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Fresh Build ClaptonNick builds A Clapton / 24g Parallel Build

This single coil clapton not only delivers on flavor but backs it up with great vapor production as well. A mellow .3 ohm coil with a nice warm vapor is what you get when you twist up some Clapton wire with a strand of 24g. I hope all of you get out there and try this for yourself. Practice, practice practice!

What types of coils would you like to see me build? Twisted wire? Dual/quad coil? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try it out!

When vaping first hit the scene years ago now, coils were just made out of thin single-strands of metal. Over the years, Vapers have been coming up with innovative ways to build a better mouse trap, or just to improve their vape experience. Sometimes the coils produce bigger, massive, clouds or , even better, better flavor.

The Clapton coil is still one of my favorites. The word ‘Clapton’, not Eric Clapton, is often used as an umbrella term for a large range of coils made from one or more strands wrapped inside a thinner gauge wire. But oh the difference these methods make.

They can be made with various vape wire types and gauges, most often Kanthal, stainless steel, or nichrome. To be honest, this author is still very much a Kanthal guy.

Multi-strand coils like the Clapton(s) were always for Rebuildables. That has changed. Since mesh coils have taken the sub ohm tank market by storm. Some examples include fused Claptons, Aliens, staple coils, etc. The original build was also one of the first coils to require an electric drill, which has set the standard for most exotic coil builds to follow. In this guide, we explain what this coil is, and cover some of the most popular ‘variations’ of it.

The Original Clapton

The original C coil was invented by an ECF veteran. This users created it by winding 32-gauge strands around a 24-gauge core using an electric drill. It looks just like a guitar string and the name, of course, is an homage to the guitarist Eric Clapton.

  • Clapton coils come in a wide array of resistances; from sub-ohm to above one ohm
  • Claptons are available in diameters and resistances that fit most build decks on rebuildables (RDAs and RTAs)
  • Available in power mode ( Kanthal, SS, or nichrome) or temperature control wire types (Stainless Steel)
  • Claptons will normally have lower ramp-up times than single-strand wire of the same resistance, but this is highly variable
  • Can be moderately difficult to build without practice, but with practice and the proper tools, it can be an exciting hobby!


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