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VCC Tampa 2015 – Thoughts & Observations

VCC Tampa 2015 – Final Thoughts and Observations Tampa Florida held its 2nd VCC event this past weekend. This morning I'm offering up my final thoughts [...]

Will new Vape Gear Change Everything?
Has New Vape Gear Changed Everything?

Has New Vape Gear Changed Everything? Can new Tanks and Box Mods to vape with move us from infancy to adolescence? Is the recent addition of [...]

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eLiquid Regulations Are Needed

Trust But Verify – The eLiquid Industry and Regulations Indiana Senate Bill 539 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Introduction My initial reaction to the Indiana’s [...]

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Thoughts on the VCCNE 2014

SmokenJoey and John Manzione Cover The VCCNE I’m back. It’s Tuesday morning, July 1st. I’ve just returned from the VCCNE in Springfield MA. This particular vaping [...]

manzione fda overreach
Electronic Cigarettes And FDA Overreach

Is The FDA Right? Electronic Cigarettes are not tobacco products. Some vapers believe the FDA has proposed ‘light touch’ regulations while other vapers believe this is the [...]

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Are Some Vape Shops Failing Their Customers?

Vape Shops Failing Their Customers - Isolated Incident or Widespread? What you are about to read is a true story.  After my experience with the two [...]

tobacco missed
Will Big Tobacco Miss the Boat… Again?

"Cig-A-Likes will become a stopgap product" While tobacco companies were insisting that electronic cigarettes were nothing more than a fad, or a minor fluke at best, [...]

postoffice madness
Let’s Pretend The Post Office Refused eLiquids

Post Office Madness Earlier this week an established eLiquid vendor, a favorite of many, was told by their local post office that they could not pick [...]

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Johnson Creek – Republic Tobacco Vaping is NOT Smoking?

Does Smoke Juice Have A New Meaning? For the past few days we’ve received several emails from our readers asking us what we thought about the [...]

vaping deadly
Vaping Is Deadly And Should Be Banned

Deadly and Dangerous, Vaping should be banned.... And Other Ranting from the Lunatic FringeIt isn’t just the anti-smoking individuals and groups that want the electronic cigarette [...]

Triple 7 Expands Product Line – An Interview

A Discussion - Triple 7’s Paul Lowenthal and Spinfuel’s John Manzione When 777 eCigs became a sponsor of Spinfuel eMagazine, way back in 2012, they were [...]

We Can Lose The E Cigarette War

The E Cigarette War Can Be Lost If you pay any attention to news concerning electronic cigarettes then you know that every single day we are [...]

e cigarettes are tobacco products it seems
Why e Cigarettes Must Be Declared Tobacco Products

The Fight Against E Cigarettes And Why It’s So Fierce March 2nd 2014 - If you really want to know why it has taken the FDA [...]

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The Everyday Hassles of Vaping

A few days ago I was living through a day of extraordinary annoyance. Because of that I became annoyed in the extreme with vaping. It [...]

Smoking and Vaping - 3800 kids every day!
3800 Kids Try Smoking Every Day

Smoking - 3800 Kids a Day! Wouldn't Vaping be Better? “Each day, 3800 American teens try smoking, and 1000 become hooked to smoking, according to a 2012 Surgeon [...]