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Clevervape Opens The July is eJuice Celebration!

To start off our “July is eJuice Month” Celebrations we are bringing you our first, and hopefully not last, e-liquid review for Clevervape e-Liquids. Clevervape operates out of New York City, where vaping has yet to go mainstream. Clevervape is a rather new brand, started up in late 2012, but they are already making quite an impression upon the vape community around the country.

Flavor Profile

Their “signature” flavor profile for their e-Liquids is attained through the clever use of different flavor concentrates that come together to form a single Clevervape e-Liquid “flavor”. (Read the accompanying review for a thorough explanation on their philosophy. – ed)

The four e-Liquids, or as Clevervape refers to them, CleverJuice, submitted for the July is eJuice Celebration are; Brooklyn Pop, Hapaya, 1Up, and Mysteriously Deep. Each one different than the last, and all them made quite the impression on the team. In all, Clevervape offers 15 unique e-Liquids and we look forward to bringing you a review on the remaining 11 just as soon as we can.

Juice Characteristics

The PG/VG ratio of the Clevervape e-Liquids is 50/50, providing plenty of flavor and ample vapor production. The juice is silky, not exactly thick, but certainly not the consistency of water. We were able to drip the juice straight into a cartomizer as easily as dripping down into a clearomizer. Nicotine strengths are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg, along with nicotine-free for people that simply want the pleasure of the flavor and vapor without the need for nicotine. The e-Liquids we received for this review were all 18MG.

Pricing And Packaging

All Clevervape e-Liquids (CleverJuice) begin at $8.99 for a 15ML glass bottle, 30ML for $14.99 and 60ML for $27.99. All CleverJuice e-Liquids are bottled in glass and come with a glass eyedropper. Bottles are also shrink-wrapped at the neck for added protection against tampering and accidental leaking during shipping, not to mention maintaining freshness.

Clevervape also offers a 4-Flavor pack in 15ML and 30ML sizes, for $29.99 (15ML) and $59.99 (30ML), along with an Ultimate Pack that contains all 15 flavors in 15ML bottles for $129.99.

Discount Code

During the month of July readers can take advantage of the following discount code for 10% off your entire order (hardware included!). Just type in ‘clevervape10’ in the coupon box upon checkout.Clevervape e-Liquid Review - Spinfuel's 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month

This is a Team B Review

The review team bringing you this review consists of Julia Barnes, as the lead writer, Keira Hartley, Jason Little (all three back in New Hampshire and Boston) along with Cynthia Stevens and Janet Richards, employees of Spinfuel Design and now a part of Spinfuel eMagazine’s official Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team. This review was conducted in Concord New Hampshire over the week of June 17 to the 21st.

Review Standards and Hardware

Each team member spent 36 hours with the four flavors (we received 15ML bottle which accounts for the shortened time spent with the e-Liquids) and used the normal criteria for all Spinfuel e-Liquid Reviews; flavor, complexity, nuance, vapor aroma and output, throat hit, and overall vaping satisfaction. We use the same 1 through 5 Star scoring systems that we’ve used since the beginning.

Hardware used includes Halo Tritons and Clearomizers, mini-RDA’s dripping atomizers, and cartomizers, both Boge and SMOKTech with various APV’s.

CleverJuice – The Review

Clevervape e-Liquid Review - Spinfuel's 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month1Up – Clevervape’s description for 1UP is as follows:

Pop Quiz: What happens when you collect 100 coins, find a green mushroom or jump on 8 consecutive Goomba’s? Answer: You get a Power 1Up from Clevervape! We created this juice with our favorite energy drinks in mind. This will definitely get you to the next level.”



This is what we had to say about 1UP:

Julia: This is Clevervape’s attempt at an energy drink, but since I’ve never had any kind of energy drink, unless you count coffee, I have no idea if they got it right or not. However, 1UP is a real nice vape. It’s sweet, and I can almost taste a ‘fizziness’ to it… it sort of reminds me of a grape flavoring.

Because of the 50/50 PG/VG blend there is a great amount of vapor being produced, even when I tried it with a simple cartomizer on a 510 cig-a-like battery. Nice throat hit too, but I’m not sure if it comes from the 18mg nicotine strength of the flavor concentrates. A 50/50 e-Liquid usually has a light throat hit, which is fine, so I’m leaning toward the throat hit being caused by the higher nicotine level than I’m used to.

