Element Vape
Element Vape
Electronic Cigarettes And FDA Overreach

Is The FDA Right? Electronic Cigarettes are not tobacco products. Some vapers believe the FDA has proposed ‘light touch’ regulations while other vapers believe this is the beginning of the end. The way I look at it is this, “can we trust the FDA to do the right thing by us, the public?” I'm not arguing that [...]

Are Some Vape Shops Failing Their Customers?

Vape Shops Failing Their Customers - Isolated Incident or Widespread? What you are about to read is a true story.  After my experience with the two people on which this story is based I knew this was something that had to be addressed here, in Spinfuel. I’m sure the events that transpired locally do not happen [...]

Will Big Tobacco Miss the Boat… Again?

"Cig-A-Likes will become a stopgap product" While tobacco companies were insisting that electronic cigarettes were nothing more than a fad, or a minor fluke at best, comprised of lousy technology, bad tasting eLiquid, and no organization or infrastructure in place, hundreds of thousands of Americans, and untold numbers of smokers in other countries were leaving behind [...]

Let’s Pretend The Post Office Refused eLiquids

Post Office Madness Earlier this week an established eLiquid vendor, a favorite of many, was told by their local post office that they could not pick up the vendors eliquid packages any longer. They had received a memo that outlined the regulations that, to this post office, indicated that it was against regulations to pick up [...]

Johnson Creek – Republic Tobacco Vaping is NOT Smoking?

Does Smoke Juice Have A New Meaning? For the past few days we’ve received several emails from our readers asking us what we thought about the Johnson Creek and Republic Tobacco partnership. Because we’ve written extensively about Johnson Creek’s products there seems to be an interest out there as to whether our position, or our opinion [...]

Vaping Is Deadly And Should Be Banned

Deadly and Dangerous, Vaping should be banned.... And Other Ranting from the Lunatic FringeIt isn’t just the anti-smoking individuals and groups that want the electronic cigarette industry to fold up and fade away. It’s people from all walks of life, including everyday normal people who are scared to death, and ‘some’ smokers who have the wrong [...]

Triple 7 Expands Product Line – An Interview

A Discussion - Triple 7’s Paul Lowenthal and Spinfuel’s John Manzione When 777 eCigs became a sponsor of Spinfuel eMagazine, way back in 2012, they were a much smaller company. We stumbled across their website one day while searching various cig-a-like brands. We took notice because unlike every other cig-a-like brand there wasn’t a single declaration [...]

We Can Lose The E Cigarette War

The E Cigarette War Can Be Lost If you pay any attention to news concerning electronic cigarettes then you know that every single day we are facing new attacks, bans, attempts to ban, taxes, attempts to tax, and so on and so forth from the federal level all the way down to the city and town [...]

e cigarettes are tobacco products it seems
Why e Cigarettes Must Be Declared Tobacco Products

The Fight Against E Cigarettes And Why It’s So Fierce March 2nd 2014 - If you really want to know why it has taken the FDA so long to reach some sort of consensus in their supposed ‘deeming regulations’ to classify e-cigs as tobacco products, you really don’t have to look so hard. It’s been a [...]

The Everyday Hassles of Vaping

A few days ago I was living through a day of extraordinary annoyance. Because of that I became annoyed in the extreme with vaping. It was right around the 3rd time I had to refill my X.Jet Spider (1.6ml capacity) with e Liquid that it hit me; vaping is a major hassle. One Royal Pain [...]

Smoking and Vaping - 3800 kids every day!
3800 Kids Try Smoking Every Day

Smoking - 3800 Kids a Day! Wouldn't Vaping be Better? “Each day, 3800 American teens try smoking, and 1000 become hooked to smoking, according to a 2012 Surgeon General’s report. Those who are unable to quit as adults will die, on average, 13 years earlier than their peers.”  – Surgeon General Report 2012 The above statement is an astonishing [...]

Chinese New Year And You – Vaping in February

Vaping in February If you’ve been vaping for a year or more than you probably remember what it was like to be a Vaper last February. If you’ve been vaping for less than a year you might want to pay extra attention, you’re in for a bit of a ride. Chinese New Year Holiday (Cribbed from Wikipedia) The [...]

X.Jet Spider And A Vision Spinner Are A Match Made In Vape Heaven

X.Jet Spider And A Vision Spinner Despite the Vision X.Jet Spider clearomizer being out on the market for a few weeks now I get this distinct feeling that the world’s best clearomizer is practically being ignored by more Vapers and reviewers then it deserves. It’s time to correct this injustice. The X.Jet Spider, as well as [...]

Editorial – NYC Council “Ban E Cigarettes From Public”

FILE UNDER: Ban E Cigarettes From Public NYC Politicians Have Gone Completely Mad Yesterday, our editor of the Spinfuel News Blog, Jim Kurz, posted an article from Reason.Com, written by Jacob Sullum, reporting that the New York City Council has approved an ordinance that prohibits the use of e cigarettes in all places (Ban E Cigarettes From Public) [...]

E-Cigarettes Are Safe(r), Why Doesn’t This Matter?

Nobody knows more than me that I am not a diplomat. It’s the reason I don’t write many op-eds on e-cigarettes anymore. There are many people in the vape community that are so much more qualified to deal with the anti-vaping organizations and loudmouths that are getting louder every day, that its usually best for [...]

My Infatuation With Blu Cigs And How It Died On The Vine

When Blu Cigs Was Everything I’ll admit it freely. I used to love Blu Cigs. I still, on occasion, reach for a Blu Cigs battery and cartomizer, lean back in recliner and enjoy a nice, albeit brief, vape with a Classic Tobacco or Pina Colada. Hell, I might even enjoy their Peach Schnapps once and a [...]