down. Once you get to where you want to be, click the fire button once to set it in stone.

The Innokin iSub V – Vortex

The new iSub V is the flagship tank for Innokin. I’ve discussed the flavor tank issue above, so for now I’ll lay out the specifics. The iSub V holds 3mL of e liquid in a glass tank. The tank is made from stainless steel and features the usual airflow slots (two) and removable drip tip. The iSub series is known for the No Spill Coil Swap; unscrew the base of the tank and remove, lift out the coil head, replace, and screw the base back on. The iSub V is a top-fill tank, refilling is as easy as pouring the e liquid directly into the tank. Innokin offers 10 different coil heads for the iSub V since all previous iSub tank coil heads are compatible.

When you purchase the tank you’ll receive (2) Stainless Steel 316L BVC 0.5ohm Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage or SS Temperature Control Mode. The iSub V is a very affordable $15. Interestingly, my sweet spot for the 0.5-ohm SS BVC coil head is 53 watts, far more than I had suspected it would be.


As I indicated above, I like this new CoolFire and the iSub V (available separately). As sophisticated as it is I would happily recommend both devices to new vapers as well as advanced vapers. The advanced user will enjoy the tremendous accuracy of the technology and new vapers will enjoy the aesthetics and the ease of use. At $54.95 the CoolFire IV 100W TC is a moderately priced mod that deserves serious consideration.

The iSub V is a very affordable flavor tank that is easy to use and provides great flavor and ample vapor. At $15 a pop it is definitely worth buying.

CoolFire IV 100W TC

Grade – A

iSub V Vortex Tank

Grade – A

Julia Hartley-Barnes



Innokin CoolFire 4 TC100W Aethon Chipset Mod This review covers both the Innokin CoolFire TC100W mod and the new iSub V sub-ohm tank, also from Innokin. 

 Official Specs and Features

Cool fire IV TC100W (Aethon chip)

  • Complete range of T.C. Modes (SS, Ni200, Ti).
  • C. Dry Hit Prevention & Quick Calibration.
  • UltraFast response: .2 seconds from Click to Vapor
  • VDC power output with ClearWave noise cancellation.
  • Precise Coil Resistance Reading (.00000).
  • Uniform coil heating eliminates hotspots.
  • 25 – 100W Temperature Control RampUp preBoost.
  • High quality stainless steel 510 threading.
  • Spring loaded gold plated connector pin.
  • 2AMP microUSB Quick Charge.
  • Integrated charging safety protections.
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption.

Innokin iSub V (Vortex) Tank

  • Quick & Easy Top Fill
  • Compact 3ml Capacity
  • High Quality Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Anti-Flood Mechanism
  • Full adjustable Airflow
  • iSub Coil Compatible