 Flavor: 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars


Keira: 1UP is an awesome e-Liquid that really brightened up my day. Unlike the rest of the crew, all this New England stuff is new to me so I’ve been under a lot of stress since arriving here. I needed something like 1UP to brighten my mood and it did. It’s a sweet vape with definite hints of Red Bull-like flavor in it. I liked it a lot. Throat hit was wonderful and the vapor production was really nice. I wound up sticking with my Halo Triton and that combination gave 1Up a standing ovation worthy performance.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Jason: If you have any experience with any of the energy drinks you can pick up at Cumberland Farms than you will recognize the flavor of 1UP instantly. Clevervape did a heck of a job nailing that down the flavor of an energy drink in vapor form. Loved the flavor, loved the vapor, loved the throat hit. But as far as being complex or layered? I don’t see that in this one. But I’ll tell you what; anyone looking to score a good energy drink eJuice will find 1UP a great choice.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Cynthia: First, I’d like to say that it is great being back here reviewing eJuice with you guys! It’s been almost a year I think, and back then it was a lot of starter kit cig-a-likes that we reviewed.  This type of review, evaluating e-Liquids, feels “right”.

Here are my impressions on 1UP; 1UP is definitely an energy drink vape. Not so much Red Bull (to me), but some of the others I’ve picked up at Cumbie’s now and again. It’s sweet, but not overly so. Vapor is wicked thick, but no aroma to it at all, but I wouldn’t expect it to have one anyway. For Vapers looking for this kind of flavor, an energy drink in vapor form, this is probably as good as it gets.

Flavor: 4.0 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Janet: It has been a while since I’ve done an eJuice review, but I’ve been vaping everything that has been shipped up here for a year. I’m ready to do this again.

Here are my impressions: 1Up is a sweet, fizzy energy drink flavor that would make a great morning-drive-to-work vape, or a late afternoon “I need a kick in the butt” vape. I vape 18mg all the time so I think the boost of energy I get from 1UP has to comes from the combination of flavors and the sweeteners in it. Either way, it’s a solid eLiquid.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

Hapaya – Clevervape describes this flavor this way: “Our Hapaya juice is referred to as the Nectar of the Gods. Blending fruity hints of papaya, peaches and subtle undertones of hibiscus, we set forth to create this amazing CleverJuice that will make you wanna say “Hapaaaayaaaa”

The team offers the following…

Julia: Clevervape’s version of a Papaya e-Liquid is drastically different from a recent Papaya e-Liquid I recently reviewed. This is both good and bad. Clevervape, seeing as how they love to mix various flavors together, has come up with a juice that tastes almost nothing like the one I recently reviewed. Their description tells us they added some peach flavoring and hibiscus flavoring, which are both very apparent in the overall flavor of Hapaya.

I was recently reviewing some floral juices as well, for the first time too, and let me tell you, Clevervape added the perfect amount of floral undertones to this mix. You will definitely taste the papaya and the peaches, and you’ll get a rather strong floral hit as well.

If you enjoy floral vapes and you’re looking for something very different, with hints of floral tones then you will love Hapaya. That said, if floral vapes are not your thing you wouldn’t like it. Regardless, Clevervape gets props for creating a near-perfect blend of papaya, peach, and hibiscus. Very complex.

Flavor: 4 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Keira: Out of the 4 Clevervape flavors I found Hapaya to be the one I liked the least. I do enjoy a nice floral vape once and a while, but the papaya flavoring wasn’t as sweet or heavy as I wanted it to be. I understand Clevervape’s need to create complex layers of flavors, and they achieved that in spades with Hapaya, but it just didn’t work for me.

Flavor: 3 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

 Jason: Hapaya is going to be one of those e-Liquids that people will enjoy a lot, or not at all. The complexities of this e-Liquid are so sophisticated that it’s almost mind-boggling that they pulled it off at all.

There are clear-cut flavors of natural papaya and hibiscus that mingles together so well that I was more than impressed. Usually I don’t go in for an eJuice that that tries to be something too complicated, but Hapaya grew on me within an hour and before long I was really enjoying it.

If you don’t like floral flavors then I don’t think you like Hapaya. Vapor was really good, but not as good as the others. Throat hit was lighter too. Hapaya is more of an achievement in e-Liquid craftsmanship than anything else. They did an amazing job.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 3.75 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.75 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Cynthia: I LOVE floral vapes so when I read the description for Hapaya I got a little excited. To me, this is my perfect e-Liquid. Hapaya has a nice chunk of natural, not-very-sweet papaya, and a nice chunk of hibiscus flavor for a good floral touch. I will vape Hapaya forever. Vapor is wonderful and the throat hit was just enough. Complexity through the roof! Like floral vapes? Buy this now!

