X.Jet Spider And A Vision Spinner Are A Match Made In Vape Heaven

X.Jet Spider And A Vision Spinner Despite the Vision X.Jet Spider clearomizer being out on the market for a few weeks now I get this distinct feeling that the world’s best clearomizer is practically being ignored by more Vapers and reviewers then it deserves. It’s time to correct this injustice. The X.Jet Spider, as well as [...]

Editorial – NYC Council “Ban E Cigarettes From Public”

FILE UNDER: Ban E Cigarettes From Public NYC Politicians Have Gone Completely Mad Yesterday, our editor of the Spinfuel News Blog, Jim Kurz, posted an article from Reason.Com, written by Jacob Sullum, reporting that the New York City Council has approved an ordinance that prohibits the use of e cigarettes in all places (Ban E Cigarettes From Public) [...]

E-Cigarettes Are Safe(r), Why Doesn’t This Matter?

Nobody knows more than me that I am not a diplomat. It’s the reason I don’t write many op-eds on e-cigarettes anymore. There are many people in the vape community that are so much more qualified to deal with the anti-vaping organizations and loudmouths that are getting louder every day, that its usually best for [...]

My Infatuation With Blu Cigs And How It Died On The Vine

When Blu Cigs Was Everything I’ll admit it freely. I used to love Blu Cigs. I still, on occasion, reach for a Blu Cigs battery and cartomizer, lean back in recliner and enjoy a nice, albeit brief, vape with a Classic Tobacco or Pina Colada. Hell, I might even enjoy their Peach Schnapps once and a [...]

Beware The e-Cigarette Marketing Monster

e-Cigarette Marketing Scams in the marketplace are too numerous. Originally published on June 29th, 2012 - We are republishing today because, well, not much as changed, has it? I don’t know about you, but I am tired of witnessing what money can buy. This is a Vaping and Vapers eMagazine, we cannot  forget to mention terrible e-Cigarette brands [...]

Vaporizers ARE The Redheaded Stepchild

Vaporizers  - And now for something altogether different…or not. Since the first opinion/commentary piece I published here in Spinfuel I’ve been called a cynic more often than anything else. And believe me, I’ve been called a lot of things. With the recent ‘slips of the tongue’ and other bits of factoids rising to the surface it’s [...]

Vaporizers – Getting Down To It

Vaporizers - The Truth Is Never Easy Despite knowing literally dozens of people who were once smokers and who are now vapers this question continues to be asked; “can e-cigarettes really get smokers to stop smoking?” I mean, come on, how much proof do they need? And more to the point; is that even the right [...]

Spinfuel e Liquid? I Think I Need To Explain….

We Don't Need A Spinfuel eLiquid In my last “Fun with Concentrates” I talked about an e liquid flavor I wanted to pursue. A concoction of chocolate and coconut that I would call “Heaven in the Dark”, and how I would offer this eLiquid to readers in a Limited Edition fashion, with fancy packaging and whole [...]

Fun With Concentrates – Spinfuel’s ‘Heaven in the Dark’

A Journey Becomes Focus Fun With Concentrates – Spinfuel’s Caramel Coconut Blend Because photography has been one of my professions since the seventies one of the first things I did for years was to set up a darkroom wherever I lived. I stopped that practice a few years ago, but no matter where I hang my hat [...]

E-Cigarette Lies – From The Inside And The Outside

Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies Read while John Manzione, editor and publisher of Spinfuel, tackles two desperate topics by walking a tightrope so thin its almost razor wire. I have to admit the amount of twisted information getting out there in the media against e-cigarettes and vaping in general is staggering, and quite frustrating. Some days I [...]

Vaping – When Facts Don’t Matter

Vaping When Facts Don't Matter It has been awhile since we’ve offered up a sizeable opinion on the state of electronic cigarettes and vaping in general. The reason? Because it has been difficult to get a handle on where this is all headed. Which, when you think about it, makes for a pretty good opinion piece [...]

eCigarette Taxes Is The Real Battle

Electronic Cigarettes are sitting ducks for the taxman. And the taxman does cometh. By the end of this week or next, perhaps today or tomorrow, the Utah State Legislature may destroy the vital, economically important electronic cigarette industry by having eCigarettes officially labeled as “tobacco products” and taxing them at the same rate as analog cigarettes. [...]

What’s John Vaping? 3 Great eLiquid Flavors!

 3 Great eLiquid Flavors This Week I’ve been meaning to write this piece for more than a week and just haven’t had the time to do it. Thankfully the eLiquid flavors I was vaping last week are the same ones I’m vaping this week. And I’ll probably vape them next week and the week after as [...]

Shouldn’t The Economy Play A Role?

Why The Economy Should Be A Part of the Equation Just about every nation in the world has been in an economic funk for the past several years. Does anyone doubt this? Growth, even where it does exist, is anemic, barely alive, and especially weak. Well, except for China. China is, like or not, the bank [...]

What Do You Really Know About eLiquid Vendors?

Think You Know Your eLiquid Vendor? There can be no doubt that Spinfuel has become a ‘go-to’ source for leading reviews on eLiquids, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the sheer number of eLiquid vendors currently selling their wares on the Internet. There are many reasons why we’ve not scratched that surface, some [...]