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Cloud9 Hemp CBD eLiquid Review


If you’ve ended up here, it’s fair to assume either you’re a fan of CBD vaping or you’ve heard of CBD and fancy giving it a go. The only problem is there’s a lot of vendors out there and the internet is full of reports of scams and dodgy products. Thankfully, Cloud9 are a longstanding producer of CBD eJuice and one of the most respected out there. They sell CBD eliquid in ten different flavors with varying levels of CBD. We received a selection of each flavor, in 10ml bottles each containing 200mg of CBD (40%). You can buy these eliquids with CBD levels as low as 25mg per 10ml bottle (5%), or as high as 1000mg per 30ml bottle (66.7%). But how does it taste and more importantly, does it work?


There are ten different flavors of CBD eJuice in the Cloud9 range. These are Dark Side Of The Moon, Easy Rider, Equilibrium, Lizard King, Mad Hatter, Midnight Express, Nice Dreams, Panama Red, Ridgemont High and Yellow Brick Road. These flavors take in various fruit flavors, creams and tobacco. Here is a brief rundown of each flavor:

  • Dark Side of the Moon: A sweet and savory blend of fudge brownies topped with pralines and cream, salted caramel and a drizzle of Kahlua to highlight the chocolate notes.
  • Easy Rider: Kentucky bourbon, coconut, toasted almond, Madagascar vanilla, hazelnut and highlights of brown sugar.
  • Equilibrium: A mix of raspberry, lemon, koolada (mint), and menthol. Sweet, tart and sour.
  • Lizard King: A classic blend of sweet cream, Bavarian cream, marshmallow and caramel infused with vanilla custard. Sweet and mellow.
  • Mad Hatter: A mix of sweet vanilla custard, sugar cookies with a touch of brown sugar and honey. Sweet and savory.
  • Midnight Express: Premium tobacco flavor sourced from Europe.
  • Nice Dreams: A mellow mix of ripe strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and hints of coconut.
  • Panama Red: A fruity blend with an intense nectarine kick. Sweet and fruity.
  • Ridgemont High: A blend of Bavarian cream, sweet cream, ripe strawberry and cheesecake. Sweet and fruity.
  • Yellow Brick Road: A blend of nectarine and pomegranate with an undertone of sweet cream. Fruity but smooth.

Available between $14.99 – $199.99 at Cloud9 Hemp


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD eLiquid Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Cloud9 juice arrives in high-quality amber glass bottles with a black dropper. The immediate impression that comes to mind is of luxury and quality. They can even come with a little shiny charm around the neck of each bottle; there’s no practical use for this but it does look damn pretty. The logo is colorful, bright and cheerful, reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine animated film from the 1960s. It’s clear a lot of care and attention has gone into the design. It doesn’t feel cheap or clinical and it has a warm friendly vibe.

Ease Of Use

Using CBD eJuice is as easy as using regular e-Juice. Cloud9 bottles each come with black droppers so they can be used with most refillable tanks. If I’m perfectly honest, I prefer needle-nose tips to droppers as I find them easier to use with certain tanks, especially top-fill systems which may have a smaller entry point. It’s a minor gripe, however, and it can be argued the needle-nose tips come across as cheaper and less ‘luxury’. It isn’t immediately obvious what the VG/PG ratio is, but from eyeballing the viscosity and vaping in various tanks I’d estimate this is a 70/30 VG/PG blend, making them more suitable for sub-ohm tanks.


The difference between this range of CBD juice and the CBD liquid used in the Cigalike-style brands such as Kanavape and Má is like night and day. Cloud9 CBD eliquid is full-bodied, with rich vivid flavors and barely a hint of that noticeable CBD taste. Even the Harmony range of standalone CBD liquid pales in comparison. Whereas Harmony gives a very herbal and authentic CBD hit to the palate, Cloud9’s juice compares well to major brands such as Cuttwood, Pink Spot and Suicide Bunny. Your preferred juice will vary, but those who prefer the tobacco taste will certainly appreciate Midnight Express. Fruit-lovers should start with Panama Red (a bright, multi-layered fruit hit) and those who like creams will undoubtedly enjoy Lizard King (a super-sweet blend of creams). This is the first CBD juice I’ve tried that tastes as good as regular nicotine-based high-end branded eJuice and in some cases even betters them.


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD eLiquid Review - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Now for the question on everyone’s mind; does it work? Yes, I’m pleased to say. I was sampling 40% (200mg per 10ml) juice and went through approximately half a bottle on my first session. The effects were subtle to begin with but I soon experienced that familiar warm relaxed sensation, clarity of thought and a notable increase in mood that I get from CBD. 100mg in one day is a high dose of CBD but I should note this was spread out from morning to night. This meant it wasn’t overwhelming but rather gave a nice steady flow to my day. I wouldn’t necessarily use this much daily, partly due to price and risk of increased tolerance. But in one-off situations I certainly would vape this much

Newcomers to CBD vaping should consider trying a lower percentage of CBD, perhaps even the 5% (25mg per 10ml) range. This is cheaper and means you can vape a fair amount in one day without worrying about ingesting too much.


  • Some of the best flavors from any eJuice range, let alone just CBD. Truly exceptional
  • High quality CBD juice that doesn’t leave an unpleasant taste
  • Huge range of strengths, suitable for all needs and budgets


  • Not cheap
  • Dropper-style system rather than easier-to-use needle-nose tips


You might have read our previous reviews of CBD kits and juice. While we stand by those findings and certainly received useful effects from those products, the Cloud9 CBD eliquid range takes CBD vaping to the next level. Not only are these vastly superior to rival ranges when it comes to taste, they’re some of the best eJuice flavors, period. The CBD is excellent quality, with a clean satisfying hit and no unpleasant aftertaste. The price might be quite high, but that’s par for the course with CBD eJuice. If you’re going to pay those high prices anyway, you might as well buy the best on the market. And that is Cloud9’s range, by a country mile.

Written by Ian Jones