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Janet: The papaya in Hapaya is very authentic, not a blend or extra sweeteners. Very real. The hibiscus adds that floral quality that I really love in an e-Liquid. There is just something about adding a floral touch that makes the vaping experience for Hapaya very unique. I can’t explain it right, I know, but Hapaya is very close to the perfect vape for me. I want more of it, and I shall have more of it.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Clevervape e-Liquid Review - Spinfuel's 2nd Annual July is eJuice MonthBrooklyn Pop – Clevervape tells us this about Brooklyn Pop: “The home of the Notorious B.I.G., Coney Island Cyclone and where hipsters are bred. For us NYC natives, Brooklyn is more than the biggest borough of the city, it is a melting pot of cultures, flavors, tastes and smells. This CleverJuice is our finest cola extracts mixed with fresh black cherries. Fuhgeddaboudit!”



Spinfuel Team says this about that…

Julia: Talk about complex flavor laying! Brooklyn Pop is as complex as it gets. Without even reading the description the black cherry flavor poked its head through a myriad of other flavors creating a nice ‘pop’ juice that I think of as tasting like a black cherry coke. I’m not sure I would vape this all day because the throat hit is wicked strong, but at a party, or when I need something to keep me going, I think I’d grab Brooklyn Pop without even thinking. This is also one of the most original flavors I’ve vaped in a long time.

Flavor: 4 Stars – Vapor – 4.75 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Keira:  I’m not sure about Brooklyn Pop. This is a flavor that is almost aggressive, certainly not something I would vape to relax with, and lately I’m all about relaxing. I think this is an even bigger energy juice than 1UP. Love the vapor output; the throat hit was much too strong for me. A unique flavor, definitely, and I know the perfect demographic for it, but it’s not my demographic.

Flavor: 3 Stars – Vapor – 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars (too strong) – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Jason: THIS is the best “enthusiastic” e-Liquid I’ve had in ages. Very powerful, almost violent, and very much a young person’s choice for a great vape. As a complex layering of certain flavors I think this one hits a homerun, and the black cherry tones make it a great “pop” or what I call “coke” (every soft drink is a coke to me). Adding the black cherry was an inspiring choice. Great vapor, strong throat hit, and certainly a huge seller for Clevervape, I would imagine.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Cynthia: Brooklyn Pop is not my kind of e-Liquid. I found it overpowering at almost every turn. I vaped it in a clearomizer, a tank and a cartomizer and each one was the same, strong, in your face, powerful. Just too much for me. But I think the younger crowd (I’m 33) would find this to be a great e-liquid.

Flavor: 3.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Janet: If you don’t love Brooklyn Pop you’re too old! LOL, seriously, I understand what everybody is saying about this flavor. It is an aggressive flavor. There is a nice balance of sweetness to this one, and I enjoyed it while I had it. My only problem was that after about 30 minutes my throat got a bit scratchy. It’s a very strong throat hitter, as well as masterful vapor producer. Love the flavor of the cherry coke, and had it been just a little sweeter and a little less aggressive, I think it would have been a 5 star across the broad winner with me.

Flavor: 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Clevervape e-Liquid Review - Spinfuel's 2nd Annual July is eJuice MonthMysteriously Deep Clevervape offers this description: “This CleverJuice is still a mystery, even to us! One thing we know is that your taste buds will want more, so let’s leave the investigation up to them...”

The crew offers this…

 Julia: Mysteriously Deep was the first e-Liquid of the four that I tried. For the life of me I could not figure out what the underlying flavors were so I turned to the Clevervape website to see. It looks like they don’t know either. So, how does this juice taste? What are the characteristics I can glean from vaping it for several hours?

Mysteriously Deep is a sweet vape, and, to me, it’s got tones of a tobacco flavor. It’s deep, rich, very different than the other three reviewed. It produces the most vapor, yet it has the lightest throat hit. I enjoyed this flavor more than the rest, I believe because it was a richer and deeper flavor. Of the four flavors it would be this one that I would most likely add to my rotation.

