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Nick Reviews Chillum Vapor’s Tantra

Introduction by Tom McBride

Nick Bessette, host of the Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV channel on YouTube does a great job with reviewing the Tantra mechanical mod by Chillum Vapor. I agree with 99% of what Nick tells you in this review. But, because Nick is using more and more variable wattage devices these days he feels as though this is a mod he wouldn’t buy for himself, and understandably so. However…

There is a pretty large sub-community in the vape community that still prefer mechanical mods over APV’s, and I am one of them. Sure, I too own a few APV’s (advanced personal vaporizers), but when it comes to building out my own coils and owning a battery that I know can handle any coil I throw at, nothing beats the mech mod.

In addition to not having any electronic board to worry about, a mechanical mod gets its real value in the machining of the device and the metals used. The Tantra mod is one of the best, or perhaps the best, mechanical mods I’ve ever owned because of the exacting precision used in every aspect of the device. There is nearly zero tolerance in every connection, each machined piece fits perfectly and comes together to create something more than the sum of its parts. The Tantra sings. When using just the right battery, a Sony or Samsung 30A high quality battery, and a good, solid RDA the “vape experience” is so satisfying its hard to believe.

While you might see other mechanicals out there with expensive engravings, or exotic metals, the Tantra by Chillum Vapor is understated elegance made with pure, high grade brass and stainless steel. For the record, I own the two-tone Tantra, and the question I ask myself of every device I own, “If I lost it would I buy another one to take its place?” More often than not my answer is a big “No”. In the matter of my two-tone Chillum Vapor Tantra, the answer is a resounding “YES”, I certainly would buy it again. Enjoy Nick’s review, and if you have any comments, or questions, feel free to post them below. – Tom

The Tantra Review by Nick Bessette.

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Here we’ll be taking an up close look at the Tantra mod by Chillum Vapor. Unfortunately, I butchered their name several times during the video so I feel like an ass about that (sorry guys!) This mod looks absolutely Tantra in Brassgorgeous and utilizes a unique flat spring in the switch. With low voltage drop, this could quite possibly be the right mod for you! If you’d like to purchase the Tantra, check out Chillum’s website by clicking the link below:

Specs & Features of The Chillum Vapor Tantra

All-American Manufacturing
High-Grade Lead Free Metal
Naval Brass Contacts
Fully Adjustable
Precision and Attention To Detail
Certificate of Authenticity
Membership Program With Benefits
Premium Warranty
Hits Like A Train!
0.19 Voltage Drop

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