Flavor: 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

Keira: Mysteriously Deep isn’t a great e-Liquid, but it is a good one. I enjoyed vaping it quite a bit, though I really can’t tell you what the dominating flavor is. It is deeper than the rest, more settled. It is sweet, and Julia thinks there is a tobacco feel to it but I don’t taste it. I’m at a total loss with this one. Very clever though.

Flavor: 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Jason Little: Out of the four e-Liquids in this review Mysteriously Deep is the most different. I wouldn’t say it is the most unique though, I would give that title to Hapaya, but it is a good vape. I can see Julia’s “tobacco” comment, though I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. It is smoother than the rest, deeper and richer too. I enjoyed the vape, but I didn’t enjoy trying to figure it out. The strangest thing about Mysteriously Deep is that of all the flavors I vaped this one the longest. I filled a 2.4ML clearomizer and ‘pacify’ vaped it for 3 hours without stopping. The vapor never tired, the flavor didn’t change, I chilled out with it and I found it to be a relaxing vape. I would add this to my rotation.

Cynthia: I love Mysteriously Deep! This one and the Hapaya are absolutely wonderful! Mysteriously Deep is a smooth, rich vape that would be perfect as a nighttime vape. Fill a clearomizer with it and just sit back and relax. Very subtle flavors, a lighter-than-the-others throat hit, and plumes of vapor are definitely part of the flavor profile. A great, great e-Liquid. Bravo!

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Janet:  Something about this Mysteriously Deep that I just can’t figure out. I don’t have the slightest idea what is in this juice, but whatever it is, I’m hooked. It’s a sweet flavor, with a deep dark tone. Julia might be right about a tobacco of some sort being a part of the several flavors that make up Mysteriously Deep, I just can’t be sure. This whole mysterious thing sort of makes vaping it fun; my brain was always trying to identify the flavors. There isn’t a lot more I can say about it other than offer a bit of advice. If you want to vape something your taste buds tell you is delicious and your brain tells you to be careful (the primal instincts) you’re going to really enjoy vaping this one.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars


I was rather disappointed that there were just four flavors allowed during this incredible month of eLiquid reviews and celebrations, especially when we got down to business with Clevervape. I don’t think we did the brand justice with these four flavors because each one was very different than the usual fare we review. Maybe it’s the New York state of mind for the people behind Clevervape. Is this the type of flavor profile that is enjoyed in the NYC area? I don’t know, but I’d like to.

This team enjoyed the review because each flavor threw them for a loop. Clevervape is a great name for a company that prides itself on combining unusual flavor combinations to come up with something different. They accomplished that goal with every flavor we reviewed.

Buying Advice

Had we the time to review all 15 flavors I think we would all feel better about offering any buying advice. As it stands we have four to talk about. In order to get an idea of how the team would offer buying advice I took the four flavors and presented them to each member of team a couple of days after we were vaping them.

I asked them, out of the four flavors, which one would you suggest someone should buy if they could only buy a single flavor. Three of the team members picked Mysteriously Deep and one picked the Hapaya. For myself, I chose the Mysteriously Deep as well, because it was the deepest, richest, and smoothest of the four. It is the closest to mainstream e-Liquids then the rest are.

If you’re interested in Clevervape’s e-Liquids after reading this review, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be interested, you might consider a one-time investment of $60 to pick up all 15 flavors in 15ML bottles. $60 isn’t an insurmountable amount of money to spend on a new brand and because Clevervape is so incredibly unique it would definitely be worth it to see which ones you will want to add to your rotation. If you find one you don’t like you can PiF it, as Vapers love to do anyway.

Other e-Liquids by Clevervape

Some of the other flavors we would have loved to review for you, that seem to be more in line with the type of flavors we usually review are ‘Nostalgia’, a black honey tobacco that sounds awesome, Hazelnut Heaven because who doesn’t love hazelnut, and their coffee-inspired flavor called UP. We’ll try to obtain those soon enough, but please let us know below if you’ve vaped any flavors from Clevervape and tell what you think.

Hapaya, 1UP, Mysteriously Deep, and Brooklyn Pop all has positive and negative aspects to the flavor profiles. The 50/50 PG/VG blend is a great way to deliver abundant flavor and thick vapor. The complexities of each flavor were extreme, showing that the artists behind Clevervape are both experimental and passionate about e-Liquid.

Something tells me that these guys are going places.

Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Keira Hartley, Cynthia Stevens, and Janet Richardson